Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 85

85. Male Idol around Latin America

Margo-san spoke when we arrived at the mansion.

「Then…I’ll go get Misuzu-san so Katsuko-san please prepare for the meet up with Maika-chan」

…Eh? Misuzu?

「I don’t think Mr. Viola’s already at Japan but…but we should be careful from now on. I will be getting Misuzu directly from her house」

Margo-san said.

「Then, let me come too」

Margo-san smiles wryly.

「No no…It would be trouble inside the car if you come won’t it? You have to do your very best for the whole day so…you should conserve your energy」

Certainly…It is as Margo-san said.
Yesterday, I received a handjob from Misuzu…
When I saw her off, we had car sex.
When Misuzu enters a closed room…her eye colors change…

I remembered Misuzu’s face of passion inside the car…!

Yeah…I shouldn’t go get her for today.

「With that said…Katsuko-san, I’ll leave the rest to you」
「Yes, take care…」

Margo-san drives the blue Maserati out of the mansion again…
Looking up at the sky…I can see the clouds from last night making it dim.

「…It might rain this afternoon」

Katsuko-nee muttered.

「We can make use of the fine weather in the meanwhile…!」

We entered the mansion while looking at the gray sky.

◇ ◇ ◇

Now then…I change my clothes into the『Prince of the star』
White shirt and pants.
Black vest with rose embroidery.
Then…A yellow scarf.
Thick soiled brown boots.

It’s embarrassing but it can’t be helped.
Everyone told me to wear this…

I take a look at the state of the school grounds while changing.
I was taught by Katsuko-nee in the basics of how to use the monitor system.
Though they intend to have me watch them even if they’re in the locker or the shower room…
For the time being, I had her teach me how to view the grounds…
Megumi’s reflected on the screen.
Megumi’s cleaning up some apparatus along with the other first years…
She wipes sweat off her forehead with her right hand.
An earnest look.

I feel relaxed when I watch Megumi doing her club activities like usual.
Yup…it’s fine.
I’m still not strange…
I want to believe that.

「Ta-da! How is it?」

Nei-san and Katsuko-nee who finished changing enter the room.
Both of them are wearing adult-like clothes.

Katsuko-nee’s wearing a yellow summer outfit that’s open by her big breasts and a denim pants that show off her waist line clearly.
Nei-san’s wearing a black dress that fits to her body. Her back is open and her skirt is short. Nei-san’s wonderful style is shown clearly.

「Yes, both of you look good…!」
「Adult-like? Sexy?」

Nei-san asks for further impression…!

「Yes, it’s very amorous…!」

I instinctively blushed.
Their figures are very amorous yet…it’s elegant.
There’s no vulgarity at all.

「Maika-sama’s yearning for 『Adult-like sexy woman』…」

Katsuko-nee told me.

「Yeah…That’s why we’re dressed like this and so we’re going to hold Maika-chan’s heart」

I see…So it’s that kind of plan.

「Then, Nei-sama and I will be meeting up with Maika-sama…」

Huh…What about me?

「Yo-chan’s turn will be later…」
「Yes, your turn is the biggest one!」

They already have lots of plans.

「We will be meeting up with Maika-sama with the Benz and we’ll have some tea! There’s a cafe that’s specialized in high quality chocolates. We’ll have her taste plenty of the high society!」
「Getting her bound by the talk…we’ll be bringing her to the mansion!」

Ha…Nei-san and Katsuko-nee must be intolerable for middle school girls.

「We’ll be taking at least half an hour…then we’ll come back. You’re going to wait here for Margo-sama and Misuzu to return…!」
「Okay…Got it」

If that’s the plan, it can’t be helped.
Even if I go with them…I don’t know what middle school girls talk about.

「If you’re hungry, just eat the sweet rolls I prepared in the dining room…」

Katsuko-nee approached and told me.

