Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 94

94. In the bath with a middle school student.

「…Are you ready to get going?」

I ask Maika.
The two of us continue kissing while soaking in the bath.
It’s already been more than five minutes.

「Just a little longer, I want to stay like this.」

Maika says as she continues to kiss me.

「Do you like kissing now?」

Maika giggles.

「I’m just kissing because I feel like it! Maika’s given up and is just going with the flow!」

She says as she kisses me again

「Hey… Onii-san」

Her cute eyes turn round and look up at me like *KuriKuri*.

「…What’s up?」
「Onii-san, how old are you?」

Maika asks with a curt smile.

「Sixteen. I just started high school this year. 」
「Eh, that’s so young. Compared to Maika that’s not much different!」


「That’s the same age as my onee-chan at home. Onee-chan is also a high-school first year.」

Yes… I know that very well.

「Which school are you going to?」
「It’s the one close to this mansion… About a 10-minute walk.」
「Eh..then that means it’s the same school as my onee-chan.」

The matter regarding Yukino, it’s better if I don’t tell her yet.

「Maika’s school is an all-girls school, right?」

I quickly change the subject.

「Yup. My school is strict… No one’s allowed to have a boyfriend. There was once a girl who had a picture of her boyfriend in her cellphone.」
「…What happened?」
「There was…. another girl who told a teacher. A nasty girl who gossiped too much. The girl’s cellphone got confiscated and they called in her mother. They found a picture of her kissing the boy inside the girl’s cellphone and…」

Maika lets out a small sigh.

「The girl was forced to transfer to a public school. 『There is no need for vulgar students in our school!』 they said…」

Maika said imitating a teacher. Most likely, an old-lady teacher who’s past her fifties. Giving off a kind of crazy feeling.

「The student-counselor, Ozone-sensei, is very meddlesome… She always tries to keep us in check!」
「There are daily inspections…. If anyone gets caught bringing stuff like makeup it all gets confiscated. Even…」
「….Even what?」
「Even sweets」 1

I’m sitting here in a bath with a middle-school girl. It’s just the two of us…. What the heck am I doing?
The two of us are naked….
Not to mention, this girl’s uterus is bathed in my semen.

「Candy is allowed if you tell her something like 『My throat hurts.』, she won’t take it. But gum is useless. It’s absolutely no good. Ozone-sensei says 『Things such as gum fail at being food. Hmph! In the first place, if it’s something you have to spit out, it can’t even be called food!』

Umu~ That’s quite an interesting perspective.

「Also, she gets very angry with chocolate. That’s why Valentine’s day is such a big deal. Ozone-sensei gets even stricter than usual checking belongings. We have to hide it in our lockers for three days beforehand.”
「Valentine’s day…. at an all-girls school?」
「For example, isn’t it bad to not give any to your club seniors?」
「Even though you’re both girls?」
「That doesn’t matter…sweets are the lubricant of human relations」
「Ah, that’s right.」
「Exactly. It’s tough for everyone to be in an all-girls school. There are lots of girls who quickly get jealous, cause a commotion, and gossip about bad things behind each other’s back. That’s why you have to do your best not to make any enemies!」


「That’s why it’s bad if you don’t hand out sweets in the clubs…. It’s a given that you have to give Valentine’s chocolates to the seniors who always take care of us」
「…that’s quite the reason」

「I’m serious.」

Maika giggles again.

「What club is Maika in?」
「Maika’s in the dance club」

Uwa~ as expected of an all-girls school

「…What kind of dance?」

Maika…winces her eyebrows

「Its a… a weird dance」
「… Weird dance?」
「You know… Maika at first thought it was something like jazz dance or modern dance. But after joining, I found out it was a weird dance….!」
「What kind of weird dance?」
「…『Creative dance』 is what I would call it. It was senpai’s idea and no one questions it even though no one likes it. Everyone just dances that unpleasant dance.」
「During the school festival this year, we’ll be dancing. It’s unpleasant though. In our school, once you’ve joined, there’s not much you can do. You can’t leave.」
「During my first year, I wasn’t sure whether to join the ballet club or not…. Ballet requires you to have a good figure but my breast and butt didn’t develop. So I picked the dance club.」

Do girls really care that much about their looks?

