Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 97

97. Rivals / Misuzu and Maika.

「…That’s all I have to say for now」

Sensei says and stands up…

「We’re in the bathroom but my body feels cold since I was out the whole time…!」1

Sensei says so and draws hot water…
She stands on her knees and pours it on her shoulders.
She turns her back to us…
Sensei’s white back…
I can see her backbone clearly.
The body of an adult woman…
Sensei’s very thin but her naked back is sexy I think.

「…Sensei’s back is beautiful」

I say my impressions…

「Eh?…It’s my first time being told that」

Sensei answers laughingly.

「Even for me, it’s my first time hearing that」

As expected…Misuzu cuts in.

「D-Danna-sama! Please take a look at Misuzu’s back!」

She turns her naked back towards me.
Yeah…Misuzu’s delicate back is cute.
Or rather…Women’s backs are wonderful at whatever age.
Misuzu’s back shows a line that’s completely becoming an adult.
…A high school girl’s back.

「Maika, show me your back…!」

Maika’s back has the silhouette of one whose in the middle of being a child, almost an adult.
She’s a middle school student…a 14 year old girl.

「Both of you are cute…Your backs are very beautiful!」

Maika smiles from what I said.

「Thank you, Onii-san!」


「Is that true? Is Misuzu’s back arousing…?!」


「…Why is Misuzu fast to think about lewds?」

Misuzu’s face turns bright red from my question.

「Because…Misuzu can’t serve Danna-sama apart from sex…!」


「When I’m having sex with Danna-sama…That’s when I feel alive the most. Misuzu realizes that she’s born as a woman for this…!」

Misuzu’s depending on me for sex.
But…That might just be escapism…
Is it okay for this to continue?


Sensei who’s soaking in the bathtub calls out to me.


When I turn towards her.

「…Women need that kind of time too. Be kind with Misuzu now」

Sensei seems to have foreseen all of it.
If she says that after seeing through it…
I should let Misuzu do as she pleases I guess.

「Misuzu…Come here」

I kiss Misuzu repeatedly.


Maika calls out to us.

「Maika, come here too…Let’s kiss」

The three of us kiss each other…

「Danna-sama…you got energetic again! What should we do? Want to cum inside Misuzu?」

Misuzu says as she looks at my penis.
Seriously…If Misuzu’s a puppy, she would be waving her tail vigorously.
I imagined that appearance.

「But…This grew big because of Maika…」

I say that and look at Maika.
Maika says that she’d believe my penis earlier.
That’s why…I must entrust this erection to Maika.

「…But, I」

Maika touches her crotch…
It must still be in pain.
The fear from being raped too…
Maika’s scared of sex…!

「…Sadly, it’s about time we get out of the bath. Leave the sex for later」

Sensei tells us.
Then she gets out of the bathtub.

「Katsuko’s making lunch…! You must all be hungry」

She says gently.

「…Okay, got it」

Misuzu seems to be dissatisfied by my answer however.

「Eeeh, Misuzu wants to do it though…」

Sensei speaks to Misuzu with a cold tone.

「My…Misuzu, you don’t want to do it on top of a bed?」

Misuzu’s expression stiffens.

「If you want to have sex with Yoshida-kun right now, then go on. If you do?…Well, that would mean that Misuzu-san’s turn for today will end. You’re going to observe Yoshida-kun making love with other girls on top of a bed with your panties on…!」

Misuzu surrenders from the mean words of the teacher.

「…I understand. I’ll give up for now. Misuzu also wants to be loved on top of the bed…!」

Misuzu…That’s not something to cry about.


Maika asks Sensei.

「What is it, Maika-san…?」
「Uhm…Maika heard it from her friend but…they said that once men’s penis grows big, it won’t go smaller until it lets that out」

Is that something middle school girls should be talking about…?!
No…Maika’s in an all girl’s school.
It might just be young women with plenty of superficial knowledge about sex.
It’s only wrong sexual knowledge.

「My, you know it well…Maika-san!」

Sensei shows an exaggerated surprise.

「That’s right…When men’s penis grow big, the semen collects and it becomes painful…」

You’re teaching lies to this middle school girl again.

「Then…Doesn’t Onii-san need to let it out?」

Maika looks worried.

「It’s fine to endure it for at least an hour…Isn’t that right, Yoshida-kun?」

Sensei turns to me…!

「…Ah…Yes. I’ll endure it!」

Yeah…I have to endure it.
We’re going to have lunch after this…

「But…His stomach would become stiff and it will become slightly painful. That’s why…Maika-san, you have to make him ejaculate after the meal is over…!」

Sensei tells Maika…


Maika answered with a serious face.

「Uhm…Misuzu wants to do it too」2

Misuzu mutters in a soft voice.

「Maika-san…Misuzu-san wants to do it together it seems. Is that okay?」

Maika responds…

「Yes. Maika still doesn’t know a lot about lewd stuff so…Misuzu-san, please teach Maika, please!」

Maika bows to Misuzu.

