Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 850. High Life / Display of Power



Margo-san and I return to the room where Yomi and Luna are resting, then…

「 Huh? 」

Edie should be the one taking care of the shrine maiden sisters, and yet.

Michi’s the one in here for some reason.

「 They swapped 」

「 Yeah, Edie-oneesama looked at the courtyard through the window and said: “I’m worried about Michi” 」

Yomi and Luna, who have recovered now, explained to me.

「 Oh, I see. Edie’s over there 」

Margo-san looked at the courtyard.

I looked outside, as well.

Yeah, Edie’s standing behind Misuzu.

Edie went to the courtyard and swapped with Michi as Misuzu’s bodyguard.

And that’s why Michi’s here.

「 Looks like they’re having fun 」

Margo-san’s right, the courtyard has a friendly atmosphere around them.

Although, some of the bodyguards in there are thinking of abandoning their Master and try to promote themselves to other houses.

This social gathering will become troublesome in various ways.

「 But, is that okay? Like, Michi’s not by Misuzu’s side 」

The guests for today are all students from the same school as Misuzu and Michi.

Naturally, they know that Michi is Misuzu’s bodyguard.

Is it okay for the bodyguard of the Kouzuki lady to leave their Master?

「 It’s okay, Yoshinobu-kun 」

Margo-san smiled.

「 After all, this is the mansion of Kouzuki house. Other people don’t know where the bodyguards are placed in here 」

Oh, I see.

This is Michi’s home ground.

「 Besides, Reika-oneesan’s still doing her security lecture and Shou-oneesan’s on her side. The whole courtyard is under Kouzuki SS protection, everyone knows that. They also know that Kouzuki-san is at home today 」

Yeah, Jii-chan showed himself to the young ladies.

「 They know that the strongest bodyguards, Ootoku-san and Choumoto-san are in here, so they wouldn’t care much if Michi-chan is gone for a moment 」

I see.

「 Besides, they saw Edie-chan and Michi-chan duo during Kyouko-san’s exhibition match, they should know that Edie’s strong 」

Margo-san said.

「 Edie introduced herself to them as your bodyguard, right? But, Yoshinobu-kun is away right now, and so there’s no problem even if Edie swapped in as Misuzu-san’s bodyguard 」

Misuzu always has bodyguards from Kouzuki house with her, so there’s no change.

「 So, what’s up, Michi? 」

I asked Michi as I confirmed that Edie has no problems switching with her.

「 Uuuuu, Master! 」

Michi’s in low spirits, she’s about to cry.

Michi was showing a blank face behind Misuzu, but now…

She’s been holding back her emotions so hard because she’s a bodyguard.

Then, Edie noticed Michi’s being unstable. Even from a distance.

「 Come here, calm down, Michi 」

I embraced Michi’s small body.

Oh, her body’s tense, her muscles are stiff.

「 Y-Yes 」

I gently pat Michi’s back.

I kissed her cute cheeks.

「 Hauu 」

Michi leaks out a sigh.

「 Take a deep breath, I’ll continue to hug you 」

Michi, who’s in my arms, breathes deeply.

「 Okay, now talk about what’s on your mind 」

「 Y-Yes 」

Michi looked up at me, trembling.

But, it looks like she can’t say anything.

「 What? You thought you could corner Kyouko-san if you went for a bit more? 」

Recently, she’s been training with Edie and Rei-chan.

She even had her Qi skills level up thanks to the shrine maiden training she received from Tsukiko.

She probably didn’t think that the skill she came up with gets dealt with quickly.

「 T-That, but also… 」

Michi speaks.

「 I didn’t notice it until it was pointed out 」

Hmm? What?

「 Kudou style martial arts isn’t about making use of Qi to fight, but instead, it’s to fight those who use Qi 」

Kudou style is a martial arts where you ward off your opponent’s Qi.

「 Kudou style’s art is to counterattack Qi attacks 」

I-I see.

I don’t know how far it dates back where you can use Qi skills, but…

If the assassination cult from New Orleans where Edie came from uses it, then I think that some martial artists in this world know how to use Qi.

Kudou style was created as a new style to fight off those martial artists that use Qi.

