Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 873. High Life / Demon’s remodeling



「 Onee-sama, it’s my first time hearing about “brothel,” and “prostitute” What is that? 」

As expected, the 13-year-old young lady, Kurama Arisu, doesn’t have any knowledge about sex yet.

「 Prostitution is a job where one does indecent acts with men in exchange for money 」

Kurama Misato-san replied.

「 Indecent? What specifically? 」

「 That’s something I don’t know 」

Misato-san looks like she knows what sex means.

Although she doesn’t know the specifics.

Mizushima Karen-san is also the same.

They’re all sheltered young ladies.

No, I’m sure.

Kaan-san, I mean, Momoko-neechan, who shows so much composure and presence are also lacking in knowledge about sex.

Just as Kyouko-san protested to Jii-chan, these young ladies may have their lust sealed.

「 But, it’s money. My clients are all wealthy men 」

Minaho-neesan said with a smile.

Kurama Misato-san looks at Jii-chan.

「 Is this Kouzuki-sama’s order? 」

She asks.

「 Kouzuki-sama, do you want us, the descendants of Kurama house, to become prostitutes? 」


「 I don’t care. It just happened that Minaho-kun, someone in that business, is offering you an opportunity 」

He declares that it has nothing to do with him.

「 It’s your choice whether to accept or reject that offer. It’s nothing of my concern. Although I advise you to listen to Minaho-kun. With your current situation, Kurama house will collapse. The hotels and restaurants we didn’t buy from the Kurama Kaku group will reach bankruptcy. If I recall, you mentioned that you lack funds for retirement fee for those discharged from their jobs, didn’t you? 」

The lines Kurama Misato-san used to ask for Jii-chan’s assistance comes back to her like a boomerang.

「 You intend to cause problems for those employers who worked for Kurama house for years. Would you end it without paying the clients? Once Kurama Kaku group collapses, it will also cause a chain bankruptcy to those businesses outside 」

「 T-That’s… 」

Misato-san falters.

「 If you see it that way, then please help us, Kouzuki-sama!!! 」

Kurama Arisu-san yells at Jii-chan in desperation.

「 You need to be responsible 」


「 I wished for the nobility to remain, if possible. But, that doesn’t mean that I should spend all my power to aid all the families 」

「 But, Kouzuki-sama is much, much bigger than Kurama house! 」

Arisu-san is about to cry.

「 Correct. To tell you the truth, with Kouzuki group’s assets, we can absorb Kurama Kaku group and write off all your debt 」

「 Then… 」

「 However, it’s something we’ll never do 」

Jii-chan said.

「 W-Why?! 」

The 13-year-old beauty glares at Jii-chan.

「 It’s a problem if a rumor that the Kouzuki house will always come to rescue the head of nobilities who fail in leadership, and lead their business to collapse, spreads around. It’s irresponsible. The nobility who does manage loosely will think, “I can just swing my ass to Kouzuki in the end.” Purposely worsening their management and ask me to take out money to fund them. Have you heard my conversation with Mizushima-kun? 」

Right, Mizushima Karen-san’s grandfather…

He thought of rebuilding his company with Kouzuki house’s power by sending in a spy to create a scandal.

「 If all the heads of nobility become naive like him, then all of Kouzuki house’s assets will distribute to all the other families. I have to avoid that. 」

Besides, the head of Kurama house ignored Jii-chan’s advice and failed miserably, and yet…

He’s asking for Jii-chan’s help without remorse, he’s hopeless.

「 Therefore, I’m only talking to you from a business standpoint. Kouzuki group will purchase those with worth. I don’t care about others. Would you provide for the shortage of funds, or would you throw it all and escape? 」

Arisu-san shows an expression that she doesn’t understand.

「 I’ll explain it once again to make it easy to understand for the younglings like you 」

Jii-chan speaks.

「 Let’s make the calculations to find out how much money is needed for Kurama house to clear their debt. We’ll also include the funds necessary for the remaining inferior hotel and restaurants and other companies involved. Also, assistance for the employees reemployed and those that aren’t. And it’s not just what you need at this moment, you will need money going forward 」

Minaho-neesan said.

