Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 931. Night of Flirting / Using the TELEPHONE / Ultimatum



「Still, this is great」

Tsukiko says while accepting me deep inside her.

「Making love while taking it easy and talking to Kou-sama like this」

Yeah, Tsukiko’s wet vagina tightens up from time to time.

I can feel the subtle movements inside with my whole penis.

It feels good.

Hurrying to make your partner climax, thinking that you need to match together when they climax, and to keep on mingling…

「Please do it with me next time, Onii-sama. This is also fun」

Ruriko who’s lying down together with us said.

「Mana too」

「Yomi wants to try this out too」

「Yo-chan, from now on, when we’re having an important talk, let’s do it while having sex」

Mana, Yomi, and Nei said.

The twins…

「Rie-chan, I don’t get them」

「Yeah, me too. Eri-chan」

「In Father’s videos, the old man always shoves it in and out of the woman」

「Right, then the woman gasps, saying “Please, spare me” and such 」

「There were women who were shouting “gumming” or something like the Onee-chan from earlier」

「That one was the normal one」

「Right. Gasping like a dog in summer and getting limp in the end, that’s what sex should be」

「If that’s the case, what is Onii-san doing right now?」

「Dunno. He’s taking it easy while having his penis shoved in」

「Is he not motivated?」

「I don’t get it」

「Right, we’re inexperienced in this」

As usual, the twins talk to themselves.

Nah, they’re pretending to have a closed conversation.

Yet, all they do is complain about our activities.

「Looking good, Yo-chan, I managed to connect it」

Nei pointed out.

She fixed the filming camera in place and connected her phone on the pc.

To put in practice the idea that she’s come up with Tsukiko.

First, hearing the opinion of people outside.

「You know, this building isolates all the radio waves inside, thus…」

Nei speaks while working it out.

「Even without using phones for calls, you can use remote-controlled wiretap since the base station radio waves still exist. I don’t know whether that’s true or not though」

This building is an old facility for Kouzuki SS. They’re cautious that a wiretap could be placed outside.

Therefore, this room has no windows.

If this place had windows, then someone can use a telescope from the outside and read what’s happening from the mouth movements.

They could use tools to know the conversation through the vibrations in the window.

Besides, the enemy Yakuza was just here earlier.

And we still have Tendou Otome and the daughters of Yakuza isolated.

The three girls and Shigeyo-san who will go home to her relatives already went out, but…

「That’s why, when using this building, you must operate using the equipment to check the transmission functions. You know, the one they use in hospitals and concert halls. They jam all reception and so no radio waves can go through」

Nei does something while having her phone attached to the pc.

「With that said, if I want to make a call from my phone to outside the building, I need to go through the line in this building. Okay, it’s connected now, I’m calling」

Nei turned to her phone with a smile.

「Now then, hmmm, what do I do?」


「Ah, hello? It’s me, Nei. Kana-chan? You’re free right now?」

Nei called Kana-senpai.

「What, me? I’m in the Kouzuki mansion right now. I mean, it’s a building not too far away from it」

This building is close to the main mansion’s main gate of Kouzuki house.

「Yeah. Naturally, I’m with Yo-chan. Oh, Mii-chan’s not here but Ruri-chan’s present. Also, Mana-chan, and we also have other girls who came to play」

Nei starts a fun conversation.

「Yeah. We came to Mii-chan’s party today! Ah, it’s not a party for us though, it’s a party for the girls who belong to the nobility who attend the same school as Mii-chan and Ruri-chan. Of course, I didn’t show myself. But you know, Yo-chan had to show up, Michi-chan and Edie are both bodyguards, oh right, Reika-oneechan’s also in here so the security is no problem, but still, the young ladies brought their bodyguards with them」


「Oh right, sorry, we’ll talk about this later! Look, Yo-chan has something he wants to ask Kana-chan about」

Noticing my gaze, Nei cuts straight to the main subject.

「Yeah, I’m giving the phone to him. Give me a sec」

Nei hands over the phone connected via cable to me.

While at it, she puts Kana-senpai’s voice on loudspeakers so others could hear it.

「Hello, it’s me」

『What’s up Nobu?』

As soon as she hears Kana-senpai’s bright voice.

Tsukiko’s vagina tightened up

「No, it’s nothing big」

『Also, what are you doing right now?』


I don’t think I can tell her that I’m in the middle of slow sex with Tsukiko.

