Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 966. Morning Sisters / Difference in Culture



「 Anjou arts secret technique!!! 」

「 Merlion flying slice!!!! 」

The Anjou sisters jumped at Michi at the same time.

Mitama-san’s uses her hand to strike like a sword on Michi.

The little sister, Kinuka-san follows behind her sister.

「 Puuuuuuu 」

She sprays some kind of mist towards Michi.

「 I got you!!!!! 」


Michi disappeared from their vision at that moment

Kinuka-san’s spray didn’t reach Michi.

「 Wha?! 」

「 Huh?! 」

Then, coming from behind the two surprised girls.

「 Novice 」

Michi strikes the Anjou sisters with her fists shrouded in Qi.

「 Gyaa 」

「 Tawaba! 」

Anjou sisters plopped on the grass of the courtyard.

「 Yomi, Luna, shut them down 」

I ordered the two.

「 Yes, Sensei 」

「 Okay, Nii-san 」

Yomi goes after Mitama-san.

Luna goes after Kinuka-san. They took control of their body.

「 Aga?! 」

「 Hanu?! 」

Anjou sisters can’t counterattack anymore.

「 Why would you pick a fight where these girls could get involved? 」

I asked.

Michi asked to change places, and yet…

The sisters purposely cut across Mao-chan and Agnes’ location to attack Michi.

「 T-That’s… 」

「 Auuuu 」

Luna’s restraints are much stronger it seems.

Kinuka-san can’t even talk.

「 Answer us honestly. There’s no forgiving for what you’ve done 」

Edie’s also angry.

「 If we didn’t do that, we will not get any opportunity 」

「 Hogege, hogahogahoga 」

It looks like Kinuka-san wants to say “That’s right!”

「 We had to win no matter what method we use 」

「 Hohihihiwahihahi 」

Now I don’t get it.

「 She seems to be saying “We can’t lose no matter what” 」

Luna speaks out Kinuka-san’s thoughts.

「 Huh, but you lost, didn’t you? 」

Mao-chan said.

「 Yes, that attack shows Michi-chan’s win 」

Agnes too.

「 Hohihihi, hahhahi, fuhihihi, buhinu, muemuhegebobo! 」


「 “We will never lose until we admit that we are!” she says 」

Luna said.

「 Huh, do you still think that you can win in this situation? 」

Koyomi-chan asks.

「 No, it doesn’t look like they understand what it means to lose. They only want to continue with their path saying that they haven’t lost 」

「 Haa, that’s a sore loser’s mentality 」

Luna replies. Agnes looks fed up.

「 You two are hopelessly immature 」

Michi said.

「 It’s upsetting to have someone from another school to call us immature 」

Mitama-san glares at Michi.

「 School? Your skills don’t even represent your school at all. Furthermore, I’m not talking about your martial arts 」

Michi gives the Anjou sisters on the ground a cold look.

「 I’m talking about your actions just now, you’re a failure as a bodyguard! 」

She’s right.

「 If you want to use any means possible to take your objective, then you’re just a terrorist. Bodyguards have to keep their Master safe. And, you must keep all the ordinary people safe together with your Master 」

Michi said.

「 That’s just your idea! Anjou house doesn’t think that way 」

「 Bahihihibuhibuhibofu 」

Mitama-san protests. Kinuka-san follows.

Well, if you look at Mitama-san’s perspective, she wouldn’t want a complaint from Michi, someone who’s three years younger than her.

「 To Anjou house, offering our bodies to protect the Kurama family is our everything! We have resolved ourselves to keep our Master’s safe, even if it costs the lives of others! 」

「 Fuhihian! 」

I get that. She was just repeating Mitama-san’s words.

「 Kurama house has fallen because they hire bodyguards with that thinking 」

Edie said.

「 Kuuu, mocking our Masters instead of us! Eeei! take off this binds! Fight me! You coward! 」

「 Auguusutoosu! 」

This time, she’s asking to duel Edie.

「 And that’s what’s not okay. Stop thinking that you have to make a show while the head of Kouzuki house is watching 」

Edie’s right. Anjou sisters should know about it.

They can’t win against Michi or Edie with their skills.

However, they haven’t been able to make contact with the Kurama sisters, their Master…

Mitama-san and Kinuka-san are getting impatient.

They’re making a fuss with anything, even a “You girls have quite the guts” will do for them.