「 Indeed. If I become a prostitute, then I can shoulder it all. I can take responsibility and deal with it 」

「 I guarantee Minaho-kun’s skill. Her work is trustworthy 」

Jii-chan said.

「 Perhaps, you cannot deal with the problems of Kurama house unless you become prostitutes 」


「 Kouzuki house will not send their aid means that all the financial institutions in this country will not support the Kurama Kaku Group. Worse, this case all started because your father was smooth-talked by the foreign investors, wasn’t he? Then Kurama house’s reputation for the money-related business in this country is at its lowest. But, that doesn’t mean that you can rely on the financial institutions outside the country, those that will come close are vultures. People who don’t care about anything but taking away the fortunes of Kurama house. That means, your house is already in checkmate 」

Nobody in the country will save Kurama house.

If they seek help outside the country, only demons will come.

「 W-We… 」

「 O-Onee-sama 」

The sisters feel hopeless.

「 Therefore, I suggest you become a prostitute. It has two advantages. The first is that you can earn money. For young and powerless young girl and raised with love, I’m sure that they will pay for a lot 」

She’s not talking about specific numbers.

That’s because these two are genuine young ladies.

They never experienced money problems before.

They only know hundred of millions and such.

It leads them to believe that if they do an indecent act with the client, they can earn income to cover the loss of their business group.

「 The other advantage is that if the daughters of Kurama house shows that they were able to repay their debts from working as a prostitute, the nobility who look at you coldly might change their attitude 」

Minaho-neesan said. Arisu-san looked up.

「 In the end, it’s a problem of whether Kurama house can take responsibility for themselves or not. Whether you stop crying to Kouzuki-sama and other nobility and start doing something yourself. I think your best appeal is to show that you will go so far as turning into prostitutes just to pay your debts and compensate your employees 」

「 T-That’s… 」

Misato-san looks up at Minaho-neesan.

「 Oh well. I will stay in this mansion for a little longer, you can think all you want until you return home 」

Minaho-neesan ends the conversation.

「 Yeah, do as you please. Either way, I don’t want to get involved with Kurama house anymore 」

Jii-chan said.

「 Whatever you do, you have to stay in this mansion until the girls in the courtyard return home. It’ll only give you trouble if they discover that the daughters of Kurama already went home. You can stay in this room and think of your future 」

「 Can we contact father? 」

Kurama Arisu-san asks Jii-chan.

「 We left our phones in the car 」

Yeah, it would be inelegant of them to bring their phones to a party.

「 You can’t use phones in this mansion. That’s how this place is made 」

Jii-chan said.

This is to not let spies contact outside.

「 We have telephones, however. Use that. The phone is connected to my secretary, you can ask her to connect it to Kurama house, or Kurama-kun himself 」

If it’s police, lawyer, or media…

The call won’t go through to the people Jii-chan doesn’t want to contact.

「 Now then, it’s about time I return to work. Come with me. Minaho-kun as well. Leave the two in this room 」

Jii-chan told me.

「 If you want tea, then just tell the secretary on the other side of the line. Don’t hold back. I won’t give funds on business, but you can have as much tea as you want 」

Jii-chan said.

「 It’s still an hour before Misuzu’s party ends. You two can talk until then 」

Kurama sisters didn’t respond.

◇ ◇ ◇

I left the room with Jii-chan.

Minaho-neesan’s with us.

Ootoku-san and Choumoto-san are waiting for Jii-chan outside.

「 It’s okay. That room is monitored. They probably won’t think about suicide. Or should I say that if those girls weren’t cornered like that, they’d never see the reality 」

Jii-chan says while walking down the corridor.

「 The two, wait, it’s only Misato-san. She’s becoming a prostitute, right? 」

「 Yes 」

Minaho-neesan replied.

「 But, it would be impossible for Misato-san to pay off the debts of the Kurama Kaku group by herself even if she becomes a prostitute, right? 」

High-class prostitutes are paid in millions or tens of millions, but…

「 Naturally. Kurama Kaku group’s debt is in hundred million 」

Jii-chan sighed.