「But its fine now. This summer the third-years will graduate, and it will become a place for Maika. With that it will change into the 『Jazz Dance Club』.」
「Is that so.」
「Yup…..but that’s still a secret. I’ll bring forth a great revolution!」

Maika gives off a mischievous smile.
It’s very cute.
I kiss her again.

「Ahn~ I was still talking…..!」
「Cute… You’re too cute.」
「It can’t be helped…. Onii-san」

This time, Maika gives me a kiss.

「Because you were too cute …」

And… we kiss again.

「What should Maika do? If Ozone-sensei find’s out about this situation. Maika will have to quit school.」

I stuck my tongue in Maika’s mouth.
Maika accepts my tongue.
Our tongues…..entwine.

「…This also feels good!」

Sucking each other’s tongue.

「…It’s fine if Maika gets expelled.」
「That kind of thing is no good.」
「But let alone kissing, we’ve already had sex. Once it’s been found out that I’m no longer a virgin, I’m definitely getting kicked out…!」
「When the time comes, I’ll tell the teacher. That because I forcibly raped Maika…. because Maika is just a victim. That Maika is not at fault…!」
「If you do that, the police will arrest you…!」
「That’s fine. If it means that Maika doesn’t get expelled, I’ll get arrested. I’ll go to prison.」
「That kind of thing….will only trouble Maika.」

Once again, Maika sucks my lips.

「If you go to prison….. I will no longer be able to kiss Onii-san!」

I embrace Maika.

「When Onii-san holds me….. I like it.」
「Me too, I like holding Maika.」
「Maika becomes all KyuKyu in my arms」

…This girl’s entire life is being held in my arms.

「…Is it different than with the others?」

Maika looks up at me….with a slightly worried face.


Maika looks despondent and asked,

「Is Onii-san’s sex partners just Katsuko-san, Nei-san, and Misuzu-san?」
「…No, there’s a few more.」

…I’ll speak honestly.

「As I thought… Onii-san is quite popular!」

No….That kind of thing is impossible.

「How many people are there in total?」

Let’s see…
Katsuko-nee, Misuzu, Nagisa-san, Megumi…. Nei-san can’t be counted since we haven’t done it yet.
Yukino’s is different
Yukino’s isn’t a sex partner.
That girl is difficult to put into words.

「…Four people. Including Maika, that makes five.」

Maika is surprised.

「Uwa~ That’s quite a few!」
「Well…I’ve only just recently become acquainted with everyone. Truthfully, it was only until recently that I was still a doutei.」

That’s right.
It was only a little while ago, I would never have imagined that I’d be in this situation.

「….What’s a doutei?」

Ah…A second-year middle school girl wouldn’t know yet.

「Doutei is what you would call a guy who hasn’t had sex yet.」
「…Is it Chinese?」
「It’s a real japanese word! It’s in the dictionary too!」
「That so. I’ll look it up tonight」

Maika replied with a serious face.

「Anyways… Not much time has passed since I started having sex.」
「That’s a lie!」

Maika scrunched her eyebrows.

「It’s not a lie…. It’s the truth.」
「But….the time you did it wih Katsuko-san, you looked like you were quite used to it!」
「That’s because…. Katsuko-nee is quite skilled.」

Maika reacted to my words.

「…You call Katsuko-san by Katsuko-nee?」
「Because Katsuko-nee told me 『Please call me this way.』 that’s why…」

…That’s right.
… Ever since the first time I had sex with Katsuko-nee that one night in the public toilets.
… Where Katsuko-nee told me to call her that way

「…How about Nei-san?」

Maika is staring at me.

「Regarding Nei-san, how do you call her?」

She’s worried about such a thing….

「Nei-san is Nei-san. Misuzu is also Misuzu…!」

Maika’s eyebrows twitch.


Maika was led to believe that today was the first day I met Misuzu…!

「The thing about Misuzu, in reality I knew her from before. Even though I say from before, I really met her for the first time in the afternoon of the day before yesterday.」
「The day before yesterday? Then that means you immediately became sex partners?」

I’ll just tell her everything.

「Misuzu isn’t my sex partner….She’s my pet.」

Maika has a surprised look on her face.

