Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 954. Night of Flirting / The Night I embraced Haiji (Start)



Let’s take a shower before having sex.

This is just good manners for Haiji-san who is about to give her virginity to me.

I’m alone in the shower room.

Ruriko and the girls offered to wash my back but I refused.

To be honest, I wanted some time to reorganize myself.

Today, I had too much sex.

No, if it’s compared to the usual amount I do with my family, it’s still okay.

I have to pay attention as it is the girl’s first time. And it’s a lot of trouble.

I took Rie and Eri’s virginity, and then there’s also Haiji-san.

Hmmm, I have to be careful when it’s girls that are younger than me.


I look at myself in the mirror.

My face is showing exhaustion.

I can’t go to Haiji-san with that kind of face.

I have to stand strong.

「 Okay 」

I started doing the breathing exercise Michi and everyone does in the morning.

「 Haaaaa, suuuuuu 」

I take deep breaths, boosting my heart and lungs.

My heart’s throbbing, and I am sweating lightly, but I continue.

It’s to improve blood circulation and remove waste products through perspiration.

It sharpens one’s senses and refreshes the mind

「 Good 」

Following that, I do some stretching exercises.

I stretch out muscles I haven’t used when having sex.

It’ll get stiff when I use it.


Michi mentioned that she learned it from her Grandfather.

『 Humans are also animals. Animals move. Therefore, when you feel doubtful, move your body lightly, warm your muscles, make your blood flow lively. Stimulate your bones, muscles, nerves, trunk, and your brain. If worrying in your head is all you do, you’ll only sink deeper in your troubles 』

When you have some worries to think about and all you do is cover yourself with a blanket, then you won’t come up with anything.

If you give up thinking, go outside and take a walk, take a bath, you can find more ideas with that.

That’s how the story goes.

If you loosen your body, your mind will loosen up too.

You can reset your brain.

You can analyze objectively, from a different standpoint.

『 If’s important to rest one’s body, but I think that there’s merit on purposely moving your body 』

Yeah, Michi’s right.

If I think that I want to take a rest, I might crash and wake up in the morning.

That’s why I should move my body like this.

All while making sure that I don’t exhaust myself.

I warmed up my body to some extent and washed off the sweat.

While at it, I washed my head with shampoo since the old Kouzuki SS training grounds had none.

I wash my body with soap.

That was a worthwhile use of my time alone.

「 Now, how’s this? 」

I look at myself in the mirror.

It’s better than earlier.

I can see vigor in my eyes now.

With this, I should be alright if I face Haiji-san.

I leave the shower room and head to the dressing room.

I put on new clean underwear.

I put on a white cotton shirt and a fresh pair of pants.

Now, let’s go.

◇ ◇ ◇

「 Dear, this way 」

Katsuko-nee’s waiting for me in the corridor.

Then, Katsuko-nee led the way and we walked through a long corridor.

「 Our meeting place is Ruriko-chan’s room 」

Ruriko’s room?

「 You know? Ruriko-chan made that room for sex, right? 」


Ruriko lived in this Kouzuki mansion ever since she was a child.

Therefore, Ruriko has some private rooms where she can use it for however she wants it.

Half a year ago, Ruriko basically started living in our Kuromori mansion, but…

She swaps with Misuzu and Yoshiko-san from time to time in this mansion so Jii-chan won’t get lonely.

Even tonight, we have no bread-making business since we have no classes tomorrow and so we’re staying over tonight.

Then, Ruriko reorganized one of the rooms she owns.

It became an exclusive sex room for the two of us.

「 I think that it’s better if it’s just the two of you for her first time. Of course, it’s inevitable to know that everyone will watch the deflowering but, she’s embarrassed to have people watch her right next to the bedside 」

Katsuko-nee’s talking about Haiji-san.

「 Ruriko-chan said that if that’s the case, then she’ll lend her room 」

I see. Ruriko granted Haiji-san’s wish.

That sex room is remodeled to Ruriko’s preferences.

By that I mean, Ruriko loves filming sex.

And so, that room is filled with video cameras and you can record everything from above the bed.

Naturally, that means you can watch the video in the room from other rooms.

Haiji-san and I will be alone in Ruriko’s sex room, but…

Everyone will watch her deflowering, and so that’s one way of sparing her the embarrassment.

「 I think that’s the right answer. If people are watching in that room, especially that young lady, she will retort on everything you do, won’t she? 」

Katsuko-nee smiles wryly.

That young lady…It’s Torii-san.

Torii Mariko-san thinks of Haiji-san as her servant, and so…

She will start complaining while we’re in the middle of sex.

She’s filled with curiosity that she will make noise without reading the mood.

『 Hey, stop! Let me see that part! 』 and 『 Haiji’s hurt, stop it! 』 We won’t be able to concentrate on sex if she continues to speak from the sidelines.

