Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 91

91. Duty and act/ Lies and truth

「It felt really good!…Did you feel good too?」

Katsuko-nee spoke to me with moist eyes.


My erect penis is still inside Katsuko-nee…

「Is that so?…Thank you. Let’s do it next time again!」

Katsuko-nee raised her waist and pulled out my erect penis from her vagina.
Large amounts of white liquid drips instantly.


Maika-chan looks at my erect penis.

「I’ll clean it up…!」

Katsuko-nee puts her lips on my penis…
Her tongue clings to my penis and licks off her love nectar and my semen from it.

「After sex, you must lick it gently to clean it up. That’s the manners of sex」

Katsuko-nee tells Maika-chan.

「You have to suck out the semen that’s stuck in the urethra…」

Katsuko-nee sucks the glans…
She sucks the semen collected in the urethra…
Filling her mouth with my entire penis, she strokes it with her lips…

「Okay…It’s clean」

Katsuko-nee smiles and looks up at me.
The glans that got cleaned off are now shining with Katsuko-nee’s saliva.
My erect penis is still pointing towards the heavens…

「Nei-san…What about you?」

Katsuko-nee asks Nei-san maliciously on purpose
Nei-san’s playing with her crotch by herself…

「Ah, I’m fine now…I-I’ll have one later!」

Katsuko-nee laughs at Nei-san’s panicking state.

「I want to do it!」

Misuzu tells Katsuko-nee.


Maika-chan’s surprised
Maika-chan doesn’t know that Misuzu’s already my pet…

「If I have sex with this man, I would become Katsuko-san and Nei-san’s sister, right?!」

Misuzu asked.

「That’s right…Misuzu-san, would you like to become his sex partner? However, you won’t be able to have sex with other men anymore. It will be only him forever…will that be okay?」
「That’s fine! I’ll become his sex partner! This boy is really cute!」

The naked Misuzu stand up.
Her crotch is already dripping wet with love nectar.
It’s as if she wet herself…

「A-Are you really doing it…Misuzu-san?」

In exchange of Misuzu, Katsuko-nee is the one who holds the body of the worried Maika-chan this time…
To not let Maika-chan run away from the sofa…

「It seems good…Misuzu-san’s already an excellent adult lady. You can have sex already!」

Katsuko-nee fuels Misuzu…!

「…Un, Show it…Show me how Mii-chan does sex!」

The masturbating Nei-san…finally called 「Misuzu-san」as 「Mii-chan」
…Is that okay?
It seems that Maika-chan didn’t notice it though.

「…Hey, are you fine with it? Will you have sex with me?…!」

The naked Misuzu strikes a daunting pause in front of me who’s sitting on the sofa.
She’s looking down at me with eyes of passion.
Misuzu continues to play the setting where it’s our first meeting.
Our original relationship…Misuzu’s one year older than me so her way of speaking has changed.

「…I want to do it…Me and you」

Her red tongue licks her lips…
Blushing in animal passion…A sexy expression…!

「…Can we kiss?」

As promised with Margo-san…I can’t say anythingexcept 「Yes」or 「No」…

「Ufu…Let’s do it!」

Misuzu approached my face.
She then kissed my lips…

「I want you to do the same thing you did with Katsuko-san a while ago…including your tongue…!」

Misuzu’s tongue enters my mouth.
I can feel her tongue moving around.
This time, I enter Misuzu’s mouth…
I caress Misuzu’s front tooth with my tongue.1
I run my tongue between her lip and teeth.

「Ahan, that feels good…Let me do it too」

Misuzu did the same thing.

「…Lick my breasts」

The petite Misuzu gets onto the sofa.
Her cute breasts are in front of my face.
I lick her left nipple…!

「…Ahn, suck it more. Suck my nipple…!」

I used my tongue.
I massaged her other side with my hand.

「More…You can do whatever you want. You can make a mess out of me. I want to have bigger breasts. That’s why, play with them a lot…! Make my breast your toy…play with them…Please!」

It’s a situation different from usual…
The setting is that I’m Katsuko-nee’s sex partner and…It’s Misuzu’s first time.
While not knowing how to play with each other well…Misuzu bends over towards me and initiates sex.
Misuzu gets drunk on such a special situation.
She’s beginning to drown in the act of sex.

