Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 862. High Life / Doubtful Origin



「 It’s their last request, Misuzu-sama, do look after those girls 」

Kaan-san told Misuzu.

「 I will never meddle with the matters with Kurama house. Well, this is trouble within Kouzuki-sama’s house 」

「 It saves me the trouble when you say that 」

Misuzu thanked Kaan-san.

But, she’s not lowering her head.

It shows that the two are in the same status.

「 Kaan house will continue to watch the progress until Kouzuki Kakka officially proclaims that he dealt with Kurama house 」

It’s officially known that Kurama house is collapsing.

Then, Jii-chan and Kaan-san both refused to help them.

This should’ve been big news.

The young ladies in here should be making calls to their father or grandfather to tell them the news.

Kurama house and Kouzuki group should have transactions with them.

They need to suspend all deals with them right away.

No, they only have to cut off their relationship.

If Kurama house is collapsing, then they would want to take the remaining assets at a bargain and steal away the clients in business.

People move when there’s a huge business chance for them.

And they want to relay the news to their family as fast as possible.


The young ladies in this courtyard belong in the family where the school allows them to have bodyguards, they have both the lineage and assets.

Therefore, they will never do anything impolite such as trying to call back to their home or send mail.

This is a party Kouzuki Misuzu hosts.

If they leak any information about the party, they will investigate who sent it, and the other girls will surely blame that shameless act.

They know that the Kouzuki mansion has cameras all around the place.

If they try to make a call, they can immediately stop her.

On top of that, Kaan-san talked about leaving Kurama house in Kouzuki house’s care.

That means…

「 Thank you. Kaan-sama has asserted her position, with that, Kurama house will no longer blindly reach out their hand for help 」

Misuzu said.

「 I would also like to warn everyone in here to not do anything before Grandfather makes his announcement 」

Nobody will make a move on Kurama house until Jii-chan makes his official announcement.

Not all of them are close to Kouzuki house, but…

Nobody would want to have both Kouzuki and Kaan house look at them poorly.

「 You too 」

Then, Misuzu smiled at Mizushima Karen-san.

「 Misuzhima holdings will be the same until Grandfather deals with it, okay? 」

「 Ah, Thank you 」

The small grade-schooler, Mizushima Karen-san, replies in tears.

「 Do you mind, Kaan-sama? 」

「 Why not? What about Takahama products? 」

Kaan-san asks Misuzu.

「 Takahama house doesn’t have many ties with Kouzuki house. I think that she’s closer to Kaan-sama’s house? 」

Misuzu passes the ball to Kaan-san.

「 Right. Then, you can do what you want with her everyone 」

She smiled.

「 However, don’t roast them too much. Takahama house still belongs to nobility, we mustn’t kill them off 」

Kaan-san smiled at Misuzu.

「 Basically the same with Kurama house and Mizushima house 」

In short.

Kurama and Mizushima house aren’t gonna have their life as nobility cut off completely.

「 That is for Grandfather to decide 」

Misuzu said. Then she pats Mizushima Karen-san’s cute cheeks.

「 But, you’ll be fine. I will protect you 」

Misuzu’s eyes show the fire of lust from inside her.

「 Right, Misuzu-sama has that hobby 」

Kaan-san tells Karen-san, who seems nervous.

「 She’s such a cute girl, be sure to give her lots of love 」

「 I will 」

Misuzu smiles.

From that line, I think Kaan-san is also a lesbian?

「 But, I still couldn’t understand why you chose that 」

Kaan-san said and looked at me.

「 How do you do, I’m Kaan Momoko 」

She smiled at me.

「 L-Likewise. Kuromori Kou 」

I greeted her back.

「 Hmm. So Kozuki-kakka accepted you as Misuzu-sama’s fiance? 」

She stares at me.

「 Yes, he did 」

I replied.

「 Hey, Misuzu-sama. I would like to ask what part of him do you like? 」

Kaan-san cuts to the chase.

「 I’m happy whenever I’m with him 」

Misuzu replied immediately.

「 I feel safe whenever I’m by Danna-sama’s side 」

「 Oh? That’s a surprising reply 」

Kaan-san said.

「 I thought that this man has captured Misuzu-sama with his manly charms 」

You mean?

I took Misuzu over through sexual addiction?

「 I mean, he’s not a born nobility, is he? 」

Kaan-san smiles.

「 As the young lady of Kaan house, I had my resolve to marry another nobility, but… 」

「 Unfortunately, Kouzuki house has no son and heir, and so I had to pick my husband 」

Misuzu replied immediately.

「 And since Grandfather accepted Danna-sama, that’s how it is… 」

Jii-chan’s next in line is Misuzu’s father, but…

Jii-chan has no grandsons, only granddaughters.

Therefore, Kouzuki house had to adopt a son-in-law from another family, but…

But, I…

「 I can understand that but, I cannot see him having the talent to succeed such nobility as Kouzuki house 」

No, you’re right about that.

I mean, I just want to run a bakery.