「 Misuzu-san can deal with her but I will keep watch to make sure that she doesn’t get too agitated that she invades your room 」

「 Yeah, please do. Katsuko-nee 」

We would prefer avoiding any strange troubles while I take Haiji-san’s virginity. It’s a once in a lifetime event.

「 Ojou-sama, Margo-chan, Nagisa, Nei-chan, Mana-chan aren’t present right now. 」 I’m the only one who can do this 」

Minaho-neesan, Nei, and Mana are staying in the old Kouzuki SS training building.

Margo-san and Nagisa are in the Kuromori Mansion. We left Megu and Ai over there too.

Agnes, Mao-chan, Luna, Koyomi-chan, they’re tired from playing that they’re sleeping somewhere in this mansion.

Wait a second?

「 Speaking of which, I haven’t seen Yoshiko-san 」

I realized.

Once the party is done, I saw her outside the mansion, but…

I haven’t seen her since coming back.

「 Is Yoshiko-san sleeping in her room, just like Agnes and Mao? 」

I’m sure that Yoshiko-san played with the younger girls.

Putting the children aside, I think that it’s too early for someone her age to sleep.

「 She could be lying down but I think that she’s just sulking in bed 」

Katsuko-nee smiles.

「 Huh, what’s going on? 」

Why is Yoshiko-san sulking?

「 I mean, while Yoshiko-san’s trying to muster up her courage, a new girl comes in and will lose her virginity to Ruriko-chan’s room. Yoshiko-san will never find that amusing 」

Not amusing?

「 In truth, she should be the one who offers that virginity in that room and yet, all she does is grit her molars and bury her face on the pillow in the bed 」

Katsuko-nee said.

「 Besides, Ruriko-chan created a room that is off-limits to Yoshiko-san. That puts pressure on her 」


「 Yoshiko-san is Ruriko-chan’s attendant before, right? She’s with Ruriko-chan all the time and she looks after her daily life. That’s why it’s natural for Yoshiko-san to be in Ruriko-chan’s private space too 」

That’s true…

They were living together ever since they were young.

Yoshiko-san assists Ruriko from taking a bath to changing clothes.

It meant that Yoshiko-san can freely enter Ruriko’s private rooms.

「 But now, Ruriko-chan bans Yoshiko-san from entering rooms that are related to sex 」

Therefore, Yoshiko-san can’t enter Ruriko’s sex room.

She’s forbidden to enter.

「 Yoshiko-san isn’t your woman yet 」


Misuzu and all the women who came with me from Kuromori house are…

They have entered Ruriko’s sex room.

I’ve done it with three or four of them.

That room isn’t a sacred ground for just Ruriko and me.

My family can enter that place.

Ruriko is sending Yoshiko-san an implicit message that if she wants to enter that room, she needs to have sex with me.

「 However, while Yoshiko-san’s hesitating, another unknown woman is permitted to enter that room. Yoshiko-san can’t bear that. She feels like another person is cutting in the line between her and Ruriko-chan 」

Yoshiko-san lived together with Ruriko in Jii-chan’s mansion.

This place has memories of Yoshiko-san and Ruriko-san.

But now, Ruriko and Yoshiko also live in our mansion.

It’s only the first three months where the two lived separately.

She managed to accept life in the Kuromori house somehow, but…

This sentiment where she can’t control her home ground, the Kouzuki mansion, is…

Yoshiko-san probably hates it.

「 Well, let’s leave her for now. If she doesn’t feel frustrated, then she can’t get up 」

Katsuko-nee says that but…

「 But you know, it doesn’t mean that having sex with me is the right choice for her 」


「 Yoshiko-san can fall in love with an ordinary man and marry him, can’t she? 」

If she joins my family and becomes my woman…

She can’t do any of that.

Especially since I, “Kuromori Kou,” am Misuzu’s fiance, and it’s known by the public.,

I can’t marry Yoshiko-san.

Putting on a wedding dress, calling her friends and getting married, that’s something she can’t do.

「 The choice depends on her. Her happiness and misfortunes are her responsibility. However, in Yoshiko-san’s case, she tossed the problem and kept it on hold 」


「 She’s in the time where she must make her decision 」

Even I can’t deal with dozens of women around me

My limit is drawing near.

「 If we’re accepting her in the family, then we need to be prepared for it too. It’s our responsibility 」

That’s right, once we’re family, we will never betray nor abandon her.

Our family is a lifetime pledge to take care of each other.

If not, this family-play will be over.

「 Ah, Sensei, give me a moment 」

Ruriko’s in front of Ruriko’s sex room.

「 Ruriko-sama’s taking photos inside 」

Taking photos of Haiji-san while she’s a virgin.

