Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 852. High Life / Secret Technique


「 Then, please enjoy the night everyone 」

Misuzu announced the start of the party, and yet…

The young ladies are still quiet.

They seem puzzled about why do they have to toast together with their servants.

However, with this tense atmosphere…

The bodyguards will no longer move to promote themselves to other houses.

「 Misuzu-sama, I have a question 」

Kanou-san didn’t take a sip from the glass.

「 Yes, what is it, Kanou-sama? 」

Misuzu smiles.

Everyone in the courtyard looked at the two.

「 What are you trying to do? 」

Kanou-san glared at Misuzu.

Shie-san behind her shows a blank look on her face.

She’s holding the glass, but she’s not drinking.

Well, her Master still hasn’t taken a sip, so the servant won’t do the same.

「 What do you mean? 」

Misuzu shows a relaxed look as she answered.

「 Why is Kouzuki Misuzu-sama treating the bodyguards equally as us? 」

Kanou-san asks.

「 Even if you ask me, I only did what Danna-sama told me to do 」

Misuzu’s eyes send me a passionate look.

「 Today, I have sent invitations to everyone. By that, I mean the young ladies of each family and their bodyguards. That means everyone in this courtyard are all my, no, guests of Kouzuki house 」

「 I don’t accept that reason. I’m asking why do I have to treat the servants as an equal! 」

Kanou-san responded with a slightly irritated tone.

「 Oh? Do you not understand it? Kanou-sama? 」

Misuzu replies slowly.

「 I’m the one who invited you all, which means that I’m the one who lowers my attitude the most in here. All the young ladies and the bodyguards here are superior to me. You’re all my guests after all 」

The young ladies and their bodyguards listen to what Misuzu’s saying.

「 Despite that, if I don’t offer a glass to the bodyguards, who are also my guests, then it would be impolite of me. It will be a display of hubris. Danna-sama only pointed out that error of mine 」

Misuzu points at me, everyone’s now looking this way.

Luna, who’s clinging on my back sticks closer.

「 Danna-sama, Misuzu made a mistake. I’m sorry. I won’t make the same mistake again, please do not abandon Misuzu… 」

Misuzu apologizes to me.

She does that while all the young ladies, the bodyguards, the Kouzuki SS female employees wearing maid clothing watches.


「 As long as you understand. Also, don’t do it again 」


「 I won’t hate you from something this trivial, don’t worry 」

「 Thank you, Danna-sama 」

That weird exchange eased up the tension from the girls in the courtyard.

「 It’s a matter within Kouzuki house, please pay it no heed 」

Ruriko smiled at the other girls instead of Misuzu.

「 Kouzuki house is a family with an ancient origin and is currently thriving by managing various enterprise 」

Ruriko said.

「 Though I say management, it’s nothing different from business. And in business, the first rule is to never be rude with your customers 」

The young girl continues her speech.

「 Kouzuki group has plenty of people working for them. They’re employees of the Kouzuki group during office hours. However, if it goes beyond that, they’re precious customers of Kouzuki group products. Grandfather always tells us “They’re the employees of Kouzuki group, and that makes them the first customers for the products of Kouzuki group” 」

That’s right.

If the people working for Jii-chan’s company says, “the other company has better products and service, let’s go buy there.”

Kouzuki group will have no future.

「 The society may force its employees to buy in-house products, but the Kouzuki group doesn’t implement that rule. A forced purchase will not let you listen to any dissatisfaction or demands the employees have for the products 」

Ruriko smiled.

「 That’s Henry Ford’s ideology 」

Torii-san, who can’t read the mood, joins in the conversation.

「 Back then, when talking about cars, it’s a rich person’s luxury item. Henry Ford raised the salary of the workers on his automobile company, and the T-type Ford made cheaply was mass-produced, and so the workers were able to purchase one. He started with the people in his company, and soon after, cars became popularized with the public 」

Oh, I see.

「 The thought of “they’re just servants” no longer work at this age. We would like all the bodyguards to seek out the products of Kouzuki group as well 」

「 Indeed, the bodyguards are also guests for today, and so this is nothing but hospitality 」

Ruriko said. Misuzu takes over.

「 Dear guests, do enjoy the night according to your judgment 」

Your judgment.

That means, within their own master’s permission.

I see.

