Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 949. Night of Flirting / Deflowering the twins (Eri Arc: Deflowering)



「 Noooo! This is my first, nooooo 」

Eri screams while tearing up.

「 Don’t mind that, face this way 」

I turn Eri’s small body over.

From crawling to lying down.

I want to look at Eri’s face while I deflower her.

I want Eri to remember my face as the man who took her first.

「 Yomi, I’m taking off Eri’s clothes, make sure that she doesn’t resist 」

「 Okay, Sensei 」

I forced Rie to strip, but…

I will tear Eri’s swimsuit.

「 N-no. Stop! Rie-chan, help me! 」

Eri tries to ask for her twin sister’s help, but…

「 You shouted Eri-san’s name just like that, didn’t you? 」

Yomi embraces Rie from behind.

She’s forced to watch Eri and I have sex and she can’t talk either.

「 Look at Eri-san and Sensei 」

Yomi uses her Miko power.

Good, she’s smooth at control.

She’s controlling only the body and she tries not to touch Rie’s mind.

「 Okay, starting from the arm. 」

I tore off the chest part of Eri’s school swimsuit that her breasts are exposed, but…

The arm part remains.

Therefore, I first grab the shoulder part of the swimsuit and pull it down.

「 N-Noooo 」

Then, pulling it down to her waist.

「 Yomi, make Eri raise her hips. 」

「 Okay 」

「 No! No! Noooo!! 」

Eri bends her body and raises her ass.

I slip the swimsuit out of her body.

Then, the front.

I can see Eri’s vagina.

「 D-Don’t look 」

「 Of course I will…It’s Eri’s virgin pussy 」

I went for a closer look.

Yep, that’s a smooth pussy for her age.

There’s no hair yet.

What’s in there is a single straight cut.

I can’t look inside unless I open it with my fingers.

Also, Eri’s pussy is placed lower. It’s hard to see the slit unless you face it right below.

I guess this is what they call “subscript”

I can’t put my penis inside her unless I lift her hips up a bit.

I guess I’ll place a pillow underneath her hips to match the angle.

「 Uuuu, don’t look, I told you not to look 」

Eri cries.

Oh well. Anyway, I removed her swimsuit.

It’s our style to take photos of the naked body before deflowering.

I pull her swimsuit from her thighs to her ankles then take it all off.


「 Eri’s toes have the same shape as Rie’s 」

I noticed.

I compare her toe fingers with Rie’s.

Yeah, it sure is the same.

「 Uuuu, I-It’s obvious. We’re twins 」

Eri glared at me and said.

「 No, not really. That’s not that you should say, Eri 」


「 Sure, you two have the same toes. It looks the same, but they aren’t the same 」

That’s right, similar doesn’t mean that it’s the same.

「 It’s just similar, but it’s still different. 」

Eri glares at me.

「 You two have the same face, height, and build. Sure, you twins look the same. At first, I couldn’t even tell who’s Eri and who’s Rie. But now I do. You two are similar but different 」

I tell them.

「 You two have the same mold of face, but your traits and Qi are different. Your voices are also different after hearing it a lot. Seeing the difference one-by-one lets me see through it. Rie’s nipples are caved in, but Eri’s nipples are already sticking out. Eri’s pussy is placed lower. They have different shaped navels 」

They have the same genes and the same environment that raised them and yet there are still differences.

「 You twins are not the same You two are different people 」

I look at the twins.

「 Onii-chan is a man who takes a good look after all 」


「 Papa and Mana live together with me every day but they never look at me. Thinking about it now… They don’t look at me in the face when talking. That’s why they never notice how I truly feel 」

「 Me too. Those who make contact with me don’t look straight at me, they talk only to what I carry 」

They bow their head not to Ruriko herself but to the title of “The young lady of the Kouzuki house,” and “the granddaughter of the head”

They show her respect but nobody among them associated with her as a human.

「 Onii-sama’s the only one who looked at me as a woman. Therefore, I cast away my arrogant and narrow-minded pride and became Onii-sama’s slave 」

「 I mean, Ruri-oneechan. Onii-chan’s the only one who can take you as a slave without a care in the world 」

Mana said.