「Well, let’s just say that I’m in a mix of various troubles, I guess?」

I replied for the time being.

『Oh, I guess it’s something I shouldn’t know. I won’t ask then』

Kana-senpai knows how to find a distinction.

That sense of balance of hers is what’s amazing about her.

「Well, as for what I want to consult Kana-senpai about, or should I say that I want some opinion, but..」

『Huh? What is it about? I mean, is my opinion useful as a reference? I don’t know much about the world of young ladies though』

「No, not that. It’s on the ordinary world」

I don’t have a sense of what’s normal.

I’m aware of that.

「You know, we all live in a world that’s not normal. So, we don’t know much about the views of ordinary people」

『Ah, so that’s why you called me』

Kana-senpai laughs.

『Well, I’m born commoner so it’s inevitable』

「N-No. That’s not it, Kana-senpai


「You see, among the people I know, Kana-senpai has the most friends and so you’ve seen various people. Besides, you don’t just look at them, Kana-senpai, you understand them」

『Me? What understand?』

Kana-senpai asks curiously.

「It’s about your opinion on balance. Kana-senpai, you have an eye for people」

『Hey, that’s flattery』

Kana-senpai looks like she’s having a sarcastic laugh.

But, that’s what I really think.

For example, when it comes to intelligence, by that I mean various information; Edie surpasses Kana-senpai.

But, Edie lived her life in a closed assassination cult and lived with us only for half a year.

Both aren’t from ordinary worlds.

The people she’s lived with aren’t ordinary.

「No, it’s true. I don’t think I have that ordinary sense either. That’s why I wanted to ask Kana-senpai. I’m serious」

Ruriko’s a high-class young lady, Mana’s raised fairly pampered.

Nei’s kidnapped by an American crime syndicate, and the Takakura sisters who were under the Yakuza’s control until now won’t know either.

Naturally, neither me whose abandoned by parents.

『Oh well. You went all the way to make a call, it must be a problem. So, what do you want to ask me』

Kana-senpai speaks brightly.

「Well, the problem is twins」


「Kana-senpai, do you have any acquaintances that are twins?」

『Hmm, I guess there’s two. The first set is classmates during elementary, and I’m also classmates with the younger twin right now. Oh, right, the senior of mine in middle school were twins too』

That’s plenty enough.

『Also, I have seen triplets too. When I was in elementary』

「No, the triplets are unnecessary. What I want to know about is twins」

I said.

『So it’s limited to female twins?』

I can hear Kana-senpai’s laughter from the other side of the phone.

「Yeah. The problem I have with the twins is that the two speak like they’re one. Like a two-person set meal or something. Of course, they have the same height and looks, and their personality is also alike」

The twins look at me in surprise.

「You two, quiet」

Tsukiko uses her power on the twins.

「If you raise your voice, then we’ll put you under our total control」

Yomi also smiled at the twins.

『Oh, I know twins like that』


『So, what’s Nobu’s problem?』

「Is this inborn because they’re twins? Or is it acquired?」

『What? Inborn? Acquired?』


「What I’m asking is that they’re born twins, and so they can feel each other’s emotions, and so they form as a single personality, or is it because of the environment the twins were born from, thus, it happened to be like this?」


『Hmm, That’s a hard question. You see, I just recalled the twins I know, can I talk about them?』

「Go ahead, I’ll listen」


『When I was in elementary, about 5th and 6th grade, there were twins in our class. They weren’t in the same class before, but the twins do stand out, and so people know about them. It’s in the same school after all』


『Well, I say that they stand out now, but it wasn’t because they have the same face, it’s about their clothes』

Their clothes?

『Look, I’ve been curious about fashion since I was young. The twins in elementary puts on the exact same clothes, albeit not every day』

Oh, just like Eri and Rie right now.

That said, Nei had them wear the same white school swimsuit though.

『They have the same face, and furthermore, they wear the same clothes, it got me interested. I mean, I also have a friend who’s born a year after her sister. You get it? What I mean is that she has only one elder sister. She also has the same face as her big sister. Then, that girl always tells me』

「What is it?」

『She said. “I hate wearing the same clothes as Onee-san.” In the end, since it’s in the elementary period, the Grandpas and Grandmas from the rural areas or relatives send clothes for children. Then, it’s a common pattern where they send two of the same clothes』

The grandparents and relatives think that sending the sisters different clothes creates a gap, and so…

They send them the same clothes to prevent any fights, or so they thought.

