Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 87


Before long…the Benz Katsuko-nee is driving arrives at the mansion.
Maika-chan and Nei-san get out of the car when it arrives at the front entrance.
We’re watching them through the surveillance camera.

「So that’s Maika-chan?…」

Misuzu stares at Maika-chan’s close up image.

「Oh…So Maika-chan goes to that school.」

Misuzu said when she saw Maika-chan’s old style sailor uniform.

「Yeah, it’s not like Misuzu-chan’s school but it’s also an Ojou-sama school too」

Margo-san answers.

Misuzu’s school is a super ojou-sama school where only young ladies of high class families can get in…
Maika-chan’s school is also a considerably famous middle school for girls.
Rather, Maika-chan’s school’s girls might be popular for normal high school boys.
Maika-chan’s from an Ojou-sama middle school so I can imagine those who want to become her lover, but…
Misuzu’s school is…
It has the impression that she goes to school in a bulletproof glass Benz and has SP going with her…1
She’s an unobtainable existence for a normal boy.

「…I understood the general idea. Misuzu has those kinds of girls in her school after all」

Misuzu seems to have finished her analysis of Maika-chan.

「Born and raised as an Ojou-sama, ignorant of the world…a child inside her head」

Margo-san’s having a 「That’s troubling」face

「I feel pity for her if you say it like that. Maika-chan’s still in her second year of middle school so…there’s no helping it that she’s childish, right?」

…That’s right.
She really is still a child.
Yearning for an idol, and shouting kyaakyaa at concerts…
Looking up at the adult Katsuko-nee and Nei-san, believing everything they say…
Crazy on learning about makeups and fashion…
An immature child.
Is it okay to have sex with such a child?

Maika-chan speaks to Nei-san at the door.
Maika-chan’s showing a carefree smile.
A girl who just turned 14.

「But, I’m glad that she’s a child. We can train her any way we want like this…」

Misuzu said with a serious look on her face.

「As expected…She resembles Yukino-san」

Misuzu told me.

「Well of course…She’s her little sister」
「Danna-sama…If you have that girl, would you give up on Yukino?」


「I think I can endure if it’s Maika-san. She seems obedient unlike Yukino, I think she’s cute too. Please rape Maika-san in front of Misuzu. If you do…I think I can accept it」

Do you hate Yukino that much?
Yesteday, Katsuko-nee said that Maika-chan would become my pet as a substitute for Yukino…

「Sorry, that’s not how it is… Misuzu will offer Maika-san to Danna-sama. I’ll present her as a cherished pet exclusively for sex…!」

Misuzu smiles.
A suspicious smile…
This is another of Misuzu’s faces.

「It’s not just Misuzu-chan! It’s our present for you!」

Katsuko-nee enters the room suddenly…?!

「Oh, I came through the underground passage after parking the car in the garage. To set things up with Misuzu-chan…」

Katsuko-nee laughingly said.

「…We can turn her into a 『Dakimakura』right?」

Katsuko-nee asks Misuzu.

「Yes, I don’t allow Yukino-san to be Danna-sama’s 『Safe Blanket』but…I’m fine with Maika-san being a 『Dakimakura』 I won’t be jealous!」

Misuzu answers.

「But…It’s a sex exclusive dakimakura you know?」

Katsuko-nee whispers maliciously.

「I don’t mind. Misuzu can’t be with Danna-sama around the clock. Misuzu thought of offering Danna-sama a cute pet to release his sexual desire when I’m not here!」

Misuzu smiles.

「My…Then, my turn would be lost!」

Katsuko-nee seems a bit dissatisfied.

「Ah, I’m sorry! I didn’t mean it like that!」

Misuzu lowered her head and Katsuko-nee laughs.

「It’s joke2…Anyway, let’s have Maika-chan fall to be his exclusive sex slave. Is that fine?」

Somehow…The two swell up without permission, ignoring me.

「Did you see the mail I sent last night?」

Speaking of which, Katsuko-nee said that she’d send a mail last night.

