Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 936. Night of Flirting / Deflowering the twins (Rie’s second round without pulling out / Eri wakes up) 


「 It’s hot inside my stomach, and it hurts where Onii-san hits me 」
Rie mutters below me as she has my erect penis inside of her.
We’re in the middle of deflowering and so Tsukiko’s softening the pain Rie’s receiving, but…
It looks like the sense of pain returned to normal after I ejaculated.
「 You really deflowered me. Onii-san 」
Rie has to reaffirm the pain from deflowering to carve it in her for the rest of her life.
Tsukiko’s decision is correct.
「 Ah, Rie. Uuu 」
I tighten up my anus and rub Rie’s insides.
I top up the semen that remained in my penis to Rie’s womb.
「 Ooh, Rie’s insides are tight 」
I loosened up and pile myself on top of Rie’s body.
Her young body is sparkling from sweat.
That flushed body of hers feels good.
I kissed Rie again.
Rie accepts my kiss with a dazed expression.
Her eyes look at me.
I play with Rie’s cute breasts with my right hand.
I rub her areola with my thumb.
「 O-Onii-san…Hmm 」
Rie reacts to my caress.
「 Onii-san, you came inside me, it’s over, right? 」
My erect penis hasn’t withered yet.
「 It’s not over after cumming once. I’ll cum inside you again and again until I’m satisfied 」
「 T-That’s… 」
「 Besides, you might not get pregnant with just one ejaculation 」
「 O-Onii-san, it really hurts. Please, spare me today 」
「 No 」
I get up and start moving my hips.
「 Hiii, it hurts. It really hurts 」
Yeah, I’m also aroused when I deflowered her, and so…
I wasn’t able to take in all of Rie’s body.
As expected, when deflowering someone, I need to do another round immediately after.
「 If I recall, Onii-chan was serious at raping Mana during her first time too, that it was three rounds of continuous creampie, right? 」
Yeah, that was.
Our bodies got muddy since it was raining and we did it in the mansion’s courtyard.
「 As for me, Grandfather was watching, but thinking about it now…It maybe was for the better that I was dramatic when Onii-sama deflowered me 」
Ruriko said.
「 It’s good If you ask for it, Yo-chan will do it anytime 」
Nei laughs.
「 Yes. Onii-sama, I want you to tie me up with a straw rope, tear my clothes, and force me to serve you 」
「 And of course, you want to record that, right? 」
「 Yes, it will be a precious memory 」
Ruriko laughs bashfully.
I wonder how much Ruriko’s video collection will grow.
「 Aaah, It hurts! It hurts! Onii-san! 」
Rie’s trembling in anguish below me.
Even so, Tsukiko continues to control her body.
Rie’s vagina continues to release love nectar.
Together with the semen I poured inside her, they function as lubricants.
Moving in and out has become more smooth.
It still probably hurts on the part where her hymen was.
「 Yes, I’ll make it so it doesn’t hurt for her 」
Tsukiko who read my thoughts dulls Rie’s sense of pain.
「 Haaaa, auuuu, aaaa 」
Rie looks up at me. She’s not allowed to shut her eyes.
She has to know who’s violating her and who will she serve for the rest of her life.
She has to fix it in her memory.
I look at Rie’s face too.
「 O-Onii-san. Aaaah 」
「 Now, you’re mine. My slave, sex slave 」
「 Uuuu, I….aaah, I… 」
Eri’s young body accepts each of my thrusts.
She’s like a light air cushion.
Rie’s body rebounds each time I poke her womb.
Her hole is small.
It’s clamping me hard.
My glans entangles with Rie’s wet vaginal walls.
「 Hey, stretch your hands to my back and hug me 」
「 Huh? 」
「 Just do it, I’ll hug you too 」
I coil my arms around Rie’s back on the bed and embraced Rie while connected.
「 Ahn 」
「 Hurry up 」
「 Ah, yes 」
Rie embraces my back from below.
「 Okay, good job 」
We stick to each other’s body and embrace.
Rie’s cute chest rubs against mine.
