Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 913. Night of Fun / Hey, the Skies



『 What are you going to do? Otome-san, Hey! 』

Inside the room that detains the 9 daughters of Yakuza;

Tokuda Sonoko-san and Shigeyo-san are exhausted as their fathers raped them multiple times.

The twin sisters used for lolicon movies watch the situation unfold.

A quiet girl sits on the corner.

Then, a blonde-haired, red-haired, and perm haired girls continue to blame Tendou Otome.

2+2+1+3+Tendou Otome = Total of nine people.

『 Give me a moment. I mean, don’t make too much noise! Sonoko and Shigeyo are still down 』

Tendou Otome glared at the three girls.

『 But 』

『 True, if they have us captured in here, then.. 』

『 I mean, I’m hungry. We all are 』

『 Aaaaah! I want to eat something! Like ramen! 』

『 Or Takoyaki! 』

『 Seriously, can’t do you something? Otome-san! 』

They continue to complain without care.

Tendou Otome’s also confined in the same room as them.

They should know that they can’t do anything.

『 Anyway, wait for a little longer, if I see someone I know I’ll talk to them 』

Tendou Otome said.

『 But, nobody’s coming at all 』

『 True! It’s already two hours since then! 』

『 As if! It hasn’t been an hour since we woke up and the doctors came in to check us up 』

『 Wait, no way? I’m sure it’s been longer than that! Otome-san! 』

『 Dammit! They took away my phone, now we can’t tell what time it is 』

Oh, they took away their means of communication outside.

『 Otome-san. I feel like I’m going to die from hunger if this goes on. I don’t want that 』

The blonde-haired girl said.

『 That’s right. If this is how it ends, I would survive by eating off Sonoko!! 』

The red-haired.

『 I mean, they should bring back our phones. I just bought a new one 』

The perm haired girl said.

『 I get it, I’ll do something about food and your phones, give me time 』

Tendou Otome doesn’t flip out on them despite all the selfish complaints.

She feels responsible for the girls as their leader.

『 Earlier, the white-robed guys came to check on us, didn’t they? If they want to kill us off, then they won’t take our blood! That’s why I don’t think they’ll leave us to die. Someone will check on our status before long. That’s why we should wait for a little longer 』

Observing Tendou Otome from the monitors say that…

「 Hmm, it looks like she can view the situation objectively 」

「 Right. If she lost her cool there, it would be a waste 」

Edie and Minaho-neesan said.

「 I don’t think she can join Kouzuki SS, but, I think that she’s useful once Kudou-san trains her and she starts working on the underground society 」

We will leave Tendou Otome in Michi’s father’s care?

No, yeah, she suits that group more.

「 Oh well. I can now understand the affairs between Tendou Otome-san and the 8 girls in the room 」

Minaho-neesan turns to Kinoshita-san.

「 Kinoshita-san. Could you cut off their audio and replace it with their fathers, I want to hear the situation in Tendou Sadao’s room 」

「 Okay, got it 」

Kinoshita-san operates the pc.

「 Okay, now concentrate on the middle screen 」

We look at the monitor Minaho-neesan pointed.

In there is…

『 Tendou Sadao-san. What’s going to happen to us? 』


『 That’s right! I don’t want this! They’re going to kill us! 』

『 I mean, I’m hungry. Can’t they give us some meal or something? 』

『 No thanks, I don’t want to be tortured with a full belly 』

『 If that’s how it will end, I’m going to kill Tokuda and eat his meat 』

『 Don’t eat Tokuda! Tokuda’s not delicious! 』

『 Let’s negotiate with the people outside, Sadao-san! 』

『 Tendou Aniki 』

『 Tendou-san!!! 』

What the hell is this?

The other members all blame Tendou Sadao, it’s nothing different from the room earlier.

However, more people are blaming him here.


Just like with the room of the daughters, some people don’t talk and just sit on the corner of the room.

『 Stop right there! 』

Tendou Sadao speaks in a low tone.

『 I’m also thinking here! Turning the tables is like putting the cart before the horse! 』

I get about turning the tables, but why would you talk about putting the cart before the horse here?

『 But you know, Tendou Aniki! 』

『 Anyway, I’m sure that the big bosses from Kansai will hear about our great efforts! We are heroes, and we’re the heroes that will lead to more harassments to Kouzuki house 』

Err, but not a single plan of Tendou Sadao succeeded though?