『But you know, we’re still in our 5th grade, and she already says “I don’t want to be together with Onee-san.” She doesn’t like her one-year-older Onee-san. I guess it’s because she thinks that she’s different from her sister」

I see.

I don’t have any siblings so I don’t get it.

『Then we reached 5th grade with that girl in my mind, and so when I saw the twins as my classmates for the first time, I thought that it’s weird. Why would the girls come to school wearing the same clothing every day? The twins are okay wearing the same fashion』

Kana-senpai said.

『That’s why, I gave up on thinking, and by chance, I met the twins in the school gate after school. That day, they were wearing the same T-shirt and skirt. They’re also wearing the same socks and same shoes. The only difference between them is the color of the hair clip they had』

Just like Eri and Rie.

They have different colored collars.

『I asked them, “Do you girls not hate that you wear the same clothes?” The twins looked at each other wonderingly and replied: “not really”』

They didn’t hate it?

『They said, “It’s been like this since we were babies” Besides, most of our clothes are bought together, so most of it is similar but different colors. That’s what’s normal to them so they didn’t mind』


『Therefore, I thought that the one-year gap sisters hate it, but the twins who were born at the same time, don’t feel displeased that they wear the same thing』

Kana-senpai said.

『Oh, I forgot to mention, only one of the twins was in my class. The other is in a different class. Somehow, the teachers purposely put them in a different class because the school’s policy says that they might huddle together all the time if they’re in the same class. They don’t mind it though』

Oh, just like how Eri and Rie are having conversations with just the two of them.

『Also, in our elementary school, you need to attend club activities in 5th grade. And the clubs also separate the twins if possible. Then, the girl in our class took the volleyball club, and the other goes to badminton. Anyway, they went to separate clubs』

Different classes, different clubs.

『Then, during that 5th grade, a lot happened. A hasty girl started dating a guy. And various hobbies start popping out, right? Like, those who didn’t look like they’ll become Otaku suddenly became one』

Oh, I get that.

I had some of my friends in elementary like that.

Despite having no pocket money from my parents, I still managed to play together with them, but…

When we reached the upper grades in elementary, most of them started having money.

I mean, since I don’t have money, only frank idiots come at me.

『Also, as expected, the class variety is also there. The one in charge of our class was a male teacher in his 30s, he’s in high spirits when it comes to school activities. Like, he gives our class a special training for the sports day. But, the other twin’s class is a female teacher nearing her retirement. That one teaches the students about the horrors of war in her lessons』


『Therefore, the twins during 5th grade were completely alike, but they’ve changed when it was nearing graduation in the 6th grade. Well, they still have the same face, and they still wear the same clothes, but their expression changed. You can’t distinguish them if they’re from far away, but If you look at them closely, you’ll know who’s who. The girl in our class is this, and the girl from the other class is that』

Difference between them showed up?

『Especially the girl in our class has a boyfriend, and the other girl is devoted to her club, it shows the difference between them. Their livelihood, goals, and attitude differed. Thus, their individual characteristics have become distinct』

Kana-senpai said.

『And so, returning to Nobu’s question. Well, the twins are similar that they’re like two in one, right? They’re just like the twins I know during 5th grade. I can’t really make a distinction whether it’s because they were born together, or it’s because of their environment in their life so far, but…』


『But, even if they’re twins, it doesn’t mean that they will live the same life all the time. They will go on separate directions and gain individuality. The classmate I had in elementary school was like that. They went to the same middle school but they went separate ways in high school it seems. I heard that the other became a badminton athlete and reached the finals of the inter-high athletics competition. Meanwhile, the other one started working on the convenience store around, but she became a little flashy. You know, they changed no matter what』

The twins can’t stay the same.

『I also have another twin I know. I thought about why I recalled the twins who were my seniors in the club late but it’s because they’re different. My senior was in the tennis club, and the twin sister of hers is in the Kendo club. They have the same face but the girl in the Kendo club is smart. She’s short-haired, or should I say that her hair is cut only until the crew cut length for men. You know, they have that thing they put in your head when doing Kendo. That’s why it only gets hot when you have long hair. But still, you know? Somehow, her personality turned very manly too. As for my senior, she’s playing tennis lazily. Speaking of which, they were twins…it didn’t leave a mark on me」

Oh, depending on the choice of what life they will take.

Their personality changes.