「 Now, stick out your tongue, let’s entwine them 」
「 YEs 」
I slurp on Rie’s pink tongue.
On our lower halves…I’m digging my penis inside Rie.
On our upper body, I’m taking in Rie’s tongue.
It’s contact between a man and woman’s mucous membranes.
While I slurp Rie’s tongue, I continue to move my hips.
I let go of Rie’s tongue and looked at her.
「 Onii-san really took everything from me 」
「 That’s right. Your first kiss, virginity. I’m taking all of Rie’s mind and body, and your future 」
「 Right, then I don’t mind anymore 」
The color of Rie’s heart is changing.
「 Onii-san’s penis poking me really hurts, but embracing like this makes me feel at ease. I feel like I’m protected 」
「 Yeah, that’s right. Now that you’re my slave, you will be safe 」
「 Yes, Onii-san 」
It gets hot deep inside my body.
「 Rie, I’ll go harder 」
「 Are you cumming inside again? 」
「 Isn’t that obvious? 」
「 Right, I’m a lewd slave for that sake 」
Rie’s body loosens up.
「 Onii-san, do as you like 」
「 Yeah! 」
I move my hips dynamically.
「 Ah, that’s intense! Too strong! 」
「 I’m going to cum soon enough, Rie! 」
「 Then hurry! Please hurry it up! Aaaaaa, aaaaa, aaaah! 」
「 It’s coming! Almost there! 」
「 H-Hurry! Hurry! L-Let it out! 」
「 Please release it inside Rie! Cum inside me! Onii-san!! 」
「 I’m cumming! Cumming! Rie! 」
「 Aaaah! Hurry! Hurry! Cum inside me! 」
「 Uugh! Yeah! I’m cumming!!!!! 」
I poke inside Rie and embrace her young body.
「 Kuuuuuuuu!!! 」
This is the third ejaculation in Rie’s body.
The volume diminished, but it still vigorously poured inside her womb.
「 Aaaah! It’s coming inside me again! 」
Rie says while looking at me who cums in pleasure.
「 Aaaahn…O-Onii-san, does it feel that good? 」
「 Yeah, Rie’s body is great. It’s mine. I’m the only one who can taste this…Uuuuu 」
I continue to ejaculate.
「 Aaahn, I understand. I understand. Only Onii-san can do this…Uuuu 」
Rie says while her body trembles.
「 This is what it means to serve Onii-san, this will be my life… 」
◇ ◇ ◇
「 Okay, now pull out. Yo-chan 」
Accepting two consecutive ejaculations after penetrating her virginity…
I finally pulled out my penis.
「 Ruri-chan, is your camera ready? 」
「 Yes, ready. Onii-sama 」
Nei’s video camera and Ruriko’s digital camera’s ready.
I slowly pull out.
「 Aaaaahn 」
Rie twists her body.
Oh, my dick’s smeared with virgin blood.
「 Uuuu 」
My erect penis spread her opening.
Then, it’s pushed out.
One moment later, my massive volume of semen drips down from Rie’s slit, although, it’s pink because it mixed with virgin blood.
Nei and Ruriko record that state.
Oh, I was immersed in sex that I didn’t notice, but…
Rie’s virgin blood created this huge stain on the white bed.
「 That was great. I’ll look forward to the next one 」
I said and kissed Rie’s lips.
「 Y-Yes 」
Rie bashfully replies.
「 Ah, you can stay down there, Rie-chan 」
Rie lies down with her legs spread wide after I pinned her down and violated her.
「 The virgin blood on the sheets will turn solid after a while and so let’s record this while it’s still fresh red 」
「 Indeed, these are precious memories that we must record 」
Nei and Ruriko continue filming in high spirits.
Rie’s slightly dazed, like an anemic girl in the morning.
「 Okay, look this way 」
Even so, she can respond to Ruriko’s requests. She should be okay.
「 Sensei. Yomi will clean this up 」
Yomi wipes my penis smeared with semen, love nectar, and virgin blood with a wet tissue.