「 Indeed, no person would have the courage to do that even if Grandfather gave his permission 」

Buying the young lady of Kouzuki house for 3000 yen and turning her to a sex slave.

That’s indeed messed up.

「 I can’t help it. Ruriko’s so cute after all 」

I said.

「 And if I can make such a cute girl forever mine, then I’ll do anything 」

That’s my reasoning. And that’s good enough.

「 Mana and Yomi too. You girls are beautiful and cute. And… 」

I look at the twins.

「 Rie and Eri too. I see you as cute girls. That’s why I’m making you mine. I’m turning you to my sex slaves. I’m making you bear my child 」


「 T-That’s too selfish. This is cruel 」

「 Really? What’s selfish? 」

Ruriko smiles.

「 What we’re saying is that we’re happy 」

「 Onii-chan’s going to take care of us forever 」

Ruriko and Mana told the twins.

「 When I read Sensei’s thoughts and his movements in real-time, I can see that Sensei’s an honest man 」


「 Sensei’s not raping you girls just to relieve his sexual desire. He’s also giving it a serious thought on how to make you twins happy 」

「 That’s not going to happen 」

Eri looked down.

「 Then, does spanking my butt, showing my butthole to everyone, and licking it all acts to make me happy? 」

「 That’s right. And you probably don’t believe it right now but it’s the truth. Sensei’s amazing 」

Yomi says while embracing a small girl in her arms.

「 That’s a lie, I don’t believe it. After all, Onii-san just raped Rie-chan and now he’s going to rape me. How would that make me happy? 」

「 Why? 」

Ruriko asks smilingly.

「 B-Because it’s my first time! Don’t you want to give your first to someone you love?! Is it wrong to want romantic and passionate sex with someone you love? 」

Eri said. Ruriko.

「 You can’t wait for that prince charming that may never appear before you. That person may not come at all 」

「 B-But! 」

「 No, that’s wrong. The Prince Charming is already before you 」

Ruriko smiled and looked at me.

「 Onii-sama is your fated man. You’ll understand that soon. You’ll see how much happiness it brings to be Onii-sama’s slave 」

「 I don’t understand! 」


「 I’ll make you understand, even if it’s forced. Yomi 」

「 Yes, Sensei 」

「 Loosen up Eri’s legs 」

「 Okay 」

I grab Eri’s legs and spread it open.

「 H-Hey Wait! Noooo! I don’t like this pose! I look like a frog! Nooo! 」

Ooh, Eri’s thighs are smooth.

This feels just like a woman’s skin.

My hands bounce back from her smooth skin.

「 You have to give up. Eri-chan 」

Did Yomi let Rie speak?

「 I’m also raped, and so, let’s become the same, Eri-chan 」

She speaks with a gloomy expression.

「 And then, we can be together again 」


「 It’s not just you girls. We’re all the same 」

Ruriko said.

「 That’s right, together with Mana and everyone 」

「 It’s not just you girls who had this experience 」

Mana and Yomi added.

「 Now, let’s take photos of Eri’s pure body before deflowering her 」

I get in between Eri’s legs and spread her slit wide open.

「 N-Nooo! Don’t look! That’s not for people to look at ! 」

「 I need to see the inside 」

I peek inside Eri’s pussy.

Oh, she’s not yet wet.

It might be hard to get her wet, or maybe, she’s too nervous.

Even so, I check for Eri’s hymen inside the meat wall.

「 Once I shove my dick inside here, this membrane will tear apart. And we’re going to take a photo before it’s gone 」

「 N-Nooo! That’s… 」

Eri trembles.

「 Eri-chan, they also took a photo of mine, I feel the same way as you 」

Rie tells her sister.

It seems that she understands that I will rape Eri no matter what.

Therefore, she’s trying to talk to Eri to ease the pain.

「 Not just you girls, it also happened to us 」

Ruriko said.

「 That’s right. I’ll show it to you next time. Yomi’s photos 」

「 I’ll show you the video of the time when Onii-chan first raped me! 」

Yomi and Mana.