「Yes, I’ve read it…!」
「We’ll be doing plan 2A…『Photo Session』 We’ll have the setting of Misuzu-san coming to be photographed for today. Is that okay?」
「…Okay desu!」

Misuzu seems to understand it immediately…

「Katsuko-nee…What about me?」

What should I do?

「You can just watch from here for a while!」


「Did you listen to our conversation in the car?…That girl’s aversion to men seems stronger than we thought. I thought that she’d have a lewder constitution and thick-headedness since she’s Yukino-sama’s little sister…」
「…She’s much more pure than expected」
「It seems that her fear of sex is winning against her curiosity…」

Margo-san gives her opinion from Katsuko-nee and Misuzu’s impression…

「She’s still a child. Also, she’s in an all girls school right? She’s never seen a boy other than idols…!」

Oh…I can understand that since I went to an all boy’s dorm and school for three years.
Until quite recently, I couldn’t stop shaking whenever I talked to women…
Even if I was in a co-ed elementary school, the changes to both genders happen during middle school…
It might be natural that our tolerance would be weaker if there’s no opposite sex during that short period of time.

「Right…I can understand that she’s not used to boys. The only contact with men she has must be her teachers and family. Speaking of which, they say that no matter how plain the young teacher, in an all girls’ school he’s always popular」

Katsuko-nee says…
Misuzu shook her head.

「That might be true at our school but…Maika-san’s school doesn’t employ young men. The only male teachers employed there are married and have children that’s at least in middle school…」
「Eh, even so, what would happen if that man got divorced…?」

I asked Misuzu unintentionally.

「Of course he’d be fired. It’s written in the employment contract」

…They’re persistent to that extent!

「Furthermore, in Misuzu’s school…If the wife get’s pregnant, it’s decided that they would be temporarily retired for the whole period」
「Before, a teacher became horny because he couldn’t have sex with his wife who’s pregnant so he caused a scandal…」
「Ah, it wasn’t inside the campus but…A teacher passing his forties seemed to have gotten caught for molesting a female college student in a train. It seems that the huge scandal has remained in the history of the school for a hundred years. It appeared in articles of magazines every week after all. Then, it wasn’t just the teacher, but the chief director, principal, vice-principal, and all of the teachers in charge of the school were dismissed. It had tarnished the honor of the school…!」

…In case of an honorable Ojou-sama school, teachers have it rough…

「Anyway…You have to wait here until we get her ready」

Katsuko-nee orders me

「Okay, got it」

She glanced at my face…

「Did Misuzu-sama do that Pompadour?」
「It suits you a lot…Cute」

Katsuko-nee smiles.

「Isn’t that right…Katsuko-sama!」

Misuzu seems to be pleased from being praised for her work…

「Later then…Margo-sama, please come to the terrace with Misuzu after ten minutes」
「…Got it」

Katsuko-nee laughs and leaves the room.

「Now then…Misuzu-chan, let’s check how you look once again. Then we’ll start immediately」
「…Okay. Ah, I forgot!」

Misuzu rustles in her bag…

「Danna-sama…have this!」

Misuzu took out her red collar.

「EH, aren’t you going to meet Maika-chan?」
「Yes. Misuzu’s in her formal attire」

Now that you’ve said it, it can’t be helped.
I attached the collar to Misuzu’s neck…

「…Should I put on a diaper?」

When I asked that…Misuzu

「I really want to but…We’re going to have a 『Photo Session』after this, it would only become a hindrance…!」

…I don’t get it
Well, I can just leave alone what I don’t know…

Katsuko-nee appears on the monitor.
It hasn’t even been 30 seconds since she left the room.
She shows up at the entrance in front of Nei-san and Maika-chan…

「Sorry! I made you wait!」
「Geez, Katsuko-san, you’re slow!」

Speaking of which…Nei-san doesn’t call her 「Katsun」in front of Maika-chan.
Katsuko-nee doesn’t call her 「Nei-sama」like usual but 「Nei-san」…
Is this all an act?