『 Do the bosses from Kansai know that we’re captured? 』

『 Don’t say that we’ve successfully infiltrated the secret facility of Kouzuki! We can continue pretending that they have us captured. Right? 』

Tendou Sadao looks at the old men and women in the room.

『 Well, yeah, if you look at it that way, sure 』

『 That’s right! Change how the way you look at it! All you have to do is look at the world in a slightly slanted position. Look don on it. Then, you can see everything clearly. That’s the truth of this world 』

What is this guy talking about?

『 From their perspective, they have captured the enemy. But, from our perspective, we now have sneaked into their belly. Ain’t that, right? Am I right? Tell me I’m right 』

He speaks full of confidence and so the Yakuza around him fell silent.

『 The fight is just about to begin. We need to escape from this room first. I’m sure that they also brought the bombs we had. We’re going to use those! We’re going to blow up this building! DOBOCHOON!! Something like that 』

Why would the onomatopoeia sound like that?

『 If their own building explodes and is set on fire, that will be a big damage to Kouzuki house. And if there are casualties, then that’s the better. Anyway, this will be in the news and gossip shows, and what’s left is for the journalists under our bosses’ control to mix truth and lies and spread news 』

Do you think that your makeshift plan will work this late?

『 But, Tendou-san, I’d like to ask… 』

One of the Yakuza speaks.

『 Sure, I think that’s a great plan, but, I think that we already worked hard enough at this moment 』

『 Huh? 』

Tendou Sadao glares at the guy in displeasure.

『 T-That’s right! I think we already fulfilled our duty enough, coming from Kansai to Tokyo 』

『 Yeah, that’s right, I think that we can come back home to Kansai now. Really 』

『 I mean, I’m hungry. Tendou-san, do you have any food? 』

Tendou Sadao;

『 What are you talking about?! You’ve done nothing since we arrived in Tokyo but to eat everything in the cheap hotel that we’re hiding and eat everything else 』

He throws his anger at the guys who keep complaining.

『 All you did is eat, drink alcohol, masturbate, and nyan-nyan with Tokuda’s daughter!!! 』


『 The only people who worked are Otome and me! We brought your daughters to Tokyo yet they were useless! 』

『 That’s not true. Otome-chan said that she’ll do everything, and so our daughters didn’t do anything! 』

『 That’s right! That girl said that she’ll do everything! 』

『 That’s why we had so much free time that we couldn’t do anything but nyan-nyan with Tokuda’s daughter@ 』

Just what the hell is Nyan-nyan?

Is it some kind of code?

『 I mean, Tendou-san, you relied on Otome-chan on everything and you didn’t do anything! 』

Tendou Sadao…

『 You fool! I sent my beloved daughter to a place to die! I handed Otome poison and told her to die inside the Kouzuki mansion! It’s all for the organization, for our bosses, and for our seniors! I had to steel my heart for that! Do you have the courage to do that?! 』

The room quiets down.

『 No, Tendou-Aniki, but Otome-chan’s alive and well, right? 』

One of the old men said.

『 That’s right. I saw her, it was her who brought the enemies to us 』

Hearing that…

Iwasaki Hiromi was the last one wearing a jacket with explosives and had Sonoko-san as her hostage.

『 Otome-chan betrayed us, didn’t she? 』

The Yakuza looked at Tendou Sadao coldly.

『 Don’t try to say it 』

Tendou Sadao shouts.

『 I’m the one in most pain knowing that my daughter betrayed me!! My daughter! Why did you sell your soul to the devil!! You’ve ridiculed us!! How far have you gone?! You even went to Iwaki plains!!!! 』

Tendou Sadao resists his ties.

『 Tendou Aniki, what is that? 』

『 You don’t know about it? It’s poetry! It’s Charles Baudelaire’s poem! I can’t, I can’t. my rainbow knowledge is seeping out 』


「 It’s mountain village Bochou 」

Edie knows about it. Just what do you not know?

「 He died 1924, so it has no copyright 」

「 I-I see 」

Tendou Sadao…

『 Anyway! There should be another team that’s in the lookout for us. Therefore, our bosses should know that we’re captured, and that team should be moving by now 』


Tendou Sadao doesn’t know that we also captured Irokuchou Ichirou’s team.

『 The enemy should lower their guards now that they have captured us. The monitoring team should be around this building, once we escape from here, I’m sure that they will catch up. I’m sure of that. I’m undoubtedly sure of that!!! 』

He insists is logic.