「 The two of you worked hard so far. It must’ve been painful. It must’ve been hard. But, it’s different from today onwards 」

「 Indeed. We’re your seniors as slaves 」

「 You don’t have to stay with just the two of you 」

Ruriko and the girls cut off the twins from escaping to their world.

To make Eri and Rie my slaves both in mind and body.

「 Now, don’t be afraid. I’ll be taking photos 」

Ruriko turns the camera to Eri’s naked body.

「 Hiii! N-Nooo!! 」

Though she rejects it, Eri’s body is under Yomi’s control.

「 Don’t make that face. This photo will remain for eternity. You’ll only regret it later 」

Mana said.

「 If only I was smiling when taking photos back then 」

「 For Mana, well, even that cry and screams of fear are now good memories, I’ll just let it be 」

「 Yomi have no regrets either 」

My slaves speak up.

「 Smile, we’re taking photos 」

I spread Eri’s slit wide open.

「 I guess we need it a bit more wet 」

I approach her pussy.

「 W-What are you going to do? 」

Isn’t that obvious? I’m going to lick it.

I stretch out my tongue and lick Eri’s insides.

「 Hiiiiiiiii!!! 」

Eri trembles from the sensation she’s receiving for the first time.

「 Ufufu, so cute 」

Ruriko takes photos of my cunnilingus.

Eri’s expressions as I lick her.

「 Ah, I’ll take close-up shots too 」

Mana holds her Handycam and comes closer.

「 N-Noo, don’t take photos! I beg you! Aaaaah! Rie-chan! Help me! 」

「 Sorry, Eri-chan. I can’t do anything 」

Rie can’t move her body freely as Yomi embraces her.

「 Now, let’s go with your clitoris 」

「 Cli? What? 」

The young girl doesn’t know about that part of her body.

They film lolicon videos but they don’t film anything hardcore.

Oh well.

If these girls go hard on masturbating or entwine with each other, most lolicon would accept it, but…

Most of the lolicon fans would be turned off.

Maybe, the soft route has more sales.

That part where the nipples and pussy are almost visible.

「 This is the clitoris 」

I use my index finger to peel out her clitoris.

Oh, she’s afraid and not aroused.

Eri’s clitoris remains small.

First, I blow wind to it.

「 Kyauu!! W-What’s this?! 」

She’s sensitive.

If that’s the case.

「 I’m licking it now 」

Fingers might hurt her, and so I start with my tongue.

I wet it with plenty of salivae.


「 Kuaaa?! 」

Eri’s eyes opened wide as I lick her clitoris.

「 W-What’s this?! 」

Then, I use the tip of my tongue to go around her clitoris.

「 S-Stop! Nooo!!! 」

Next, I use my mouth to suck it in.

「 What are you doing?! Noooo! I’m scared 」

While I stimulate it.

Oh, her clitoris starts to swell.

Now it’s a red gem.

Eri’s slit starts to get wet too.

I can feel the sour love nectar on my tongue.

Kucha, kucha, kucha.

「 Eri, you’re getting wet 」

「 N-No. I’m not wet! Aaaah! 」

Eri trembles.

「 Look at me and only me. I’m Eri’s Master 」

「 Uuuu, O-Onii-san 」

Her face that’s crying…changes.

It’s changing to the face of shame.

「 Look, it’s dripping wet now. Let’s take another photo of Eri’s pussy and hymen

I opened it up again.

Ruriko and Mana take photos of Eri’s wet insides.

「 N-Nooo! I don’t want this! Nooo 」

Yeah, we can move forward now

I get on top of Eri’s body.

I erase Rie from Eri’s vision.

To make sure that she looks only at me.

「 Now, let’s kiss, Eri 」

I kissed Eri’s lips.

「 W-Why? Why do I have to kiss Onii-san? 」

Eri looks up at me while gasping for breath.

「 It’s because this is Eri’s fate 」

I replied.

「 Eri. You’re born in this earth for me to have sex with you 」

Then, this time, I kiss her nose, forehead, her cheeks

「 You’re cute. Eri 」

「 O-Onii-san 」

I gently massage Eri’s breasts.