「The shutter of the garage is a bit, you see…anyway, let’s get in!」

It seems that the setting is that this is Katsuko-nee’s house.
There’s nobody in the house it seems.
Katsuko-nee inserts the key at the entrance…
Then…Maika-chan enters the mansion with the two female devils…

「Now then, Maika-san won’t go back home as a virgin…」

Misuzu whispers while looking at the screen…
The third devil is here.

◇ ◇ ◇

Margo-san switches the camera.
The three people entered the room which leads to the terrace.

『Uwaa…It’s a wonderful room!』

Maika-chan is enchanted by the furniture of the mansion.

『Katsuko-san’s house is amazing isn’t it?』

As expected it is.

『Sit wherever you like…I will be preparing tea. Ah, I also baked cookies, eat as many as you’d like』

Katsuko-nee presents cookies to Maika-chan.
As usual, the shape and quality is something you wouldn’t expect except from a product of a luxury pastry shop.

『Eh…Did Katsuko-san bake this?』
『That’s right! Here you go, Maika-chan, take one!』

Handed by Nei-san, Maika-chan eats one of the cookies

『Uwaa, so delicious! Katsuko-san’s good at making snacks!』
『It’s not just snacks! Katsuko-san’s good at any kind of dish!』
『I bake the bread myself! I intend to start a bakery in the future after all』

Katsuko-nee smiles at Maika-chan.

『Amazing, amazing, amazing! Katsuko-san’s so cool!』

Maika-cha’s slightly excited…

『You’re very beautiful, have a good style, knowledgeable in fashion…and on top of that, you’re good at cooking…!』

Maika-chan looks up at Katsuko-nee with admiration.

『Maika wants to be a woman like Katsuko-san when I become an adult!

Katsuko-nee giggled…

『If you become an adult?…Then, is Maika-chan still a child?』

Maika-chan laughed embarrassed…

『Maika’s already an adult. But…There’s still some childish parts remaining」

…That’s what a child is.
Yeah…She’s very cute as a child.
Maika-chan’s very obedient…She believes other people too easily though
Her embarrassed face resembles Yukino.
…Did Yukino have this phase too?

「…Really, she’s completely different from her Onee-san」

Misuzu said while looking at the monitor.


…From Yukino?…
…She’s different.

「Yes. Misuzu’s an only child but, I know my relatives who have sisters very well. Sisters like Yukino-san and Maika-san have at least two differences at most. As their character」
「…Is that so?」
「After all, the little sister grows up looking at the figure of her sister… Then, how their parents treat them is different too…」

I hardly met my relatives so I don’t know about any sibling relationships in other houses.
Misuzu’s house is a prestigious family so she must have a lot of relatives.

「The eldest child is the first child of the parents so they focus on them. The parents contact them timidly… But, the next child would be the second so they cut corners on raising them. Hmm, in a good meaning, you might say that the parents know when to let their hand go…」

Haa…Is that so?
I was hardly raised by my parents so I don’t know.
Every time I’d have him write on my documents in elementary school, my father would ask 「What year are you again?」
As one expects, it was a shock when they asked 「When’s your birthday again?」…
Of course, mother never concerned herself with me. She left everything school related to my father…
Or rather, in parent’s association, class visits, and graduation ceremony…nobody in my family came.
Grandmother’s the only one who came to my elementary school entrance ceremony…

「Well, that’s in the case of two sisters…If their age is far apart or there’s a lot of sisters, it would be different again. But, if it’s sisters with not much of an age difference…The elder sister being selfish and the little sister being mature is quite a common case I think」

Misuzu taught me.

「Misuzu-chan…It’s about time we go」

Margo-san puts on her jacket…
They’re going to visit the mansion…that’s the setting.
Margo-san looks at the flowers in the vase at the corner of the room.