「…That’s how it is, are you okay with that Misuzu-san?」

Sensei approaches Misuzu with strong eyes…

「The semen collecting in Yoshida-kun’s stomach will be Maika-san’s share okay?…Give it to Maika-san’s inside properly. Misuzu-san, the following will be your share…You have to keep the order」

Sensei says

「Yes…Understood… !」

Misuzu agrees for the moment.

「Then, I’ll be going on ahead…You have to wash your bodies once again」

Saying that…Sensei leaves the bathroom ahead of us.

「Ah…Misuzu still hasn’t washed her body since coming into the bathroom!」
「…There’s no time to wash again but, let’s flush ourselves with hot water…Maika」

The three of us enter the bathtub…
The afternoon spring sunlight shines through.
This holiday is wrapped in a calm atmosphere.


Maika calls over to me.

「…What’s wrong?」

Maika’s face turns red…

「Nothing…I just wanted to call out your name…!」

I kiss Maika’s lips

「You’re cute… Maika」

Misuzu shouts loudly!

「I just wanted to call you!」

Misuzu’s cute too.
I also kiss Misuzu.
As soon as our lips join up, Misuzu smiled.

「…I want a kiss here too」

Misuzu stand on her knees and presents her breasts in front of me.
I kiss Misuzu’s nipples…

「Ahn…Danna-sama, so cute!」

Misuzu says while embracing my head.

「I’m jealous of Misuzu-san. Maika’s breasts are still childish…」

Maika looks at her chest soaked in hot water.
She seems to be worried about her sunken nipples.

「It’ll get fixed soon! Misuzu had the same thing before!」

Misuzu who’s having her nipples sucked tells Maika.

「…Is that so?」
「If you have it licked by Danna-sama a lot, it’ll come out immediately!」

Misuzu answers while laughing.


Maika speaks.

「Please take care of Maika from now on. Best regards!」

Then bows to Misuzu.

「…M-Misuzu’s the same…best regards! Uhm…Maika-san」
「…What is it?」

Misuzu looks down.

「Please do not monopolize Danna-sama too much…!」

Maika gets surprised…then laughes.

「…I should say the same! Misuzu-san shouldn’t monopolize Onii-san!」

Two girl’s laughter echoes in the bathroom…

◇ ◇ ◇

We enter the dressing room.

There’s three bath towels prepared.
Perhaps it’s Katsuko-nee.
There’s no change of clothes in the dressing room.
Do we have to go back to the studio naked?

「Misuzu…Where did you take off your clothes?」

Misuzu has a wondering face too.

「I left it here…no?」

It seems like it was collected while we were in the bath…?
It surely was Katsuko-nee too.
Well fine…They’re watching from the surveillance cameras anyway.

「…Maika, come here, I’ll wipe you」

I took a bath towel.

「Ah…yes please」

Maika turns her back to me bashfully.
Her wet hair sticking to her back is very sexy.

「…I’m wiping it then」

I wipe Maika’s small body gently.
Not letting a single drop of water remain…
From her back to her ass.
Her arms and legs too.

「…Somehow…Doing it like this, I feel that Maika’s really my 『Woman』」

I say while wiping the back of Maika’s knees.

「…Maika thinks the same. Maika is Onii-san’s…」

Maika mutters.

「I’ll wipe the front too…」

I wipe Maika’s cute breasts and stomach…
Her crotch…then her thighs.

「…Maika’s so soft and cute」
「…Do you like Maika?」
「Since the beginning, I like you Maika!」

I kiss Maika’s lips.
Now then…Misuzu’s next.
Just when I was thinking about it…Misuzu covers my back with a bath towel…!

「Danna-sama, Misuzu will be wiping you off!」

Misuzu wipes my body roughly.

「…I’ll clean it all up!」

Misuzu’s small hands move around my whole body.
My crotch…and my half erect penis too.

「…This is a bonus!」

Misuzu positions herself in a way Maika could see and purposefully licks my glans!

「Now…It’s Misuzu’s turn」

When I said that, Misuzu…

「…Danna-sama, please do that」

She speaks bashfully.

「Just like what you did with Maika-san…Misuzu wants her feet to be cleaned too!」

I say with a laugh.

「Then, Maika will be wiping Misuzu-san’s body!」

The naked Misuzu sits on the dressing room’s chair.
Maika stands behind Misuzu and wipes her back.
I squat down in front of Misuzu…
And wipe her feet.
Each and every gap between her toes…carefully.,

「…Aaahn! This is good! This might become a habbit!」

Misuzu’s eyes are melting…
There’s a warm liquid dripping from her vagina.
Maika takes care not to wipe Misuzu’s front but it seems that she hasn’t noticed it yet…

「Having Onii-san touch your toes feels good doesn’t it?…It makes me shiver!」

Maika says.

