Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 88


「I’ll do something about it…You don’t need to worry about it Megumi」

I reported to Megumi on the other side of the phone.

『Yeah. I’ll believe Yoshida-kun…sorry, the practice is about to resume again』
「Yeah, do your best…I’ll come to meet you later」

Perhaps everything’s finished there too.
No matter what the result is…

『Later then, Yoshida-kun…I love you』
「…Me too. I love you, Megumi」

Then the call ended.

「I love you too…I love you!」

When I turned back…Nei-san was there.
She’s smiling as she looks at my face.
Since when did she enter the room?

「What’s wrong?」

When I asked, Nei-san sighed.

「Taking a break…I have to keep acting adult-like in front of Maika-chan, don’t I? I slipped out because I want to ease my shoulders…!」

Saying that, Nei-san rubs her nape and shoulder.

「Should I massage your shoulders?」

I think I can do at least a massage.
I’ve never rubbed a woman’s shoulders though…

「Rather than that, I want you to tell me 『I like you』or 『I love you』like Megumi-chan!」

Nei-san comes over to me.
She pressed her big breasts against my shoulders forcibly…!

「…Okay. Nei-san, I like you! I love you, Nei-san!」

I said heartily.
Nei-san’s surprised.

「That’s…Don’t say that with a serious look. It makes me embarrassed!」

Nei-san turned red.
She’s the one who said that she wanted it though…!

「I’ve liked you since when I first saw you. I think Nei-san’s the most beautiful in the world」

That’s what I really think so I can clearly say it while looking at her eyes.
Looking at Nei-san like this, she’s really beautiful.
They said that looking at beauties is tiring, it’s a lie.
Beauties have a lot of faces too.
Laughing, scared, crying, surprised faces…
There’s a lot of expressions that you won’t get tired of seeing it.

「Yo-chan’s really a lady-killer…」

Nei-san said with an entranced face.

「It’s neither a lie nor a compliment, Yo-chan just transmits what he really thinks」

…No, even if you tell me that.

「Because I can’t say lies or compliments. It’s embarrassing」

Nei-san smiles.

「That’s what I love about Yo-chan!」

Then she kissed my cheeks.

「…By the way Yo-chan…What do you think about Mii-chan?」
「What world’s best do you think she is?」

Oh…That one?

「Misuzu’s the cutest in the world.」
「What about Megumi-chan」
「Megumi’s the kindest in the world」
「What about Maru-chan?」
「Eh, not strong?」
「That’s true however…She’s always teaching me a lot of things」
「What about Katsun?」
「Soft and warm?」1
「No way. Isn’t that lewd impressions?」
「Because…delicious would be rude to say, isn’t it?」
「Isn’t it not? It feels cool to say that she’s 『The most delicious woman in the world』?」

No, what I’m saying is that her meals are delicious…
Nei-san’s…having a different delicious

「What about Nagisa-san?」
「Nagisa-san’s bright, gentle, always exciting…hot as a summer day, she feels *pukapuka*2 at the pool. It feels peaceful」

Yeah…I can’t explain it well.
I feel at peace when Nagisa-san’s here.

「…What do you think about Yuzuki-sensei?」
「Sensei’s the…saddest one in the world」
「Sad…Not pitiful?」
「Yes. She looks very sad…always」

I don’t feel pity for Sensei.
Sensei’s a stronger person than me.
I can only see her as sad.

「Hmm, so that’s your image」

Nei-san seems to be surprised.

「By the way…What do you think about her?」

Nei-san shows Maika-chan on the monitor.
Maika-chan who finished playing piano is talking happily with Misuzu while drinking tea.
The topic is…a classical music that I don’t know well.

「Maika-chan…I can see her as very childish」

I answered honestly.

「I see, that’s what’s really seen in her…」

Nei-san holds my hand.


Then, she put my hand on her chest…
Nei-san’s breasts…It feels soft.

「You can touch it stronger you know…You can massage it too」

The volume of Nei-san’s breasts is felt by my hand…!

「Then…Take a look at Maika-chan again…」

Nei-san told me.

「…No, but」
「Just do it!」

I take a look at Maika-chan in the screen.

「That child might still be mentally a child. Yo-chan’s gentle so you saw her heart first…」


「You’re looking at Maika-chan properly. Not just her heart but her body too…!」


「Maika-chan’s foot is thin. Her height, is around the same as Mii-chan I guess? But, don’t you think that she’d grow more with her age?」

Not just her heart…I pay attention to Maika-chan’s body too.

「Her breasts are still small but…But, you can clearly see that it’s swelling…!」

I instinctively swallowed my saliva.

「…Maika-chan’s growth is better than a normal second year middle school girl I think」

I instinctively put power on the hand that’s on top of Nei-san’s breasts…

「That’s why, it’s okay…Yo-chan」

Nei-san whispered to my ears.