「Let’s borrow this」

Margo-san pulled out the flowers from the vase…then made a bouquet using an imitation of Japanese vellum paper.
She’s very experienced in her handiwork.

「…You see, I also helped out in Nagisa-san’s shop several times when it opened.」

Margo-san smiles.

「Then…Danna-sama, we’ll be going!」

Misuzu presents her lips to me.
I kissed her.

「Ufufu…Please look forward to it!」

The two went out of the room…
I was left alone to watch the monitor…

…It can’t be helped.

I drank the tea that cooled down.

◇ ◇ ◇

The door bell rings…

『Oh, I’m sure it’s Margo-san…』

Katsuko-nee who’s in a room in front of the terrace goes to the entrance…
Margo-san and Misuzu seem to have gone outside of the mansion somewhere and went around to the entrance.
Watching over the monitor for while…Katsuko-nee brings the two in.

『Hello, Maika-chan…!』

Looking at her in the monitor, Margo-san’s really cool.
I think it’s not that usual for women to look cool when they’re holding bouquet.

『Katsuko-san, please have this…!』

Margo-san handed Katsuko-nee the bouquet.
It’s obvious with her looks.

『My, thank you very much!』

Katsuko-nee who received the bouquet…is beautiful.

『I brought my friend here, Misuzu-chan for today』

Margo-san introduced Misuzu.
A natural act.

『Nice to meet you…I’m Kouzuki Misuzu』

Misuzu greeted with a big adult like voice, different from the usual.
Everyone’s good at acting…
I somehow understood why I was made to wait alone.

『Misuzu-chan…This is Katsuko-san. You’ve met Nei before didn’t you? Next to her is Maika-chan』
『Please to meet you everyone』

Misuzu bows elegantly…
…The usual childish Misuzu is not there.
So Misuzu who’s an ojou-sama raised by a prestigious family always shows an adult-like face.

『N-Nice to meet you…I’m Shirasaka Maika!』

Maika-chan’s completely nervous.

『You don’t need to be so stiff, Misuzu-chan’s a very gentle onee-san you know』

Margo-san laughed and told Maika-chan.

『Yes…Let’s get along, Maika-san』

Misuzu smiles dignified.

『S-Same here…My best regards!』

Misuzu’s completely holding Maika-chan’s heart…!

『Now…Let’s have fun for today…!』

Katsuko-nee tells everyone.
Misuzu-san sat next to Maika-chan acting extremely naturally.

『I’ll prepare tea right now. Please feel right at home』
『Ah, I’ll arrange the flowers!』

Katsuko-and Nei-san took off from their seats…
Maika-chan talks to Misuzu.

『You can call me Misuzu…I will call you the Maika-san just like everyone else. Is that okay?』
『Then…What is it, Maika-san?』
『Uhm…Misuzu-san goes to ‘that’ school, don’t you…?』

Maika-chan looks at Misuzu’s uniform as she speak.
She’s curious as expected.

『I’d like to ask the same to Maika-san, you’re in that school aren’t you…?』
『…Do you know it?』
『It’s natural…Isn’t that a famous Ojou-sama school!』

Maika-chan’s feeling embarrassed.

『That’s…It’s no match against Misuzu-san’s school』
『My…Our school is just a normal one』
『Not at all…Isn’t it the top Ojou-sama school in Japan? It’s far higher than our school…』

Misuzu smiles.

『There’s no top or down for schools. Right…There might be a lot of noble families in there but still, it’s a normal school. Even our classes are normal』
『I heard that it has classical Japanese dance and flower arrangement though』
『My…That’s just special class to learn culture. It’s not something big. Everyone learns it individually. I also take Japanese dance practice and flower arrangements』
『…Is that so?』
『Yes…It’s something one must learn from their teacher. That reminds me, there will be a presentation this time. Please come if you’d want to watch』

Misuzu took a leaflet out from her bag.
Though it should be a handbill for the presentation of the traditional Japanese dance…It’s printed in beautiful colors.
Somehow, it looks very luxurious…

『Eh…Misuzu-san’s teacher is the head of school of Konpeki style?』

Maika-chan’s surprised when she looked at the leaflet.