Misuzu isn’t treating the young ladies and their bodyguards as equal.

Instead, she’s sending a message that the bodyguards should also enjoy within the scope of their duty.

Well, the relationship between the young ladies and bodyguard is all over the place.

Some bodyguards are friendly with their young lady.

And some bodyguards came from loyal servant family.

This is a gathering of various young ladies, meaning…

And so, they unconsciously conform their strict rule from their family to their bodyguards.

The traditional formula where Master and Servants has a clear distinction between them.

The idea of not giving the bodyguards a glass for toast is proof.

But this is just a small gathering of the young ladies and their bodyguards with gentle relationships. So it’s reasonable to have everyone toast.

「 I, Kouzuki Misuzu, ask all of you to do so 」

「 I’d like to ask for the same 」

Misuzu and Ruriko bowed their head.

Yoshiko won’t show herself at times like this.

She’s lived as Ruriko’s attendant for a long time.

If she speaks as a representative of Kouzuki’s house at times like this, she’ll only receive animosity.

Therefore, Yoshiko-san leaves it to Misuzu and Ruriko, she backs off to not stand out.

「 If that’s what Misuzu-sama says… 」

「 Now, let’s toast once again 」

The young ladies who are close to their bodyguards are joined with their bodyguards.

The whole courtyard is filled with a gentle mood, but…

「 Wait!!! 」

Kanou-san seems to remain unconvinced.

「 You all seem to be deceived smoothly, but ordinary employees are different from bodyguards! 」

She protests.

「 Bodyguards are born from generations of servants! They’re SERVANTS! They will never be equal to us! 」

Shie-san says nothing while her Master says that.

「 That may be true to Kanou-sama’s house, but feudal houses aren’t everything at times like this! 」

Torii-san smiled.

「 Like, Haiji here, she’s hired by father using a contract. Overtime work and wages are all calculated beforehand 」

She looks at Adelheid-san behind her.

「 Yes, I act as Mariko-ojousama in accordance to the contract 」

Adelheid-san, the half-race yet black haired bodyguard, replied.

「 Torii house is modernistic. We’re not like Kanou-sama’s family, we live in the 21st century. You’re still in the last century, or should I say that you’re still tied up on the 19th-century class system. I think you’re too old-fashioned 」

Torii-san attacks Kanou-san.

「 Well, that’s because your family never had a family of vassals! 」

Kanou-san retorts sullenly.

「 Back at you, Kanou-sama. There’s nobody else who has the same traditional vassals, you’re trapped in your old-fashion thinking! 」

Torii-san sneered.

「 Oh, speaking of which, Kanou-sama’s family doesn’t manage a business. Therefore you can’t understand Misuzu-sama’s managerial ideology! 」

Kanou house is a noble family, but they don’t have a company?


Then, why do they hire a bodyguard even at this age?

Is it because Shie-san’s family serves them, and so they don’t need money?


Michi’s receiving payments from Jii-chan’s bank as Misuzu’s bodyguard every month.

「 Someone from Torii house trying to mock Kanou house? 」

Kanou-san glared at Torii-san.

Shie-san behind Kanou-san shows a scary face as well.

「 Torii house has multiple businesses. We’re responsible for our employees. We’re not like the other black family who prides with their past 」

Torii-san glared at Kanou-san.

Ah, Adelheid-san doesn’t care. She has no desire to fight.

「 Okay, that’s enough 」

Shou-neechan interrupts with a smile.

「 A Kouzuki house servant dares to order me?! 」

Kanou-san glares at Shou-neechan.

「 Yes. I’m an employee. And that is why I will have to stop you right there 」

Shou-neechan doesn’t break her smile.

「 I think Kanou-sama knows but, Kakka is at home today 」

Right, Jii-chan is in the mansion.

「 And I still am Kakka’s personal bodyguard 」

Kanou-san’s complexion changed.

「 Kakka is in his own house, and if Kanou-ojousama and Torii-ojousama were to cause trouble, it is a big problem for me 」

「 I-I understand 」

Kanou-san speaks in a small voice.

「 Yes? What did you understand? 」

Shou-oneechan pushes further, keeping the same smile.

「 I’ve said too much. I’m visiting Kouzuki-sama’s mansion, and yet, I’ve done something so discourteous. I’m very sorry! 」

「 Even if you tell me that, I’m just a servant… 」

Shou-neechan said. Kanou-san…

「 Misuzu-sama, Ruriko-sama, and everyone. I’ve shown something unsightly, I’m very sorry 」

She stands up.