「Her body can already have sex…!」

Saying that…
Is she making me see that on purpose?

「You don’t need to look at her heart…Just take a look at her body. If you begin to worry, just remember what I said…!」

…Maika-chan’s body can already have sex!

「Is that okay?」
「Take a bite first…It’s a delicious food in front of you after all. Eat all of it first, make it irreparable then think what to do after that. That’s how I do it!」

…That’s right.
Margo-san said such a thing before.

「She looks delicious doesn’t she? Yo-chan, do you want to eat her?」
「…I want to」

I answered honestly.
A girl who resembles Yukino…
I want to devour Maika-chan’s growing body.

「Then…That’s what you need to think for now…!」

Nei-san kisses my forehead…

「I need to return soon…we’re changing to our next schedule」

Looking at the monitor once again…Nei-san laughed.

「Watching her feels strange doesn’t it? We’re doing our best odd play to deceive her…」

Nei-san looks at everything objectively…
Not being washed by the situation…She clearly understands what she’s doing.

「Mii-chan’s really amazing…she’s the only genuine Ojou-sama and she can perfectly play the asked role of her. It makes my back shiver when I call Katsun 『Katsuko-san』」
「Misuzu’s that amazing?」
「Yeah. That girl is a dozen more times amazing when she thinks about Yo-chan」

Nei-san says that but…I don’t get it.
She’s focused on the screen…
Misuzu is no one but Misuzu for me…

「She’s intelligent, attentive, bold, and above all…Her acting ability to live through is amazing」

…Acting ability to live?

「For women, acting is equal to a vital energy. Mii-chan’s owning an amazing vitality!」

Nei-san’s criticism is too difficult for me that I don’t understand.

「Now, it’s about time I go back to the world of acting too…By the way, Yo-chan」
「That pompadour looks good!」

Nei-san too…

「Do you want me to have this kind of hair from now on?」

I asked frankly already.

「Hmm…I think Yo-chan’s usual hairstyle is better. But, we all have to act together for today so I think this hairstyle would be good!」

Nei-san said with a smile.
…I see.
I just have to think that these clothes and this pompadour is just for the play.


I answered Nei-san…

◇ ◇ ◇

Nei-san joins in the room on the monitor.

『My, Nei-san, where did you go?』

Misuzu asks Nei-san.
If it’s the usual, she’d just say 『Geez, Nei-san…Where did you go?!』3
Misuzu’s has completely become a dignified high class Ojou-sama…
No, this face might be her usual face…
The facer she show to me is special…

『Just a bit…What are you looking at?』

The girls on the room have expanded something on the table.

『It’s the photos Katsuko-san took…Katsuko-san’s a very skilled photographer!』

Maika-chan tells Nei-san with a smile.

『Ah, isn’t that my photo!』
『That’s right…I took a portrait of Nei-san before』

Katsuko-nee laughs.

『As expected, beauties look good in photos』
『That’s not true, Maika-chan…Katsuko-san’s just skilled』

Nei-san said.

『I thought that I would like to be photographed today too』

Misuzu acts as planned.

『Yes, I’ve prepared the studio above』
『…Do you have a studio?』

Maika-chan’s surprised from what Katsuko-nee said.

『Taking photos is my hobby so…I redecorated a room that I don’t use and made it into a studio. I’ve got a lot of clothes prepared too!』

Perhaps…It’s the room where I first raped Yukino.

『Oh right, Maika-chan how about you get photographed with me too?』
『Misuzu-san and I?』

Maika-chan’s surprised.

『Right, I’ve got various clothes prepared so we can take photos of one while the other dresses up…!』

Katsuko-nee invites Maika-chan.

『I would become a model?』

Katsuko-nee laughs at what Maika-chan said.

『What are you saying…Maika-chan’s very cute!』
『That’s right! You should get photographed with Misuzu-san!』

Maika-chan answered bashfully.


She took the bait.

『Then, let’s go upstairs…』

With Katsuko-nee’s words, the women left…

◇ ◇ ◇

An unattended room is reflected on the screen.
Err…How do I switch the cameras again?
Then…The door opens and Margo-san comes in this time.

「Huh, Margo-san, shouldn’t you be going to the 『Photo Session?』」
「Yeah…Minaho thought that you want to concentrate on this images for now. I just thought of succeeding Minaho’s work…」

Margo-san starts the laptop.

「The work Yuzuki-sensei’s doing right now?」
「Confirming the security system of the school and mansion…and gathering intelligence about Mr. Viola」

…Mr. Viola.
…The person tailing Nei-san

「…Is he a scary person?」
「He’s the most dangerous man in the world as far as I know」
「Why is that kind of person aiming at Nei-san…?」
「I can’t tell you that」

Margo-san looks at me.