They just want to get a chance to talk to Jii-chan.

Jii-chan’s the only man who can change the fate of the daughters of Kurama house.

「 You’re too selfish. You think that anything can go as you naively think. Your vision of your martial arts is too narrow. You two have an overwhelming lack of imagination 」

Michi said.

「 For example, if one of the guests from yesterday’s party got injured, even if one of them, Misuzu-sama, no, Kouzuki house will take all responsibility 」

「 Haiji, Yomi, and Luna, listen to this 」

Edie tells her students.

「 Our duties isn’t only to keep our Master’s bodies safe Our duties is to keep our Master’s societal assessment, the trust from other people, and the pride of our Master’s clan safe 」

Michi said.

「 For instance, when Misuzu-oneesama walks downtown with other daughters of nobility and received an attack. The enemy target is another family’s daughter, and they didn’t notice that the daughter of Kouzuki house is present as they attack. Misuzu-oneesama was just involved, however, the fact that “the daughter of Kouzuki house is present” will hold it’s meaning, no matter what was the reason 」

「 Meaning? 」

「 Buhi? 」

The sisters didn’t get it.

「 If ever I only kept Misuzu-oneesama safe, and let the attackers come after the other young ladies. It’ll hurt the honor of Kouzuki house. They will call us for protecting nobody but ourselves and for the inability to keep the other daughters safe 」

「 Isn’t that the job of other family’s bodyguard? If the target is that young lady, then we’re just victims! 」

「 Maantohihi!! 」

Hearing the Kurama sisters say that, Michi;

「 That won’t happen. The society doesn’t move in 50-50. The strong are obliged to help the weak all the time. If the young lady of Kouzuki house is present, even if you say that Misuzu-sama wasn’t the target, I must repel and exterminate all the enemies. That means taking them down in that place. It means tracking all of the people who orchestrated the attack and erase them from this world 」

If she doesn’t go that far, the underground society will look down on them.

We must not feel fear from an overwhelming terror.

「 Of course, that also means that Misuzu-sama and the other young ladies can allow any ordinary people who just happen to be around to get hurt. Furthermore, the bodyguards such as myself aren’t allowed to receive any injury 」

Michi said.

「 Well, that means that if you get hurt, you can’t accompany your master as a bodyguard anymore, right? 」

「 Muhiwa? 」

Sure, if one gets hurt while trying to repel an enemy attack, they sure will lose their job as a bodyguard.


「 That’s not it. If we, the bodyguards, get hurt, Misuzu-sama, the other young ladies, and the ordinary people who just happened to be there will get worried, won’t they? Professionals cannot allow the people around them to feel such negative emotions 」

Oh, if Michi gets hurt while an assault is ongoing…

Everyone will worry.

「 Bodyguards must always show composure. We must destroy our enemies, no matter how much overwhelming strength they have. Furthermore, if people are watching 」

If they get hurt or receive a flesh wound…

They have to endure it to not let the people around them worry.

「 The enemy might use some cowardly methods and try to attack us from a blind spot. However, we must sense it in that instant and deal with it with composure. Takedown the enemy without receiving any wound. That’s the true job of bodyguards 」

Michi said. Anjou Mitama-san…

「 That’s an idealistic thought. But it’s impossible in practice! 」

「 Hamuhamu! 」

Michi shook her head.

「 That’s the reason why Kouzuki SS exists! The organization covers for what one or two may see as impossible. Earlier, I have mentioned, “From where people see.” I’m alone as Misuzu-sama’s bodyguard on her side from the eyes of society. They see nobody but me. But in truth, Kouzuki SS does all the investigation, scouting, intervention, pursuit, and repelling from behind. That’s how they protect the name of Kouzuki house 」

Kouzuki SS has gathered information about nobility.

Of course, they know all information about the young ladies together with Misuzu.

If a daughter of a family with some trouble moves together with Misuzu.

They’ll automatically send men in plain clothes.

They will check for any suspicious people approaching.

Michi’s only the last line, the final trump card.

「 While we’re at it, let me tell you that when it comes to enemies of Kouzuki house, they will come to hurt ordinary people around them and start a negative campaign where they say that “Innocent people are involved because of Kouzuki house.” Therefore, we must never let harm reach ordinary people. We execute our mission with that in min 」

That’s what it means to protect the honor of the clan.

