Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 851. High Life / Toast



Now then.

「 Michi, do you think any one of the guards that came today can use Qi? 」

I asked Michi.

「 Yes. I’m sure on one person 」

Michi noticed one.

「 No, Kyouko-san mentioned that there are three people to expect among the bodyguards 」

I recall the conversation from earlier.

Naturally, it’s only with what I understood from our conversation.

Therefore, this might be a hint for me.

Or maybe, a trap.


Kyouko-san mentioned three people. I should think there are more than three people who hold some abilities beyond understanding, but.

It will never be lower than three.

「 At least, we can consider the one Michi noticed as someone holding a dangerous ability. Among those who can use Qi should be some who can hide it perfectly 」

If they can use it, they can hide it until the last moment.

Michi and Edie, who showed a lot during the fight earlier, were in the wrong.

「 I understand, I won’t lower my guard and look for anyone suspicious 」

Michi nods.

「 Do you know Tendou Otome-san? She’s someone sent by the Kansai Yakuza, and she knows about the Miko power 」

「 Yes, Shou-oneesama mentioned earlier 」

Oh, Edie should know about it as well.

Perhaps, she discovered it while I was talking with Jii-chan.

「 What about Yomi? 」

「 Yes, we heard about it 」

「 Yes, Nii-san 」

Now how do we deal with this?

「 Be careful of Tendou Otome-san, but, be sure to check on the other girls as well. Other spies may be blending in 」

「 Yes, Shou-oneesama mentioned another spy 」

I heard that too.

「 Act with the thought that there might be another one 」

「 Does that mean we can’t trust Shou-oneesama either? 」

Yomi looks at me in surprise.

「 Not that. It’s about being careful with the situation. Earlier, Kyouko-san moved quickly, and so they fizzled Yomi and Luna’s Miko power. The bodyguards didn’t see anything 」

Michi stopped Kyouko-san’s movements with nothing but Qi.

It’s not Miko power.

「 But, they heard you two say “Miko,” right? During that break, they might discuss it, saying, “I wonder what that meant? What were the two trying to do?” And if Tendou-san were to explain about the Miko power, then… 」

「 Huh? Why would she do that, Nii-san? 」

Luna asks curiously.

「 It’s better if we obscure Tendou-san at today’s party. If things go well, then all the bodyguards in Misuzu’s school will get along, and they can act together, right? Misuzu and Ruriko will be the center of it 」

That’s the reason for the friendly party.

「 If that happens, it will become harder for Tendou-san to move. If Tendou-san is really acting according to Kansai Yakuza orders, then, she wants to put a stain on Misuzu’s reputation, and have the bodyguards get suspicious at each other 」

It’s a problem for the Yakuza if the relationship between Kouzuki house and the other noble families become stronger than before.

Instead, they want other families to be arguing with Kouzuki house.

If that happens, Kouzuki house has to split resources as they have to deal with another group than the Kansai Yakuza.

「 And currently, we’re at a slight disadvantage 」

I tell Michi what Margo-san explained earlier.

「 I-I see 」

「 If the bodyguards start to abandon their master and try to promote themselves to another family in today’s party, that will surely create a sour mood 」

「 Yeah, it will become a lot of trouble 」

Michi, Yomi, and Luna agreed.

「 Those who had their bodyguard escape from them will be ashamed. And they might resent Kouzuki house as a result 」

「 I mean, the side which the bodyguard escaped from and the side who accepted that bodyguard will be hostile with each other 」

「 And that will turn their school life brutal 」

We cannot let that happen.

「 Therefore, we’ll do something before that happens 」

I tell everyone.

「 First, Luna, you’re to check everyone’s minds. Get thorough and investigate if there are any other spies than Tendou-san and if there’s anyone with dangerous abilities 」

We need to check people’s thoughts, and Miko power is useless unless she’s close to the other party.

Earlier, she was focused on her fight with Kyouko-san, and so she hasn’t checked the bodyguards yet.

「 Well, do we have any change of clothes for Luna? I want her to look like someone different at a glance 」

Yomi’s wearing shorts for easier movement, just like Yomi.

「 I have my spare uniform 」

Michi said.

Oh, since this is the main mansion of Kouzuki house, this place should have a change of clothes for when Misuzu stays over.

Luna’s well developed for her age, and since Michi’s flat, it should fit her.

「 Ah, Luna 」

「 Yes, Nii-san? 」

「 Don’t tell anyone what I’m thinking 」

「 I get the gist of it 」

Michi speaks sullenly.

「 If we change the hairstyle, they won’t notice that Luna’s the same girl as before 」

「 Y-Yeah, do that, Michi 」

Michi’s eyes scare me.

「 Also, you’ll be my little sister, Luna. You’re a silent and shy girl, and so you stick to me all the time 」

「 Yes, Nii-san 」

Luna replied.

「 Sensei, what about me? 」

「 Yomi will stay like that. You’ll follow us wearing that 」

It’s impossible to disguise Yomi.

It’s hard to hide her massive tits. It can’t be helped.

There’s no other girl at her age with such splendid size and shape.