「Then…We’ll be heading off」

She kissed my lips…

「Yo-chan…Can I have one too?」

Nei-san asks for a kiss while blushing…

「When we pressed our lips a while ago…we got cut off!」

…I wonder
She made me drink a medicine mouth to mouth a while ago.

「…Can we kiss?」

I embraced Nei-san.
Then kissed her plump lips…

「Uwaa, I can feel the chill in my back! It’s somewhat sweet…it tastes like lemon candy! So kisses have such a taste!」

I kissed Nei-san’s lips once again.

「…Please take care」

I told nei-san.

「Yeah! I’m heading out! Yo-chan!!!」

This time…Nei-san’s the one who kissed me…!

「I’m glad that Yo-chan’s here…I love you!」

Katsuko-nee says while we’re hugging me.

「Hey hey! Get off already! We’re leaving now!」
「…Okaay! Katsuun!」

Nei-san laughs and separates from me…

◇ ◇ ◇

After that…I watched over Megumi for around 20 minutes.
I may look like Megumi’s stalker but to be honest, I can’t get tired of watching her.
Megumi’s devoting herself to practice with a serious face.
Megumi talks to the other first year members peacefully.
…She’s really cute.
Her looks in her training wear are especially beautiful.
Her bare legs exposed from her shorts are gorgeous!
Megumi’s very clean and healthy…She has a calm atmosphere
Yeah…The hairstyle Yuuka-san cut for her really suits her.
She had a childish feel until how however…
The current Megumi is certainly a beauty.
I had sex with this girl…
…It’s like a lie.
…It’s like a dream.

I kept staring at Megumi in the monitors absentmindedly…

I can hear a car by the entrance.
The sound of this engine is Margo-san’s Maserati.
While I was thinking of that…
The door opens…
Misuzu in her uniform…jumps towards me!!!

「…Danna-samaaa! Why did you not come to get mee!!」

Misuzu’s in her slightly angry mode…


When she saw my 『Ouji-sama』clothes…Misuzu’s state changes completely!

「…W-w-w-w-w-w-who are you! Why are you trying to look like Misuzu’s Danna-sama!!!!」

…As expected
This looks really bad.
『Prince of the star』match…

「…I-I-I-I-Isn’t this cute! Geez!!!!」


「It’s so cute! GUREITO DAZE!1! It’s cute!…Danna-sama, let’s go to bed right now!」

Misuzu pulls my arm…

「Wait wait…Wait a moment…!M-Misuzu!!」
「I won’t! Showing me such a cute appearance, my stomach’s already itching…I’m wet!」


「You can’t, Misuzu-san. If you have sex then those special clothes will get wrinkled won’t it?」

Margo-san who parked the car enters the room and warns Misuzu.

「Then I’ll get naked! Danna-sama, please take off everything right now! I’ll get naked immediately too!」

Misuzu’s rampage doesn’t stop…
No…It stopped.

「Aaahn, if you take it off, I can’t have sex with Danna-sama in these cute clothes! I don’t want thaaaat!」

It seems that the 『Prince of the star』match is Misuzu’s type…
Mainly on the lewd part…

「You can have sex with him in those clothes later so…we have to first make Maika-chan fall today. The flirting can be left for after Maika-chan comes」

Margo-san advices Misuzu.

「Uuuu, I understand…」
「Well, take a seat…I’ll be handing you tea」

Margo-san prepares tea.

「Ah, Misuzu will do that instead!」
「Leave it to me…Yoshida-kun, please play with Misuzu-chan」
「…Okay. Let’s take a sit, Misuzu」

I sat in a chair.
Then…Misuzu-sat down in the chair next to me.
She’s snuggling towards me like a baby…

「Danna-sama…Misuzu’s very lonely this morning!」
「When I called you this morning…Megumi-san, Katsuko-sama, and Nei-san were there…」

Oh…The fuss this morning?

「Everyone’s able to service Danna-sama this morning…it makes Misuzu sad!」

I embraced Misuzu’s delicate body.