「 Oh, where are you going? 」

Misuzu asks.

「 I will return home. Thank you for inviting me today 」

Huh? You’re going home now?

Just because you lost cool in an argument?

「 Do you think I’ll allow such selfishness? 」

Misuzu speaks coldly.

「 If I stay for any longer, it’ll bring shame to my house 」

「 And if you come home Kanou-sama, it will bring shame to Kouzuki house 」

Misuzu talked back.

「 Sakurako-sama, you’re the daughter of Kanou house, a family with longstanding tradition and lineage similar to Kouzuki house. Other families wouldn’t know why you went home when you were invited to the Kouzuki mansion, yet you returned home without receiving our hospitality… 」

「 Yes, Misuzu-sama, no it will be a disgrace for Kakka 」

Misuzu said. Shou-neechan added.

「 Sit down, Kanou-sama 」

「 I understand 」

Shou-neechan urged Kanou-san returned to her seat.

「 Torii-san, even if you two are close, having that kind of argument while everyone is watching will do you no good 」

「 I-I’m sorry 」

Misuzu scolds Torii-san, she apologized.


Kanou-san and Torii-san are close?

「 However, Misuzu-sama!!! 」

Suddenly, another young lady calls Misuzu out.

「 What is it? 」

Misuzu turns to that young lady.

「 In regards to what Kanou-sama mentioned. I have a question 」

The young lady responded.

「 Nii-san 」

Luna whispered.

「 Tendou-san pushed that one to speak 」

Luna is checking the minds of the young ladies in this place while clinging to me.

Tendou Otome is the Kansai Yakuza spy. Oh, she’s over there. Smiling.

「 A certain someone asked me, but, she’s wondering that the gathering today maybe Kouzuki house’s method of trying to open some evaluation on our bodyguards… 」

That’s problematic.

「 Finding the capable personnel among our bodyguards and hire them under Kouzuki SS. Young bodyguards for VIPs are high in demand, and so they’re dispatched with a high reward. And that becomes Kouzuki SS’ new business 」

The courtyard became noisy.

「 Is that true?! 」

「 Misuzu-sama, do you plan on taking away our bodyguards? 」

「 Evaluation? 」

Oh, Tendou Otome planted that.

Spreading bad rumors about Kouzuki house.

「 What’s the problem with that? 」

Misuzu went for the offensive.

「 Then, that’s true? 」

As soon as the young lady said that…

「 Well, how do I explain this? 」

Misuzu shows the best smile she has.

「 To begin with, Kouzuki SS has enough people wanting to get hired as bodyguards 」

「 But… 」

The young lady opposing Misuzu sends a glance to Tendou Otome.

Tendou Otome nods.

「 Kouzuki house is now searching for Ruriko-sama and Yoshiko-sama’s bodyguard, right? 」

The two don’t have bodyguards right now.

「 Huh? From our bodyguards? 」

「 They’re picking bodyguards for the two? 」

The other young ladies raised their voices.

Then, the eyes of the bodyguards who want to change Masters have changed.

「 Well, that’s a good argument, but… 」

Misuzu smiles.

「 Yoshiko-sama is in her third year, and I’m in my second year. Once we graduate high school, we will have adult bodyguards with us 」

Right, Yoshiko-san only needs half-year, and Misuzu only needs a year before graduating.

「 However, let’s say that it’s just a half-year remaining, but it would still be an honor for a bodyguard to serve Kouzuki house 」

「 You are correct, but it’s a question of whether we need it or not 」

Misuzu smiled.

「 Ruriko is still in middle school, and she’s at the same age as my bodyguard, Michi. I can ask Michi to become Ruriko’s bodyguard anytime 」

The bodyguards leaked a sigh.

「 Also, Michi is raising her own disciple 」

Misuzu looks at Yomi, who’s at Michi’s side.

「 Yomi, give your greetings 」


「 Yes! Yuzuki Yomi, 5th kyu in Kudou style martial arts! 」

Yeah, it’s my instruction to introduce herself as a disciple of Kudou arts.

