Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 90

90. Sex exhibit.

『But…Maika’s scared of sex』

Maika-chan speaks in fright.

『Maika-chan, is there someone you want to have sex with immediately?』

Nei-san asks such an absurd question.

『There’s now way I can have one. Maika’s just in middle school, and it’s an all girl’s school』
『But, there are girls in that kind of school that have boyfriends, right? You don’t have anyone you want to have sex with, for example, some relative or a neighbor?』

Katsuko-nee corners Maika-chan with concerned eyes.

『I don’t…』

Maika-chan’s having a teary face.
It looks a bit pitiful.

『Then, there’s no other choice but Nei’s and my partner isn’t it!』

Katsuko-nee declared as if it’s settled.


Maika-chan seems to have a fear for sex.

『Should I do it too?』

Misuzu spoke to Maika-chan.

『Sex makes your breasts bigger, doesn’t it?…』

Misuzu touched her cute breasts.

『Of course! Misuzu-san would get as big as mine immediately!』

The virgin lies again.

『Also, if you have sex with him, you’ll become Katsuko-san and Nei-san’s sister…I don’t think this chance comes that easily』

Misuzu’s words stimulate Maika-chan.

『Above all…You’ll become a full fledge adult woman if you have sex. Maika-chan, do you want to become a wonderful adult?』

Katsuko-nee breaks further…
Looks at the floor unenergetic and spoke.

『I want to…I want it sooner』

She looked up quietly…

『Uhm…I was a premature baby when I was born』

Maika-chan starts a surprising confession.

『I was born earlier than normal children…Then, I had growth deficiencies ever since I was a child and I was sickly…』

The naked Maika-chan is being filmed by the hidden camera.
I can see her naked body as developed enough to be a second year in middle school.
Of course, she’s still very childish at her age…
She’s not underdeveloped, she looks very healthy.

『Then…I was left in my relatives’ house in Shizuoka after I was born. The climate there was warm and they had a good hospital too. My aunt and uncle in Shizuoka were good people…and they even had Maika learn piano. My body became healthy during my life in Shizuoka…I returned here when I was in fifth grade』

Maika-chan…has always lived away from Yukino and her family?

『That’s troublesome. Did your parents have difficulties meeting with you?』

Katsuko-nee tries to ask about the internal affairs even more.

『No, my father and mother are busy with their work so…They never went to Shizuoka even once. Onee-chan didn’t come too…!』

Maika-chan’s words solved the doubts I had all this time.
The reason why Maika-chan’s not getting along well with Yukino…
These sisters didn’t live together when they were children
They were apart while their personalities were being formed during childhood…

『That’s why…Onee-chan is always bullying Maika about being underdeveloped. She says “You’re a defective daughter”…』

Seriously, you are.

『…Maika knows that well too. My growth is slower than other children. That’s why…I want to become an adult sooner』


『Maika-chan’s body is growing up properly. Your body being weak is in the past isn’t it? Aren’t you growing up healthily thanks to living in Shizuoka? Isn’t that right?』

Katsuko-nee smiles gently at Maika-chan.

『But…Maika has a childish body compared to Onee-chan…』
『It can’t be helped. How many years is Maika-chan younger than her Onee-chan?』
『…Two years』
『It’s natural for adolescent girls with two year age difference to have different growth condition. Even Maika-chan’s body would change to an adult immediately…』
『…Is that so?』

Though Katsuko-nee said that, Maika-chan’s still deppressed.

『Yes. You need to have lots of sex for that sake…!』
『Maika-chan’s onee-san had stayed over her boyfriend’s house recently didn’t she?』
『You think that your onee-san had her first experience with her boyfriend?』
『…Yes. That’s what I think. Onee-chan was in an all girl’s school during middle school. She never had a boyfriend during that time』
『Then, If Maika-chan begins to have sex while she’s in middle school, you can overtake your onee-san immediately. You would grow to have an adult and sexy body…』

The female devil tempts her skillfully.

『I said it earlier but, sex has the power to develop women’s body explosively…!』

Maika-chan’s hesitating.


Katsuko-nee sets up her camera.

『First, let’s confirm the state of Maika-chan’s body. I’ll take photos…!』
『It’s easier to understand with photos. Maika-chan, you need to see the state of your body from an outside perspective. The parts you can’t see with the mirror will be seen clearly in photos』

Katsuko-nee presses the shutter without any warning.