『That’s all for my story, but…』

Kana-senpai said.

「No, that was a lot. As expected of Kana-senpai, you see a lot more than me and know a lot more」

『Oh hey, stop that praising, it’s weird』

「No. I’ll do anything to return the favor」

『Eeh~ But I don’t really mind. I’m happy that Nobu gave me a call because you were having a problem』

She laughs.

『But next time, don’t make Nei-san do the call, call me yourself』

「Ah, sorry, I’m a bit tied up right now」

I mean, my dick is.

My erect dick is still inside Tsukiko.

『Well, you must be having a hard time. I don’t know what it is though. Besides, Nei-san and the Kouzuki ladies are quite jealous girls so if I make the call, I need to ask for their permission, right?

No, Nei and Ruriko are listening to the conversation.

「That’s not it, it’s just that we can’t use ordinary phones when inside the Kouzuki mansion. Signals are blocked


「Yeah. That’s why we have Ya-chan’s phone connected to the computer of Kouzuki house, and that’s how I can talk to Kana-senpai right now」

『Haa, I guess it’s difficult to be in a huge house』

「But, it’s spacious and pretty. Kana-senpai can come over next time」

I said. Ruriko smiled and nodded.

『Eeh~ Are you sure that you want me there?』

「It’s okay. The mansion has the magnificence of a Meiji era mansion but Ruriko’s room has the latest stuff. Besides, the tea and snacks are delicious here」

『Ooh, then I’ll go. I want to see how the real young ladies live their life at least once』

Kana-senpai said.

「Then, thanks for today, Kana-senpai. See you in school」

『Right. Then, do you want to Ai and me together?』


『You said that you’ll do anything as thanks, right? I want to have sex with Nobu and Ai together in school』


『Nobu, you sometimes come after Ai once you’re done cleaning up the bakery, right?』


『Megumi knows. She said that Nobu recently gets late coming back to the classroom for afternoon lessons』


「You know, when we’re cleaning up together and I see Ai swinging her ass while wiping the table, it gets me horny, but we don’t do it every day though」

Like, about twice a week.

I have sex with Ai after tidying up in the waiting room.

『And that’s why let me join in next time! Thursday afternoon will do. I’ll skip the classical literature lessons. I’ll keep it a secret from Megumi』

「O-Okay, Kana-senpai」

Well, Megu will find it out if I don’t return to the classroom.

『Fufufu, skipping classes to have sex looks fun! Bye-bye! Nobu, I hope you deal with that trouble of yours smoothly!』

「Yeah, thanks, Kana-senpai」

『I’m ending the call now』

The call ended.


「Yo-chan, I’ll schedule myself on Tuesday afternoon」

「Onii-chan, Mana is on Wednesday afternoon」


「Nobody will tell Megu-oneechan!」

「Ai-chan’s also on our side!」

So everyone wants to skip classes and have sex?

「Tsukiko-oneesama, when can Yomi and the girls do the same?」


「Let’s go invade Kou-sama’s school before going to a new school」

Even Tsukiko…

「It’s okay. Yomi won’t tell Megumi-oneesama either」

「I’ll keep quiet about it too」


Either way, Megu will get angry if she finds out.

「Aaahn, no way, Kou-sama」


「Kou-sama’s losing vigor inside me」


「It lost strength when he imagined Megu-oneechan getting angry?」

Mana laughs.

「But, Megu-chan will soon need to vent out. She’s the type that accumulates all the emotions and explodes it off」

Nei said.

「Now then, as for the twins, Yo-chan」

Nei said. I looked at Eri and Rie.

「If Kana-senpai’s right, then these perfect duo of twins have lived this way ever since they were born」

These girls are still young.

Also, they have Yakuza as their parents.

Furthermore, their parents used them as materials for lolicon videos since they were young.

Therefore, they couldn’t make friends of the same age.

The twins have nobody but themselves to rely on, talk, and play.

Therefore, these girls have experienced the same thing in their daily life and all their memories.

That’s why the two close by themselves.

「But, if they were to have separate experiences, they will have a memory different from another. Then, we can split the two into separate individuality」

I think.

「That’s it, Yo-chan」

Giving them a separate experience.

「That’s why, I’m going to violate you two in separate locations in separate situations」

They will have a different experience of losing their virginity.

931. Night of Flirting / Ultimatum 1

「Tsukiko, I’m pulling out, do you mind?」

I started pulling out my penis from Tsukiko.