「 Also, you’ll be Michi’s apprentice, Yomi. You’re using Kudou style martial arts 」

「 Understood 」

「 Also, Michi, you will be using Kudou style all the time 」

「 What? 」

Michi’s eyes opened wide.

「 Your father uses Kudou style, and he uses it to express no threat to people around him, making it a comedic style 」

「 That’s… 」

「 Naturally, you make it your own, but, you cannot do that unless we overcome this current crisis 」

I speak strongly.

「 Uuuuu, I understand 」

Michi managed to say yes.

「 Edie and I were at fault for going at them unprepared. It’s our responsibility 」

「 Good, just standby. We’ll wait until Rei-chan’s lecture is over 」

We moved.

「 Dear me, you’re quick to recover. You start moving people right away 」

Margo-san smiled happily as she watched us.

◇ ◇ ◇

「 Recently, there are failed attempts of kidnapping happening abroad, and the assailants have been dealt with beforehand. Please exercise caution, everyone. Those cases may occur in Japan as well. Not just the bodyguards, we would also like the young ladies to report if they know anything 」

Rei-chan’s lecture is reaching the final stages.

Yeah, everyone’s listening earnestly for the moment, but…

Girls who are Rei-chan’s fans, listening to her ecstatically…

Those who are listening carefully to the latest information Kouzuki SS has.

Those who are listening but looks down on Rei-chan and Kouzuki SS.

Bodyguards who are sending glances on other ladies, thinking about how to promote themselves.

Their reaction varies.

「 Okay, go now, Michi, Yomi 」

Michi and Yomi join in the courtyard before the lecture ends.

The two slides in behind Misuzu and Ruriko.

Edie slides sideways.

Kanou-san’s bodyguard, Shie-san, and Torii-san’s bodyguard, Adelheid-san, looked at Michi, but they ignored her right away.

Anjou Mitama and Kinuka, bodyguards of Kurama sisters, don’t look at them.

「 Okay, we’ll be waiting for our timing and then move right away 」

「 Yes, Nii-san 」

Luna, who’s wearing Michi’s uniform and has her hair braided, looks cute.

She no longer looks the same from when she tried to attack Kyouko-san.

「 Uhm, it’s sticking to Nii-san 」

Luna’s rubbing her small chest on me.

「 Hauu, Nii-san’s smell is so relieving 」

She’s rubbing her nose on my clothes, sniffing.

「 Then, that’s the end of my lecture. Thank you for listening 」

Rei-chan concludes her talk.

The girls in the courtyard clap their hands for Rei-chan.

Everyone does this as part of etiquette.

As expected from the young ladies and their bodyguards.

No, there’s one bodyguard who’s not clapping and just stare at Rei-chan.

Ponytail and a sharp look in her eyes.

That’s the one the Kansai Yakuza ordered to infiltrate. Tendou Otome-san.

「 Luna, you need to check on that one. However, don’t focus on just her 」

That’s right, she stands out too much as a spy.

「 I understand, Nii-san 」

Luna replies while clinging to me.

「 I’m sure that everyone has more questions, but, I think that everyone must be famished 」

Shou-neechan swapped with Rei-chan and speaks to the girls.

「 Therefore, Fujimiya and I will be answering your questions individually during the party, would you mind, Misuzu-sama? 」

Shou-neechan calls Misuzu.

「 Indeed, I think that’s for the better 」

Misuzu smiled and said.

「 Then, let’s have the preparations ready for the party 」

Shou-neechan instructed, and women wearing maid clothes bring in food and drinks.

They’re not real maids.

These re the women from Kouzuki SS.

I mean, Kinoshita-san’s over there.

As usual, she looks as young as a high school girl, and yet, the flail on her back is making sounds.

No, she looks too cute that you can’t think that what she has is a weapon.

「 Here’s your glass 」

The maids hand over the young ladies a glass.

Then, they ask which drink they want and pour it.

Oh, it looks like it’s a rule to start with a toast.


They only hand the glasses to the young ladies.

The bodyguards remain standing.

Rei-chan and Shou-neechan don’t have glasses either.

That means.

It’s clear who’s the master and who’s the servant.

The servants aren’t allowed to toast together with their master.

「 Everyone, do you have your glass? 」

Misuzu stands up from her seat and speaks.

No, I’m not allowing this.

The current flow will only support the decision of the bodyguards who are dissatisfied with their current Master to abandon them.

「 Wait, Misuzu 」

I speak loudly.

Luna hides behind me as we walk.

「 Yes, Danna-sama? Give Danna-sama a glass, hurry 」

Misuzu orders the maid nearby, but.

「 That’s not all, Misuzu 」

I said.

「 You need to offer everyone a glass 」

「 But I believe everyone has their glasses? 」

Misuzu speaks curiously.

「 No, I’m talking about the bodyguards, do they have their glasses? 」

I said, then the courtyard became noisy.

「 Misuzu, what’s the objective of today’s party? 」

I continue to speak loudly.