「 Look, this is different now, isn’t it? Feel my hand, my lips, my tongue 」

I licked Eri’s nipples again.

「 Aah, it’s true. It’s different from earlier. Aaah! 」

Her body starts to fire up.

Eri might have a lewder body than Rie.

She’s quick to fall from her sensitive spots.

「 Eri’s breasts are delicious 」

「 D-Don’t say something that embarrassing 」

「 It’s cute. Eri, all of you belongs to me 」

Then, I…

「 W-What are you doing? 」

「 I’m placing a pillow below your ass. If you raise your hips, it won’t hurt that much 」

It’s to give my penis a good angle of insertion.

「 It will hurt? 」

Eri looks at me worriedly.

「 It will hurt at first. Give up 」

「 Everyone’s experienced it 」

「 It’s okay, Onii-chan’s a professional at this 」

「 Good luck 」

Ruriko and the girls cheer for her.


「 I’ll be watching. Eri-chan 」

However, I…

「 But, Eri will only look at me. That’s an order. You won’t look at Rie until we’re done. Only me 」

「 W-Why?! 」

Eri asks while trembling.

「 The two of us are having sex. It means it’s just us, a man and a woman. Therefore, look at me and nobody else. I will also devote my body and soul and make Eri feel it 」

Then, I grab my penis and touch Eri’s entrance.

「 I’m scared. I’m scared 」

Eri tells me.

「 Me too, I was scared during my first time 」

That night where I raped Yukino.

Sex isn’t all about pleasure. It has fear as well.

「 Onii-san too? 」

「 Yeah, but don’t worry. I’ve accepted it 」

I coil my left arm around Eri’s back and grab her shoulder.

I embrace Eri’s body.

It’s to pin down her body so she can’t escape from insertion by slipping her body away.

You know, I’m an expert in deflowering girls.

「 Eri, take a deep breath. Match with my breathing. Two in, and two out. Okay? 」

「 O-Okay 」

Suu, suu, haa.

Suu, suu, haa.

I breathe together with Eri.

I wait for the right timing.

Suu, suu, haa.

Suu, suu, haa.


As soon as she starts breathing in…

I shove in my hips.

「 Guuu?! 」

Since she’s about to start breathing, Eri didn’t scream.

My glans spread Eri’s entrance and invade her insides.

「 Aaaaah, O-Ouch!!!!! 」

She’s not as loose as I expected.

Eri’s insides are tight.

I use my tensed glans to spread it open.

「 I-I’m tearing this! 」

I can feel a wall in front of me.

It’s her hymen.

If I don’t thrust it fast, I will not break the membrane.

「 W-Wait! 」

「 I won’t wait! 」

I screw it in.

「 Ouch! It hurts! Aguu! I-It’s tearing me apart!!! 」

I pin down Rie’s body as she tries to escape.

You’re not going anywhere.

「 Hiiiiiiii!!! 」

I tore her hymen.

Jubobobobo…I go all the way inside Eri’s pussy.「 」

This is impossible! I can’t do this Onii-san!!!!

Eri desperately tries to plead.

Her forehead is sweating cold.

She’s looking at me in pain.

Nobody but me.

That’s right, Eri’s not looking at her twin, Rie right now.

Our naked bodies stick together and my penis is inside her pussy.

It’s sex.

Right now, Eri’s concentrating on me, her partner in sex.

「 That’s not true. It’s all in now 」


I’m spreading this road nobody entered yet to my penis.

「 But it hurts! It really hurts! 」

「 Endure it! 」


It’s a sensation similar to an iron rod pushing inside a solid clay.

「 No more! I don’t want this!! 」

「 Hey, this is the goal! 」


My abdomen finally makes contact with Rie’s crotch.

I can feel the smooth texture of Rie’s crotch.

We’re connected.

We’ve become one.

「 See, can you feel it? My dick is inside Eri to the root 」

「 No way, I’m going to die 」

「 You won’t die from this. Human bodies are created to do this act 」

I stopped my hips from moving for a while.

I’m waiting for Eri to calm down.

I gently caress Eri’s hair that’s wet from sweat.

「 Did you break my hymen already? 」

Eri looks up at me.