Slow sex feels great, but…

I should be raping the twins now.

「Yes. I’m welcome anytime」

「Yom don’t mind if it’s postponed to later」

Yomi also agreed.

「I see, then…」

I get up.

Coming from Tsukiko’s inside…

I pull out my still-erect penis, making sure that the twins can see it.

The tip of my dick is shining thanks to Tsukiko’s love nectar.

Also, the lewd scent drifts inside the room.

「Now then, who’s first?」

The tip of my penis points at the twins.

「N-No! No! No!!」

Eri screamed.

「I don’t want it either!」

Rie said.

「T-That’s, Onii-san. Wait!」

「That’s right! Give us a moment」

「Look, we have something we never told Onii-san before!」

「That’s right. We forgot to say it」

The twins are agitated.

「W-We actually have a boyfriend」


「That’s right. Rie-chan and I do」

Both of you have a lover?

「Rie-chan’s boyfriend’s name is Rosoku-kun」

「Eri-chan’s boyfriend is Mizushima-kun」

I looked at Tsukiko.

「It seems that they’re telling the truth. Although, they haven’t held hands with them」

Tsukiko reads their thoughts.

「Well, that’s…Right, Rie-chan?」

「Yeah, Eri-chan. We’re scared of our father」

「Our family makes livelihood from making lolicon videos with us」

「If they find out that we have a boyfriend, Father will get angry」

「I mean, he’ll beat up Mizushima-kun」

「He’ll beat them up until they’re close to death」

「He’ll stab Mizushima-kun. No, Father may take out his pistol」

「He’ll snap Rosoku-kun’s spine to half」

「He’ll massacre Mizushima-kun’s family too」

「He’ll set Rosoku-kun’s house on fire. He might even blow it off with a dynamite」


「Our father is from the Yakuza, and so we keep it a secret that we have a boyfriend」

「If it’s exposed, then nobody will approach us just like the boys in our school」

「Our Father isn’t just a Yakuza, he’s also a crazy man」

「You don’t know what he’ll do when he snaps, and all the people Father hangs out with are the same」

I’ve met them earlier, yes.

The father of these twins belongs to the group with Tendou Sadao who comes from Kansai to bring violence.

They’re now riding a rental car separately, heading to the house of their boss by tomorrow morning.

Neither I nor the twins will see him again.

「So, where did you get acquainted with that boyfriend of yours?」

I asked.

「I met mine in the game arcade in the shopping mall」

「As for me, he started hitting on me」

A guy who picks up women.

「The guy came up to me」

「That’s right. Rie-chan and I were playing around, then Rosoku-kun and Mizushima-kun came to us

「They called us cute」

「They treated us with ice cream」

「Then, we exchanged LINE」

「Yeah, LINE」


「We talk through mail every day」

「Both of them aren’t locals, so they’re unknown to us」

「They live on the adjacent city」

「They just sometimes go to the mall riding bicycle to play」


「Bicycle, what?2

I asked.

「Yes, bicycle」

「Onii-san, you don’t know what bicycles are?」


「The image inside their head says that it’s a bicycle indeed」3

Tsukiko said.

「Yes, that’s right」

「It’s just a bicycle」

Oh, okay.

「Mizushima-kun’s a cool guy」

「Rosoku-kun is manly-cool」

「Both of them was a year older than us」

「Yes, they’re in second-year middle school」

「Then, they keep on sending us emails every day」

「Then, after several days, both of them asked to date us」

「That’s why we accepted」

「That’s why we have boyfriends」

The twins said.

「Then, how long have you been going out? And how do you do dates?」

Nei asks.

「Err, it’s been two months」

「Something like that」

「As for dates, not yet」

「After all, they’re from the other city」

「They keep on saying “I want to see you, I want to see you”」

「It’s hard to keep it a secret from Father」

「From Mother too」

「Also, we’re busy recording lolicon videos」

「We had to record a lewd swimsuit video before winter arrived」

「I can’t bear wearing swimsuit outside on cold weather」

「All the swimsuit Father prepared is nothing but strings」

「You don’t even know how to wear it」

「Well, we wore it as if we get naked, it would charge more」

「Right. Even now we hide our nipples and the lower part barely hidden, squeezing out all the money from the lolicons」

「Though it squeezes out something else from them too」

「That boring joke is boring」

The twins continue their skit.

