Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 942. Night of Flirting / To worry about death



「 D-Dammit! L-Looking down on me 」

Tendou Otome grumbles in pain.

Her tears and snot haven’t stopped yet.

She’s lying down on the tatami mat while holding her side.

「 I’ll never forgive you all. Y-You’re all looking down on me 」

Hearing her say that, Edie;

「 You’re the one who’s looking down on us 」

She speaks coldly.

「 You thought that you could win against Haiji, and so you accepted the fight. If it was me, you wouldn’t 」

Same thoughts.

Tendou Otome is that kind of woman.

「 You’re an unfair person. You won’t pick a fight with people you know you can’t win against. Thus, you pick on people weaker than you, and shadow behind those that are stronger than you 」

「 I-I… 」

Nei speaks before Tendou Otome could object.

「 Right. Otome-chan is just like her father! 」

Otome’s father. Tendou Sadao.

「 Irresponsible and half-hearted, trying to flatter those stronger than him, and hurt those weaker than him. He’s a troublesome guy who causes nothing but annoyance 」

「 I-I’m not like my father 」

Tendou Otome looked at Nei angrily.

「 I wonder? I think that you two are similar 」


I don’t think that they’re that similar as Nei says they are.

I sense evil in Tendou Sadao’s actions and words.

Tendou Sadao’s core is an evil that’s beyond saving.

However, Otome…

She’s an idiot, she doesn’t care about other people’s emotions, but…

She’s not evil.

It’s not a welcome favor but her thoughts of wanting to help Sonoko-san and the other friends are genuine.

「 And Sonoko-san, you also are similar to your father 」

We’ve met Sonoko-san’s father too.

「 You’re timid, dragged by the situation, and as a result, even if people close to you experience cruelty, you don’t complain at all 」

Sonoko-san’s father let Tendou Sadao and his group gang-rape his daughter.

He couldn’t save her.

He’s given up from the start as he’s powerless.

「 As expected, one will always have a similar personality as their parent 」

Nei speaks loudly.

「 It’s fate 」


「 There’s this scandal in America, a wealthy couple adopted a boy as they have yet to make a baby. The couple doesn’t know anything about the child’s former parents. The orphanage didn’t tell them anything either. The couple gave the boy a good education. His family background had no problems. The couple raised the child with affection, and everyone in their community gave testimony to that. However 」

Edie said.

「 That adopted boy entered high school, became violent, and committed crimes one after another. And in the end, he was arrested for killing a man 」


「 Then, during the trial, the true parents of the adopted child have come to light. The father of the adopted child who committed murder is an atrocious murderer. And the child is similar, he had a violent personality 」

The father of the murderer was also one?

「 The incident shows something heavy. Most of the time, they say that people commit violent crimes are affected by the environment the person grew up with. Where if a person is raised gently and in a good environment, they couldn’t become violent criminals 」


「 But in this case, the adopted child didn’t know that he’s a son of a murderer until he reached the trial for murder. The parent never met his son either. That means it’s not the environment that influenced the violent child 」

He wasn’t aware that he’s a child of a murderer.

「 The wealthy couple that adopted the boy didn’t abuse him and raised the child with good intentions. Above all, there were other children in the same house. It’s common in America to adopt a child even though you have a child. Especially for the wealthy conservative Christians, most of them adopt a child. Then, the other children raised in that household were raised properly, they didn’t become violent criminals, that one adopted child is alone 」

Edie said.

「 In short, that incident implies that people don’t become an atrocious criminal because of their environment, that the genes inside people where it can turn them antisocial 」

The adopted child had no background that can turn him into a criminal.

Despite that, he killed a person.

Then, the parent of the adopted child is a murderer.

There were inferences that if it’s the case, then one could inherit the genes of a murderer from their parent.

「 In most cases, people think that the child becomes similar to their parent because they lived together. The child sees what their parents do, copy it, and it becomes influential to them. Therefore, when they grow up, go to school, they meet adult models other than their parents. They will receive influence from various people other than their parents and their parent’s influence will go away 」

Yeah, like, hearing a line from a sports athlete they respect.

Or receiving influence from their senior.

「 However, in the case of that adopted boy; he never had contact with his real parent and yet the child gradually turned violent, just like his father. It wasn’t the outside world that was the main cause but it was inside the adopted child himself, that’s how the reports conveyed it 」

That’s why it’s genetic?

Is it true that inheriting the personality of the parents is genetic?