『…Ah, please wait a moment!』

Maika-chan’s surprised by the light of the flash bulb.

『…It is as Kastuko-san said! You can understand it immediately when you take photos of it!』
『That’s right. Maika-san would immediately understand that she’s no longer having any growth deficiency!』

Nei-san and Misuzu affirm Katsuko-nee’s words.

『Maika-chan…stand up straight and face this way…Okay!』

The naked body of a virgin second year middle school girl…is being recorded.

『Okay, turn your back this time!』

Her naked body is photographed from various angles…
From head to toe.
Perhaps, this would be the last photo of the virgin age of Maika-chan…

『Oh right…Let’s take photos of your genitals too!』

Katsuko-nee tells Maika-chan.


Maika-chan twitches in fear.

『The growth of a woman’s body is best seen at the genitals. You can confirm it if you’re growing properly or not…!』
『That’s right, I think you’d better look at how your genitals are!』

With Katsuko-nee and Nei-san telling her that…Maika-chan looks at Misuzu asking for help.,

『Maika-san, didn’t you take a look at my vagina a while ago? This time, It’s Maika-san’s time to show it…!』

Maika-chan can no longer refuse when Misuzu said that.

『Hora hora…Open your legs!』

Nei-san throws Maika-chan to the sofa and opens her legs wide…!

『Wait…N-No…Maika is!』

Maika-chan’s hating it.

『Please don’t say that. It’ll end soon』

Misuzu also participates in making Maika-chan open her legs.
With two second year girls as her opponent, the second year middle school girl can’t do anything…
Maika-chan’s genital becomes exposed to the camera.
Katsuko-nee presses the shutter one after another.

『…Aha! Maika-san, you’re getting aroused? It’s getting a bit damp!』

Misuzu laughed.

『T-That’s not true』

Maika-chan’s face is red to her ears from shame.

『Look, I will be opening it!』

Misuzu’s finger opens Maika-chan’s vagina.
The muscle that’s closed is opened wide.

『Uh-huh…Maika-chan’s pussy is beautiful?』

Nei-san caress her genital with her finger.

『A…Ahn! Please don’t do that…!』

Maika-chan’s turning pink from the stimulation.

『Look…Maika-chan, we can see your hymen. It’s colored beautifully pink!』
『Nei-san…Don’t say that…!』

The photos from Katsuko-nee’s camera are sent to my room.
I can see a whitish pink color deep inside Maika-chan’s vagina.
That’s her hymen.

『Katsuko-san. How does Maika-chan’s vagina look? I think that it’s adult enough- But! Don’t you think so, Misuzu-san?』

Nei-san winks at Misuzu.

『Yes. That’s what I think too. Maika-chan’s already an adult』

Lastly, Katsuko-nee spoke to Maika-chan.

『This is fine…Maika-chan, your body can already have sex…!』

The two devil smile at Maika-chan

.『Rather…You should have sex since you’ve grown this much!』

Katsuko-nee’s eyes shine suspiciously.

◇ ◇ ◇


Suddenly, Margo-san called me.


Margo-san smiled.

「It’s going to be your turn?」


「You have to do your job…」

My job…
Rape Maika-chan.

「I think that this is good enough. You do know the room where Katsuko-san is in right now?」

It’s been a few days since I came to this mansion.
I know the rough sketch of it.

「Yes…I remember」
「Then, go」

Margo-san lightly said.


I stand up from my seat.

「Oh right…Yoshida-kun should only say 『Yes』or 『No』when you’re inside the room」

Margo-san said that.

「Because…It’s impossible for Yoshida-kun to act along with Katsuko-san? Won’t it be exposed if you try to speak?」

Everyone’s acting to deceive Maika-chan in that room.
I don’t have the power to act like those people.
I’m an idiot after all.

「That’s why, I think you should limit what you’re saying to those two words so that you won’t say anything strange」

…I see.

「Got it. I’ll only speak with 『Yes』or 『No』」
「You can talk about anything in a voice that Maika-chan won’t hear though…be careful as much as possible」
「Okay…I’m going」

I went out of the room.
Going around the corridor and up the stairs from the entrance.
Walking up the stairs…the door to the left.

This is the room where I violated the virgin Yukino several days ago.
This time…I’m going inside that room to rape Maika-chan.

I opened the door without knocking.
I see the naked women gathered inside the room.

