Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 901. Night of Fun / A world unknown to me



「 I kept complaining despite not knowing anything about you, sorry 」

Tendou Otome apologized to Minaho-neesan.

「 But, we’re still different. You’re you, I’m Me 」

Minaho-neesan smiled.

「 What’s the difference? 」

「 I mean, sure, when Sonoko’s old man did her, we supported her. As for me, I relied on Hiromi-san. But, I thought that I was suited for prostitution work too 」

She’s speaking from her dialect.

「 My, no, our parents are Yakuza. Furthermore, they’re not the intellectual Yakuza’s but instead, the stupid ones, I mean, it’s only foolish Yakuza 」

「 Then? 」

Minaho-neesan’s letting her speak as much as she wants.

「 Nobody among us could enter a decent high school. It would’ve been better if we managed to get a diploma even when skipping school but most parents stop us halfway, turning the boys to Yakuza, and the women into soapland members 」

「 And your parents were such as well? 」

「 That’s right. Stupid child, stupid parent. I’m still registered in school, but, half of the girls who came to Tokyo already left school. I mean, they don’t take middle school seriously, some of them answered the entrance examination with nothing but their name thinking that they will pass. And some didn’t even write their names. They make mistakes in Kanji, they can only write in hiragana. One kid doesn’t even know the difference between “あA” and “おO” 」


「 The other girl who’s abused has the name “Ogawa Shigeyo,” but she writes it as “Akayu Tsuke♪” She already forgot the voiced consonant marks. She reads “Wa” as “Yu” She changed “Yo” to a music note. She messed up her name, so, of course, she doesn’t even know her seat number. Do you think someone like that can pass the exams? 」

Well, you can’t even find out who answered that test.

「 Therefore, Shigeyo’s going to end up in soapland in the end. She’s got no other place to sink in but soaplands. No, Shigeyo’s father may sell her off. Anyway, I know her ending 」

Tendou Otome said.

「 As for me, I learned martial arts, so they’re not rash with me, but I’ll still end up as a Yakuza’s woman. Or maybe Nee-san will keep me. But still, I have no choice, do I? How can a daughter of a Yakuza live a normal life in this world?! Our fathers aren’t just some small-time Yakuza, but real scum. They all have criminal records 」

「 Right. They earn income by violating the law, and so there’s no way out if the police catch them 」

Minaho-neesan continues to smile.

「 That’s right, it’s the difference. I mean, you’re going at, I mean, at an utterly all-out level compared to us 」

She glares at us.

「 What’s what those small girls playing Shiritori with Louis the what? They’re too smart! I mean, if you want Louis, then shouldn’t it be Louis Vuitton first?! Or the comedian Renaissance, or if you’re starting up with Ru, then what about Ruler? Or Lucifer?! 」


「 Ruler, which one? 」

Edie asks Nei.

「 It’s a spell from a game. They often use that 」

「 Thank you! I know about LUCIFER, he’s the demon in Christian stories 」

「 Don’t be stupid, he’s just a game character, isn’t he? 」

Tendou Otome glares at Edie.

「 He’s a demon from the Christian bible, and so that’s probably the reason why the games use it 」

「 Huh?! Then, what? Lucifer is seriously a demon? 」


「 You mean he’s not from phone games but a real guy? 」

「 I don’t trust what I don’t see with my own eyes. Therefore, I don’t know if it exists or not 」

Edie speaks calmly.

「 Oh, right! Anyway, you all are too smart, so self-important, unlike us children of Yakuza, who are stupid girls! That’s why you’ll never understand our feelings! And you never will! 」

Tendou Otome snaps with all the emotions she’s holding so far.

「 By the way, why is your father named “Tendou Sadao, 42 y/o” 」

Minaho-neesan asks with a smile.

「 Oh, that’s because my father was so dumb and useless until 42 years old that he’s one of the worst subordinates. Even the younger Yakuza looks down on him, making him a messenger and such 」

Tendou Otome replied.