「…Aaaahn…I can’t endure it anymore! Hey, can I put it in? Can I put you inside me?!」

Misuzu pleads with hot eyes.

「You can’t, Misuzu-san…You have to lick his penis first before accepting it inside you. That’s proper manners you know!」

Katusko-nee laughs.
That’s the false manner meant to deceive Maika-chan.
But, Misuzu obeys that.

「Right…I have to lick it…!」

Misuzu gets down on the sofa and sits between my crotch.

「…Maika-san, can you see it? I will lick it…!」

Maika-chan looks at Misuzu with suspicion

「…Ah, yes. Please!」

Maika-chan who’s embraced by Katsuko-nee has her eyes staring at our foolishness.

「Take a look as I lick him…!」

「Ahn!」with a powerful voice, Misuzu opens her mouth and stuffed my penis into her mouth in one go.
It’s different from Katsuko-nee’s fellatio from earlier.
Misuzu’s mouth is warmer.
I think Misuzu’s a much more delicate touch of her tongue on my glans.
So women have so many differences.

「How is it Misuzu-san?…This boy’s penis is very delicious isn’t it?」

Katsuko-nee speaks to Misuzu near Maika-chan’s ear.

「Yes…It’s very delicious. If it’s like this…I can lick this everyday…!」

Saying that, Misuzu licks the back of my glans…

「That’s right. This boy’s penis is special. There’s nothing as delicious as his penis…!」

Katsuko-nee whispers to Maika-chan.

「…I-Is that so?」

Maika-chan’s being fooled.

「That’s right. Women who are his sex partners are all happy. This boy has a good luck penis…!」

Katsuko-nee…you’re saying something irresponsible again.
Misuzu’s tongue licks up my penis down to the balls.

「…That’s enough already, Katsuko-san? I can’t endure it anymore!」

Misuzu shouts at Katsuko-nee.

「Yes…I think it would be fine if you wet the penis that much」

Misuzu raised her body to the sofa again with Katsuko-nee’s permission.

「…Can I be on top? I want to ravish you…!」

Misuzu spoke to me with moist eyes.


Misuzu smiles 「Ufu」at my response.

「…I’ll ravish you a lot. I’ll make you mine…!」

Holding the root of my penis with one hand…Misuzu puts my penis in her vagina.

「…Misuzu-san, you’re really going to do it?!」

Maika-chan’s not considering that Misuzu’s an Ojou-sama of a super high class family.
Of course…She thinks she’s still a virgin.

「I will…I want to make this one mine!」

I remembered what Margo-san said.
Misuzu actually wants to make me her pet…!!!

「…Aaaah…It’s coming in!」

The glans push in Misuzu’s vagina by force.
This vagina only just experienced sex several days ago…
It’s slowly swallowing the penis…

「…Ahaaaa!…It feels good…I’m filled by you…You’re filling up my insides!」

Misuzu’s vagina is syrupy with too much love nectar…!
The hot and wet hole…is being invaded by my penis…!

「…Ah, Aaahan!」

Misuzu raised a weak voice…
This place had a hymen until several days ago…!
It just goes in instantly.

「…Aaah…deep…It’s reaching the deepest places…!」

My penis invaded Misuzu until the root!

「…Misuzu-san, does it hurt?」

Maika-chan asks Misuzu.

「…Afu…It hurts a bit, but…It feels good already…Ahaaan, it feels goood…What should I do…What should I do? Hey」

Misuzu looks down at me with eyes wet in pleasure…
This is Misuzu’s first experience with being on top.
She seems to be unable to grasp the state of things already.

「When women are on top…You should use your waist. You have to move your waist up and down even just for a bit…!」

Katsuko-nee advises so.


Misuzu slowly raises her waist…then sinks it again.
The wet union makes lewd sounds…!

「…Ah, Ahn!」

Misuzu’s gasping voice is cute.
I think it’s cute no matter how many times I hear it…
I want to make her purr a lot more…!

「…Rub the penis inside you here and there!…Then look for the parts where it feels good for you too!」
「Yes, understood…!」

Misuzu wriggles her waist from Katsuko-nee’s instruction…rubbing the glans on various points of her vagina.

