Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 929. Night of Flirting / Sex education for the twins (Observation Arc 1)



「 Let’s switch, Mana-san 」

Tsukiko who’s teasing my penis, speaks to Mana.

「 Yes, this time, Mana will touch Onii-chan 」

Mana takes off her half-undressed dress…She comes to me naked.

Meanwhile, Tsukiko lets go of her hand and goes to the bed.

「 It’s my turn to show my naked body 」

Tsukiko smiled and begins her strip show

On the other hand, Mana…

「 Okay, let’s undress Onii-chan too 」

She squats on my legs and takes off my underwear.

「 Kou-sama, ufufufu 」

Tsukiko suddenly goes under her skirt…

Then, she takes off her panty.

「 Yes. Now I’m naked below my skirt 」

She gently throws the panty she took off.

「 Wow, Tsukiko-san, you seem to be into some perverted stuff! 」

Nei says while recording Tsukiko through the camera.

「 It’s not my preference 」

Tsukiko smiled.

「 Kou-sama wants me to do that 」


I imagined that it would be great if she did that. I sure did.

That prim and stoic image of a shrine maiden…

I want to see it turn lewd, disheveled.

「 Yes, certainly 」

Is it good or bad that she can read my thoughts?

She knows all of my desires.

「 It’s Kou-sama anyway, so there’s no problem 」

Tsukiko smiled.

「 After all, Kou-sama never hides any secret from us from the start 」

「 That’s right. Sensei’s honest anytime, anywhere 」

Yomi said.

「 You see, I know that I’m dumber than others. I don’t think I can make a good lie or bargain while trying to fool someone. I’m not a battle manga protagonist 」

I said.

「 No, Kou-sama, dumber people are inclined to lie to others more 」


「 Yeah, Tsukiko-oneesama’s right. Dumber people think that they can deceive others because they’re superior 」

The sisters who can read thoughts give their testimony.

「 All of the ordinary men lie. 」 We know that 」

「 Yes, that’s the truth 」

Tsukiko and Yomi smiled.

「 Sensei never lies, and so Yomi, Tsukiko-oneesama, Luna, and Koyomi-chan can live their lives in peace 」

「 It’s true. It’s always been troublesome trying to deal with people who lie and try to fool us 」

Yeah, during the time when the Kansai Yakuza meddles with the Takakura shrine.

Especially Tsukiko who hid her Miko power.

At that time, Yomi only had the compelling power, her mind-reading hasn’t awakened yet.

「 I can see their ugly hearts and yet I had to pretend that I don’t. It was hard 」


「 But, I’m happy now 」

She throws off her blouse.

「 Ufufu. Tsukiko-oneechan’s body is beautiful 」

Mana says while caressing my penis gently.

「 Really? Mana-san is beautiful too 」

Tsukiko said.

「 Yeah, Mana’s growing more beautiful 」

Controlling her meals and training her body line. She does her best to exercise to ripen her beautiful body.

It’s not sports training.

If you train your body too much during the growth period, it might hinder growth instead.

She tightens up the spots that need to tighten and she stimulates the growth of parts that needs growth.

She checks the degree of growth every day, and…

She continues training herself to become a beautiful girl.

「 Thank you, Onii-chan. But, I’m still ways to go. Look forward to three years later! 」

Mana dreams to debut as a supermodel when she’s 17 years old.

「 I’m jealous, Mana-san is still in her growth period. She will grow to become more beautiful 」

Tsukiko said…

「 What are you talking about? Onee-san, you’re also beautiful 」

「 Really. You’re saying that despite having such a fine body

The twins speak harshly yet honest.

「 I mean, why is it that everyone that’s coming here is all beauties!? 」

「 Yeah! I don’t get it! 」

Is that what they really think? Or are they still planning something?

「 If you have so many beauties around you, why does Onii-san want us? 」

「 Yes, he asks for too much. Right, Eri-chan? 」

「 Right, Rie-chan. He shouldn’t want pebbles in the riverbed like us, should he? 」

「 Onii-san, don’t force yourself 」

It’s the latter.

「 Girls like us don’t have the right curves 」

「 Touching us won’t give you pleasure either 」


「 No, you two have good bodies for girls of your age. At least, you’ve grown enough that you can take in an erect penis inside you girls 」

The twins panicked.

「 T-That’s not true, right? Rie-chan 」

「 That’s right, Eri-chan’s right 」

「 Our bodies are like matchsticks. 」

「 We’re top-heavy, small, and frail! 」

The twins don’t know when to give up.