It feels strange.
I was watching them in the monitor a while ago…
This time, I’m seeing them with my naked eye…


Maika-chan on top of the sofa screams from my appearance.
Nei-san covers Maika-chan with a white blouse that fell near them.
It’s not enough to hide Maika-chan’s body from my eyes.
It’s to not let Maika-chan run away from the room from falling into a state of panic…
For the time being, she’s calmed down because they let her put on some clothes.
As proof…Maika-chan’s hiding her upper body with the cloth of her blouse…
Her genital are exposed to my eyes…!!!

「…My, what’s wrong?」

Katsuko-nee smiles gently at me.

「He is Nei-san’s and my sex partner」

She tells Maika-chan
Maika-chan who’s covering her chest with a blouse trembles bit by bit…
Misuzu gently caress Maika-chan’s back.
No…She’s holding Maika-chan’s arm perfectly…

「…Come here」

The naked Katsuko-nee beckons me.


I approach Katsuko-nee.

「Were you lonely without us? Sorry」

Katsuko-nee gave me a hot kiss.

「Me too!」

The naked Nei-san runs to me and kiss my lips.
Misuzu’s eyes tells that she wants a kiss too.
But, Misuzu’s holding Maika-chan down so she can’t move.

「Ufufu…Could it be that you want to do it?

Katsuko-nee asks me.


I answered.

「…Then sit here」

Katsuko-nee points at the sofa Maika-chan is sitting in.


I tried to sit down next to Maika-chan…


Maika-chan stands up from the sofa in fear.
But, Misuzu is holding her down from the back so Maika-chan cannot run away.
Furthermore…Nei-san holds down Maika-chan’s body in front.

「Maika-chan, it’s not scary…just watch. We’re going to show you real sex…!」

Katsuko-nee spoke with suspicious eyes.


Misuzu whispers to the frightened second year middle school girl.

「Let’s watch…It’s a study on how to become an adult!」
「That’s right, it’s not scary to watch!」

Nei-san also told Maika-chan.
Katsuko-nee squats down before me who’s sitting on the sofa…then took off my belt.

「Ufu…I’m taking it off!」

Her beautiful long and thin finger opens up my pants…
She slowly lowered my underwear and my erect penis is exposed to the air…!


Maika-chan screams when the meat appeared!

「Look look! Open your eyes! It’s not that scary! All of the men have this sticking on them!」

Nei-san tells Maika-chan.

「That’s right…I will be here with you so let’s watch together? Okay, Maika-san?…!」

Misuzu whispers from behind…Maika opens her eyes.

「It’s not scary…Everyone’s here with you…」

Misuzu’s whisper spreads in Maika-chan’s head like a magic incantation…

Katsuko-nee who’s kneeling in front of me pushed out her big breasts before my face.

「Touch…Touch it please!」

I massaged Katsuko-nee’s breasts
I rolled my thumb on her already stiff nipples.

「Ufufu…It feels good. You can rub it stronger…Like squashing it…!」

I strengthened my fingers

「Afu…Good. It feels good. Maika-chan…You have to get your breasts massaged by a man like this everyday to make it big! You can make it hurt!」

I massaged Katsuko-nee’s breasts that are like warm dough with all of my strength…!

「That’s good, it’s good…! Lick…my nipple…I want you to lick it!」

I sucked Katsuko-nee’s nipple…!
I bent my neck so Maika-chan can see it well…!

「Tongue…That’s right, roll your tongue…lick it…!」

Maika-chan’s watching me lick Katsuko-nee’s nipple in blank surprise.

「I’m jealous, Katsuko-san, I want to be licked too!」

Nei-san spoke in a way Maika-chan would hear.

「That’s right…Katsuko-san looks like she’s feeling really good…!」

Misuzu whispers.

「Yes, it feels really good to have your breasts licked by a man. Ufufu, take a look at him…He’s sucking my nipple with all of his life…He’s like a baby isn’t he? Cute. You’re very cute…Onee-chan’s going to hug you!」

Katsuko-nee embraces me tightly…!
Her plump breast are pressed on my face…

「Next…Lick this place」

Katsuko-nee stands up…
Katsuko-nee’s vagina is in front of me.
It smells very sexual.

「Licking that place…?!」

Maika-chan’s surprised.

「Maika-chan you touch yourself with your finger don’t you? But you see, being licked by a man’s tongue feels a hundred times better than fingers!」

Katsuko-nee laughs.