「…Aha!…Here! I can feel it here! It feels really good!」

Misuzu immediately found the pleasure point.
She rubbed my glans there multiple times.

「…What’s this…It feels too good! If I discover this…I can no longer masturbate!」

Misuzu’s lust is blazing up in a dash!

「…Amazing!…This is amazing! Sex feels good!」

Misuzu shouts…
She’s drowning in the pleasure of sex…!!!

「Misuzu-san looks like she’s feeling good…」

Maika-chan mutters.

「It feels good. Having sex with this one feels really good. Something this wonderful can’t be found anywhere!」

Katsuko-nee whispers into Maika-chan’s ear like the song of a siren…!

「…Aaah, it looks so pleasurable! I want it too! I want it!」

Nei-san’s masturbation grows even more intense…!

「…aaaahn, I want you! I can’t have sex with anyone but you!…You’re making my body unable to have sex with anyone else! Love! I love this!」

Misuzu moved her waist violently…
Her cute breasts are jiggling in front of me.

「…Hey, become mine! Stay with me forever! I want to confine you! I want you to be locked up in my room! I like you! I like you! I love you!」

Getting on top of me…Misuzu flares up in the situation where she’s ravishing me…!
Though she’s performing the setting…her real intentions are revealed…!

「…I want to tie you up in my bed! Have sex with only me! I want to be connected with you from morning to night! I want you to release all of your semen inside me!」

Misuzu bounces her waist!
The spring of the sofa roars!

「…I’m already no good without you! Embrace me all the time! Ravish me everyday! I’ll give it to you, I’ll give everything to you so become mine! I want you! I want youu!」

Misuzu’s sweat forming on her forehead is dripping on my chest…
There’s a drop of sweat flowing between her cute breasts…!

「…It’s my first time I come to like someone like this! I don’t need any other men for the rest of my life! I’m fine with just you! I want you! Please! Please!」

My penis seems to melt inside Misuzu.
Misuzu’s vagina is whirling in wet heat…!
It’s squeezing it!!!
I embraced Misuzu tightly!
Sweaty flushed skin overlaps…
My chest feels the elasticity of Misuzu’s breasts…
I instinctively whispered into Misuzu’s ear…!

「…Misuzu, I love you…!」

That was in a very small voice.
At that moment…Misuzu flies away from the wave of pleasure!!!


Misuzu’s back shivered!
Her vagina tightened so much!
Misuzu has reached light climax…!

「…I love youu! me too, me too! I like you! I like you! I love youuu!!!」

Misuzu kisses me!
She sucks my tongue out again!

「…I’ll do anything! I’ll do everything! I want you! I want youu!!!」

Misuzu’s half in frenzy.
So she really wants to monopolize me that much…
I can’t endure it anymore!

「…Misuzu, I’m cumming!」

Finally, I shouted like that.

「…Please cum inside Misuzu! Release a lot deep inside my womb! Please give Misuzu your hot stuff! Make Misuzu’s body hooooot!!!」

Misuzu in her climax has broken her act!

「…No, no more!」
「Waiiiit…I’m about to cum too! Let’s cum together! It will feel good!」

Misuzu who’s melting from pleasure looks at my face.
I also looked at Misuzu’s face.

「…Aaaaah…Being embraced by you, makes Misuzu really happy!」
「…Me too, I’m happy!」

Those words of mine set fire to Misuzu’s fuse.

「…Aaaah…I-I’m cumming! Misuzu’s going to fly! I’m going to flyyyy! Ah, ah, ah…aaaah, da, n, na, samaaaaaa!!!」

Misuzu climaxed as she shouts「…Danna-sama」!
She opened her eyes wide…looking at me…!


I ejaculated violently inside Misuzu while looking at her!!!

「…Aaaaaaahn! So hot…!!!」

Misuzu’s body convulses as heat pours inside her womb!

「…Hug me…Embrace meeeee!!!」

I embraced Misuzu’s body with all my might!!
I continue to ejaculate while embracing her!!!
…My ejaculation
…Doesn’t stop.