「 And then when there was an incident in the group, the boss to gather the people and send someone as a sacrificial pawn and beat up the enemy boss. Naturally, nobody wanted to do the job, and so they pushed it off to him, telling him to “bring this,” it was a knife from a senior, then, the old man got the blood rushing up his head, that he was someone weak until that age, and yet, he just left saying “I’m going,” and really went and beat up the enemy boss 」

「 That means, it was the age where he had a significant role 」

Minaho-neesan interjects.

「 Major role you say, but all he did was self-abandonment, I don’t know the details however 」

「 Why? 」

「 I mean, he didn’t come back for three years since then 」

He didn’t come back?

「 No, there were some eye-witnesses, and so they looked after him, they found him, went to trial, and was imprisoned with hard labor 」

Oh, I see.

「 And when he came back, the guy Father beat up is a well-known name, that he’s told: “That was amazing, you went to beat up ***-san.” Then, the old man liked it, and so he told the boss and seniors that he will accomplish whatever orders they give him. And he’s serious. He’s not thinking of his future. He’s only following instructions and will go beat up whoever it is! He said, “I’m Aniki’s Super Yes-man!” Well, the police go to him, and he went to prison for two more years 」

「 Oh, he’s the specialty sacrificial pawn of the Yakuza. It has higher risk, but he’s always happy that the higher-ups praise them 」

Minaho-neesan said.

「 That’s right! That’s why I had a better life for six years because he was gone! His prison time was long 」

What’s with this parent-daughter relationship?

「 Anyway, people change at age 42, and so he’s called Tendou Sadao, 42y/o. The old man himself says that “I was a useless small-time when I was young, but I blossomed when I reached past my 40s, everyone aspires to become like that,” but the people around him says “Be careful since there are some stupid and useless bastards out there, but after beating up their head for too long, they class-up, just like that Tendou” 」

「 Then, as for the job, your father accepted this time? 」

Tendou Otome looked at Minaho-neesan.

「 I mean, that old man is a super yes-man, so he’ll do anything the group orders him to do. If he’s told to use his daughter, he’ll do it, it’s the group’s order 」

Using the daughters of Yakuza and make a move on the girls attending in Misuzu’s school were orders from the group.

「 They’re all the same. They’re not ordinary small-timers, they’re people who created the reputation that they’re a bit dangerous and somehow managed to make a place for themselves. They’re Yes-men who will follow orders from the higher-ups. Sonoko’s father is the one who offered her body to his seniors. Seeing that, my father said “If only you had a bit of sexiness, then boss and Aniki would fuck you,” they only think of us as tools to keep their status 」

Tendou Otome speaks hatefully.

「 I can understand how you feel. Therefore, you need to cut off your relationship with your father first. Together with the remaining eight daughters 」

Minaho-neesan looks at Tendou Otome’s eyes.

「 You should. If they continue to stay with those super yes-men, then their lives won’t be enough! If they’re going to sell their body anyway, then if they part from their parents, they should be able to earn money, right? 」

「 Right, I’ll pull the agency margin 」

「 But it’s not Zero, is it? If it’s with those men, they’ll take it all 」

Tendou Otome said.

「 Okay. I’ll give up on escaping together with Sonoko. I’ll accept it. If we can sever our connections with the old men, then anything will do. I don’t care if we become prostitutes after that, just, save the girls from their hands 」

Tendou Otome’s serious, but,

I look at Tsukiko’s face, who’s sitting next to Tendou Otome.

Tsukiko looked at me and shook her head.

That means she’s lying.

Tendou Otome wants to use us, seize the opportunity, and escape.

Tendou Otome doesn’t notice Tsukiko’s movements.

It’s because she’s holding her back using Miko power.

Currently, Tendou Otome forgot about Tsukiko, she can’t see her.

「 Oh well, tell us about your father’s allies 」

Minaho-neesan said.

「 Let’s put the girls aside. Either way, they’re gathered at the same place so they won’t escape. You said eight, right? 」

「 Right, it’s eight 」

Tsukiko nods.

「 Sonoko, Shigeyo, Yachiyo… 」

「 You don’t have to tell me that, tell me about your father 」

Tendou Otome.

「 I don’t know their real names, is that okay? 」


「 How do I say it? Most of them are using their Yakuza name when they’re in business 」

Yakuza name? That exists?