「 I’ve become too ecstatic about using Qi skills 」

Michi said.

「 It made me think that there’s hardly any people other than Edie and me who can use it 」

Michi collaborates with Miko power more than Qi…

Takakura Shrine maidens’ Miko power isn’t known to anyone.

In the end, it’s a unique and rare case.

「 However, Kudou style was about assuming that your enemy uses Qi skills and dealing with it 」

She probably didn’t guess that other warriors can use Qi.

「 Those two didn’t fire off their Qi to Edie or me 」

Right, Kyouko-san…

If she could reproduce Michi’s Kudou arts and Dai Grepher’s skills, then…

She should be able to use Qi skills.

Yet, Kyouko-san never showed her Qi skills in front of the young ladies and their bodyguards.

「 That’s because the family of the bodyguard of the young lady has connections to various people on the underground society 」

Yeah, you need to have people who are in the underground society if you want to keep the distinguished families safe.

「 The bodyguards will all report that they saw Kyouko Messer fight nearby to their relatives 」

And that report will reach the people on the underground.

Both the surface and below.

「 Edie and I fought them seriously. We challenged them with all the skills we could use right now, but… 」


「 Those people were so overwhelming that they can look at the situation and find a scope of their power to show off after we went that far 」

I see.

Kyouko-san never used anything that she can’t show.

Even so, she overwhelmed Michi.

「 Furthermore, she even gave me a hint on the true spirit of Kudou style 」

Kudou style isn’t about using Qi.

But, it’s to take control of those who use Qi.

「 It’s a total defeat 」

Michi said.

「 Well, that happens 」

Margo-san smiled.

「 Who made the plan of having Yomi-chan and Luna-chan show up after Michi-chan and Edie? 」

「 It was me 」

Margo-san asked. Michi replied.

「 I don’t think it was a bad plan, having Yomi-chan and Luna-chan ready as a backup. But, you cannot show off the Miko power to the people in this place 」

That’s right.

We know that there are two spies from Kansai Yakuza.

Hardly anyone of them knows about Miko power.

If they were to discover that power, another underground organization might want to take Tsukiko and the two.

Furthermore, if the foreigners discover it, it will become big trouble.

「 Therefore, Kyouko-san made it impossible for them to use their power before they could show it off 」

Throwing them off to the sky until they’re unable to focus.

「 That wasn’t fun 」

「 Yeah, I’m still feeling dizzy 」

Yomi and Luna said.

「 But, don’t worry, there are only two people in the world who can do that 」

Margo-san said.

「 Nobody can fling and catch you with that timing unless you have overwhelming power, speed, and accuracy all combined together 」

Grabbing Luna’s small body in an instant, tossing her up on the air, then catching her at the right moment. No ordinary human can do that.

Much less trying to hurl and catch this huge titty loli.

「 In short, Kyouko-san’s the only one who can do that to deal with the Miko power 」

Yeah, they show that they can seal off the Miko power, but…

Kansai Yakuza can’t copy what Kyouko-san did.

「 I’m still immature, so they got me before I could use my power. If it was Tsukiko-oneesama, she could’ve taken control of them 」

「 I think so too 」

Yomi and Luna said.

Yomi was surprised by the beckoning cat approach, and that got her.

As for Luna, Miss Cordelia got her from behind.

But, if it was Tsukiko, who’s always calm and collected, she’ll never miss, and she could take control of Kyouko-san.

「 No, that’s not it 」

I said.

「 Tsukiko will not use her Miko power in the fight to begin with 」

Tsukiko’s already prepared to live a life of a shrine maiden.

Yomi and Luna won’t become shrine maidens, and so, they have to look for a new way to live their life.

「 After all, Yomi and Luna’s power must not go public. It’ll only gather weirdos 」

I insisted.

「 Y-Yes. Sensei 」

「 I’m sorry, Nii-san 」

The two apologized.

「 No, it’s my fault, I made the plan and asked the two to do it 」

Michi says with a crying face.

「 I didn’t understand, I’m very sorry, Master! 」

Michi looked at Margo-san.

「 And after watching Reika-oneesama and Margo-oneesama fight them, I started reflecting 」

Kyouko-san’s CQC.