「 Therefore, Otome, Sonoko, it’s just inevitable that you took over your parent’s personality. Give it up. You can’t do anything about it anyway 」

Edie smiled.

「 I-I’m not like my father…. 」

「 I…Father… 」

Tendou Otome and Sonoko-san pondered.

They’re comparing themselves with their parents in their minds.

But. I…

「 I don’t think that’s true 」

I will not accept it.

「 I don’t want to become like my parents. I’d never become like then even if I die 」

My mother ignored my existence ever since I was born.

My father abandoned me without care.

I will not become like them.

「 Even if it’s genetics, I will not have the same character as them. I will reject it adamantly. I am me. I’m different from them 」

Edie smiled.

「 Right, Darling. People can change to the people they want to be. If one faces their heart, fix the bad parts and want to change it, you can oppose your fate regardless of genetics and environment 」

people change.

That’s right, I experienced that.

Then, the people around us all change in a good way to their will.

「 Right! What’s important is whether you have the resolve to fight your fate or not! Whoever it is 」

Nei said.

「 If you have the resolve to fight your fate, then you can adamantly reject your fate. Or you can continue resisting the fate you received. But, what’s important is the will to fight. Fighting spirit! Those who don’t have it will have fate drag them. The thoughts of “I’m hopeless,” or “This is fate” are all there to make you give in. And then, you regret later because you didn’t do anything. You’ll bear a grudge against yourself, and those people who didn’t come to save you. You’ll hate them all the time 」

Nei said. Haiji-san…

「 I don’t want that. I don’t want to degrade that way 」

「 It’s okay, Haiji, you have the fighting spirit. You didn’t let fate drag you, you have the will to fight your fate 」

Right, Haiji-san…

She’s enthusiastic about opening up a new prospect of her strength.

The problem is…

I look at Tendou Otome and Tokuda Sonoko-san.

「 I see. Tendou Otome let the flow drag her 」

Tendou Otome looked back.

「 You say that it’s to save your friends and in the end, you followed your father’s orders to infiltrate Kouzuki house’ party, and when we went to the karaoke bar to save Sonoko-san and the girls, in the end, you had to follow the plan Edie gave you 」

「 Yeah, that’s why I left Otome behind and went in ahead 」

Back then, Tendou Otome was supposed to infiltrate the karaoke bar from the back together with Edie.

However, Otome couldn’t catch up with Edie, and so she arrived at the scene late.

「 Otome doesn’t want to cooperate with the operation. You have no insight to keep your cool in the situation. You’ll react to the events at that moment and you can’t come up with anything creative. That’s why you don’t cooperate with others. That’s why I left you behind. Allies who can’t cooperate are much more dangerous than enemies. Well, above all, you’re late to make a devastating decision and act on it 」

Edie makes it clear.

「 Without skill, talent, and personality, you can’t work in our world. Why don’t you continue your life where you show your strength on weak people? 」

「 That won’t go well all the time either. Those who approach imitation are worthless people. Decent people will see that Otome-chan isn’t the real deal and they’ll escape from Otome-chan immediately 」

「 Oh, right. Just like the hopeless friends of Tendou Sadao 」

Nei said. I understood.

「 Right, Yo-chan. That self-proclaimed chivalrous Tendou Sadao is a fake. That man has no resolve, fighting spirit, nor chivalry, does he? That’s why only useless people who are fakes will come close to him 」

I see.


「 Hey, Sonoko-san, I have something to ask 」

I looked at Sonoko-san.

「 W-What is it? 」

「 Our organization, the one Sonoko-san is making a contract with, will only operate for five years. You’re 17, right? Then the brothel will have to release you once you’re 23. 」

Minaho-neesan will reopen the brothel for only for five years.

That’s been decided from the start.

「 Then, our brothel will pay those who work. That means Sonoko-san will have money in five years. Of course, all of your ties with the Kansai organization is cut off. If you want, you can get a new identity. If you work hard for five years, you can abandon your past and live a new life 」

「 Err. Profits of the prostitutes differ individually so I won’t give you an exact number, but the starting funds for everyone are about 20 million yen. It should be enough funds to start a new business after you retire from prostitution 」

Nei gave her a specific number.

「 With that said, what do you want to be in five years, Sonoko-san? 」

Sonoko-san looks confused.

「 T-That’s…I don’t know 」

She looked down.

「 I-I…you’re right, I only think about prostitution right now 」

Right, she’s…

She’s acknowledged that her life is hopeless and she has no other way but to become a prostitute.

She hasn’t thought of what’s ahead of her.