「 No. You’re beautiful enough right now and will grow to become more beautiful in the future 」

Tsukiko says while taking off her clothes.

「 That’s right. When Onii-chan’s penis goes deep inside you, and he pours in his semen in your womb, you’ll become more beautiful 」

Mana smiles.

「 T-That’s not true 」

「 Yeah, that’s weird 」

「 It’s nothing weird. Didn’t you say it earlier? 」

Ruriko told the twins.

「 You said that we’re all beautiful. We weren’t this beautiful back then 」

「 That’s right! We all have sex with Yo-chan, and that’s why we become beautiful 」

No, look.

「 That’s not true. Ya-chan, you were already extremely beautiful since I first met you 」

Those were my thoughts.

「 Huh? Was it? 」

Nei plays dumb.

「 Ruriko’s also really beautiful and cute. Tsukiko, you have that mysterious beauty that you have now, and Yomi’s cheerfulness is beautiful. And Mana, you were already cute back then 」

I couldn’t be the only one that changed my women to this much beauty.

They’re all charming, cute, and beautiful women.

「 Thanks, Onii-chan 」

Mana smiled, and then, she pokes my hard penis.

「 But, it’s true that we all became more beautiful thanks to Onii-chan 」

「 Indeed. Back then, I was just a hopeless delinquent whose heart is distorted 」

Nei said.

「 Me too, I’m nothing but a boring girl raised like a spoiled brat 」


「 Meanwhile, I was an insolent and charmless girl 」


「 And I was in despair back then 」


「 As for me, I’m only a bad girl who caused troubles to my precious sisters 」


「 We don’t know much about our outward appearance but, our insides were never beautiful. And when we met Kou-sama, that dirt is wiped away, cleaned up 」

Tsukiko speaks to me again.


「 Uhm, I think that Onee-san will get angry if I say this, but… 」

「 Yeah, I get you. Eri-chan 」

The twins speak.

「 We only see you all as crazy people 」

「 Onii-san too. You’re not normal 」

「 You all are weird 」

「 This is weird 」

「 To be honest, it’s disgusting 」

「 Yeah, it’s disgusting. Eri-chan 」

They show their displeasure towards us.

「 I get it. Despite all this, we still need to have sex with Onii-san, right? 」

「 If not, they’re not letting us live 」

「 But, I can’t accept it no matter what 」

「 Yeah, we can’t agree with the way of life they have 」

「 I can’t agree with all this 」

「 That’s right, you all are crazy people 」


「 Yeah. Of course. If you look at it from an objective point of view, we’re inconsistent and disgusting 」

I get that.

「 But, we have no choice. This is the only way of life we have 」


「 Nei-oneesan, even if you tell the girls that, they won’t understand. And since they don’t understand, they never will 」

Mana said.

「 Also, Kou-sama, their opinion is never objective 」

Tsukiko smiles.

Right, these twins aren’t ordinary either.

Their parents sell videos of them to lolicon and even put their virginity to auction.

That’s the reality that’s normal for the twins.

「 Hey, Onii-chan, concentrate on us for now 」

Mana turned to me.

「 Do you girls know about it? Oh well, I think you already do 」

Mana opens up her mouth and then stuffs my dick inside.

「 W-We know that much! 」

「 T-That’s fellatio, right? 」

「 Father showed it to us in a video 」

「 It’s my first time seeing a dick get swallowed that vividly through 」

「 We also did a pseudo-fellatio for the lolicon videos, right? Rie-chan 」


「 Well, the fish sausage looked like a penis. Then, you stuff it in 」

「 Father and Mother taught us how to do it 」

「 You shape your mouth like you’re speaking “U” and “O” and then you make lots of salivae to get it wet 」

「 Our pseudo-fellatio videos were famous 」

「 That’s right. I hate fish sausage though 」

「 It’s not delicious 」

「 They had us suck on the same fish sausage for at least one hour 」

「 The taste becomes duller until you don’t know what you’re licking 」

I don’t even get what I’m hearing.

「 Eh? Onii-chan’s penis tastes delicious though 」

Mana crawls her tongue on my glans with an ecstatic look

「 I will do the same 」

The naked Tsukiko draws her beautiful face on my crotch.

「 Then, Mana will lick the testicles! 」

Mana moves her tongue down, giving the tip to Tsukiko.