「 Yeah. I tore it. I felt it when I tore your membrane 」

「 Then, I’m no longer a virgin 」

Eri speaks mournfully

「 Sure, but we’re just half-done 」

「 Half-done? 」

「 I haven’t ejaculated inside Eri yet 」

Eri’s body trembles.

It clamps down my penis.

「 If you do that, I’ll become pregnant 」

「 Yeah, that’s right. It’s okay. There are no problems with that 」

I look at Eri in her eyes and speak to her clearly.


「 I see. I can’t run away anymore 」

Haaa, she sighs.

「 I guess I have no other choice but to live as Onii-san’s lewd slave 」

「 That’s right, Eri now belongs to me. I’ll make sure that you’re mine 」

I slowly begin to move my hips.

「 O-Ouch! Please don’t be too hard 」

「 Aah, Eri. Eri 」

I stir up her insides.

I want to ejaculate as soon as possible for Eri, but…

I already ejaculated too many times today.

「 Eri, hold it out for a little longer 」

I speed up my hips.

Eri’s young body starts shaking.

Her still-stiff breasts shake.

Therefore, I give it a rub with my hand. I knead her nipples.

「 Ouch! It hurts! Onii-san! It hurts! 」

「 Sorry, sorry! Eri! 」

I vigorously push it inside Eri.

Her young body resists below me like an air cushion.

「 Sorry, I’m going to hurry up so I could cum already 」

Aah, Eri. Eri.

「 Once I cum inside Eri then it will be over. That’s why 」

「 Then hurry up and cum! Cum inside me already! 」

Eri shouts at me while enduring the pain.

Ooh, my arousal is rising up.

「 Yeah, I’m going to cum inside Eri. I’m going to pour it all. I’m going to make you pregnant! Eri! Aaah! Eri! 」

「 Nooo! I’m scared! I’m scared! It hurts! Aaaah! Hurry! Onii-san! Hurry! 」

Eri’s body is wet from sweat as her naked body is in pain from deflowering.

The hot lump is rising up from the inside.

「 Aaaaah! I’m cumming! Cumming! I’m cumming! Eri!! 」

「 Hurry up and cum inside me!!! 」


「 Ah, it’s coming in? Something’s coming inside me 」

Eri can feel the hot semen pouring inside her.

「 Aaaaah, Eri! Eri! Eri!!!! 」

I continue ejaculating as I stare at Eri’s face.

Eri looks up at me in surprise.

「 What’s this?! Onii-san, what are you doing? 」

「 I-I’m mating with Eri 」

I grind my hips harder and continue ejaculating.

「 You really raped me 」

Hearing Eri says that feels cute.

「 Aaah, uuuuu 」

I squeeze out until the last drop inside Eri.

「 Haa, haa, haa, haa 」

I pumped it all out.

「 I-Is it over? 」

「 Y-Yeah, it felt great 」

I kissed Eri.

Eri no longer hates it.

She’s accepting my kiss.

「 I see. This is my fate 」


「 It’s my fate to have sex with Onii-san I finally get it after you came inside

「 Why? 」

「 Onii-san didn’t hesitate at all, you look like you feel so good that you came. I see. It was true. You intend to make me your slave forever 」

「 Didn’t I tell you since earlier? 」

「 I thought you were lying. I thought that you want to rape me only now. But I was wrong. Onii-san is serious 」

「 I’m always serious 」

I lay on top of Eri’s body and embrace her.

「 Yes, that’s why I now know that it’s my fate 」

Eri also clings to me


「 Uuu. You were kinder with Eri-chan compared to my first time 」

Rie speaks.

「 I’m sure of it! 」

Rie looks at us while Yomi hugs her.

「 Ah, I completely forgot that Rie-chan’s watching 」


「 I only looked at Onii-san that I forgot about everyone else 」

That’s good.

With that, the twins have escaped their shell.

Rie is Rie. Eri is Eri. Both of them are my sex slaves.

「 If you think that way, then come here, Rie 」

I tell Rie while still connected to Eri.

「 This time, I’ll be gentle with you compared to earlier 」

If it’s now, I can make love with the twins at the same time.