「And we want to start a photo session with the lolicon old men while it’s still warm」

「Right, while we have the time. When the temperature outside the house becomes cold, there will be poor attendance among the lolicons」

「I’m sure that they’re all hibernating」

「Yeah. They show up on the photo sessions when spring comes」

「I’m sure of it」

「Yeah, I’m sure of it」

「They buy videos that we distribute on winter so we can check on whether they’re still alive or not」

「Those people don’t come out of their bed during winter season」

「It’s funny since they’re all gaining weight」

「Eri-chan, not all the lolicons are fat. Some of them are thin」

「Hmm. Fat, skinny, tall, or small, most of them have a characteristic」

「But, 80% of them wear glasses」

「Yeah, why don’t they put on contact lenses?」

「Yeah. I don’t know…」

No, I don’t care about the lives of the lolicons.

「That’s why, Onii-san, I want Mizushima-kun as my first time」

「Me too, I want Rosoku-kun」

The twins suddenly cut their way to me.

「They’re boyfriends we made while keeping it a secret from Father」

「They’re our first boyfriends」

「I want my first love’s taste to be lemon flavored」

「I want it to be bittersweet like Calpis」

「Do you get it, Onii-san?」

「You do get it, don’t you, Onii-san?」

The two continue their combi to coax me.


「No, I don’t get that」

I tell them clearly.

「W-Why?! Onii-san, you’re inconsiderate!

「That’s right! Is it fun bullying us?」

These girls are using emotions to their appeal.

Trying to gain a compromise so they don’t lose.

They can’t change my will.

In the end, they’re only trying to attack me to let me have a change of heart.

「Besides, you girls don’t like your boyfriend that much, do you?」

「That’s not true! Onii-san, you’re looking down on us」

「That’s right! We’re lovey-dovey! Right?」

「Then, tell me more about that Mizushima and Rosoku guy」

I retorted.

「T-That’s, well. Rie-chan」

「Y-Yeah, right, Eri-chan」

「What? You can’t talk about your boyfriend?」

I push harder.

「R-Rie-chan’s boyfriend, Rosoku-kun is in the soccer club. Last week, he scored three goals in a practice game」

「T-That’s right, also, Eri-chan’s boyfriend, Mizushima-kun is in baseball club. He’s a regular despite being a second-year. Also, he’s a center!」

「That’s right, he’s the center forward!」

Center Forward?

In baseball?

「Then, with the ace middle reliever, he slaps the ball three times in a row every day」

「T-That’s right! Mizushima-kun sent me a picture where he wears baseball uniform and holding a bat」

「Yeah, I saw that too. The one he showed me is a bit weird though」

「Mizushima-kun was glaring on this one but behind him are his other club mates laughing around」

「I’m sure that it’s because Mizushima-kun told them that he’s sending it to his girlfriend」

「I mean, the mail also included “I sent mine, now send yours”」

「Ah, that. Rosoku-kun sent the same thing to me」

Oh, sending each other photos.

「But, I couldn’t send him a picture」

Eri said.

「It’s natural」

Rie added.

「If we send photos of us, we don’t know how they will see it」

「Well, it’s that kind after all」

「Our photos and videos are for the lolicons」

Furthermore, if Mizushima-kun posts that over the internet

「It will be ugly」

「We make a livelihood from selling erotic photos of ourselves to lolicons」

「If a photo of ourselves outside the set we’re selling goes over the internet…」

「Our fans will try to look up who posted that photo」

「They’ll find all of the personal information about Mizushia-kun and Rosoku-kun」

「Father will find out about it」

「They’ll tell him “Your daughters have a boyfriend!”」

「Girls with boyfriends are defective products for the lolicons」


「That means, you were never interested in Mizushima-kun and the other guy at all」

I get it now.

The twins got startled.

「T-That’s not true! Mizushima-kun is my boyfriend!」

「T-That’s right! Rosoku-kun is my precious boyfriend!」

「It’s just that I can’t send him photos」

「It’s love! Love!」


「You girls don’t even know what love means」

These girls are still freshmen in middle school.

「But, I have a boyfriend!」

「That’s right! I have a boyfriend too! Rosoku-kun!」

Then, Ruriko…

「That Rosoku name is very strange, isn’t it? Is it his real name?」

「Yeah, it’s an unusual name」

Mana said.