「 But, Rie-chan. That’s thicker than the fish sausage, isn’t it? 」

「 It’s thick, and the tip part is huge 」

「 If he shoved that in, it will bust a hole in our stomach 」

「 We might die from massive bleeding 」


The twins should be able to have sex.

They’re much more developed than Agnes and Mana.


「 Ugh, Woah 」

I unconsciously leaked out a voice of pleasure.

「 What’s up, Onii-chan? 」

Mana asks while looking up at me.

「 It feels good. Mana and Tsukiko, you two move your tongue where it stimulates me the most 」

Furthermore, they’re good at it.

「 The two of you have different texture and temperature with your tongues, it’s great 」

「 Ufufu, I’m happy 」

Tsukiko smiles.

「 Mana-san, take care of this. Kou-sama seems to want breasts now 」

Eeeh, ah.

「 Okay! Mana will continue fellating 」

Once again, Mana holds my penis in her mouth.

Tsukiko gets up and draws her nicely shaped breasts before my eyes.

「 Here, Kou-sama 」

「 Yeah 」

I bury my face on Tsukiko’s soft breasts.

I suck on her pink nipples.

「 Ufu, it feels good, it’s a satisfying feeling 」

Tsukiko said.

「 My breasts have grown one size thanks to Kou-sama’s embrace 」


「 Ah, Yomi too! 」

Huh, that breasts of yours are still growing, Yomi?

「 The bra I had so far is getting painful so I bought a new bra last week 」

I see.

「 Look, when there’s two serving Kou-sama, he can enjoy breasts of one while the other serves him with her mouth 」

Tsukiko speaks to the twins.

「 You girls will do the same. Watch closely, ahn~ 」

Tsukiko gasps when I started biting her nipples.

「 Geez, Kou-sama 」

She gently wraps my head and pats my hair.

「 Tsukiko-oneechan, is it enough? 」

Mana says while checking the hardness of my penis.

「 Yes. Then, Kou-sama, please lie down on the bed 」

「 I’m below this time? 」

「 It’s for the girls 」

They might feel fear when the male is on top when having sex.

But, if I lie down and the woman is on top.

The woman will take the lead on insertion and movement, so…

It doesn’t look as scary as the former.

「 Besides, we can show how we connect to them clearer with this 」

Tsukiko says as she reads my thoughts.

Right, it would be hard to look at the connected part when we’re doing missionary.

「 Okay 」

I lie down on the bed and spread my arms and legs.

「 Mana-san, you can go first 」

Tsukiko smiles.

「 I think that they’ll accept it better if you go first as you’re close to their age 」

Compared to Tsukiko’s mature body…

Mana’s young body is…

「 Roger that, Tsukiko-taichou 」

Mana jokingly said.

Then, she gets on top of me.

Yeah, she’s posing like she’s about to pee in the toilet.

「 Watch closely, don’t look away 」

Tsukiko orders the twins.

「 Okay~ Look at Mana’s crotch! 」

Mana spreads her legs to an M shape on top of my body.

Mana’s slit is already wet.

Her dripping juice drips down on my abdomen.

「 Now everyone, look at Mana’s right hand! This will show my ordinary pussy that has no seed for today 」

She faces the twins and opens up her slit.

Love nectar drips down a string.

「 W-What’s with that? It’s a bit too grotesque 」

「 Yeah, it’s a bit scary 」

It must be the twins’ first time to see someone else’s vagina.

It looks like they still haven’t gone for the hardcore route where they show inside their vagina for their lolicon videos.

「 No other thing has entered this place but Onii-chan’s penis. It’s a beautiful pussy! It’s used only for half a year 」

Mana smiles happily.

「 As for the hymen, nothing’s left because Onii-chan tore it cleanly. Look here. This is where Onii-chan penis shoves in 」

Mana grabs my penis and makes it touch her opening.

「 That thick thing will go inside? 」

「 That’s a lie! 」

I don’t think my dick is that huge though.

But, since the twins are still virgins, they see it as a big one.

「 Then, I’ll put it in! Onii-chan, can I? 」

「 Sure, Mana 」

I replied.

「 Everyone, I’ll go ahead 」

She speaks to Nei and Ruriko, not Tsukiko.

Mana starts lowering her hips.

「 Wow, it’s really going in! 」

「 That’s absurd. It’ll tear you! It might split you apart! 」

「 That won’t happen! I won’t split from this! Nguu 」

Mana narrows her entrance and pushes the tip into the part that she loves.