「That’s right, it feels very good you know!」

The virgin lies again.

「This boy is my sex partner so he’ll do anything I want…won’t you?」

Katsuko-nee asks me.


Katsuko-nee holds my face with both hands and pushed it to her vagina.

「…Lick it, lick!」

I stick out my tongue…and licks Katsuko-nee’s vagina…!

「…Aaaahn, It feels good!」

The sour taste of her love nectar spreads in my tongue.
I insert my tongue in her slit.
I lick it up.
I made my tongue crawl from the slit to the crotch…

「Amazing…He’s licking in such places!」

Maika-chan’s watching.
Me…licking Katsuko-nee’s vagina.

「Lick it…Lick this place too! Lick it!」

Katsuko-nee shows her own clitoris.
The clitoris shines like a small ruby in a circle.
I tap it with the tip of my tongue…!

「Aaaahn! Aaaah!」

Katsuko-nee’s body shakes bit by bit…!
I suck her clitoris.

「Good…This is great!」

The eyes of the girls concentrate on the tip of my tongue.
The naked Nei-san reached for her vagina.
Nei-san’s masturbating.


Maika-chan noticed Nei-san.

「Because…Katsuko-san looks like she’s feeling really good! I can’t endure it!」

Nei-san gropes her wet vagina…her eyes are hot…!

「That’s right…If Maika-san can’t endure it anymore too then you can comfort yourself too…」

Misuzu whispered into Maika-chan’s ear…!

「Enough…I’m going to lick you this time!」

Katsuko-nee squats down between my feet again.

「Maika-san…take a look. When you’re going to have sex with men, you have to lick their penis first!」

Katsuko-nee fiddles with the tip of my penis then said.


Maika-chan’s surprised.

「That’s right. Did you not hear about fellatio?」

The masturbating Nei-san asks.

「I’ve heard about that kind of thing but…Is that a necessity?」
「That’s what I’ve been taught…Lick the penis and wet it with lots of saliva so it would enter the vagina smoothly」

Misuzu answers Maika-chan’s question with a lie.

「That’s right…You have to lick it this way!」

Katsuko-nee licks my penis intensely…!
Her red tongue slurps my glans…
Making a ‘chupachupa’ sound, she strokes it with her lips…!

「You have to lick up the whole penis like that!」

Misuzu whispers in Maika-chan’s ear…

「Maika-san…are you aroused? That place is completely wet you know…

Maika-chan’s face dyed in shame when it was pointed out that she’s aroused.

「It’s okay…Even I am already dripping wet!」

Misuzu reports to Maika-chan with melting eyes.

「…It’s about time I want it in!」

Katsuko-nee tells me.
She’s panting heavily…!
Her big breasts go up and down along with her breathing.
Sweat oozing out her whole body…Her face is dyed with the color of passion.
Katsuko-nee’s arousal has reached the climax…!

「You can stay like that…」

Katsuko-nee bends over me who’s sitting on the sofa.

「I’ll be the one to do everything…please, is that okay?」

Her hot breath strokes my face…!

「You’re going to be violated…Cute, I’m going to violate you! It’s okay isn’t it?!」

I answered.
Katsuko-nee looks at Maika-chan.

「Take a look as this penis entering me…!」

Katsuko-nee holds my penis and puts it towards her entrance.

「Look…It’s eating it!」

Slowly…The glans thrust into the vagina…!


…She’s watching.
Maika-chan’s watching us unite.
Katsuko-nee and I are connected with a cowgirl position…

「Aahn…Your penis is delicious…!」

Her soft and warm folds wrap me up…!
Katsuko-nee’s bending over to me completely…!
The tip of the glans are knocking on her womb.
Breathing heavily…Katsuko-nee loosens.
Katsuko-nee’s weight is concentrated on the uniting point.
My penis has entered all of Katsuko-nee!

「Amazing…Something that big went all in!」

Maika-chan’s speechless…

「Of course it will enter adult women! Even Maika-chan can take it all in!」

Nei-san said.
I don’t have time to retort…!2

「I will be the one moving…You can stay like that」

Katsuko-nee speaks on top of me.

「Today, I want to violate you…I want to eat all of the cute you…!」

Katsuko-nee’s eyes are completely burning with lust…!


Answering her like that…Katsuko-nee slowly raised her waist.
My penis is being tightened by pleasure!