「It’s the root of Nei’s life after all. If you want to know then ask Nei directly」

You need to be courteous when you step into someone else’s life.
Margo-san’s eyes are saying that.

「Got it…I’ll do that」
「You should ask it only if you’re ready to live with Nei for the rest of your life」
「That’s how heavy it is」

…Of course
It’s related to her younger brother’s death after all.

「I’m already prepared since long ago」

I promised to become Nei-san’s brother.

「I see…you’re that kind of guy」

Margo-san smiles.

「Huh, what’s wrong? You’re not changing the camera to the studio?」

Margo-san noticed the surveillance monitor

「I don’t know what to do」
「Geez, say that sooner…You just have to push this one」

Margo-san operates the keys
Then the screen changes to the studio.

『Amazing amazing!…It’s really like a studio!』

It’s a room with a high ceiling and enclosed with cameras and lights…
Maika-chan’s completely excited.
The training machines put behind the room are the same however…
It’s different when I raped Yukino…
There’s big hanger racks and lots of clothes prepared in it…
From child use masquerade costumes…
To branded fashion clothes.
Even the wedding dress Yukino wore…

『First, let’s have you in your photos? Misuzu-san…Please stand here』

Katsuko-nee sets up a big SLR camera on a tripod.
Misuzu goes in front of the white background.
It seems that she’s used to being photographed…
She looked straight to the camera and smiles…

『Okay…Here we go!』

Shining flash!
The sound of flash charger makes a high pitch sound.

『Katsuko-san’s like a professional photographer! It’s so cool!』

Maika-chan expresses her impression…!
After that, Katsuko-nee presses the shutter several times while giving out instructions.

『Okay…Let’s stop with the uniform now. Misuzu-san, please wear whatever you like』
『Okay, understood』

Misuzu goes to the hanger rack.
There’s a vinyl sheet laid down below.
I see, it’s a zone for them to change clothes.

『Maika-chan, what do you think should I wear next?』

Misuzu asks Maika-chan.

『How about this light blue dress here?』
『This one?…Understood』

Misuzu calmly takes off her clothes.
Because taking off clothes has become a natural situation, it’s not seen as strange.
Just…Maika-chan’s staring at Misuzu absentmindedly.

『…Fufu, what’s wrong?』

Misuzu in her bra and panties asks Maika-chan.

『Misuzu-san, you’re wearing an amazing underwear.』
『Oh…It’s silk underwear for today. I don’t usually wear this』

Certainly…Misuzu’s white underwear is different in luster.
I’m sure that the texture would be different too.

『…Amazing, that’s so adult-like』

Maika-chan looks at Misuzu with enchanted eyes.

『This is normal. I’m wearing a uniform for today so I just wore a simple one』

Misuzu smiles and wears the light blue dress…
The red chocker on her neck shines beautifully with the light blue dress…

『Katsuko-san, please』

Misuzu returns to the photography zone and becomes Katsuko-nee’s subject…
The light and shutter sound repeats…
It gradually penetrates Maika-chan’s heart…

『Okay, Misuzu-san, please change to another one…! Maika-chan, I will be taking photos of you meanwhile』

Maika-chan goes before the camera like a puppy.

『Then, please…!』
『Don’t be that nervous…It’s not a school id photo session!』

Katsuko-nee laughs.


Being told…Maika-chan loosens up.

『Well fine…You will get used to it soon I think』

Katsuko-nee presses the shutter…!
While she’s being photographed multiple times…
Maika-chan’s tension is melting slowly…

『Okay…Change your clothes from your uniform. Misuzu-san, are you ready?』
『I’m ready!』

Maika-chan’s replaced by Misuzu.
Maika-chan goes to the rack.

『Err…Which should we pick?』

Nei-san shows up before Maika-chan who’s hesitating over many clothes.

『Isn’t this combination good?』

Nei-san shows a black miniskirt and a showy colored blouse.

『Ah, that looks so adult-like…As expected』
『You can pick the high laced sandals there…』
『I-I see…I’m enlightened!』
『Hey hey…When you finished picking, change clothes. You want to wear various clothes and be photographed by Katsuko-san, don’t you?』

Maika-chan…took off her school uniform.
Her skirt fell down.
I can see a white childish panty…
「Unsho」She took off the top…
A simple design bra.
I can clearly see the swelling of her breasts.

「Yeah…Isn’t it more than B-cup? She might be a C」

Margo-san glanced at the monitor and muttered.
…That’s right.
Maika-chan doesn’t know that I’m peeping at them.
She’s exposing her skin calmly thinking that she’s surrounded by gentle onee-sans.

『Okay…I’m done』

After Misuzu’s photo session, it’s Maika-chan’s turn again…
When the photographing finished, she comes back to change clothes again.

『Maika-chan…wear this one!』

Nei-san shows a black summer dress.