「T-That’s…his nickname」

「It’s obviously his nickname」

「Yes, nickname」

「That’s what I’m using」

A nickname Rie created for him?

「Rosoku-kun is a bit of a tall guy」

「His hair is like a soft mohawk hairstyle」

「It looks like a candle, that’s why he’s Rosoku-kun」

「You can find that out if you think about it」

Eri and Rie reply.

「Hmm. So, what’s his real name then?」

Nei speaks with a fed-up look.


「Well, that’s…」

The twins look at each other with a confused face.

N-No way.


Yomi suddenly started laughing.

「These girls don’t even remember the name of their boyfriends」

She read the thoughts of the twins.

「W-We know it! He’s Ozawa! Ozawa!」

「Or it might’ve been Yazawa」

The twins went for all or nothing.

「First name?」

Nei asks immediately.

「It was something with “ndo” If I recall, the last one has the Kanji “人”」

「Kurando, Takando, or Akindo」

「Yeah, something like that」

「I’m sure of it」

“Kurando,” “Takando,” and “Akindo”

「Then, while we’re at it, what’s Mizushima-kun’s first name?」

Mana asks.

「Mizushima-kun is…If I recall it was “Yamashita Shinji”」

「Yeah, I’m sure it is. I remember that」

The twins replied with their chests puffed with pride.

「Eh, Mizushima’s also a nickname?」

Nei’s surprised.

「Well yeah, Mizushima-kun is like the Burmese harp」

「Yeah, that’s why Eri-chan dated him」

Burmese harp?

「We watched it in school during elementary」

「It’s part of the education on Hansen」

「I don’t get it but they showed that movie on the AV room」

「I was sleepy because it was the time to sleep」

No, don’t sleep. Watch the movie.

「Then, there was that line “Mizushima, let’s return to Japan together”」

「That’s the only thing Eri-chan remembers in the movie」

「That was the climax after all. It woke me up」

「After that, you fell asleep」

「Eeh, but Rie-chan, you were sleeping too, weren’t you?」

「I don’t remember anything from it at all. Ishizaka Koji suddenly said, “Let’s all sing in chorus.” The guys in the class started laughing. I don’t get why the old men on the battlefield are singing though」

「Oh, I remember that one. I slept before the start after all」

I don’t care about that conversation.

「Anyway, the fact that I nicknamed him Mizushima-kun shows how much I love him」

「Me too, I don’t remember his real name but I love Rosoku-kun」

「Well, names don’t really matter. Anyway, we love our boyfriends」

「That’s right. That’s why I feel sorry for them if we give our first time with Onii-san」

「My Mizushima-kun」

「My Rosoku-kun」

The twins looked at me and smiled.


「Please, Onii-san」

「Do you get it?」

「We want our bodies to remain pure」


「Okay got it」

The twins brightened up.


「I’m going to take Rie’s virginity first」

That moment of joy suddenly takes a turn.

The twins are startled.

「You see, when you mentioned “Center Forward” earlier, I already got it」

I looked at the twins.

「Eri’s the one leading the duo」

Eri always starts the conversation with the twins.

Eri will pass and Rie will reply.

That means Eri’s the game maker.

「After observing the two of you once again, I finally understood. You girls have good teamwork, but, you’re not equal」

Just as what Kana-senpai told me.

The twins might be able to communicate with each other, but…

They have different personalities.

Therefore, even if they act like two in one…

There will be a difference between them.

「Therefore, I’m going to deflower Rie first to break your duo」

I declared.

「You’ll get naked, receive kisses, and I’ll lick your nipples. I’m going to peek inside your pussy and check for the membrane. Then, I’m going to shove my dick inside and break your hymen. I’m going to release plenty inside of your womb. I’m going to do it again and again until you get pregnant」

I look at Rie’s eyes only.

I speak directly into her mind.

「W-Why me?」

Tears gather in Rie’s eyes.

I knew it.

Eri’s the one taking command in the twins.

Rie’s weak.

「Hey, wait! Onii-san」

Eri’s trying to intervene in panic.


「Because I want to. I want to rape Rie, so I will.」 That’s all」

I speak coldly

「Then, start with me Then Rie-chan’s after me」

Eri said.


「It’s okay. I’ll be here for you, Rie-chan」

Rie looks at Eri.

「If that’s the case, Onii-san, please do us together. I-If I’m with Eri-chan, then I’ll endure. I can endure it」

She speaks to me with tears in her eyes.