「…You don’t need to worry」
「Danna-sama…so warm. Oh, I want to live in this mansion too. Then, I can be with Danna-sama all the time…!」

Misuzu whispers in my ear sadly.

「That’s no good…Misuzu has her parents and grandfather. You shouldn’t make your family worry about you…!」
「This is a house for those who have lost their family…」

I think so.
Katsuko-nee who was forced into prostitution.
Margo-san who was driven out of the Indian settlement.
Nei-san who had her family killed.
Yuzuki-sensei who had her family turned towards disaster.

「Right…I have to be thankful for having a gentle family with me」

Misuzu understood immediately since she has good perception.

「Then…Danna-sama, please take Misuzu faster!」


「Danna-sama…When’s your birthday?」

…My birthday?

「Err…August 4」
「Then, two years later…When Danna-sama’s 18 years old, please register Misuzu in the family registry」

…Err Uhm.
…Why did it come to this?

「…Do you not want to take Misuzu as your wife?」

Misuzu looks up at me.

「I-It’s not that」
「Do you prefer Megumi-san more?」

Megumi declared it too.
In front of everyone in the ground.
She said『We’ll remained married for our entire life』

「That’s not how it is…」

I became evasive.

「Then, is it Nei-san?…Nei-san’s much more beautiful than Misuzu」

Misuzu’s face becomes gloomy.
I kissed Misuzu’s ear.

「You don’t have to mind that…Misuzu’s really cute. I love you」

Misuzu clings to me.


She’s really cute like a puppy.
I pat Misuzu’s head.
Hey…Misuzu’s actually a year older than me though.

「Hey hey, don’t flirt too much…The tea’s ready so move along. We’ve got bread baked by Katsuko-san too」

Margo-san passes teacups on saucers.
I put one in front of Misuzu then had the next cup for myself.

Then the three of us talked while having tea for a while.
To be accurate, the two of them…
Margo-san and Misuzu are happily talking about South American literature and old French movies.
The two of them seems to have the same hobby…
Of course, I just sit by her side and listen because I don’t know anything.
I just munched the bread alone.

「Now then…It’s about time we peep at Katsuko-san’s state?」

Margo-san finishes the talk and operates the machine on the wall’s side.
I can hear voices from the speaker.

『…Really, My onee-san’s a bully! I just borrowed the make up and dress and she got really angry! She says ‘it’s too early for you’ Onee-chan’s like a brat』

This is Maika-chan’s voice?
It seems that I can hear some booooon sound though…

「Nei has a high performance microphone in her cellphone and we’re on call. It always records conversations. The noise from the background is the driving sound of the car. I think the tea break’s over and they’re coming here already…」

Margo-san explained.

『Oh, so what kind of person is Maika-chan’s onee-san?』

This is Nei-san’s voice.

『Hmmm, selfish, egoistic, short tempered…and she’s really irritating!』

uwa…Yukino, your sister’s talking bad about you.

『Isn’t that just a brat?!』
『That’s right! Onee-chan’s like a kid…! She’s not like the adult Katsuko-san and Nei-san!』

…Maika-chan seems to be in bad relationship with Yukino.

「It really looks like Maika-chan yearns for『Adult woman』」

Margo-san said.

「…An adult-like woman?」

Misuzu thinks for a moment.

「Then…should I give out an adult-like atmosphere too?」
「Yeah. I think you should. Can you do it this once?」

Misuzu took out a small purse from her bag.
When she opens it…It’s a makeup set.
Uwaa…So they’re carrying this many.

「Misuzu-chan, do you need anything else? You can use Nei’s cosmetics as you like. It’s in that powder room」

Margo-san says that however…

「This is fine. What I have here will do…」

Misuzu puts on makeup while looking at the hand mirror…
It’s not a thick makeup at all.
Rather, she just adds color to the important points with a natural feel…
And yet…
Misuzu grew up several years older in no time…
She looks like she’s in her 20s.
But…It’s very lovely…and beautiful.