「 Minaho-kun is correct, they can clear the debts, but they have nothing but hardship in the future. However, that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t do anything 」

「 Huh? 」

「 Those girls ask not Kouzuki-sama but me to settle their debts but, only Kouzuki group can pay the debts of such a big enterprise 」

Minaho-neesan said.

「 That’s right. In the end, they have to wipe my butt. However, as mentioned earlier, this is an example to the other nobility. Therefore, we’re depriving Kurama house of their status as nobility, and turn the daughters to prostitutes. It needs to go that far 」

Yeah, he told Kurama sisters that, but…

In reality, Jii-chan has to make a move.

「 Kurama house, Mizushima house, they willingly took the fall. I want to have most nobility to stay, but I’m the one who declares the fall of a noble house 」

「 Kouzuki-sama, Mizushima-sama will return her status into nobility someday 」

Minaho-neesan comforts Jii-chan.

Mizushima Karen-san will serve as Misuzu’s vassal, and when she reached 20, she will become the head of Mizushima house and recover her status as nobility.

That means the Mizushima house’s ancestral property is preserved.

「 Mizushima house will remain, however, Kurama house… 」

Jii-chan’s voice is gloomy.

「 They have no property to leave to their descendants 」

Kurama Kaku, the building and garden filled with history, is now gone.

「 It’s pathetic, truly 」

I don’t understand how Jii-chan feels about nobility.

「 Anyway, I’m asking you to look after Kurama’s daughters 」

Jii-chan told Minaho-neesan.

「 Certainly 」

「 I will take care of their parents 」

Kurama house is in ruins.

「 Yoshinobu, do you have time? 」

Minaho-neesan looked at me.

She called me Yoshinobu, not Kuromori Kou.

「 Kuromori brothel will no longer forcibly rape women and turn them to prostitutes 」

Minaho-neesan said.

「 Therefore, Kurama Misato-san needs to rub her forehead on the floor and beg to turn her to a prostitute. She needs to give consent to work 」

That is Minaho-neesan’s resolve to reopen the brothel.

「 For that to happen, we must lie. We have to deceive them horribly. Even so, as long as they think that it’s their decision, prostitution work will not be as painful for them 」


「 I know. I’ll do anything, no matter how cruel it is. It’s all for her to find a clear answer 」

This case isn’t just an economic problem of Kurama house’s business,

It also involves other nobility.

Kurama Misato-san has to become a prostitute, or various people won’t settle down.

Therefore, this fate can’t change.

「 Arisu-san too 」

「 Indeed. I think you already know but, Misato-san is mentally frail 」

She’ll break unless her sister is with her.

No, Arisu-san won’t let it be just her sister who experiences pain.

「 But, it’s easy to fool Arisu-san, don’t you think? 」

Minaho-neesan said with a straight look.

「 I thought so too, but… 」

She lacks knowledge about sex, always trying to cover up for her sister, and she speaks a lot.

She’s much easier to turn to a prostitute than her sister.

「 The means depend on you. Kuromori will not use 13-year-old girls as a prostitute, but You can use Arisu-san as your personal sex toy instead 」

Minaho-neesan tells me that in front of Jii-chan.

「 Yeah, you can do what you want. However 」

Jii-chan looked at me.

「 Don’t make the sisters think that sex is about love and happiness. Make them believe that it’s their penance that they have to endure for the sins of their family 」


「 The elder sister has to earn money that way. They are sacrificing their body and pride in this harsh labor, that’s why they receive high amounts of money. The little sister also needs to think that sex is a painful act if she will live together with her sister or it’s a problem 」

「 When training the Kurama sisters, Agnes and the other girls can’t join in 」

Minaho-neesan said.

「 I will end my brothel for good in five years. At that time, we have to let go of the Kurama sisters and let them live their ordinary life. 」

「 That means, they can never join our family 」

「 Naturally. We’re going to show hell to those girls. They need to loathe us until the end 」


「 Those who hated me managing the brothel all returned to their ordinary lives after it closed 」

The prostitutes of the mansion.

「 However, those who didn’t come to hate me all come back 」

They were handed money to start up a new life, and yet…

I’m sure several of them went to Minaho-neesan and asked to become prostitutes again.