「 Are you sure you’re okay? 」

「 D-Does it hurt? 」

Sweat floats in Mana’s forehead.

「 It doesn’t hurt. When it rubs inside, my spine shivers! Aaaahn! Onii-chan’s penis feels good! 」

Mana says while her face is dyed in sexual pleasure.

「 No way, how far are you going to go Onee-san? 」

「 It can’t go further than that! 」

The twins are trembling, but…

Not even half of my penis is inside Mana.

「 It can still go in! Aaaaauuu! 」

Mana’s hips grind deeper.

「 See? This is the last stop 」

Mana swallows it all.

Our abdomens touch closely.

Mana’s taking a deep breath.

We’re now connected.

「 Wow, it went into the root 」

「 This Onee-san might be a monster 」

Sexual intercourse right in front of them.

Furthermore, it’s a young girl that’s only a year away from themselves.

The twins trembled.

「 I’m not a monster you know! I’m just a woman, and any woman can put this into the root 」

「 Indeed. You girls will welcome Kou-sama inside you soon 」

Tsukiko shows a gentle smile.

「 Even if you tell us that, right, Rie-chan? 」

「 Right, what’s impossible is impossible. Eri-chan 」

The image of themselves accepting a penis inside has become real inside their heads.

「 Also, this is important. You don’t just welcome Onii-chan’s penis deep inside you, but you need to use your whole pussy to squeeze and stimulate it 」

Mana slowly moves her hips.

「 Awawa, this is the movement we’ve seen from Father’s videos 」

「 Somehow, it’s gross 」

The twins watch my penis go in and out with earnest eyes.

「 Look, Onee-san’s pussy is dripping wet 」

「 Does this liquid or something make it easy to move? It has to be some lubricant or something 」

「 It makes both the pussy and the penis slippery, it’s for smoother movement 」

Mana said.

「 It feels better when it’s wetter! Aahn~ 」

She wriggles her hips on top of me.

Meanwhile, Tsukiko.

「 Kou-sama, let’s kiss 」

She gives my lips a passionate kiss.

She asks for my tongue.

Our tongues entwine.

「 Aah~ 」

I’m having sex and kissing different people, it’s arousing.

There’s a different girl making contact with my mucous membranes above and below.

「 Look at this, now, Mana will use her walls inside to rub Onii-chan’s penis 」

Mana moves her hips skillfully.

「 Then, the tip of Onii-chan’s penis rubs in from deep inside. It’s great. It feels amazing! Aaaah! Aaaah! Aafuuu 」

She moves to where it gives her pleasure.

「 W-What’s this?! This is weird, and yet… 」

「 This Onee-san looks like she’s feeling pleasure 」

The twins are taken aback by Mana’s actions.

「 After all, it’s Onii-chan! I will never have sex with anyone but Onii-chan 」

Mana’s whole body shines and she speeds up her hips.

「 I love you Onii-chan! I love having sex with Onii-chan! Aaahn~ I’m so happy! Mana is reaching ecstasy! 」

「 Sure, look at Mana-san, Kou-sama 」

Tsukiko stopped kissing me.

「 But, please use your hands to play with Tsukiko’s breasts 」

She leads my hand to her breasts.

「 Tsukiko will lick Kou-sama’s ears 」

Oh, her hot sighs and her tongue goes to my tongue.

「 Aaah, Onii-chan! Mana’s about to cum!! 」

Mana swings her body sexily on top of me.

「 Can Mana cum?! Please say that I can! Onii-chan! Onii-chan! Please, let me cum! Onii-chan 」


「 Yeah, go ahead Mana. Cum all you want!! 」

「 Yes! Onii-chan!!! Watch me! Onii-chan, look at Mana’s lewd cumming!!! 」

「 Yeah, I’m watching, Mana 」

「 Kufuuu~ I’m so happy!!! 」

At that moment.

Mana’s sexual pleasure jumps up and flies to the skies.

「 I’m cumming! I’m cumming! Mana’s cumming!!!! 」

Her young and petite body draws an arc on top of me.

Her young vagina clamps my penis tightly and it’s convulsing.

「 It feels good! Onii-chan!!!!! 」

Seeing Mana who’s enjoying the pleasures of sex…

The twins…

「 That feels good? 」

「 But, Onee-san looks like she does feel pleasure 」

They’re dumbfounded.