「Such a beautiful and elegant person is…..Onii-san’s pet?」


「Well…. Katsuko-nee’s best friend is a person called Nagisa-san. Originally Misuzu was a pet belonging to that Nagisa-san. Nagisa-san gave me Misuzu.」

Somehow…. It seems like the more I explain, the more hazy things get.

「This Nagisa-san person, did Onii-san have sex with her too?」
「Yeah… I did.」

Maika begins to pout.

「…Onii-san is quite the perverted person.」
「Yeah …I think so too」

…I’d crawl into a hole if I could.

「…What kind of person is Nagisa-san? Afterall, she’s got to be a pretty person. Right?」
「Nagisa-san is the same age as Katsuko-nee and… She’s a very beautiful, bright, and gentle person.」
「…The same feelings as someone like Katsuko-san?」
「Katsuko-nee is a little bit different. Katsuko-nee is like a big sunflower. Always dashing and smiling. Just by looking at her, your mood will brighten.」

Yeah, just like a tall sunflower standing proudly. Shimmering in the light of the summer sun.

「Nagisa-san is like a flower garden of Rapeseeds. Giving off a feeling of warmth, comfort, and ease.」

Yeah, Nagisa-san like a spring flower garden spread out as far as the eye can see.


It’s a bit difficult to understand with just words.
I’m poor at trying to explain things to people.

「For now, We’ll see」
「…Will it be okay meeting Maika?」
「Yeah… They’ll surely be nice to Maika!」

I’m sure if its Nagisa-san…

「…Is it really okay?」
「It’s neither good or bad. In regards to Maika, you’re like my cute little sister.」

Maika misinterprets my words.

「I see, all the sex partners are sisters. Just like Katsuko-san said!」
「Ah… Yeah…」
「I can become close sisters with Katsuko-san and Nei-san, right?」
「That’s right. Everyone will treat Maika gently!」
「… Uwaa! I’m so happy!」

Maika makes a big smile.
…That’s a relief.
I, alone, raped Maika.

「Misuzu also」
「But … Misuzu-san isn’t Onii-san’s sex partner, right? She’s a pet, right?」
「How should Maika treat Onii-san’s pet?」

Maika really does worry about things…

「Maika’s friend, Tomomi-chan, has a puppy but whenever Maika goes to play at Tomomi-chan’s house, it barks loudly. It barks going, Kyan!Kyan!, thinking Maika would take away Tomomi-chan. It was quite noisy.”

Certainly, Misuzu is quite like a puppy.
Somehow, I’m also getting worried.

「Onii-san just met Misuzu-san the day before yesterday, right?」
「Yeah. But we also met yesterday… You could say that, I have sex with Misuzu everyday…」

Or more like….Whenever she is with me, she’ll immediately try to wring me dry.
That’s… the kind of feeling I get.

「….You guys have sex every day?」
「Yeah… it’s always once a day. Oh, Katsuko-nee also.」

I do it with Katsuko-nee once a day.

「… Katsuko’s also?」
「Then….is it possible to do it with Maika everyday too?」

Maika pressed down on her tiny stomach.

「…Does your stomach hurt?」
「Just a bit, its tingling as if Onii-san is still inside.」
「If it hurts too much, let’s visit the doctor.」
「It’s not painful to that point….but」

… Sex still seems to be scary.
I embrace Maika.

「What’s the matter? Did you want to do it again?」

Maika is misunderstanding.
It seems after all, the rape experience is still effecting her.

「…Sit down over here」

I lean against the wall of the bathtub.
I take a little step and lower myself.

「I’m just going to make sure you’re not hurt.」
「Believe in me.」

With the wall to her back, Maika sits on the edge.
Going in between Maika’s legs.
I look at Maika’s vagina in front of my eyes

「It’s embarassing after all… Please dont look so much.」

Maika shyly twists her body.

「I won’t know if I don’t take a look.」

Grabbing her thighs, I spread them open widely.


Maika’s secret place was slightly swollen.
Seems painful.
Her folds that should have been tightly closed were slightly open.
This was probably due to the sex being forced.

「…It hurts right?」

The words 『I’m sorry』 come to me but I swallow them.