「 Ah, sorry about that, Yomi 」
「 Yes? What about? 」
「 Well, Yomi should be next, and yet… 」
Right, I promised that Yomi’s next after Tsukiko.
「 I didn’t cum inside Tsukiko, and yet, I came twice inside Rie just now. Sorry 」
Tsukiko and Yomi looked at each other and smiled.
「 Please don’t mind it 」
「 That’s right. Sensei, just do what you want 」
「 Yomi and I can feel everyone’s thoughts after all 」
「 Yeah. We can feel the pleasure from other girls, and Sensei’s pleasure too 」
「 When Sensei came inside that girl, Yomi also came lightly 」
Yomi smiled.
「 Therefore, it’s okay 」
「 Kou-sama, please don’t think that having sexual intercourse with us is your duty. Please think of it as your right 」
Sex isn’t my duty but my right.
「 Recently, the deviation from that perception is getting extreme. That’s why Megu-chan’s put away from this project, and Mii-chan’s not present either 」
Megu and Misuzu.
「 If this goes on, Ai-chan will become Yo-chan’s legal wife. The two of them should be noticing that 」
Nei said.
「 Yo-chan, you feel at ease when you clean up the bakery together with Ai-chan, compared to when you’re with Megu-chan and Mii-chan, right? 」
Well, Ai reacts a bit slowly, but…
She understands what I tell her.
When we’re in the bakery, she concentrates on her work.
「 When Megumi-oneechan and Misuzu-oneechan are together, Onii-chan always worry about their mood 」
Mana says while wiping the sweat off my back.
Megu gets sullen over a small thing that everyone has to be careful with what they say and do.
As for Misuzu, it’s okay when we’re together, but in the case of today’s party, she thinks of how to put Kouzuki house in a better status.
「 Ai-chan has that kind of personality, and that’s why Yo-chan meddles with her. However, she accepts Yo-chan wholly 」
Speaking of which. She does that.
「 That’s the reason why. After the busiest time and the job is over, and when Yo-chan feels relaxed, you come after Ai-chan. Hearing that as a story, it made me wonder why is that…but I think that Ai-chan’s the best one when Yo-chan wants to take it easy during sex 」
Nei speaks her analysis.
「 And the second place is Ruri-oneechan. Ruri-oneechan never forces Onii-chan on anything 」
Mana said.
「 I’m aware that I am Onii-sama’s sex slave from the beginning 」
Ruriko is already my slave when I took her first time.
「 Therefore, Ruriko don’t want to forget her duty as her slave 」
Ruriko is the ultimate beautiful young lady.
But recently, I only see her doing housework in the mansion for everyone.
So that’s why assault her…out of relief.
「 Misuzu-oneesama is moving with the thought of the future of Kouzuki house 」
Ruriko said.
「 It’s all because Kouzuki-ojiichan’s too old. She thinks that she needs to raise her status among the nobility of Kouzuki group 」
「 Yes. Mizuu-oneesama hosting this party today is part of it 」
It’s to show the parents in the Kouzuki group about Misuzu’s control using the young ladies.
Right, Jii-chan showed up only at the start of the party.
Was that Jii-chan showing that Misuzu is his successor?
Then, Jii-chan goes back as the guardian…
It’s to show that Misuzu also manages Shou-neechan and Rei-chan, the aces of Kouzuki SS.
「 Misuzu-oneesama probably wants to inherit Kouzuki house sooner if possible for the sake of our family 」
Ruriko said.
「 That’s thankful, but if she brings herself like that, Yo-chan won’t be able to take it easy with Mii-chan 」
Nei laughs.
「 That’s not true 」
Yeah, recently.
When it’s Misuzu’s turn, she hardly calls any guests.
She wants to do her favorite doggy style sex when we’re alone.
She puts on a collar, turns completely to a lovely dog, and fawns on me.
That shows that Misuzu’s got a lot of frustration accumulating inside her.
It’s a lot of problems inside Kouzuki house.
「 Yeah, don’t mind Misuzu. She’s just venting out 」
I said.