「…Happy…Misuzu’s happy…!!!」

…Misuzu grips at my hair
She kissed my lips again and again…

「…I won’t let go…I won’t ever let goo! I’ll take you home! I’ll let you live in my room! Please! Stay with me, I want you to stay with me forever! Then, don’t ever come out of Misuzu’s room! You don’t have to go to school anymore! You won’t go anywhere! You’ll always be naked! Let’s have lots and lots of sex! Have sex with Misuzu! Please! I beg you!…! I want you to love me forever and ever」

Misuzu broke.
She seeks my tongue while being broken.
Like a bitch in heat…She’s seeking me earnestly…
The lovely intelligent girl is no longer here.
The one here is just a woman indulging herself in lust.
My woman…


I heard a loud sound at my ear?!
Misuzu and I got surprised by it!

Looking at it, it seems that Katsuko-nee clapped her hands…
Katsuko-nee smiles at Misuzu.

「…I understand Misuzu-san’s feelings」

Misuzu unintentionally revealed her true intentions while feeling the pleasures of sex.
Remembering what she said in front of Katsuko-nee, she shivered…!

「But you see…He’s our sex partner. He won’t become Misuzu-san’s alone…Do you understand?」

Katsuko-nee’s smiling face is scary…!

「…I-I’m sorry」

Misuzu instinctively apologized.

「No…It’s very good that you told us your true feelings. But you see…People who can’t co-exist are thrown away from the group…!」

Katsuko-nee’s words are heavy…

「I know that…I know, but…!」

Misuzu shakes her body.
Her vagina tightened.
The semen remaining inside me is being squeezed out…

「It’s fine if you 『Understand』for now…But you if you don’t properly comprehend it, we will use force…! 」

Misuzu hangs her head from the strong words of Katsuko-nee.

「…Nei-san, you’re fine with that too?」

Then, Katsuko-nee turns around to Nei-san…
Nei-san’s limped out, leaning on the sofa…

「…What’s wrong?」
「…I came along with them…I’m enjoying the afterglow right now so leave me alone for a while!」

Nei-san came from masturbating.
She’s lying down with her arms and legs spread out.
Ooh, her beautiful face is spoiled.

「It’s about time you part…It’s clean up time」

Katsuko-nee spoke to Misuzu with slightly harsh eyes.


Misuzu looks at me.

「It felt really good. Let’s do it again…!」

She kissed me.
Then raised her waist.
My penis is pulled out from Misuzu’s vagina.
Misuzu’s love nectar is greater than anyone else…
Liquid spreads out as soon as my penis came off…


Maika-chan who’s watching that state, raised her voice.

「Ufu, it seems that your juice is much greater than other people. That’s your constitution!」

Misuzu smiles at Maika-chan.

「…Misuzu-san, it doesn’t hurt anymore?」

Maika-chan asks Misuzu.

「Let’s see…When the penis came in for the first time, I felt stinging but…It felt good immediately. It’s the best…I wont have sex with anyone else but him for the rest of my life. That’s settled…!」

Misuzu says as she sits between my crotch.

「Somehow…Misuzu-san’s making a very refreshed face. Katsuko-san looks the same but…she’s become more beautiful than before she had sex. It seems that it’s true that you get more beautiful when you have sex…!」

The second year middle school beauty spoke her impressions.

「…Maika-chan, that’s not all you know?」

Katsuko-nee said.

「Don’t you think that Misuzu-san got a bit more adult-like?」

A listless face after sex.
Body that’s wet with sweat.
Love nectar and semen spills out from between her crotch.
And yet…Misuzu’s eyes are filled and shining with life.

「Yes…Misuzu-san looks very adult-like…!」

Maika-chan raised her voice in surprise!

「That’s the power of sex. Do you now understand that you need to have sex if you want to become an adult?」

Katsuko-nee speaks triumphantly

「…I’ll clean it up!」

Misuzu puts my penis in her mouth.
Her tongue cleans and licks the liquid.

「…It’s still energetic!」

Misuzu said while sucking the glans.
I ejaculated a lot for two times and yet, my penis isn’t going down at all.
It’s so hard that it’s about to burst…it’s standing like a tower!

「Then…It’s Maika-chan’s turn next!」

Katsuko-nee said calmly.


Maika-chan’s frightened.

「Right, I did it so…Let’s have Maika-san do it too」

Misuzu spoke to Maika-chan while doing a cleanup fellatio.