「Yeah, it hurts.」

At the very least…
Even just a little bit, I want to make it feel pleasant.

「…I’ll lick it」

Maika’s surprised.

「To sterilize it with my spit!」

Actually, I don’t know if spit has any antibacterial effects.
Regardless, I want to lick the place I hurt.

「…Here I go」

My tongue reaches out to Maika.
First, I lick the insides of her thighs.

「…Iyan~ It tickles!」

The skin of the beautiful fourteen-year-old girl is smooth
…White and soft.
In that spot, I let my tongue roll.

「This really feels kinda perverted…!」

Maika mutters as she looks over me licking her crotch.

「It is perverted. Because I’m a perverted person.」

I respond towards Maika.


Her face turnes completely red.
Maika becomes aroused.

「Maika…is just a little bit perverted.」

My tongue crawls over her vagina.
It has a sour taste.
This is…. the taste of love nectar.
Maika’s gradually letting it out.

「…Maika is getting wet.」
「Thats not true.」
「…Maika’s love juice is delicious.」

Deliberately making licking and slurping sounds.

「No…don’t say such things.」

The taste of love juice… varies between girls
It’s different… from person to person.
It’s better to stop sticking my tongue inside her vagina.
…It seems like it still hurts.
I, stretch out my tongue towards her clitoris.


I lick.. the skin-covered clitoris.

「…Ahn!, Don’t lick… Such a place….」

After all that licking… Maika’s body loosens up.
The small clitoris peeked out from under the skin.
I went licking at full strength!

「… Fuwaa! Don’t do it so intensely!」

Maika’s body’s trembling…!

「It’s okay… Just leave everything to me…!!」

*Chupa*Chupa* Purposely making noises, I suck deeply on Maika’s clitoris.

「….Amazing! I~It feels so good..!」

Maika grabbs my head with both hands…!
Looking down at me with a face showing that she’s feeling it.

「…If Maika experiences such a thing…. Maika won’t be able to have sex with another person!」

The tip of my tongue grinds against her clitoris!

「… Ahyiin!」

Maika’s body bounces!

「I’ll take care of everything. I won’t allow another man to do perverted things.」

I continue to precisely stimulated it with my tongue…!
Licking her clitoris little by little….!

「….ahhhhhh~!…It feels good! From now on, Maika won’t do it alone anymore. Onii-san, give it to Maika! Please give it to Maika everyday!」

Maika… grabbs tightly onto my hair!
Pressing me tightly against her crotch!
More intensely, I stimulate Maika’s clitoris.
Slowly but steadily, love nectar comes dripping out from her vagina!
…Maika’s body is trembling! *purupuru*

「… Aahn! It feels good! This is addicting! Maika’s turning into a naughty girl!”」

…Just a little bit more, she’s almost there!

「… Ahnn~! Ahn~! Something… Is shining! White! It’s turning white! … Ah~ … Ah~ … Ah~ … Ahn~! … Oni-sa~~~n!!! 」

Maika’s body is trembles as she floats away.

「… Maika is becoming useless! Useless!!!」

Maika screams… while cumming…!
My head’s tightly grasped with all her might…!
The too young and small body tightens and cramps up!

「…Ahhhhhh~, Noooooooo~!」

…Warm water drenched my face!
Maika’s peeing!

「…Nooo~! Noooo~! Avoid it Onii-san!」

Although Maika says that, her hands are firmly holding my head in place.
I can’t… move my head while being held down against Maika’s crotch.
And just like that…the golden shower hits my face directly…!
Maika’s pee is beautifully shining and sparkling.

「…No, no, Iyaaan!」

Eventually… Maika lets everything out.
Strength leaves Maika’s hands.
And just like that…We slide down… and sit in the bathtub.

「…Ha~, Ha~, Ha~」

Maika’s still immersed in the afterglow of pleasure.
Then suddenly, hot water flies at my face!

「Wash your face, Baka!」
「…Ah, yeah.」

I splash my face with warm water.

「『Ah, yeah.』 My ass. Isn’t it dirty?」

Maika’s in high tension because of her embarrassment.

「It’s Maika’s right?… So its not dirty.」

My face turns red as I say that.


Then… She embraces me.