「 Oh, that girl 」

「 That’s the girl that showed up on the exhibition match earlier 」

「 Oh, the one Kyouko Messer tossed around 」

「 Her breasts are big 」

Several of them spoke.

「 Yomi, where’s Luna? 」

Misuzu asks on purpose.

It looks like she noticed the reason why Luna’s disguised.

「 Luna’s still feeling sick after being thrown around in the air 」

Yomi said.

「 I see. It can’t be helped then 」

Misuzu smiled.

「 And as you can see, we have a rookie in training 」

Then, the ladies in the courtyard…

「 I-I see 」

「 She even tried to fight back Kyouko Messer 」

「 That must be her study as a bodyguard 」

「 To pile up some experience 」

Having them think that way helps out.

「 Well then, I’ll explain in detail why I opened up this gathering… 」

Misuzu begins to talk.

「 Our bodyguards, if it was in the old age, Kanou-sama would be right, each family would have bodyguards that serve them for generations, and they choose the daughter at the right age among them 」

And that’s Shie-san.

「 However, times have changed, and it’s no longer a vassal family for each noble house. As you can see, Torii-san’s family hires bodyguard according to their skills 」

Torii-san puffs her chest.

Adelheid-san remains expressionless.

「 My Michi here has her father serving Kouzuki house. The old family lineage of bodyguards for Kouzuki house is already gone. Grandfather started that when he established Kouzuki SS 」

「 That applies to my house 」

「 Me too 」

Oh, other bodyguard lineages don’t continue, like Shie-san’s.

「 And in this age, it comes to our mind that it might be better to use a system for our bodyguards 」

Misuzu said.

「 A system? 」

「 Yes, for example, if a ruffian tried to attack me in front of the school, Michi will protect me 」

Yeah, she’s Misuzu’s bodyguard.

「 But, what if Kanou-sama was next to me at that time? 」

Misuzu looks at Kanou-san.

「 Shie will protect me 」

「 That’s the natural course of events, yes. But, if Michi and Shie-san don’t cooperate, it will only cause danger to Kanou-sama and me 」

「 Shie is skilled 」

Kanou-san looked at Misuzu, offended.

「 Indeed. But don’t you think that it’s better if they know each other’s skills and follow up with each other? 」

「 Shie will protect me perfectly 」

Misuzu smiled.

「 Then, let’s change the situation. Kanou-sama and I…and 15 other students who don’t have bodyguards are attacked by 20 ruffians 」

She stared at Kanou-san.

「 No matter how many enemies there are, Shie will keep me… 」

「 And you don’t care about the other students, is that it? 」

Misuzu said.

「 Our school has nothing but daughters of noble houses. No matter how rich you are, if you have no lineage, you can’t enroll. And we, among all those daughters of noble houses, are allowed to bring in our personal bodyguard to school 」

She looks over at the ladies in the courtyard.

「 Don’t you think that it’s the duty of us, the nobles, to protect the other students who don’t have bodyguards? 」

Misuzu’s words soak into their heads.

「 If our bodyguards can cooperate, then they can deal with the situation, no matter what it is 」

Misuzu looks at Shie-san.

「 However, up until now, bodyguards only follow the respective families, and so they refuse to cooperate 」

「 That’s because they don’t want to get dragged to another house 」

The young lady talking to Misuzu earlier speaks up.

「 If the bodyguards were getting along, they might leak secrets from their house 」

And she’s purposely making everyone feel uneasy.

「 That’s a problem of attitude between us, their masters 」

Misuzu replied.

「 If you mistreat your bodyguards because you think of them as nothing but vassals, showing how sloppy you are without care, your evaluation will naturally lower 」

The young lady looks at Tendou Otome, but…

She doesn’t show any sign this time.

「 What’s essential is cooperation. Our bodyguards have to get along with each other 」

「 That’s a problem… 」

The one who said that is…

She’s in the same table as Misuzu, and yet, she stayed dwarfed the whole time…

Kurama Misato-san and Arisu-san’s bodyguard.

Anjou Mitama-san.

「 We do have individual secret techniques that we can never tell anyone 」


「 Surely some villains will try to steal other family’s secret technique in the name of exchange 」

Kinuka-san nods.

「 Even if it is Misuzu-sama who says that we will never let our Anjou family secret techniques get stolen 」


It’s the same people who used Skylab Hurrican Mixer just earlier.

Can you really say that?