No, she thinks that her life is over on the stage where she becomes a prostitute.

「 Besides, I don’t even know if I can become a good prostitute or not 」

She has no confidence in herself.

That’s why she’s dragged around.

She has a very thin vitality to survive alone.


This negative and gloomy girl can’t become a prostitute of Black Forest.

「 If you can’t then you’re dead 」

I said.

「 Hii!! 」

Sonoko-san’s face paled.

「 Y-You!! S-Sonoko… 」

Tendou Otome tries to complain.

「 If all you’re going to do is meddle then shut up! You can’t do anything! 」

I speak to her sharply.

「 Right, Otome’s useless 」

Edie releases bloodlust while smiling.

Tendou Otome can sense that Qi.

She can’t get up yet, so she had to say no more.

「 Sonoko-san. If you want to survive, then do something. Get serious 」

「 Y-Yes 」

Sonoko-san replies while trembling.

In the end.

Tendou Otome, Tokuda Sonoko.

I can’t be kind to them.

Their personality says that they will only become spoiled from kindness.

「 We don’t need prostitutes who have no sense of purpose. That’s why You should start thinking of what you want to start with 20 million yen funds after we release you from prostitution. No, think of it until morning and give me a report. Okay? 」

I ordered her.

「 Y-Yes. But, uhm 」


「 I-I don’t know how much 20 million yen amounts to. Uhm, and thinking about it until tomorrow 」

It’s not “I want more time to think”

In her case…

“I don’t want to think of something this bothersome, please let me procrastinate”

Accepting that she stops thinking is her way of life.

「 No. You will give me your life plan by tomorrow. Also… 」

I noticed what I shouldn’t allow.

I can’t corner her with the idea that she’ll earn money from selling her body to customers.

Sonoko-san already experienced Tendou Sadao’s men gang-raping her.

「 Sonoko-san, 20 million yen, and 10 million yen are the same to you, right? Either way, it’s money you never held before 」

「 H-Haa? 」

It seems that Sonoko-san can’t imagine what I want to say.

「 By the way, Sonoko-san, do you want Tendou Otome to live? 」

I asked.

「 Huh? 」

「 Well, I think you already understand from the conversation earlier, this girl has no use. She’s beyond useless. She’s weak, has a bad personality, and she keeps complaining. 」

I look at Tendou Otome.

She looks down in frustration.

She can no longer rant and scream.

「 That said; if we are to dump her out. We need to completely destroy Tendou Otome’s brain. That’s how it will go 」

If we’re to erase Tendou Otome’s memories of us and Sonoko-san, her spirit will collapse.

「 If not, the easiest method is to kill her. Keeping her alive will only create more noise pollution 」

「 Right, that’s way better 」

「 Yeah, it can’t be helped. After all, Otome-chan is really useless 」

Edie and Nei agreed with me.

Tendou Otome looks at the floor while trembling.

Sonoko-san is trembling as she doesn’t know what to do.

「 That’s our thoughts, what about you, Sonoko-san? 」

I look straight at her eyes.

「 I’m asking for Sonoko-san’s comment. Sonoko-san, do you mind if Tendou Otome dies? Or do you want her to live? 」

Sonoko-san turned stiff, she looks afraid.

Her head is in panic, she stopped thinking.


「 Answer me! 」

I let out my Qi to Sonoko-san.

「 H-Hiii?! 」

「 Do you want Tendou Otome to die or not?! Say it! 」


「 It’s a problem if Otome-chan dies! 」

After cornering her as she stopped thinking.

That reply is Sonoko-san’s genuine thoughts.

I check her complexion. It looks like she didn’t answer what seemed appropriate.

「 Why is it a problem if Tendou Otome dies? 」

I followed up.

「 B-because…because…because!! 」

I can’t allow her to escape from thinking while in panic.

「 Answer me!! 」

「 Otome-chan is my friend!!! 」

Words come out from Sonoko-san as I corner her.

「 She’s my friend, I don’t want her to die! Please, let her live! 」


「 Okay. Sonoko-san will be paying for Tendou Otome’s life 」

I said.

「 It’s 10 million yen 」

「 What? 」

Sonoko-san’s dumbfounded.

「 It’s okay. You can earn 20 million yen in five years. Then, you’ll use that 10 million to pay for Tendou Otome’s life. Okay? 」

「 U-Uhm 」

「 At this moment, Sonoko-san owes us 10 million yen. You will have to pay for it every month. If you can’t give your pay, we’ll kill Tendou Otome 」

Sonoko-san can accept anything if it’s her.