「 Mii-chan can vent out, sure. But, what I’m worried about is Yo-chan.
You’re not venting out 」
Nei said.
「 Nah, I don’t need it 」
「 No, you’ll burst out if you keep on saying that 」
「 Onii-sama, when you come after Ai-oneesama or me, you seem delighted, but… 」
「 At the same time, Onii-chan’s accumulating more gas inside 」
Nei, Ruriko, Mana.
「 I get it, I’ll be careful 」
「 There’s no need to mind it that much. Please seek us with a more carefree attitude 」
「 That’s right. Yomi and everyone is sex slaves for that reason 」
Yomi smiles.
「 And Rie-chan’s now included in that 」
Mana said while wiping Rie, who’s wet all over with a new towel.
「 Uhm, it’s not just me but Eri-chan too 」
Filming’s over it seems. Rie didn’t get any approval from Nei and Ruriko so she speaks to me while still lying down.
「 Onii-san, your promise. Eri-chan’s next 」
Rie wants her twin sister to also become my sex slave.
「 Kou-sama, I think that girl should wake up by now? 」
Tsukiko looks at the unconscious Eri, who’s facing the wall.
「 No, wait. For now, ew have to document Rie’s deflowering, right? 」
「 Yes, Onii-sama 」
「 Yeah, I guess the next one will be the touching meeting of the twins? 」
Ruriko and Nei replied.
「 Wait, you girls got any drinks? Rie, you want some? 」
I perspired a lot after that consecutive sex.
「 Yeah, this room should have a fridge too 」
Mana found the fridge and looked inside.
「 Yeah, it’s the same as the contents on the previous room 」
「 What do you want Rie? No teasing this time, pick whatever you want 」
「 I want carbonated drinks 」
「 Then, same. I want something cold and sweet 」
「 Certainly~ 」
Mana brings bottles of carbonated drinks for Rie and me.
「 Am I drinking this while still naked? 」
Rie asks from the bed.
「 Yeah, stay right there. We’re showing you to Eri 」
I sit down next to Rie.
Our naked skins touch each other.
「 Here, Onii-chan. Rie-chan 」
「 Thanks, Mana 」
「 Thank you very much, wow, it’s cold! 」
Rie’s skin, who’s still sexually aroused, remains hot.
It seems that the cold drinks stimulated her.
「 Okay, after drinking, wake Eri up 」
I ask Tsukiko.
I open the bottle cap.
I can hear the burst of carbonation.
「 Onii-san, open this. I can’t put strength on my fingers 」
「 Then drink this one 」
I hand the bottle I opened to Rie.
「 Thankyou, Onii-san 」
I open the bottle Rie was holding.
I take a gulp.
Ooh, that’s delicious.
「 It’s cold and delicious 」
Rie’s sitting on the bed naked, her throat makes gulping noises.
「 Then, I’ll return her consciousness 」
「 Okay, Tsukiko-san! 」
Nei aims the camera at Eri.
It’s to record what’s going to happen as Eri wakes up
「 !!! 」
Tsukiko’s power bursts in.
「 Hyaaaa!! 」
The unconscious Eri suddenly jumps out.
「 Ah, good morning. Eri-chan 」
Rie greets Eri.
「 Eh, Rie-chan? 」
Eri who’s facing the wall turned to Rie’s voice.
Eri saw Tsukiko, Yomi, and Mana.
Then Nei and Ruriko whose cameras are facing her.
「 R-Rie-chan…W-What are you doing? 」
She’s drinking a bottle of carbonated drinks on the bed, naked.
The twin sister is surprised by our appearance.
「 It is as you can see. Drinking soft drinks. It’s cold and sweet 」
「 That’s not it. Rie-chan, you… 」
「 What happened while I was unconscious? 」
「 As you can see 」
She leans her head on my chest.
「 I’ve become Onii-san’s lewd slave 」
「 W-What are you talking about, Rie-chan? 」
Eri’s speechless.
「 Look, this sheet has a red stain in it, right? That was the proof of my virginity 」
Rie tells Eri.