『That’s right. I’m studying under Konpeki Nadeshiko Sensei. Last year, she has become an accredited master』

I don’t get it…but anyway, it seems to be amazing.

『It’s not something amazing. It was just by chance that the head of the school has entered our classroom』
『That’s amazing. Maika heard from her friends in school that the head won’t let normal people in her class』
『She does. As long as you have an introduction from a formal person…』

This is why it’s hard to get an introduction from a 『Formal person』…

『Maika-chan, are you interested in Japanese traditional dance?』
『A bit… I went to see my friend’s presentation before and I think it’s beautiful…』
『Then, how about you try learning it? Should I introduce you to the headmaster?』
『Eh…Is that okay?』
『It’s not about being okay or not…We’re already friends』

Misuzu’s smile softens Maika-chan’s heart.

『What are you worrying about? The fee won’t be expensive just because she’s the headmaster』
『That’s not what I mean』

Maika-chan’s having a gloomy face.

『I…My onee-chan’s a very mean girl』
『What do you mean?』
『When Maika tries to start something…Onee-chan will definitely get annoyed. Maika tried to learn piano during elementary school but…Onee-chan forced me to stop just because ‘the sound is annoying’. When I tried to enter ballet with Onee-chan but…Onee-chan gave up after three lessons then…Maika’s told not to come too. Even though I made friends and had fun already…』

Yukino…She’s really a tyrant in the house.

『That’s okay. If your Onee-chan says something, I will complain. What year is Maika-san’s Onee-san?』
『…First year high school』
『Then, it would be find. I’m a second year after all!』

Misuzu smiles.

『If you really want to learn traditional Japanese dance, you can talk to me. I can introduce you anytime』
『Thank you very much!』

Maika-chan bowed.

『Maika-chan, there’s a piano over there if you want to play』

Margo-san points at the corner of the room.
There’s a piano up right to the wall.

『There’s a grand piano in the backroom too but…That one hasn’t been tuned for a while. The upright piano’s sound is correct if I recall 』

Katsuko-nee says while carrying tea.

『Maika-chan, how far did you learn in piano?』

Margo-san asks.

『Err…I’ve done at least half of Beyer』

Margo-san asks with a wondering face.

『Oh, Beyer is the practice book used in Japanese piano class. It seems that there’s a lot of those who don’t use it recently. Maika-chan’s teacher must’ve received proper music education』

Katsuko-nee explains.

『Yes. She’s a woman who came from music college』
『Hmm, so it was full scale training』

Margo-san feels admiration.

『It’s not full scale. Those who really aim to be a pianist go to Sonatina during elementary school』

Margo-san faces the piano while saying.

『It’s doctrine to learn for the next stage of Beyer』
『…Really? So it’s like that in Japan』

Margo-san opened the cover and lifted the red cloth on the keyboard…then she sat down in front of the piano.

『I was made to play by practicing suddenly, so…!』

Margo-san begins to play the piano.
I know this tune.
『When the saints go marching in』3
It’s played a bit jazz though.
The light melody sounds in the room…
When Margo-san finished playing, Maika-chan clapped her hands.

『That’s amazing! It’s so good!』
『Actually, I’m much more proud of my clarinet though…』

Margo-san’s being modest.

『Jazz is nice isn’t it?…If you make a mistake you can arrange it properly』

She said.

『Maika-chan, try playing something too!』

Nei-san who put the flower to the vase spoke to Maika-chan.

『Eh, I…haven’t played for a while』
『It’s fine, it’s fine!』

Nei-san put the vase on the table and took Maika-chan to the piano.

『Then…I’ll play an easy one. It’s something I played in a presentation though…!』

Maika-chan begins to play…
I know this tune.
I heard this as music in our school when I was in elementary.
『Cuckoo’s waltz』4
I don’t know who made it though…
I listened to Maika-chan’s cute performance for a while.