「…How is it, Danna-sama?」
「yeah…It looks amazingly adult. You’re beautiful!」
「Do you hate this kind of Misuzu?」

Misuzu asks me slightly anxious.

「I love whatever kind of Misuzu it is!」

Her mature face lights up suddenly.

「…Danna-sama, I love you!」

Then…She faced the mirror again.

「My hairstyle doesn’t suit this makeup so I’ll fix it…」

Misuzu raised her hair into a ponytail.
Yeah…This kind of makeup makes this one good.
Being able to see her nape feels very sexy.

「Amazing…you’re beautiful」
「Ufu…Thank you Danna-sama!」

Misuzu seems to completely understand how to make herself look attractive.

「There are times where I have to appear in foreign parties…」

Misuzu said while fixing her hair.

「Those people like a stronger and more adult-like makeup…so I match the fashion at such time. If I don’t, I would be seen as a too young Japanese girl and I won’t be allowed to drink wine. If I don’t look like an adult, the waitress would only hand me orange juice」

A really amazing ojou-sama…

「I’m still a kid. I don’t know a lot about this world…I can’t do anything」

I feel a bit gloomy.

「Danna-sama, you’re very cute like that so please stay as you are!」

The Misuzu who became an adult insists strongly…!
…What cute?
Misuzu stares at my face…


Misuzu spoke to Margo-san

「Margo-sama…if we change Danna-sama’s hairstyle, don’t you think his clothes would become lovelier?」
「Yeah…that might be」

Misuzu…What do you intend to do?

「…How about Pompadour?」


「Yup, Misuzu-chan, GREAT IDEA! I’ll bring out some conditioner」

Margo-san faces the powder room…

◇ ◇ ◇

I shiver when I look at my hair in the mirror.

White shirts white pants.
Black vest with rose embroidery.
Yellow scarf.
Mysterious thick soiled boots.
Then…Pompadour hair.

I thought that it would be more of a Yankee like pompadour but…Misuzu softened the image from what I had in my head.

「How is it? I made him look like James Dean!」

Misuzu says.
Of course, I don’t know who James Dean is.

「Yeah, it also has the young Elvis feel」

Margo-san says so.
What’s Elvis?

「The Japenese delinquent hairs had begun with an Elvis and James Dean image, right? Then why did it develop into such a strange hairstyle?」

Margo-san presents a question to Misuzu.

「That’s because they adopt the cultures of other countries then add originality, it’s a repeating national trait」

Misuzu answered.
I don’t get it.

I look at my own appearance in front of the mirror…
If I hold a guitar…I may look like a male idol from Latin America.
Yeah, if it’s in Guatemala or Paraguay?…
I might be able to acquire first place in original content as a male idol…
No, I never went there though. In my imagination.
Anyway…What’s going on with this?
Is this appearance really okay…?

「It’s so cool! It’s very cute!」

Then…Misuzu said that with a smile.

「But…please wait a moment!」

Misuzu checks me from top to bottom once again.

「…The boots are too clean」

Misuzu looks at my feet and says.

「Well…It’s a new pair so it can’t be helped.」

Tamayo-san brought these clothes with her yesterday.

「Danna-sama…let’s go to the courtyard for a bit」

Misuzu says with a scary face.

「…Hurry up!」

Misuzu pulled me out of the room.
She just came here a day before yesterday and yet, Misuzu seems to understand the structure of the mansion already.
We come to the courtyard from the terrace.

「Put the boots in the soil, please make them dirty」
「…Got it」

As told by Misuzu-san…I put dust and dry soil on the boots.

「That’s enough! Please come this way」

I got out of the soil and towards Misuzu in the terrace…
Misuzu pulls out a pocket tissue and puts it on my face.

「Please spit on it!」


「Just do it!」

I spit on the tissue that’s held by Misuzu’s small hands.
Misuzu squats down in the terrace and wipes the shoes with the tissue wet with saliva…

「The shoes should only shine at this part. It’s not dandy if it’s all polished. Then, please remember that it’s a gentleman act if you polish your shoes with your saliva」

Misuzu wiped my shoes.
Somehow, I feel that I’m doing something inexcusable.