「No, Rie’s first. Furthermore, I’m going to violate Rie while Eri’s not watching.」 I’m going to force her to become an adult. I’ll make her my private sex slave. I’m going to carve sex into her mind and body until she offers everything to me」

I ignore Eri and pour all my consciousness to Rie.

「T-That’s cruel」

Rie trembles.


Rie embraced Eri.

「W-Why?! Why?!」

Eri glares at me, but…

「So far, you two helped each other and managed to survive. You barely managed to keep yourselves safe from your messed up parents

Even when taking videos for the lolicons.

They even managed to postpone their prostitution.

All done with the two of them.

「I think that your duo is quite something. To be honest, I find it amazing. But」

I looked at the twins.

「That’s all over now」

I need to be clear with them.

These girls think that I’m just a young boy, thus they look down on me.

Perhaps, to make them face the reality in front of them…

They’re purposely pretending to be calm.

「What’s over?」

Eri asks me.

Rie, who would be saying “That’s right. What is it?” is currently silent.

「Do you get it? The life and situation you had so far, you had to face them with the two of you and you managed to avoid the worst-case scenario」

The four eyes of the twins stare at me.

「However, your parents are put down, and you have no place to return to in Kansai. We can’t set you free either」

I’ll tell them the truth once again.

The twins aren’t allowed to escape into their small world anymore.

「If we want to let you go, then we will have to make you crazy, just like what we did on your parents. We’ll let you go alive. The easier way is to kill you two」

Rie trembles.

Eri embraced Rie’s body.

「Sorry. As you can see, I’m not a carefree high-school guy. I am Kuromori Kou, a member of Black Forest, a criminal organization, the leader of the women in here」

I resolve myself.

I have to get used to these twins.

If I make it look like I’m going easy on them, they will continue to underestimate me.

If that happens, Minaho-neesan will dispose of the twins without asking me.

No, it’s about whether I can manage these two properly.

This is Minaho-neesan’s test.

「There’s only one way to keep you alive. Follow me. Become my sex slave, give me your body and soul. That’s the only way. Or should I say that; if you don’t, then I have no choice but to abandon you two」

Finally, Eri’s also trembling.

「Don’t worry. I’m not ordering you girls to do that. I don’t care about your will. Anyway, I’m going to rape you two separately. We’ll have sex. I’m going to violate you two. I’m going to do it, no matter how much you hate it, how much you refuse. You’re not allowed to commit suicide either. My women can control that intent after all」

「Yes, that’s correct」

Tsukiko replied.

「And so, I’m going to enjoy your bodies and I’ll let you live for as long as I want to have sex with you two. Oh right, if I get bored if you girls, then I’m throwing you off. Let me tell you beforehand, I don’t lack in sex slaves at all. I didn’t pick you girls up because I absolutely needed you」

「That’s right. I’m Onii-chan’s first sex slave」

「And I’m the second one」

Mana and Ruriko tell the twins.

「Then, I’m V3!」

Nei jokes around, but…

Oh right, Nei isn’t fond of threats like this.

But, it’s inevitable.

「Yomi’s also sex slave」

「And more beauties belong to Kou-sama apart from us」

Yomi and Tsukiko joins the flow.

「Furthermore, I have no reason to save both of you. I could save Eri and kill Rie, or Kill Eri and save Rie. If I don’t like you both, then both of you are dead」

The twins tremble from my cold speech.

「That means that we need to work hard to make Onii-san feel pleasure or we will not stay alive?」

「That’s impossible, sex isn’t…」


「All you’re going to do is please me. Don’t expect anything from me. Although, after telling you this much…」

The twins look at me…

「Do everything to survive. Don’t escape in that small world where it’s just the two of you. You girls are dealing with me. Look at me. Face me. I don’t care if you hate me for the rest of your life but right now, don’t rely on each other, think about fighting me」


「I really will hate you forever, Onii-san」

She glared at me.

「Yeah, do it. Although, that forever of yours might only last six hours

Okay, I lit up the fighting spirit inside Eri.

However, Rie…

「Uwawawa, I’m scared! Eri-chan! I’m scared!」

She huge Eri, crying.

As expected, she has a timid heart.


I will have to deflower Rie before Eri.


  1. If you think that this is a double chapter, yes, this is a double chapter because the author wrote the same chapter number in two chapters, I don’t want to mess up my page numbers so this is going to be a double chapter instead
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