「 But that only applies to Kouzuki-sama’s family 」

「 Buhihin! 」

Anjou sisters speak in frustration.

「 Not all nobility can do that! 」

「 Babaruu!!! 」

Yeah, even if they are nobility.

Kanou Sakurako-san’s family has a high status but her family only receives honorary positions from others and they live by just scraping along.

Some families reached ruin, just like Kurama house.

「 It’s Kouzuki-sama’s family and that’s why he has Kouzuki SS! But other nobilities… 」

「 Ajapa! 」


「 It looks like it’s not reaching them, I’ll talk 」

I get in between.

「 Michi’s talking about her pride as a bodyguard. From what I can see, Anjou-san’s work is not good. You don’t have the professional pride. I mean, you girls make the face that you’re thinking, and you never think deliberately about anything 」

Therefore, they started a fight with Michi in this weird form.

「 You know, you should think for a bit and move. Also, didn’t Kouzuki SS tell the young ladies during the party that “we’re this kind of organization, so please use us.” So it’s okay. Henceforth, Kouzuki SS will keep all of the nobilities safe 」

The sisters have nothing but the Kurama house’s daughters in their heads.

「 That’s a problem 」

「 Hobiron 」


「 If that happens, how will Kinuka and I live? 」

「 Habarokusuku! 」

「 Us sisters can’t coordinate with an organization 」

「 Bakurogu! 」

「 Kinuka and I want to keep Kurama Misato-sama and Arisu-sama safe with just the two of us! 」

「 Opekepeppou Happa fumifumi! 」


I can understand how they feel but this is going nowhere. These two are going nowhere.

「 But, you girls aren’t suited as bodyguards 」

Edie said.

「 You two don’t think a lot as a bodyguard. You show too much on your faces. You like to stand out too much. You always give up on your thoughts. You don’t listen to others. You can’t make an assessment of the situation. And… 」

She smiled.

「 You’re too funny. You stand out 」

She’s right.

They stand out too much, more than their Masters. They can’t be bodyguards like that. It’s no good.

「 What?! We’re the daughters of Anjou house, the clan that protected Kurama clan for generations! 」

「 Pianisshimo! 」

No, look.

「 And let me tell you, times have changed. 100 years ago is different from today. That martial arts of yours isn’t fit for the current age 」

「 Kuku! Anjou arts may have continued to fight for 100 years but it was an assassination fist of the first generation Anjou from 170 years ago! 」

「 Banburu! 」

That’s why it’s that old fashioned.

「 And that’s why you think that it’s important to pass on that old technique 」


「 Michi and I are the same. Our skills are from old martial art 」

Edie learned from the assassination cult from New Orleans.

Michi had Kudou style ancient martial arts.

「 I also hit the same wall back then. After Grandfather taught me everything from Kudou arts, Grandfather ordered me to return to Father. Father is a man who abandoned learning halfway and came to Tokyo, and so I thought that I have nothing to learn from Father. However, Father; 」


「 My father works as a subcontractor of Kouzuki SS, and so I helped him out in his work. Then, I learned a lot from working on-site 」

She learned from her father.

「 One martial arts means to polish it and make it reach it’s ideal. You have to follow the rules from inside their school. In Kendo, it’s against the rules to use your foot to attack, you need the shank of the long sword to reach as an attack. It’s unsuited for actual combat 」

Michi said.

「 My martial arts are created in the age where the Japanese wear a Kimono and sandals are natural, and so it needs fixing to match with the current age. The opponent’s sense of distance and breathing is different now. Father’s own arrangement is what’s great about it 」

Yeah, Kudou-papa has the talent for that.

「 My father said, “It’s wrong to think that actual combat has no rules, that everything goes” 」

Actual combat has rules, what?

「 Nobody’s going to use a nuclear missile to attack a VIP. Nor they’ll use poison gas with people around. But, a terrorist with a bomb is possible. Someone who shoots a gun is possible. One must observe the situation carefully, and once you examined who’s the person to protect and who your enemies are, what do the enemies have, and what do they not have, you’ll see the rules. And once you confirmed it, you’ll know how to deal with it 」

I-I see.

「 I also fight with a flashy style but, it’s my method to gather enemy attention to me. I put pressure to them by making myself a priority 」

「 It’s different from the two of you. You girls don’t think of anything, you just like to stand out 」

Edie tells the Anjou sisters.