「 It was nothing but a pure battle of physical abilities. Furthermore, they were thinking of how to show it to the viewers. They respect each other, a brisk fight 」

Yeah, it was beautiful.

It was a flashy, beautiful, and cool fight like you’re watching a high-quality dance.

「 Edie and I didn’t have that composure, it was embarrassing 」

Michi said. Margo-san…

「 Michi-chan, it isn’t about simply becoming stronger. What’s more important is the path 」


「 To tell the truth, you are much stronger than me in some places. Reika-oneesan and I can’t use Qi skills after all 」

She smiled.

「 But you see, it’s meaningless if you can’t use your strength in situations. For example, F1 Racecars are fast, but it can only have one passenger, which is the driver. It can’t bring any luggage, and it can go around a racing circuit, but it can drive itself on ordinary roads with traffic lights. It can’t go through mountain roads, the windshield and the base of the car would break before it can go up. It has a highly efficient engine, but it always needs maintenance. It’s not a car you can use for a long time 」

Margo-san said.

「 But still, F1 racecar has it’s worth. Like competing in a race with F1 rules 」

It’s only a racing car, so it only needs one person, the driver. It only needs to specialize in the racing circuit. You don’t have to think about it running across mountain roads. You only need it to be at its peak performance during the race. Considering that it always needs constant adjustment from the mechanics.

「 I will become a martial artist, and so, I train my body to become just that. Therefore, I can’t help Kyouko-san out anymore. Kyouko-san’s jobs need her to fight continuously for a week most of the time. She has the tenacity and stamina for that, but, martial artists consider as excess stamina as deadweight 」

Michi listens to Margo-san’s story.

「 Michi-chan, you need to become stronger in a situation that matches you. It’s meaningless to have a power that only matches with one or two people. An F1 engine with high horsepower to win a racing circuit will never be useful carrying luggage up a mountain 」

「 Yes, I have lost myself on trying to use only Qi skills 」

Michi said.

「 And as I watched Onee-sama fight earlier, I finally have my eyes open on Father’s world 」


「 I always thought why my father fights like he’s joking around, not taking things seriously 」

「 Oh, isn’t he just using that as camouflage to not let people sense danger from him? 」

That is why, even when Kudou-papa knocks people down.

It only looks like a skit to the people around him.

Something like a TV show.

「 That’s right, Father’s acts are only seen as a comedy 」

Michi looks at Margo-san.

「 Earlier, Onee-sama’s fight was graceful, refined, it was suitable for the young ladies to appreciate 」

「 Right. Kudou-san’s a bit disappointing. I can see that his intention is to make people laugh, but… 」


「 He’s doing something amazing, but it doesn’t live up to people’s evaluation. He’s a master of a skill ordinary people can’t imitate, and yet, he doesn’t know how to show it off, lowering his evaluation 」

Show off?

「 This world has too many things conspicuous. Ordinary people don’t know it’s greatness. Like, only people who understand can see a top-class talent and skill. And those who understand, are filled with habits…examples are judges who have their eyes clouded 」


「 A top-class genius is evident to everyone. Amateurs can see how great Picasso, Gogh, or Da Vinci’s paintings are. Their work emits that aura. Same with Mozart’s music 」

If it’s the top class.

「 But, let’s take a Shogi master, for example, ordinary people won’t understand why that professional shogi player is impressive. They know he’s strong in Shogi, that’s why he’s a master. But, if asked why is the Master strong, they don’t know the reason 」

Margo-san said.

「 Therefore, you need to display it yourself to let the ordinary people understand. Kudou-san doesn’t understand that 」

「 I think my father never considers it essential. That only those who understand his strength should know 」

「 That idea will only harm Kudou-san, and it’ll cause trouble to other people 」


「 Like, earlier, during our fight with Kyouko-san, and Michi-chan’s fight with Kyouko-san, the young ladies, don’t understand the difference. The ordinary girls can see Michi-chan and Edie’s physical ability as a cut above the rest, but the young ladies don’t have combat training 」

「 And yet, we were so desperate that we didn’t have the composure 」

Michi said.