Therefore, Minaho-neesan limits the reopening of the brothel to five years.

「 Katsuko and Nagisa does the same, don’t they? They like me, so they stay by my side 」


「 They should’ve forgotten about the brothel. That is the reason why I need the prostitutes to hate me. I reflect now. To make them want to leave the brothel soon. To never want to recall my face again, or else, some of them will come back 」

Minaho-neesan has some bitter experiences in that.

「 Therefore, we must draw the line from the start. We will be cruel to Kurama-san. Turning the elder sister to a prostitute and the younger to a sex toy. All for five years. It’s an unforgivable criminal act, and so we can’t save those girls 」

It’s to cut our connections with them after five years.

「 Okay, I’ll get ready 」

I replied to Minaho-neesan.

「 I like how you’re always so earnest 」

Jii-chan laughed.

「 However, knowing that you can’t forcibly have sex with Kurama’s daughter, but… 」


「 The other girl has no choice but rape, don’t you think? 」

Jii-chan speaks with a straight face.

「 The other girl? Which? 」

「 The spy, obviously 」

Tendou Otome?

「 Kyouko-kun said she doesn’t want her, so she’s in your care 」

No, well…

「 That girl can’t come back home either 」


「 She’s a messenger sent to harass us. She can’t return back to her home in Kansai 」

「 W-Why? 」

Her father is a well-known Yakuza member.

「 The enemy knows about the Miko power 」

Minaho-neesan said.

「 And do you think that the Kansai Yakuza would still accept someone who might be under Miko power’s control? 」

Jii-chan said.

I see.

The possibility of her doing what we tell her is high.

「 If she returns to Kansai, assassination will come to her in an instant 」

Yakuza knows how fearsome Miko power is.

One can follow the instructions of the shrine maiden, no matter how horrible it is, and without a care for their lives.

They can’t allow suicide bombing in their office.

「 And at the same time, the Yakuza’s harassment isn’t over yet 」


「 If you were Yakuza, what would you do next? 」


「 Tendou Otome-san, the spy, is an ordinary high school student in paper 」


「 And if they can’t contact her anymore, they’ll contact the police and say “our girl still hasn’t come back from the party in the Kouzuki house” 」

Yakuza will contact the police.

「 And then, they’ll go to media. People who create stories for money exist 」

「 What straightforward harassment all to lower the fame of Kouzuki house 」

Jii-chan said.

「 If we bind that spy, the police will try to get them back. Once that happens, and some traces of combat from our bodyguard remains, then they’ll sue Kouzuki SS for violence. And if it doesn’t turn to a fuss and she returns from the party safely, we can have her tied up, but as soon as she’s let go, the Yakuza will come and kill her 」

「 Huh? Why? 」

Why would they kill Tendou Otome after returning safely?

「 It’s to cause an alarm to the media that she’s dead after going to the party. If a high school girl dies unnaturally, it’s big news. If that happens, it’ll cause trouble for those who came to the party. And that will have the nobility hate Kouzuki house 」

What a self-centered plan.

「 Therefore, the first part of the plan is to hush Mizushima Karen-san. Tendou Otome-san came here as Mizushima-san’s bodyguard 」

If Karen-san isn’t coming home, it won’t look suspicious if Tendou Otome stays.

「 Furthermore, we need to show Tendou Otome-san in good health to the public 」

Yeah, it’s to deal with the claims that she hasn’t come home yet, that she’s assaulted inside Kouzuki house.

「 And once the party ends, Tendou Otome-san will come and eat a hamburger or something 」

Minaho-neesan said.

「 While at it, we will strike back against Yakuza 」

It’s decided to hunt them down.

「 No, but, would Tendou Otome eat a hamburger without resistance? 」

She’s a beauty, but she’s strong-willed, and a frightening person.

「 Why do we have Miko power then? 」

Minaho-neesan said.

「 You can remold Tendou Otome-san from her personality to her everything 」


「 You can violate her not just physically but also mentally. There’s no other way 」


「 If left alone, she’s going to die. If you don’t want her to die, then don’t hesitate 」

Jii-chan told me.