「Ufufu…You’re making such a pleasured face! Does it feel good inside me?」
「…Do you like having sex with me?」
「I do too. I love you. I can’t have sex with anyone but you anymore…!」

Katsuko-nee moves her waist rapidly…!
The whole body’s bouncing on the sofa…!
Everytime she pushes down, my glans touch her uterus…!
…It feels good.
Katsuko-nee’s inside feels slimy and wet…!

「…How about this?」

Katsuko-nee wriggles her waist.

Her vagina has tightened several times!
It’s as if my glans are being gripped by a small baby…!

「…It feels good doesn’t it? Cute. Your face is getting cuter. More, melt even more…!」

Katsuko-nee moves her body intensely!
Her big breasts bounce up and down on me.
The entire sofa shook intensely.
That vibration is being transmitted to Maika-san who’s sitting on the same sofa…!

「…It’s amazingly violent」

Maika-chan expressed her impressions.

「But…Katsuko-san looks so happy」

Misuzu whispers to Maika-chan’s ear…

「…Katsuko-san look so very happy! I’m jealous!」

Nei-san shouts while violently groping between her crotch.

「Yes…I’m so happy! It makes me very happy when I have sex with this boy! ooh, so good!…」

I also can’t endure it anymore!
I grabbed Katsuko-nee’s shaking breasts from below!

「Aaahn…good! More, grip it!」

I push up my waist from below!
I attack Katsuko-nee’s wet vagina.

「Good… it feels good…love!…I love you!」

Katsuko-nee clings to me!
I embraced Katsuko-nee from below!
Still, Katsuko-nee doesn’t stop moving her waist!
Using the cushion’s power…I violently brush Katsuko-nee’s wet hole!

「…Aaahn…Aahn…Aaaaaah…! What should I do? I’m! I’m about to cum!」

I can feel Katsuko-nee’s hot breath in my ear.「」

「…What about you? Cumming? You’re about to cum?!」

Katsuko-nee looks at my face with wet eyes.


I’m closing to my limit too!

「Ufufu…I’m so happy! I’m going to cum too! You can do it anytime! Leak it inside me! Pour lots of your hot semen inside Katsuko!!!!」

We reach the climax immediately…!

「Now, Maika-san…Look at it well! Katsuko-san will be inseminated from here on!」

Misuzu whispers to Maika-chan.

「…Eh?! He’s really going to ejaculate inside?」

Maika-chan can’t remove her eyes away from us although she’s surprised.

「That’s right! Katsuo-san’s a ferocious tiger after all…! Lots of hot stuff will come inside her!!!」

Nei-san’s about to reach the climax too!
Her whole body’s sweating and her breath is getting hot…

「Aaahn, Aha!…No more…Katsuko’s cumming…Katsuko’s cumming! Is it okay? Can I cum? Katsuko’s fine to cum isn’t she?!」

Katsuko-nee begs with a teary face!!!

「…Ah, Yes!!」

I’m also at my limit!

「…Look, take a look…Maika-chan! Katsuko’s cumming! I’m cumming! Good, sex feels good! It feels good! Ahan! aaah…C-Cummiiiiiiing!!!」

Katsuko-nee’s vagina tightens up my penis!!!
…Me too.

…Dopyu, dobyu, dodopipiyuyu!!!

My penis released hot semen inside Katsuko-nee intensely!!!

「…Aaaaau, it’s coming in! The hot stuff is coming in my womb! It’s reaching!! It feels good…Katsuko’s feeling goood!!!!」

Katsuko-nee embraced me with all her strength…!

「Aaah…Cumming, I’m still cumming…I love you. I love you, I love you, I love you. Stay with me forever…I love you! I love you…!!!」

Her convulsing vagina…is squeezing my penis till the last drop.

…Haa, haa, haa.
My heart’s beating gushingly…
Is it my heartbeat, or Katsuko-nee’s heartbeat?…I don’t know.
Katsuko-nee who’s basking in the afterglow looked at my face.
「Ufu」she smiled.

「…I love you. I love you so much」

Katsuko-nee kissed me once again…
Our tongues twined.
We lick each other’s tongue.
My penis is still deep inside Katsuko-nee.
Our genitals and tongue…our upper and lower body are connected…


  1. Well, it still means yes. “Hai”
  2. I do, “The virgin lies again!”