「 First, father’s adviser, “Nakama Mihotarou” 」


「 The other one is “Sugai Kanezou-san” 」

Are they Yakuza or comedians?

「 And then you mentioned that there are two couples. The first pair is “Kadokawa Harukigenia,” and “Gangi Mari” Their daughter is the ugly one 」


「 The other one is “Yakushimaru Hiroshi” and “Iwasaki Yoshimi.” This couple brought their two daughters, and they’re the ones I mentioned recording lolicon videos earlier 」

I heard that.

「 Why do the couples have different names? Is it because it’s their Yakuza names? 」

Edie asks.

「 There’s that, but most of them aren’t married 」

Tendou Otome replied without hesitation.

「 Oh, they’re in de facto marriage state 」

Nei nods.

I look at Tsukiko.

She’s not showing signs that these were lies.

I can trust that it’s true.

「 Then, I mentioned Iwasaki Yoshimi-san. She’s also with them. Also, Iwasaki Hiromi 」

The lesbian who’s in control of Tendou Otome.

「 Did she also bring her daughter? 」

「 No, Hiromi-san is only there to observe us. She’s not married, nor she has a daughter 」

Tsukiko shakes her head.

That’s a lie.

「 Then, what kind of martial arts does Hiromi-san use? 」

Edie aks.

「 Oh, well. She’s strong 」

「 Stronger than Otome? 」

「 Hmm, y-yeah 」

Tsukiko’s not reacting.

She’s telling the truth.

「 What about the remaining three? 」

Minaho-neesan asks casually.

There are eight daughters.

Nakayama, Sugai, Kadokawa and Gangi couple has one.

Yaku Shimaru and Uwasaki has two.

Hiromi doesn’t have a daughter, or so Tendou Otome claims,

「 Oh right. There’s also Kikuchi Dorazaemon, that’s his alias. Also, Shigeyo’s father, Ogawa Norio, and Sonoko’s father, Tokudaiji Enrike 」

That’s eight.

Their numbers match the girls, but,

If that’s the case, where is the lie?

If Tsukiko goes deeper into Tendou Otome’s mind, then we can find out right away, but,

If she forced her way in, I worry that Tendou Otome’s mind will become irrecoverable.

The problem is how do we make Tendou Otome imagine it so Tsukiko can read through the surface thoughts, but…

Tsukiko’s making a sour face.

It looks like Tendou Otome’s still hiding something deep inside her.

「 Kinoshita-san, what do you think? 」

Minaho-neesan looks at Kinoshita-san.

「 According to the reports, the people hiding in the karaoke box are thirteen adults and eight daughters, but 」

「 I’m not lying! I already said that I’m prepared for this! 」

Tendou Otome said, but,

She’s still hiding something big.

「 I think those two were people who joined in after Tendou-san infiltrated Mizushima house 」


「 I’m sure that they’re the journalists. People who’ll write anything for money 」

Oh, Tendou Sadao came here to create scandals to defame Kouzuki house, and so,

「 Also, the Journalists are ready to spread information to the internet if anything happens 」

If our invasion on Tendou Sadao’s hideout goes poorly, then,

They’ll start writing, “Kouzuki house’s staff suddenly attacked us,” to every site they know.

Or maybe, they have some hoax story ready to publish.

They’re only waiting for our actions to send them off.

「 Anyway, we need to transport all 20+ of them 」

Minaho-neesan said.

「 It’s regrettable that the karaoke box has some pedestrians 」

I’m also troubled.

We need to take out Tendou Sadao, and the troublesome Yakuza along with the eight daughters without the civilians knowing what’s going on.

「 Furthermore, there’s also the other group that’s watching Tendou Sadao 」

Nei said.

Right, there’s also Irokuchou Ichiro’s group.

If Minaho-neesan hands over Yomi to Tendou Sadao, then…

Their aim would be to snatch her away from the sides.

「 Either way, if any alarm is raised, Kouzuki house loses 」

Michi said.

Once it reaches media and police, then,

The enemy will insist that Kouzuki house hurt them.

That’s the spark for the scandal.