「 Kouzuki house is a big clan. It rivals the Kaan house and Kanou-san in lineage. Thee noble among the nobility. A family who leads the nobility itself. And so, deciding the next head shouldn’t be a decision within Kouzuki house itself. That’s what I firmly believe in, but… 」

She smiled provocatively to Misuzu.

「 When I will marry someday, I will choose a partner that other nobility will accept 」

Oh right.

She accepted Misuzu’s invitation today and went to Kouzuki house for this…

「 But, Misuzu-sama chose someone who isn’t nobility, a person with doubtful origins, without us knowing. I’m surprised, astounded even 」

Misuzu doesn’t break her smile.

This is a fight between both young ladies of nobility.

「 And so, I came here today with the thought of seeing the face of the man Misuzu-sama chose 」

I knew it.

「 Oh, by the way. The part where Kouzuki house would like to gather up and train our bodyguards, please do so freely. I don’t think it will do us bad. Well, the Kaan house’s bodyguards are perfect, so I will not join. But for everyone else, you’re free to ask for Kouzuki-sama’s cooperation 」

She told the girls in the courtyard, smiling.

「 It is as expected of Kouzuki house to think for the whole nobility. We will leave that bothersome case to them. Kaan house has more things to consider 」

She speaks sarcastically.

She arrived this late, after the discussion with the bodyguards.

It’s to show that the Kaan house has no interest.

「 Thank you. But, I believe that it will benefit Kaan-sama if you participate as well 」

Misuzu responded with a smile.

「 Oh, why? My Sebastianus can deal with Kyouko Messer 」

Kaan-san points at her tall bodyguard dressed in male clothing.

The bodyguard bows her head.

「 See? She’s beautiful, isn’t she? She looks like Hijiri Sebastian, right? That’s why I call her Sebastianus 」

Kaan-san said.

「 Adding “anus” to her name sounds great, right? 」


I don’t get what Kaan-san’s hobbies are.

「 Right, Sebastianus, you can win against Misuzu-sama’s bodyguard, Kouzuki SS, or Kyouko Messer, right? 」

The bodyguard asked by her Master…

「 If Momoko-ojousama orders, then I will 」

She speaks in a low tone.

She glared at Michi and Edie.

Shou-neechan and everyone ignore that.

If she’s that confident, I think that she knows Qi at least.

Even so, I don’t think she will win against Kyouko-san.

「 Yamada Umeko will bring victory to Ojou-sama, even if it costs my life 」

Yamada Umeko.

Yamada Umeko is showing off with a pose to Kaan-san.

「 Sebastianus, that’s your real name 」

「 Excuse me 」


She’s so muscular and strong-looking, but her name is Yamada Umeko.

I mean, is she strong?

「 Now then, let’s return to the topic 」

Kaan-san looks at me again after getting excited.

「 This man…Oh, I already forgot your name 」

She speaks sarcastically.

「 Well, I don’t care. You’re not nobility anyway 」

Looks like her plan is to look down on me

「 I was watching the video from a separate room on the situation in the courtyard for today, but… 」

Kaan Momoko looked at the young ladies in the courtyard and said.

「 Kouzuki Kakka was talking to him, was he? 」


Jii-chan came here to show himself talking to me on purpose.

「 I didn’t intend to eavesdrop in the conversation, but since Kouzuki Kakka was talking, I couldn’t help but do it. Forgive me 」

Jii-chan and my conversation.

「 But, it disappointed me, or should I say that it surprised me? 」

Kaan-san continues her trap.

「 After all, Kouzuki Kakka is directly teaching the man who will become Misuzu-sama’s husband, I surely thought that the conversation would be in management philosophy or the latest economics debate… 」

Philosophy? Debate?

「 But, Kouzuki-sama is giving him such a low-level story, it made me laugh. It made me wonder if he’s not embarrassed to have that conversation while everyone’s watching 」

That was low level?

「 No, I think that Kouzuki Kakka has more wonderful topics to choose from. I watched Kakka’s lessons with his students. Those were terrific topics, covering the latest theories, modern financial system and such 」

Well, Jii-chan’s teaching them about the enterprise.

They’ll get to that.

Jii-chan’s students will become supporters of the Kouzki group. They’re the children of Kouzuki group leaders, after all.

But I…

「 Then, is that how it is? Kouzuki Kakka teaching you some low-level stuff, does that mean that your level is too low? 」

Kaan-san asks me.

「 Kaan-sama, you’re going too far… 」

Misuzu tries to stop Kaan-san, but…

「 No, it’s okay. Misuzu 」

I stopped Misuzu.

「 Danna-sama 」

If we get angry, we lose.

Kaan-san wants us to get angry.

And she wants to laugh at us when our emotions rise up.

「 Sure, Jii-chan is matching with my level… 」

「 My, to think that someone as honorable as Kouzuki Kakka gets dragged to that level 」

「 But, I don’t think of it as low level 」

I stopped Kaan-san from speaking.