「 Well, That is for Fujimiya-san of Kouzuki SS to give lectures about the latest information to the bodyguards, and a get-together party with the young ladies with their bodyguards 」

Misuzu’s also a noble family daughter. She’s attending Japan’s best school for them.

That way of thinking is inevitable.

No, it’s probably her way of telling me how the other young ladies think.

「 That’s wrong, Misuzu 」

I said.

「 The guests for today are the young ladies and their bodyguards. That means the bodyguards are also guests of Kouzuki house 」

The courtyard becomes quiet.

「 You’re being rude to your guests 」


「 I’m very sorry, Danna-sama 」

She bows her head deeply.

「 M-My… 」

「 Misuzu-sama? 」

The young ladies are surprised.

「 Why are you apologizing to me? Do that to your guests 」

「 Yes, I’m very sorry, dear bodyguards. Hurry up and bring everyone glasses 」

Misuzu orders. The maids start moving.


They have enough prepared for all.

That means that they assumed that I’ll do this.

「 Please wait! Misuzu-sama, what do you mean by this? Giving glasses to our servants?! 」

Kanou-san protests.

「 Kanous-sama, your comment is natural, however… 」

Misuzu looks at Kanou-san.

「 Danna-sama is right, everyone who gathered in here today are all guests of Kouzuki house. And we cannot be rude to them 」

Then, she speaks to the young ladies in the courtyard.

「 I don’t think everyone in here agrees, but, would you please give consideration and allow this? 」


「 I don’t mind! 」

Torii-san speaks.

「 I always have tea time with Haiji. Bodyguards standing by while the Master drinks tea? That’s obsolete in this age! We’re already in the 21st century!

Adelheid-san nods.

「 Mariko-san, you shut up! 」

Kanou-san shouts at Torii-san.



Are these two close?

「 I-I haven’t done anything Sakurako-san has to scold me with! 」

「 You need to shut up! 」

This doesn’t look good.

「 This is nothing to fight about! If we want everyone in here to have fun, then isn’t it just natural to have everyone toast together? 」

I said. Kanou-san gets angry.

「 Besides, what’s with you!? You’re not a noble, you’re just a lowly person Misuzu-sama picked up from somewhere!! 」

「 Kanou-sama 」

Misuzu stops Kanou-san.

「 If you were to continue your rudeness to my Danna-sama, I will not show mercy 」

Everyone in the courtyard froze.

「 Kuromori Kou-sama will be my husband, he’s the man to succeed Kouzuki house. Grandfather already gave his approval, haven’t you seen it earlier? 」

Jii-chan shows the young girls that he’s having a friendly conversation with me on purpose.

「 If that’s what Onii-sama asks, then I will obey 」

Ruriko stands up and hands Adelheid-san a glass.

「 Please take this glass 」

She smiled.

「 U-Uhm 」

Adelheid-san looks confused. Torii-san.

「 Take it. You must not refuse something a Kouzuki lady offers you 」

「 Y-Yes 」

Adelheid-san takes the glass.

「 Then, Shie-san as well 」

Misuzu smiled and hands over a glass to Shie-san, Kanou-san’s bodyguard.

「 I-I… 」

Shie-san looks perplexed.

「 It can’t be helped. Take it, Misuzu-sama offered it to you 」

「 Y-Yes 」

Shie-san takes the glass.

「 Then, give everyone a glass to toast 」

Yoshiko-san distributes glasses to the bodyguards on the other table.

The bodyguards look at their master.

The Masters reluctantly accepted it.


That reaffirms the relationship of the bodyguards with their Masters.

They came here because of their Masters.

If they see it that way, they will lose the mood to abandon their Master and find a new one.

「 Give Seki-san and Fujimiya-san a glass as well 」

I ordered the maids.

「 However, I’m just a vassal of Kouzuki house 」

Shou-neechan tries to say that, but.

「 It doesn’t matter if you’re a servant or not, if an adult came over to teach, then it’s natural to thank them 」

That’s right.

These girls clapped their hands as a courtesy, but…

Nobody thanked Rei-chan and Shou-neechan at all.

「 Misuzu, before you begin the toast, you show Seki-san your gratitude and then wish for happiness to everyone who came over today, and that’s when you toast 」

I said. Misuzu…

「 I understand. Then, please hold your glass as well, Danna-sama 」


Oh, right, I don’t have a glass yet.

「 Here, Nii-san 」

Edie handed Luna a glass.

It looks like it has orange juice.

Michi and the girls have their glass already.

Everyone, other than the maids, has their glass.

Well, the maids aren’t guests, so…

「 Well then, everyone, first, Fujimiya Reika-san and Seki-san of Kouzuki SS, we thank you for a very educational lecture for today 」

Misuzu bows her head, and the others followed.

「 And then, for everyone who gathered here today, I thank you. I wish for everyone in here to enjoy life, and not get into any troubles and a toast to that 」

That’s right. It’s that kind of gathering today.

「 Toast! 」

Misuzu’s voice echoes in the courtyard.

I raised my glass and took a sip.

「 Then, please enjoy the party, everyone 」

Misuzu said, and the garden party begins.

Now, this is where the battle begins.