「Sorry…I made you do that」
「What are you saying?!」

The squatting Misuzu looks up at me.

「You’re Misuzu’s Danna-sama, it’s normal to be taken care by Misuzu!」


「Misuzu will be checking Danna-sama’s look everyday after this! Danna-sama does not need to worry about anything!」

No…I am unconcerned with clothes.
This already helps me a lot …
…Could it be
I will be having this pompadour from now on?

「Okay, done! let’s go back into the room!」

Misuzu happily smiles
Well, it’s fine as long as Misuzu’s having fun.

We washed our hands on the way and come back to the former room.
Margo-san seems to have been checking Katsuko-nee and the girls’ conversation at the car all this time…

『Then you see…Onee-chan’s been weird these days!』

It’s Maika-chan’s voice.


Then, Nei-san.

『Like…She’s wearing a big underwear! She’s like an old woman! As if she’s hiding her navel!』


『She’s been wearing such small underwear before. If it’s not a cute panty that she doesn’t like, she would complain to mother! And yet, suddenly…!』

Yukino…so that the 『Yoshida』tattoo won’t be seen…
It doesn’t need to be a panty to hide her navel…
Are there no panties with just the right size?

『I wonder if her stomach’s spoiled? Or maybe she doesn’t want her stomach to be cold』

Katsuko-nee said.

『No, Maika thought so too but…Could it be that Onee-chan already had sex?…』


『…My, why do you think so?』
『Onee-chan got a boyfriend when she entered high school! She’s so merry that she’s so helpless. They always talk through phone every night… And she’s been strange for these past few days…!』
『What kind of strange?!』
『When she came back home, she just sinks down depressed and she didn’t call her boyfriend either』
『Could it be that they fought?』
『No…You see. Mama went out to a business trip last week and Onee-chan stayed out overnight. She said that she’ll stay in a relative’s house but…That’s definitely a lie』
『Why do you think so?!』
『The relative Onee-chan mentioned goes to the same school with her but, Onee-chan hates her a lot. She always bullies her when the relatives gather. She’s a very good person but…There’s no way for Onee-chan to stay at that person’s house suddenly!

That person…it’s Megumi.
It makes me feel relieved that Maika-chan doesn’t hate Megumi…

『Perhaps…Onee-chan had her first time sex with her boyfriend that day! But, I’m sure it didn’t go well! Maika infers!』

Maika-chan’s quite sharp.
Actually, it wasn’t first sex with her boyfriend, Endou…
I raped her though

『Does people who lost their virginity feel strong pain in their stomach?! I think that onee-chan wears a big panty to protect her stomach! I’m sure it still hurts. Then, she slept in her room all day long today…』

Yukino…shut herself in her own room for the whole day today.

『Eeh, normally loss of virginity doesn’t last that long!』

Nei-san tells Maika-chan.
Even though you’re a virgin…!2

『Therefore, I’m sure that her partner did very badly! Onee-chan might have a hole in her stomach!』

What kind of dick is that?!
A drill penis?!3

『Right…First time sex is precious. If you gave your first experience to an unskilled person, it’ll leave a wound in your heart forever and you might not be able to have sex normally』

Katsuko-nee tells Maika-chan.

『…Is that so?』
『That’s right…Maika-chan, are you still a virgin?』
『…Yes, I’m still a virgin』
『Do you have a plan to lose your virginity anytime soon…?』
『Well…There’s none. None, however…』

Maika-chan falters.

『Hm?…What’s wrong?』

Maika-chan answers Nei-san’s question.

『I have someone I want to give my virginity to』


  1. It’s actually, Naisu Desu, but since his hair is Josuke, Let’s make him Josuke
  2. Jibun wa shoujo no kuseni! This joke will run for more than 300 chaps
  3. A drill that pierces the heavens