「… It felt good. Onii-san」
「It’s fine. It’s no good if it hurts too much. After all its going to become the memory of Maika’s first time.」
「Yeah …, thank you.」

Maika… kisses me.

「What should I do now…?」

Maika says.

「Maika’s body will become useless without Onii-san」

Her small breasts press against me.

「Maika… might have to drop out of school…!」

Maika…kisses me.

「Onii-san….is getting hard again…!」


「What do you want to do? Let it out in Maika again?」

Maika asks me.

「But… It hurts right?」

I’m worried about Maika’s body.

「I’ll endure it… After all, Maika is Onii-san’s sex partner.」

In that instance…
She gallantly dashes into the bathroom…!

「…From here on, leave the rest to me!」

…She came.
Misuzu burst into the bathroom naked~!

「Sorry, Maika! I apologize about before!」

Misuzu cries out to Maika!

「This is the type of person Misuzu really is! A vulgar girl who cannot bare it if her amazing Danna-sama gets taken away.」
「… Misuzu-san?」

Maika’as stunned by Misuzu’s excessively high tension.

「That’s why…Please hand over that penis to Misuzu. Please! Please! Pretty Please!」

Misuzu already threw away both her dignity and her pride.


Maika looks over towards my face…

「This is the real Misuzu. She’s always with a loud voice, always with a smile, and always cries often. A lovely girl. She’s my pet!」
「…Yes~! Misuzu is Danna-sama’s faithful pet~!」

I stand up from the bathtub.
I sit down at the edge of the bath.
With my erect penis, pointing staight towards the sky. 2

「Misuzu, Suck…!」
「…Yes, Danna-sama!」

Misuzu happily crouches down in front of my crotch.
Nestling up close just like a real puppy.


She swallows my penis.
Licking all over with her tongue.

「…How is everyone?」

When I ask, Misuzu replies.

「Katsuko-san is making lunch …」


「Most likely, Danna-sama and the others would be hungry…. I tried to invite her saying 『Let’s attack the bathroom together!』 … Katsuko-sama said 『Since I also have the ability to cook, I’ll use that appeal instead』. But…Misuzu doesn’t have any talent in sex.」

I think she has more than enough talent in sex.

「…Misuzu is cute even without being perverted.」
「Does Danna-sama hate having sex with Misuzu?!」

Misuzu looks up and stares at me.

「No… that’s not the case.」
「Misuzu loves having sex with Danna-sama~! Misuzu can no longer live without Danna-sama~!」

…eh, Misuzu?!

「…Please don’t throw Misuzu away!」

Misuzu says as she licks my penis.
I stroke Misuzu’s face.

「…What’s wrong?」

Misuzu asks…

「Misuzu is…. a little bit impatient!」


「Misuzu does not want Danna-sama to be taken away by a young and cute girl.」

Really this child…
Taking this cute girl into my hands
I… embrace Misuzu’s body

「Don’t worry. How can I ever forget about Misuzu? Since Misuzu is so cute. I love you..!」

Misuzu is clinging to me…!
…There’s nothing to cry about.

「Misuzu-san is cute…!」

Maika says from inside the bathtub, with an astonished look on her face.

「Ahn, Danna-sama~~~! I’m called cute by a cute child!」
「There’s no reason to cry! Because Misuzu is such a cute girl!」

Misuzu… looks up to me with a crying face.
At that time… a voice comes out from the speakers.

「Hehehe… relax Mii-chan… Right now, I’ll tell you something good!」

…It was Nei-san’s voice.

「This is a recording from just an hour ago…!」

Audio started playing from the speakers…!

「… By the way,Yo-chan what do you think of Mii-chan?」
「Do you think she… is the best in the world?」

Ah…this is?!

「Misuzu is… the cutest in the world.」

…was what I had said.
Nei-san, you recorded that!?

「Well then… it seems like Yo-chan believes that Mii-chan is the number one cutest person in the world」

…Nei-san is really quite the mischievous child!

「…Danna-sama! I like you~! I love you~!!!」

Misuzu jumps at me..!



  1. TL Note: Candy is not used here because the word okashi is specifically refers to sweets. Where as below Ame is use, hence candy
  2. EN: A drill ready to pierce the heavens!