Suddenly, my phone rang.
…It’s Megumi

『Hello…What’s wrong?』
『It’s just break time now. I got away from everyone and made the call…How’s it there?』
「Maika-chan just came. I’m alone and the others are having a tea break with Maika-chan』

Megumi breathes out.

『So it’s still not done…』
「Yeah. It’s just about to start」
『Try to be gentle as much as possible』

Megumi said.

「Is this okay?」

I exposed my doubts to Megumi.

「I saw it from the monitor from a while ago…Maika-chan’s still a kid. Furthermore, she’s an obedient child. Someone like her…I」

I instinctively mumbled.

「…Is it okay for me to rape her?」

Megumi answered from the other side of the phone.

『…It can’t be helped already』

…It can’t be helped.

『I…I’m prepared for it』


『If Yoshida’s feeling pain, I’ll go be with you…I’m going there』
「No…It’s fine. Megumi should just practice in her club. You even promised captain a while ago…!」

I feel glad about Megumi’s thoughts though.
As expected…This is my role.

『Maika-chan’s my little sister』

Megumi is Yukino’s half sister.
It’s natural for Maika-chan too

「…I know. I’ll be gentle」
『Then…Violate me later in front of Maika-chan』

Megumi said.

『Make a mess out of me…Please, Yoshida-kun』
「If not…I would feel sorry for Maika-chan」

…Megumi’s feeling sense of guilt too
Not just me.

「Got it…I’ll do it」
『Maika-chan and I will be serving Yoshida-kun…That’s why』

Megumi said

『You’ve had enough of Yukino already, right?』

Misuzu, and Katsuko-nee too…
Why do they hate Yukino that much?

「Megumi, do you hate me being with Yukino?」

Megumi’s voice is serious.

『Yesterday…I saw Yoshida-kun’s sex with Yukino…』

…Yukino’s sex with me?

『When it was Katsuko-san and Misuzu-san, everyone looks so happy. Even I was very happy. It feels like the world is dazzling… Yoshida-kun looks like you feel so good too』

My sex.

『But…When you’re with Yukino, you look like you’re hurt. You seem to be carrying a heavy load on your shoulder. I feel something like a black and heavy feeling from Yukino…』


『When Yoshida-kun embraces Yukino…I see the god of death』

…Is that so?
I don’t know.

『I will do anything that Yoshida-kun wants. I’ll endure it no matter how harsh it is. You can hurt me, you can embarrass me』

…Megumi, what are you saying?

『I don’t mind if Yoshida-kun would have a secret affair behind my back. If you like someone else, you can just throw me away. I’m fine even bringing them to you…Just, don’t do Yukino anymore…!』

Megumi’s crying on the other side of the phone.

「Megumi…I’m actually scared」

I can’t endure it anymore.

「Maika-chan resembles Yukino. She has a face that looks like Yukino…but, she’s younger, innocent, isn’t she just a kid…!」

…That’s right.
But still, after all…
I see Yukino’s shadow in Maika-chan.

「If I attack Maika-chan, I might lose my brakes. It might look like when I raped Yukino…No more than that, I might not be able to stop when I violate Maika-chan… My heart’s about to burst!!」

Alone in the room…
I was able to confess to Megumi.
…I’m scared.
That I might do something horrible…

『It’s okay…Do what you want with all your might, Yoshida-kun…!』

Megumi answered

『I will apologize to Maika-chan along with you later. It’s not just Yoshida-kun’s fault. Let me compensate for your sins too…!!!』


『Explode inside Maika-chan with all your might…!』


「…Is this okay?」
『Yes…Make us sisters your slave. I will be with Maika-chan all the time so…I will be her Onee-san too. That’s why…I, we…rape us…with all your might, violate us…please』

Megumi’s kindness pierces my heart.

「…Thank you Megumi」


  1. SP might be referring to guards or something, Please enlighten me if you do know
  2. It’s joke