「 But we… 」

「 Harubaru tousan 」

Edie looks at Kinuka-san.

「 You’re just doing that out of fun, aren’t you? 」


「 You’re able to talk properly since earlier, right? 」


「 baaretaakaaa!!! 」1

Hey hey.

「 And that’s what’s not good about you two, you two aren’t bodyguards! 」

「 Yeah, they’re better as comedians 」

Luna said.

「 This girl isn’t even listening to Michi-oneesama’s serious talk at all, she’s just thinking of what’s the next weird word to say 」


「 But it seems that the other one is listening at least 」

Yomi speaks out Mitama-san’s thoughts.

It might still go through Mitama-san, but…

Kinuka-san’s no good.

It’s the difference in culture.

Even before knowing what to do with what problem.

She doesn’t have any thought that she wants to change.

Therefore, she doesn’t even understand what everyone’s telling her.

She doesn’t intend to understand.

She doesn’t intend to hear either.

「 Darling, what do we do? 」

Edie looked at me.


「 For now, Michi, let’s go with the plan of leaving the sisters to you 」

I look at the Anjou sisters.

What’s off Mitama-san’s point is…

Is that they want to remain the same, that she wants the world to change for them.

「 Michi’s true to her character and so you won’t get along with the sisters 」

Anyway, they’ll never reach an agreement with Michi.

「 Right, if you ask me I think Nei’s better at this 」

Edie said, but…

Nei’s bright personality is a fabrication.

In truth, Yasuko has a docile and earnest personality.

She can’t guide these two.

Minaho-neesan is already preoccupied with the prostitute candidates.

If that’s the case.

「 Maybe, it’s my turn? 」

I turned around, I see Katsuko-nee coming down from the terrace of the second floor down the stairs.

「 I’ve been a bit quiet recently. So I guess I should try it out after a long while 」

Right, recently, Katsuko-nee’s been a friendly elder sister for everyone, but…

When I first met her, she’s a violent beast.

「 Can I borrow Yomi-chan and Luna-chan? 」

Katsuko-nee smiled.

「 For what? 」

「 Hmm, for discipline. In the end, these girls need disciplining 」

I guess Katsuko-nee can see a definite countermeasure?

「 For girls like them who don’t think, they just use their emotion at that moment, acting over the top needs to have their mold fixed once. It’s to make them see their surroundings, to think and act without causing trouble to the people around them 」

Fixing their mold.

「 Yomi-chan, Luna-chan, can you turn them to a state where they can’t use martial arts? 」

Katsuko-nee said.

「 You mean erasing all their memories related to martial arts? 」

Luna asks.

If they do that, Anjou sisters will never be able to learn martial arts again.

「 Don’t go that far. For now, just take away their freedom to move their body. Let’s see, give them an image that they have 10 kilos of weight on their hands and feet. For now 」

「 We can do that right away 」

Yomi replied.

「 Auu? 」

「 Gyoe? 」

The Anjou sisters can feel the weight in their limbs.

「 Add 5 kilos to the elder. As for the younger, add 3 kilos to her right foot. You can still move without problems if the weight from both sides are balanced. 」

Edie said.

「 Aaaah! 」

「 Muhii! 」

The weight they feel increased.

「 For now, let’s talk in that room over there! It should be okay even if they have weights on their limbs if we’re just going to talk, right? 」

Katsuko-nee tells me.


「 Edie, go with them 」

Bring Edie. Just in case.

「 Got it 」

Anjou sisters, Katsuko-nee, Yomi, Luna, and Edie heads back inside the mansion.

Maybe I should come with them.


Shou-neechan comes out from the mansion.

She looked at me and comes close.

Her face looks a bit sad.

「 What’s wrong, Shou-neechan? 」

Shou-neechan whispered to me, making sure that others can’t hear.

「 We received reports from Kansai. Tendou Sadao and his group has died 」


「 We’ve confirmed their death 」

I see.

I thought that it would happen.

「 What about the girls? 」

Tendou Otome, Sonoko-san.

Rie and Eri.

「 Not yet 」

Shou-neechan looks at me.

「 Got it, I’ll tell them 」

They’re all Yakuza, horrible people, but still.

Parents are parents.

Someone has to tell them about it.

「 I’ll prepare the car 」

Shou-neechan tells me.


  1. So you found out!!!