「 That’s right. And so, if Reika-oneesan and I didn’t join in, the young ladies will misunderstand. They know from TV that Kyouko-san is strong, and so they can’t chew it properly 」

「 So they think of Michi as weak? 」


「 It won’t end with Michi-chan, it will also make them underestimate Misuzu-san. If it ends there, then that’s okay, but if they were to tell their bodyguards “you’re much stronger,” “they’re so weak and yet, why didn’t you try fighting Kyouko Messer?” and such 」

And it will become a problem for the bodyguards as well.

「 Therefore, Reika-oneesan and I joined in and had a “show-off” match with Kyouko-san. The purpose of the fight was to show that Kyouko-san is absurdly strong. That said, it won’t lower our evaluation 」

「 Meaning that goes for Kyouko-san as well… 」

「 They know, well, they love cute girls, and so they want to finish up with a cool fight between Reika and me, Miss Cordelia and her 」

Margo-san said.

「 Therefore, their evaluation of Michi-chan doesn’t change. They think, “She’s so courageous for challenging Kyouko Messer. As expected of Misuzu-san’s bodyguard,” and such 」

I see.

「 I’ve learned a lot today 」

Michi speaks.

「 Yeah. Those who are truly strong don’t think, “It’s okay as long as those who understand knows” You need to show off your strength to ordinary people. Make it easy to understand. Your status in the industry will never go up no matter how, and your allies will not evaluate you highly either 」

Kudou-papa is valued highly by the same freelance bodyguards like him, but.

Kouzuki SS’s employees value him lowly.

His attitude is, “Those who know, they know.”

It sure is a waste.

It’s one of the causes of why Michi’s mother was dissatisfied and got herself a lover.

「 I’ll try talking to Father again 」

Michi said.

「 And I will become a strong woman that is easy to see for others 」

「 Right. I also want to become a woman who’s easily seen as strong by people, anytime, anywhere, by anyone. Just like Kyouko-san 」

Margo-san said.


「 I also learned a lot today 」

I tell everyone.

「 Earlier, Minaho-neesan told me that the Kurama sisters will become prostitutes 」

That timid-looking elder sister, Misato-san, and the younger sister whose supporting her, Arisu-san.

「 When I heard that, I… I thought that I should do as I was told since I’m Minaho-neesan’s younger brother, a member of Kuromori. Considering that I have to prepare myself for it 」


「 That’s wrong. The way I stop thinking because Minaho-neesan told me, is just abandoning responsibilities 」

That’s naive.

「 Above all, I’m a member of Kuromori and Minaho-neesan, but I’m also Misuzu’s fiance, Michi, Yomi, Luna, Edie, Margo-san, anyway, I have my whole family to carry 」

I look at every one.

「 Minaho-neesan and Kyouko-san are doing this because it’s their job. But, Misuzu and Ruriko are friends with the young ladies and the Kurama sisters. Two parties influence me, and so I couldn’t just decide what to do based on one sides’ order. I need to look at everyone involved and their position, think, and make my decision with that in mind 」

I’m no longer allowed to follow someone’s orders blindly.

Jii-chan just told me that.

A manager is responsible for their mercantile.

I must be responsible for my actions.

「 Well, that’s right, everyone’s training Yoshinobu-kun with that intent in mind 」

Margo-san smiles.


Jii-chan’s talk. Then Minaho-neesan and Kyouko-san’s talk.

They’re all connected.

It’s to let me learn.

「 Therefore, Michi, we will be keeping the disturbance that’s about to happen in check 」

I tell Michi.

「 Certainly, Master! 」

Michi’s eyes are now full of fighting spirit.

She got back on her feet, seeing that she can’t stay down all the time.

「 How are you doing, Yomi and Luna? 」

「 I’m okay now 」

「 Me too 」

The two looked at me.

「 Yeah, I’ll need your help 」

「 Yes, Sensei 」

「 I understand, Nii-san 」

The two agreed.

「 I won’t help out. You know my position 」

Margo-san smiled at us.

「 Yes. Do your best finding yourself a sponsor, Margo-san 」

I said.

「 This is something I, no, it’s something we have to push forward on 」