『 I’m sure that the enemy will come to negotiate with us 』

Tendou Sadao points at the closed door.

『 Huh? Why would they negotiate with us? 』

『 Why? Do you not know?! That’s because I’m Tendou Sadao! 』


『 Otome, that rotten bitch betrayed us, but humans have a conscience! Do you think that brat will abandon her father, the man she’s indebted to, the great chivalric sun, the alpha male among males, the invincible, respected, kyoukaku of the 21st century!!! I’m sure that she’s crying right now and asking to “Save father, at least him!” 』


『 Then, I’m sure that this daughter of mine will talk about my great achievements, and it will heat up the guys at Kouzuki. Yes, I’m sure of it. I know my daughter. I’m sure that she regrets betraying us now! Now cry! Weep! And beg those guys to save your father’s life! 』

『 Uhm, what about us? 』

『 I mean, I’m still hungry 』

Tendou Sadao’s friends are fed up.

『 Eeei! Shut up! Or in English, Shaddap!! I was at the best part just now! 』

He continues with his stupid imagination.

『 When they hear about Otome’s story while she’s crying. Kouzuki guys will cry too. I’m sure that there will be a river of tears. The big head will surely drop his cane. Then, he will say; “I can’t let someone that wonderful stay confined! Hurry up and let him go!” Then the subordinates will come to release us! That door lock will open up and the door will open. Then, they will check on us 』

Tendou Sadao continues his one-man show.

『 “We’re very sorry for confining you all in this filthy room. Now, let’s go out. We have a carriage prepared for you. And we have a three-day meal feast prepared” 』

『 I’m hungry 』

One of the Yakuza mutters.

Then, Tendou Sadao pointed at him.

『 And at that moment, you! You’ll do it 』

『 W-What about me? 』

『 That’s right, it’s you who’ll rush in at the underlings of Kouzuki! Shoulder attack 』

『 You mean ramming? 』

『 Yeah! Then, following that is you! You’re going to give them a flying kick! Since this guy is hungry, he’s three times faster and more powerful! I’m sure that the underlings would be a piece of cake 』

『 No, but, Tendou-Aniki 』

『 You guys didn’t go to school so you don’t know, but humans only use ten percent of their latent potential! And the remaining ninety percent is released when you’re at a scene of fire!! It burns the space cosmos!!! 』

『 Then, we can knock out everyone that goes through that door?! 』

『 That’s right! We’re going to use that opportunity!! Then, we’re going to escape to the exit! Concentrate all our souls to escaping from here. And so, Tokuda! 』

Tendou Sadao looks at the man hanging his head in the room.

『 You’re going to look for the explosives that we had in this building and we’re going to blast this place out 』


『 They should have it in here, and so we’re going to blow ourselves up in this building. You’re going to look for that and detonate it. And make sure that you take as many soldiers with you 』

What is this guy talking about?

『 You’re an idiot so let me tell you beforehand. Make sure that we have escaped safely first before blowing yourself up. If you try to get us dragged into the explosion, then I’m going to make sure to beat you up! 』

Why would you still beat someone who blew up?

『 Then that means, Aniki, we’re going to focus on escaping at full speed? 』

『 That’s not it! The lookout team will rescue us, and so once we find the car of the Kansai members, we’re going to jump in there 』

『 Oh, I see 』

I wonder what do we do with these guys?

『 That’s enough jokes now 』

Iwasaki Hiromi said.

『 Besides, we don’t even know if it’s the guys from Kouzuki house who captured us, and it’s not time for you to blow yourself up in your imagination 』

『 Bitch, don’t call it imagination. You’re making me Yomeko-chan who can see dreams! 』

Tendou Sadao flares up at her, but…

『 Oh, you shut up! 』

She glared back at Tendou.

『 There wasn’t anyone from Kouzuki SS that assaulted us. They were children that look like they’re high school students 』

『 Speaking of which, you’re right, Nee-san 』

『 Oh, you’re right. Right 』

The Yakuza guys nodded.

『 Kouzuki SS should be adults, right? But I can’t find any reason why would they send children to fight us 』

Iwasaki Hiromi said.

『 Then, what does that mean, Nee-san? 』

One of the Yakuza asks.

『 I think it’s the bodyguards of the Kouzuki house’s young ladies? 』

Replied the guy named Tokuda.