Nei-san is still not awake from the afterglow of masturbation.
She remains exhausted.

「It’s not that scary if you try it! It just hurts at first. It will feel good immediately!」

Misuzu throws words of temptation.

「…But, when you have sex…it would be troublesome if you get pregnant……」

It seems that Maika-chan’s fear of sex is stronger.

「That’s fine. I’ve got contraceptives」
「It’s called the morning after pill, it’s a drug that will prevent your pregnancy if you drink it after sex. Nei-san and I always use that so there’s no problem」
「…So there’s that kind of medicine?」

Katsuko-nee smiles gently to the anxious Maika-chan.

「The world is advancing very fast! You see, it’s being sold in vending machines in US’ high schools. That’s how popular this medicine is!」

…No matter how you look at it.
…That’s a lie. Even I know.

「That’s why, Maika-san have sex with him too! We’ll become sisters with the same sex partner! It’s fine isn’t it?!」

Misuzu invades Maika-chan even more…!

「…I’m sorry. Maika’s still scared of having sex」

Maika-chan bowed to everyone…

「Also, Maika…」

Maika-chan looks up.

「…wants to give her virginity to the person she likes. Someone Maika loves」


「Uhm…Maika’s going to toilet for a moment. Where is it?」

Maika-chan asks Katsuko-nee.
She just wants to be excused to the toilet it seems.
Anyway, her real intention is to run away from the situation of this room in one way or another.

「Nei-san…Tell her where the restroom is」

Nei-san finally revived from Katsuko-nee’s words.
She gets up naked…

「There’s a restroom in the hallway outside this room!…Come with me!」

She offered Maika-chan her hand.

「…But, uhm」

Maika-chan’s only putting on a white blouse.
She’s not wearing neither bra nor panties.

「Hurry up…Do you intend to leak out?」

Nei-san’s rushing her…
Maika-chan has given priority to getting out of the room.


She then stands up.

「Yeah, this way…!」

Nei-san pulls Maika-chan’s hand.
She desperately conceals her small ass spilling out from the hem of her blouse with her hand.
She walks in small steps bashfully…
The big door opens…
Nei-san and Maika-chan go out…

◇ ◇ ◇

As soon as the door closed, Katsuko-nee leaked a sigh…

「…Hmmm. I thought that she’d get on board if we went this far」

She operates the laptop while speaking.
Margo-san from the other room is reflected on the screen.

「…What should we do, Margo-sama?」

Margoo-san seems to be troubled too.

『She’s Shirasaka Yukino’s little sister so I thought that she’d definitely have a lewd constitution but…it seems that she’s a bit different』

The door opens and the naked Nei-san comes back alone.

「For the time being, I let her enter the closest restroom…Maika-chan hasn’t noticed it but it’s locked from the outside so she can’t get out」

Nei-san got a bit energetic.

「It would hurt if she’s an unpleasant woman like Yukino-san but…Maika-chan seems to be a good girl」

Misuzu said.

「Yeah…Cute and obedient girl…so it really hurts that we’re fooling her」

Nei-san sighs and sits in a chair.

「I’ve put in plenty of aphrodisiac into Maika-sama’s drink so…I think her body should be itching for it. But, her mind…」

Katsuko-nee has a troubled face.
It seems that the play time is over.
Misuszu is calling her 「Maika-chan」…Katsuko-nee is calling her 「Maika-sama」

『It seems that the relatives that took care of her in Shizuoka when she was a child lived in quite an orderly house. It’s an unforeseen response』

Margo-san’s at her wits end too.

「Or rather…Her body’s grown up and yet her heart’s that of a child. She’s got an inferiority complex so she’s saying 『I want to become an adult』but…Her real self is thinking that she’s still a child」

Nei-san’s explanation is very easy to understand…
She’s still thinking that she’s 『Still a child』yet says 『I want to become an adult』…
『I want to grow up soon』isn’t equal to 『I’ll become a real adult』
Maika-chan’s in that valley.
She’s in the delicate phase where she can’t become neither an adult nor a child…
14 years old…second year middle school.

Katsuko-nee operates her laptop.