If we say that we’re killing her, she’ll just accept it.

That’s how weak her attachment to life is.

However, when it comes to other people.

If Tendou Otome dies because of her.

Will she accept it?

「 T-That’s a problem. I-I don’t know if I can do it 」

「 Then Otome will die. You’re okay with that? 」

「 That’s… 」

「 You have two choices, earn 10 million yen for Tendou Otome, or abandon her 」

At that moment…

「 Sonoko, you don’t have to mind me 」

Tendou Otome shouts.

「 I don’t want to become a burden for Sonoko! If this is all it accounts for, it’s better if I die 」

There it is.

She screams her emotions.

In fact, she isn’t ready to die.

「 Otome-chan 」

Tokuda Sonoko-san looks at her friend.

「 That’s unfair, Otome-chan 」

「 Huh? Sonoko? 」

The two look at each other.

「 If you say it like that, I… 」

That’s right, Tendou Otome speaks her thoughts…

And it only corners Sonoko-san further.

「 You give me no choice but to save you 」

Sonoko-san tears up.

「 Then, that’s a deal 」


「 Y-Yes 」

「 Your debt is 10 million yen and you will have to earn it all. Therefore, you need to become a prostitute that earns money as soon as possible 」

「 I-I understand 」

「 Also, you’ll pay us 10 million yen but Sonoko-san will have 10 million yen remaining after five years. Make a life plan with that money. Tell me about it by tomorrow 」

「 I-I can only think of earning 10 million yen right now 」


I grabbed Sonoko-san’s chest.

「 If I say do it, then you do it! Do you want Otome to die? Then make sure I don’t change my mind 」

「 Y-Yes 」

Sonoko-san tears up.

「 Yeah. All you have to do is think of what kind of job you want when you were a child! If it’s something ordinary, then 10 million yen is more than enough 」

Nei said with a smile.

「 I can’t think of any. I never had a dream when I was a child 」

Sonoko-san says while crying.

「 That’s a lie 」

I said.

「 No matter how hopeless their situation, humans have a dream. I know that 」

After all, I also had my hard times.

I had hopeless nights.

「 You just forgot about it. Remember. Remember the dream for your dear life 」

「 I-I understand 」

Sonoko-san replied.

I let go of Sonoko-san’s chest.


「 I-I’ll do it too 」

Tendou Otome mutters with a small voice.

「 I won’t let Sonoko carry it all. M-Me too 」

She looks at Sonoko-san with eyes in pain.

「 I’ll become a prostitute. Let me become a prostitute 」


「 If it’s the two of us, we can earn 10 million yen right away. Hey, Sonoko 」

What a stupid woman.

「 Don’t look down on prostitutes 」

I said.

「 There’s no way a woman like you can become fit as a prostitute!!! 」

Tendou Otome glared at me.

「 Then, what do I do? 」

「 I don’t know and I don’t care! 」

I talked back with all my strength.

「 Leave that to me, Darling 」

Edie moves forward.

「 Otome’s problem is that she doesn’t know true fear 」

What does that mean?

「 Once she knows true fear, she won’t be this careless and emotion explosive girl 」

Then, she stands before Tendou Otome.

「 I’ll teach you the fear of death while keeping you from it 」

She shows a daring smile.

「 You can use Qi, but you’re still at a kindergarten level. I’ll teach you how scary it is to face the real thing 」

Then, Edie.

「 Suuuuuuuu, haaaaaaa 」

She accumulates a great amount of Qi from the inside.

「 H-Hey, wait?! 」

Tendou Otome trembles.

Otome doesn’t know that Edie’s accumulating all her Qi, but…

But, she can sense that Edie’s gathering a mighty amount of Qi.

「 Suuuuu, haaaaaa. Kudou style secret technique “Shingetsu Unryuu wave” 」

Edie bursts out her Qi.

She swings her fist downward close to Tendou Otome’s face!!!

「 YEHAAA!!!! 」

It shoots a huge amount of Qi to Tendou Otome.

Coming from the head down to her anus.

The lightning bolt of Qi pierces through her.

「 Ugyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! 」

Tendou Otome faints in agony this time.


She fainted with her eyes open.

Her whole body’s twitching, and she’s leaking pee intensely.

「 Ah, that sure is a near-death experience 」

Nei laughed.

「 Haa, haa, haa, haa, haa 」

Edie fixes her breathing.

「 Once she wakes up, Otome will not be the same as before 」


「 People who experience fear of near-death will change 」