「 We’ve done this before but, if you use news outlets, all you need to do is fan the flames 」

Nei’s right. We’ve done that to spread the scandal about Shirasaka Sousuke before.

If one material escapes and starts the scandal, it goes downward spiral.

The Yakuza can manipulate information from the Kansai headquarters.

「 That means, we have to deal with them without the society knowing anything 」

Minaho-neesan said. Edie;

「 Do you girls have any disguise ready? 」

She asks Anjou Mitama and Kinuka, who’s been silent all this time.

「 You finally asked! 」

「 Asked! 」

「 Our Anjou style arts is specialized in having the power to protect our Masters, Kurama house in any place, and in any situation! 」

「 Situation! 」

「 Kinuka and I have mastered several times of disguise to deceive the people around us! 」

「 Us! 」

As usual, these two are speaking enthusiastically.

「 Then, what kind of disguise is that? 」

Edie asks.

「 The best ones we sister have is the Komuso! 」

「 What? 」


What Komuso?

「 Oh, that… 」

「 You know about it, Edie? 」

I asked out of surprise.

「 Huh, you don’t know about Komuso, Darling? 」

「 Nope, I don’t, sorry 」

I replied.

「 It’s those people who wear black Japanese clothes, hiding their heads with braided hats, then carrying a box with 『 明暗 』written in it. Then, they blow some bamboo flute 」

「 Yes! I can use the bamboo flutes! 」

「 Mitama-oneesama’s good at it! I love it too! 」


「 You mean it’s some guys who show up on historical plays? 」

「 Right, they come and kill the “wolf that takes the children,” and “Zatoichi” 」

I knew it.

「 Okay, I have this bamboo flute with katana hidden inside 」

Kinuka-san shows a satisfied smile.

「 Nono, you can’t do that! 」

I said.

「 Huh? But why? If we want a disguise that doesn’t stand out, this would be the best option. 」

Mitama-san speaks with a serious face, but.

「 That only works on Edo period 」

「 What are you talking about!? We still have Komuso at this age! 」

「 No, they probably exist, but they stand out too much 」

「 Komuso’s made to not stand out! 」


「 I told you, Komuso who brings school girls with them will stand out 」

「 I told you already that Komuso is our mastery, and so nobody will notice! 」

Mitama-san speaks stubbornly, but,

「 Ah, I get it 」


「 I see, your Anjou arts… 」

Right, these two have come from the family lineage of bodyguards.

「 It’s what they use to protect Kurama house from ancient times. Furthermore, without making any exchange with other martial arts, it stayed as-is from the Edo period? 」

They’ve improved the skills like that Skylab Hurricane Mixer, turning it to their own variety, but,

When it comes to their bodyguard duties, they still follow the old tradition.

Coming from the age where Komuso were common, and they won’t stand out when walking around wearing the same clothes…

「 Besides, it’s only adult males who can do Komuso disguise, right? Do Anjou arts have no disguise for women? 」

Bodyguard duty is mostly for males.

The female bodyguards for the young ladies of nobility started during the Meiji era when the young ladies can go to school.

And back then, the young ladies mostly have male bodyguards.

「 W-We do! 」

「 We do! 」

Anjou sisters speak with a gloomy face.

「 It’s just, uhm 」

「 It’s Echigojishi 」


「 Or, Kakubejishi 」

「 Kakubejishi! 」

What Kakubejishi?

「 What’s that? 」

「 Y-You don’t know either, Edie?! 」

Finally, something that Edie doesn’t know.

「 Wait, I’ll look it up now 」

Nei opens her smartphone.

「 Ah, there it is, it’s a street performer from Edo period. They do flute and drums together, hop, jump, handstand 」

W-What’s that?

「 Yes, it’s from the movie Kurama Tengu with Misora Hibari-sama! 」

「 It’s with Itou Tsukasa-sama on TV 」

The Anjou sisters speak cheerfully.

「 I can blow the flute, Kinuka can do dancing, and so, we can manage to do to Kakubejishi 」

No, look.

What’s the difference between that and Komuso?

「 That’s good. Let’s go with that 」

Minaho-neesan? Eeeeeeeeeeeh?