「Should we take a look at Maika-sama’s state in the toilet?」

This mansion’s toilet has hidden cameras in there
I’ve seen Yukino’s urination scene before…
Nobody’s thinking that Maika-chan’s actually peeing…
If she’s depressed and crying, it would be troublesome.
We peeked in the monitor.


Katsuko-nee’s surprised by what she saw on the monitor.
…Maika-chan is…
…Masturbating inside the toilet.
She’s leaking out hot breaths…
Her middle finger of her right hand is touching her clitoris and vagina.

『…It seems our strategy has showed it’s effects』

Margo-san analyzes…

「Margo-sama, if we keep pushing her, do you think that Maika-sama would fall by the end of the day?」

Margo-san answered Katsuko-nee’s question.

『I think that it will be impossible for today…Let’s let today pass and do the same thing for two, no, three more days…improving her favor towards Yoshida-kun at the same time, she’ll surely fall』

…I see
Then, we have to give up for today.
We can’t do anything but wait for the next opportunity…

「But…Do you think that Maika-chan would come to this mansion for the next visit? There’s the possibility that she got scared and won’t approach again?」

Misuzu said that.

『There’s that too…We have to do it somehow by today』

Margo-san said.

『This is all part of Minaho’s revenge on Shirasaka Sousuke』
「That’s right. We won’t achieve revenge unless Shirasaka Sousuke returns to the country with Maika-chan immersed in sex」
『Also…we have Mr. Viola’s matter too. We’d like to finish this by the end of the day…!』

…I see
The bad person aiming at Nei-san might come.

「…That’s right, we have to do something」

…Do something?

『Yoshida-kun…The toilets in here are easily opened from the outside』


「This mansion is a brothel, don’t you remember? It’s easy to open from the outside so that the guest won’t confine women inside the toilet or do something strange inside」

Katsuko-nee explains.

「Sometimes…there are customers who use dangerous drugs in the restroom. Cocaine and the likes of it…do you get it?」
「That’s why…the restrooms in the mansion are strictly monitored. The hidden cameras aren’t there for just mere perverted hobby…」
「…I see」
「Also, there’s a lot of older guests, right? It would be troublesome if they collapsed in the toilet…That’s why we have a special key」

…So that’s how it is?

『You have to turn the knob to the left three times with all your might and the lock will be released…』

Margo-san told me.
Opening Maika-chan’s restroom…
…What am I going to do?

「…I will hold down Maika-sama」

Katsuko-nee said.

「I’ll hold her down too」

…Nei-san too

「…Misuzu will help you」

Misuzu…what help?

「That’s why…You have to rape Maika-sama」

Katsuko-nee tells me.


My head goes blank…
No…I’ve always thought about violating Maika-chan…
Who’d think that I’m going to do it forcibly?!

『…Should I go too?』

Margo-san speaks from the screen.

「It’s okay…Katsuko and he will do it. We don’t need help from anyone else」
「That’s right. There’s no way we can just leave Danna-sama to Katsuko-sama alone…!」

…Is this okay?
Are we going to rape Maika-chan forcibly?2
Are we going to assault a middle school student by force?

『…Are you okay, Yoshida-kun?』

Margo-san speaks to me in worry…
Katsuko-nee embraces me tightly.

「Sorry! We’re making you feel unpleasant…But, Ojou-sama’s revenge won’t be over unless we do it!!」

…Yuzuki-sensei’s revenge
The grudge of her sister and herself…
Forcibly raped, made to sell themselves…even got pregnant.
Sensei’s body can no longer bear a child…
Her little sister was killed…
For that revenge…
Sensei…won’t be able to rest easy unless Shirasaka Sousuke’s daughters fall.
For her and her sister’s sake…
Yukino and Maika-chan…

「I’m also asking you! Please do it for Sensei’s sake!」

Nei-san says so.

『I will ask of you too. Yoshida-kun!』

…Margo-san too


What did Megumi say again?…
Oh right, she said「It can’t be helped already」…

Everyone gave up on Maika-chan already.


I spoke to everyone.

「…I’ll do it alone」

…That’s right.
…That’s the only choice.

「I will rape Maika-chan alone…!」


  1. That’s surprisingly accurate. lol
  2. I mean, rape is forced, what are you thinking? Consented rape?