『 Fucker, don’t speak when you’re not asked 』

『 You’re rude to Nee-san! 』

『 You’re getting arrogant, aren’t you, Tokuda?! 』

The Yakuza threatens Tokuda.

『 Shut up 』

Iwasaki Hiromi scolds them.

『 I’ve been thinking about it too. What if that stupid Otome didn’t come crying to Kouzuki SS, but the young ladies of Kouzuki house? She’s in “L-word” with Tokuda-san’s daughter 』

『 Oh, “Lesbian?” 』

『 Correct. She wants to save her, so she’s cried, asking for help. Then, the young ladies had her personal servants move for her 』

Iwasaki Hiromi infers.

『 Kouzuki SS follows the head of Kouzuki house. And so, they won’t move even if the young lady makes a request. Therefore, they had to move their own bodyguards 』

She thinks that it’s like that.

Well, they can’t guess that we have a close relationship with Shou-neechan.

Then, Tendou Sadao.

『 Wait. There was this weird named woman when Otome called me, Mine Ryuuko 』

「 Fuji Mineko 」

Minaho-neesan speaks with a disgusted tone.

『 I mean, that woman is from the prostitution ring, right? The one that had a deal with Kouzuki house 』

I guess they know info about Minaho-neesan.

They’re also residents of the underground society.

『 Then, the bodyguards of the young ladies used that woman because they’re acquainted, I guess? If they can’t move Kouzuki SS, then they can’t use that woman either 』

It shouldn’t be Minaho-neesan but instead a member of Kouzuki SS who handled the negotiation.

「 Hmm. They’re the typical smart idiots 」

Edie appraised Iwasaki Hiromi’s reasoning.

「 They use only the information that they have, and they don’t think that there’s something bigger hidden in the background. She’s smart, but she lacks imagination and insight 」

I think so too.

『 Then that means, it’s the subordinates of the Kouzuki’s young ladies who have us captured? This great chivalric sun, Tendou Sadao?! 』

Tendou Sadao bursts in dissatisfaction.

『 Stupid! If the enemy’s a child then we can deal with them! 』

Isawaki Hiromi smiled.

『 Furthermore, their numbers are less compared to Kouzuki SS 』

However, the Yakuza.

『 But Nee-san, they’re absurdly strong! 』

『 They knocked me out in one hit too! 』

『 They’re children, but they’re still bodyguards of Kouzuki house. If we fight them, they’ll just beat us up! 』

The guys who fell unconscious from Michi’s Shingetsu don’t know what happened and so they don’t remember the details, but…

Those who Edie and Haiji-san knocked out knows how strong the girls are.

『 That’s why we need to use dirty tactics. Like using a hostage 』

Iwasaki Hiromi said.

『 Hostage? What? Hiromi? 』

Tendou Sadao asks.

『 I mean. I think that it’s the children who are watching us. Therefore, if we can catch one of them, we can take them as a hostage, right? 』

『 But, Nee-san. What if it’s the absurdly strong girl who’s watching us? 』

『 That’s right, they’ll deal with us before we could get a hostage! 』

『 It’s impossible! Can’t do it! 』

However, Iwasaki Hiromi…

『 Didn’t I tell you? We’re against children here. They should be less cautious compared to Kouzuki SS professionals 』

She looked around the room.

『 Yeah, this should be good enough 』

She points at the door.

『 Tokuda-san, sorry to ask you, but… 』

Iwasaki Hiromi looks at Tokuda.

『 Could you hang yourself over there? 』


『 You need to hang your neck and the guys would make a fuss, saying “he’s dead, he’s dead!” Then, the guy watching over would peek inside in worry, right? If there’s a dead body swaying around inside the room, they’ll have to check inside. But you know, they could be a bodyguard of the young lady, but I’m sure that they will get scared when they see a dead body! 』

『 I see, we can use that chance to take the child as a hostage 』

Tendou Sadao agreed.

『 I see. Anyway, we can take one hostage, and since the opponent is a child, they can’t go against our demands! 』

『 I’m going to eat a lot! 』

『 Idiot! We need to escape first! 』

Iwasaki Hiromi to the yakuza named Tokuda.

『 With that said, Tokuda-san, go ahead and hang yourself in that room 』

『 Yeah, you can die for us gallantly, Tokuda 』

The old men and women in the room looked at Tokuda.