「 Oh, for commoners like you, everything is high-level 」

Kaan-san tries to stir me up.


「 That’s because I’m starting up a business just now 」

I said.

Making pastries in school and selling them in the cafeteria is a proper business.

「 Jii-chan gives me the necessary advice for my current business. And that’s not low-level for me 」

Kaan-san smiles.

「 Oh? If it’s business, then I do have some too. I do stocks, and I started three companies already 」

Oh, she’s proud that she’s teaching Torii-san about stocks.

「 And I’m 17. What’s your age? 」

「 16 」

I replied.

「 See? It’s just one year difference. One year ago, I was already starting up my business, and I already read various business and finance books before. If we’re talking about your level, I already graduated elementary 」

Kaan-san speaks triumphantly.

「 Therefore, I don’t know what kind of business you do, but you can’t refute me if you want to talk about business. You need to at least have the same knowledge as me 」


I see. She’s dissatisfied that someone with a doubtful origin is getting inside Kouzuki house.

Naturally, the Kaan house can’t interfere with Jii-chan’s decision.

They’re from a different clan after all.

And so, she’s trying to make me look like a fool.

Making the young ladies think, “Is Misuzu-sama okay with that person?”

She’s creating an atmosphere to make sure I go away.

「 Kaan-san, you’re still in high school, right? 」

I asked.

「 You!! How dare you not call Ojou-sama without respect 」

Yamada Umeko-san tells me.

「 I don’t mind, Sebastianus. It’s wrong to expect etiquette from someone low-leveled 」

Kaan Momoko-san replied.

「 I think you already know that I’m still in high school. If I wasn’t, then I shouldn’t have been invited to Misuzu-sama’s party 」

The students in Misuzu’s super-high-class-lady school are attending this party.

Elementary, middle, and high school.

Misuzu’s school has no college, and the young ladies who attend universities have professional males ad their bodyguards. So nobody higher than high school attends this party.

「 And you manage three companies while in high school? 」

I asked. Kaan-san.

「 What about it? A manager only needs to give instructions. I see no problem. If I get an idea, I give directions. I get reports, and give approval 」

「 Well, I don’t know what Kaan-san’s companies are but, who is the one selling and arranging plans? 」

「 Obviously the employees 」

Kaan-san replies with a dumbfounded look.

「 Do you not know that? 」

「 Well, Kaan-san, have you ever met the suppliers or the customers directly? 」

「 I couldn’t possibly have done that. Oh, but I do meet the president of the major company clients. Also, I have traveled together with my Father to meet people from the Main Bank 」


「 Wait a second. That means that Kaan-san only gives instructions from above? 」

「 That’s right. After all, I’m the manager 」

「 Oh, I see 」

「 I see what? I’m managing a company’s internet mail order, but I have no need to know what my customers’ order or their delivery duties 」

Kaan-san said.

「 Huh? So when you started your company, you never took an order and delivered one yourself? 」

「 As I said earlier, why do I have to?! 」

Kaan-san shouted.

「 That’s what employers are for! 」


「 Besides, my company has a storehouse in the countryside. The land is cheaper compared to the city. Therefore, the person who took the order will contact the person in the storehouse; and the storehouse delivers it. I have school so I can’t go to the storehouse in the countryside! 」

Kaan-san speaks as if she’s spitting out.

「 She got dragged to Darling’s pace 」

Edie smiles from my back.

「 In short, Kaan-san’s business is where you look down on your people and give them instructions, right? 」

「 I don’t understand what you mean? That’s what management means! 」


「 No, for me, I experience all of it 」

「 Experience?! 」

「 Yes. I start from ordering materials, manufacturing the products, to selling, and I also clean up the workshop 」

I replied.

「 W-What kind of business is that?! 」

Kaan-san looks like she doesn’t understand.

「 My business is a bakery 」

「 Bakery? 」

「 Yes. I buy yeast and flour myself, make the dough, bake it…recently, I have others help me sell the products, but I did sell them myself at first 」

I speak honestly.

「 Why? Is that your hobby? 」

Kaan-san asks.

「 No, I’m just serious about my business. I intend to develop it to become larger in the future 」

「 Then why don’t you leave it to others! Both baking and selling. You can concentrate on finding out which products sell and not and instruct them which ones to make and sell, can’t you? 」

Kaan-san talks on in one breath.

「 No matter how you think about it, there are people better than you at baking bread. You can hire professionals. You don’t have to go crazy at doing everything in your business 」


「 Experiencing the whole process is useful in the future 」

「 Who?! 」

Kaan-san turned to the voice that speaks suddenly.

In there is…

「 I don’t intend to name myself. I came here under Kouzuki-sama’s orders 」


「 Kouzuki Kakka’s? 」

Kaan-san is surprised.

「 Yes. He ordered me to punish the impudent troublesome lady who’s making a ruckus in the courtyard 」

Minaho-neesan smiles.

She’s showing a smile much more malicious than Kaan-san.