『Uwaa, does this adult-like dress suit me?』
『It’s fine, try wearing it first』

Maika-chan accepts the dress.

『Ah… That one’s open in the back so remove your bra!』

Nei-san said it naturally.

『It’s strange if your photo shows your bra isn’t it?』

Nei-san smiles.

『Ah, yes. That’s right』

Maika-chan puts a dress and…is going to take off her bra.
She put her hand behind her and unhooks her bra.
I can see her dough-like…white puffed up cute breasts
Her pink nipples are still buried under her areola.
Maika-chan puts on the dress then, she hears Katsuko-nee’s voice from the back…

『Okay, Maika-chan, you’re next!』
『I’m coming!』

Maika-chan runs pitter-patter

『That looks good! It’s very sexy!』

Maika-chan looks so happy when she got praised by Katsuko-nee.

『Ehehe…It makes me happy if you tell me that!』

Katsuko-nee took that expression with her camera too.
Maika-chan’s no longer nervous.
She begins to lose herself from the uplift…

◇ ◇ ◇

『Should we check it?』

Since Katsuko-nee’s using a professional digital camera, they can see the photographs immediately.
Katsuko-nee connects the camera to the laptop and shows the images to Maika-chan.
Since the laptop is connected to the Mansion’s line, it seems that there’s a system for us to see the image in the room I’m in too.
Margo-san starts another monitor and projects it.

『Uwaa…Misuzu-san’s so beautiful!』

As expected…Katsuko-nee’s photography is wonderful.
I know that Misuzu’s cute but…I never knew that she’s so beautiful like a model until I saw her photos.
I just see the spoiled Misuzu usually so…I didn’t see Misuzu’s true essence.
The photo Katsuko-nee took told me.

『Maika-san’s cute too』

Misuzu says brightly.
Yeah…Maika-chan’s photo is good.

『Ah, this…Maika’s breasts are visible!』

Maika-chan’s panicking.
After that, Nei-san made Maika-chan wear only clothes with chests and backs open greatly.
That’s why…Maika-chan’s no bra all this time.

『Isn’t that fine. It’s not that we’re going to make these photos public…I think it feels natural!』
『That’s right, Maika’s looking at us properly!』

Katsuko-nee and Nei-san says in succession.

『That’s right…I think that this is a beautiful photo too!』

Misuzu goes along.

『I-Is that so?』

Maika-chan’s a bit embarrassed…

『Oh right…Should I get a nude photo?4

Misuzu said suddenly.

『Misuzu-san…Do you want to be photographed naked?』

Maika-chan’s surprised.

『Yes, it’s a rare chance…Shouldn’t you want to have a photo of when you’re young and beautiful?』

Misuzu looks at Maika-chan’s face.

『Right, there’s European Celebrities that have nude photos of themselves when their young』

Katsuko-nee once again filling Maika-chan with lies.

『That’s right, they won’t accept you as an adult woman unless you have the courage and confidence to take a naked photo of yourself!』

Nei-san too…

『That’s right…I took a nude photo of Nei-san before. Nei, can I show it to them?』5
『Okay! I’m confident about my naked body, I’m an adult after all』

…The virgin one said.
Katsuko-nee operates her laptop


Maika-chan says unintentionally.
Naked Nei-san on the screen…
Completely naked.
Her birth figure where she’s wearing nothing.
That photo is beautiful.
Her rich breasts and ass creates a soft curve.
But, her waist is firmly.
And…Her beautiful face having a peaceful smile.
This is already in the domain of art6
…Too beautiful

『Can I be photographed this way too?』7

Misuzu asks Katsuko-nee

『You can!』

Katsuko-nee approves with a smile.
Misuzu looks at Maika-chan.

『Maika-chan, let’s take one together!』

Maika-chan’s puzzled.

『Isn’t that fine? This chance doesn’t come easily』
『But, taking a photo…』
『No one else can see this…It’s fine as long as it’s a secret for the people in this mansion isn’t it?』

Misuzu says.
I’m included in the people in the mansion right now…

『To be honest…It’s embarrassing if I’m alone. That’s why, Maika-chan, let’s take it together, okay?!』

Misuzu’s words make Maika-chan fall at last.

『I-I get it…But, please don’t show it to anyone okay? That’s a promise』

Maika-chan turned red as she answers.

『It will be fine. It’s a digital photo and we can delete it immediately if you don’t want it』

Katsuko-nee says that, but…

『Then, let’s begin our nude photography!…Misuzu-san will go first…!』

Misuzu smiles in response to Nei-san.

『…Yes, please!』

Misuzu slowly took off her clothes…


  1. Katsun a Jojo!
  2. Sound of something floating
  3. It may not look different but the former one is proper and the latter is less polite
  4. Yoshida: Send Nudes
  5. Nei-san, send nudes!
  6. Send nudes at the museum
  7. Photograph me like one of your French girls