「 She wants to get it done before having sex with Sensei 」

「 Oh, she’s embarrassed to have me watch her spread her legs and take photos of it 」

「 I mean, since Ruriko-sama’s inside, it will be a three-way relationship 」

Yomi said.

「 She doesn’t like it. She wants her first-time sex with just her and Sensei 」

Yomi read Haiji-san’s thoughts.

「 She’s still “Kouzuki Ruriko-sama” to her 」

Katsuko-nee said.

Haiji-san who entered this Kouzuki mansion as Torii Mariko-san’s bodyguard…

She knows that Ruriko is the granddaughter of the head of Kouzuki house, a family with huge power backing them.

She understands, and therefore, she can’t create a smooth relationship.

「 Yomi too. Yomi unconsciously calls her “Ruriko-sama” I know that I have to call her “Ruriko-oneesama”

Yomi and the Takakura sisters asked for Jii-chan’s help and got to know us.

It’s become a habit for them to speak politely when it comes to people of Kouzuki house.

「 Even though I can take it easy when talking to Sensei 」

She smiled at me.

「 That’s what’s amazing about him. His attitude never changes whoever he faces. He’s thickheaded in a sense. But that’s okay 」

I don’t know if she’s praising me or insulting me.

「 Either way, Haiji-san’s still nervous 」

I guessed.

Though she’s ready to lose her virginity, she’s still a young girl.

「 Be gentle but strict with her 」

「 Yeah. You’re right, I’ll do that. Katsuko-nee 」

Naturally, I will be gentle, but that alone will make one spoiled.

Therefore, show strictness at times.


The door opens.

Ruriko shows up.

「 Onii-sama, I’m done taking photos of the ‘before’ Please come in and enjoy the night 」

She smiled.

「 Please use everything inside the room as you please. Once you’re satisfied, we’re sorry to bother but please do call us. We’ll be ready to take the ‘after’ shots 」

Taking photos of my penis inside Haiji-san…

And taking photos of semen spilling from her deflowered pussy.

Well, it’s the usual.

「 Then, Yomi will be going to Tsukiko-oneesama’s room 」

Those who have Miko powers can’t come close to Torii-san.

It’s because Kaan Momoko-neechan will doubt us that we might’ve manipulated Torii-san’s mind.

Therefore, Tsukiko and Yomi are in a different room from Torii-san.

「 Ruriko will come to Yomi-chan’s room too 」

「 I will be heading to Misuzu-san’s room. Well, Michi-chan and Edie are present there so it should be okay

Katsuko-nee said.

「 Yeah, Thanks 」

「 Please enjoy it. Onii-sama 」

「 Good luck, Sensei 」

「 Don’t force yourself too hard. Just do what you can. If you can’t do it today, just push it for tomorrow 」

Ruriko, Yomi, and Katsuko-nee said.

「 Yeah, I’ll do my best 」

The best that I can do.

I’m determined.

◇ ◇ ◇

Knock, knock.

I knocked on the door and opened.

「 Ah, I-I’ve been waiting 」

Haiji-san’s sitting on the bed bashfully, wearing nothing but a bathrobe.

It’s the adult size and so it’s bigger than Haiji-san.

「 Uhm, p-please take care of me 」

Haiji-san tells me with a blushing face.

「 Me too, my best regards 」

I speak politely and bow my head to Haiji-san.

I’m not the one giving it.

I’m the one taking Haiji-san’s virginity.

It’s that kind of mood.

「 Then, how should we do it? 」

Somehow, this is embarrassing.

I know that everyone’s watching through the cameras, but still.

When we’re alone in a room.

Haiji-san and I never had a proper conversation before.

「 Normal? Or does Haiji-san want something? 」

I say while standing before the door.

I can sense Haiji-san’s nervousness as she sits on the bed that I can’t come close to her.

Her heart is throbbing.

Haiji-san’s blushing.

「 U-Uhm, I have a request 」

「 O-Okay, anything? 」

Haiji-san looked up at me with upturned eyes.

「 P-Please call me “Haiji,” or “Adelheid” 」

「 Ah, yeah. Got it 」

「 And, uhm 」

「 What? 」

「 Can I call Kuromori-sama “Shatz”? 」

「 What? 」

「 Shatz 」


「 N-No? 」

「 W-Well, not really, but, what does it mean? 」

「 Uhm, it’s how you call your lover in my homeland 」

Oh, like how Edie calls me “Darling”

「 Got it, call me however you want 」

「 Thank you, Schatz, 」

Haiji-san smiled.

「 And so, Schatz 」

「 W-What? 」

Haiji-san speaks bashfully.

「 P-Please tie me up 」


「 P-Please tie me up so I can’t move, and violate me 」

You mean?

「 I want to lose my virginity like that 」