「…Maika wants it too?」

I look up…

「Yes! Of course!」

Maika smiles happily…

◇ ◇ ◇

Before long, the water has disappeared from the body of the two girls.
Next…I dry Maika’s hair.
The naked Maika sits down on a chair in front of the mirror.
Err, the dryer and brush…this?

「…Is it okay?」

Before Maika can finish asking I move over to her.

「I don’t mind it at all…I want to do it」

I use the dryer on Maika’s hair.
I hold the dryer with my left hand and brush with my right…!

「…No, that’s wrong! Danna-sama, you do it like this!」

Misuzu guides her hands over mine…!

「The dryer should face this direction…and you have to comb from top to bottom…please remember that」

…I-I see

「…Maika will definitely drop from school」

Maika mutters…

「Naked…and having a man dry my hair…! Onii-san is so lewd!」

…I wonder?
I don’t get girl’s senses.

「This is much more lewd than actual sex. Maika’s becoming a very bad girl…!」

「…Then, should I stop?」

When I ask.

「…Iyan~! Don’t stop! You meanie!」

Maika who’s looking straight ahead looks at me through the mirror and shouts!

「…I’ll dry it properly…okay?」

Maika smiles in the mirror.

「Ah, Danna-sama…Please apply the air this way」

I turn the dryer according to Misuzu’s instructions.

「…I’ll dry Misuzu’s hair too」

I whisper to Misuzu.
If I pay attention to Maika only, she’ll sulk again…

「Misuzu didn’t wash her hair so there’s no need for drying…Rather than that, Danna-sama!」

Misuzu smiles.

「Misuzu will be drying Danna-sama’s hair! Is that okay?」

…Minutes later

「…As expected, it should be like this」

I sit in front of the mirror.
Maika divides my hair 7:3

「Eeeh! That makes Danna-sama look like a bank clerk! Shouldn’t we do it like this?!」

Misuzu changes it to a swept back look.

「Misuzu-san, this is basically an office worker!」

Maika objects strongly.

「Then…let’s take the middle, how about this?」

Misuzu divides my hair into two. One white string floats.

「That’s not taking the middle, isn’t that just straight middle?!」


「This makes Onii-san look like a lewd person!」

Well…I think I am though

「Then…Let’s put it all back」

…Hey, Misuzu.

「Misuzu-san…Could it be that you were the one who put the strange hair on Onii-san?」
「It’s not strange! It’s pompadour! It’s cool!3

Misuzu doesn’t back down.

「I think that Danna-sama needs to let out a bit of a delinquent feel! I’m sure it’ll be cute!」

Misuzu says that however…

「No! Onii-san is better looking as kind! I think that smooth and dry fresh hair is better!」

Maika and Misuzu seem to have different opinions.

「…You want the delinquent one don’t you, Danna-sama?」
「…Maika says that the gentle Onii-san is best!」

Two beauties press me from both sides…!

「…Let’s do the usual hair for the time being」

Misuzu’s face warps.

「…Misuzu-san, what’s Onii-san’s usual hair?」

Misuzu answers.

「…It’s just ruffled」

The two girls shout at me at the same time.

「…That’s the worst!」

…I-Is that so?

…In the end.
With the joint work of the two…My hairstyle is cut in 6:4 and sunken behind.

「…Un, Maika will be at ease this time!」

Maika combed my hair while smiling…

「Misuzu’s satisfied with this!」

Well…That’s fine if they like it however.

「But, Onii-san really let us do whatever we wanted」

Maika told me.

「Because…Both of you are thinking about it a lot all for my sake…」

Maika responds…

「When Maika was in grade school, I played beauty parlor at my friend’s house. Then, we played with the hair of the younger brother of the first grader who we made as the customer but…he hated it a lot and it had become terrible. In the end, he cried…!」
「Well…He’s still in grade school. I’m a high school student」
「No, Danna-sama…Even the normal high school boys hate having their hair touched. I think that there’s no one but Danna-sama who’s okay with whatever is done to you」

…Is that so?

「Ah…My Papa is always noisy about his hair. He’s always facing the mirror for 30 minutes before going to office everyday. We have a restroom exclusively for Papa. His hair conditioners are lined in a row. He said that when he was a student, he would not go to school if he didn’t fix his hairstyle…」

Shirasaka Sousuke’s like that?
I’d rather sleep than stare in front of the mirror for 30 minutes in the morning.

「…Well, Our Papa’s overdoing it however…But Onii-san. you should pay better attention to your hairstyle!」

Maika rebukes me.
She has a very happy face…

「Got it…I’ll try to learn about it」

Maika smiles.

「Ah…That’s okay! You don’t need to study about it Danna-sama!」

Misuzu speaks.

「Misuzu will take care of Danna-sama’s hair! Danna-sama just needs to sit in the chair! Misuzu will make you cute everyday!」

…She says that however.

「But…Misuzu’s not living with me…」
「I’ll get up early and will go back and forth to Danna-sama everyday! Danna-sama, at what time do you wake up every morning?」
「No…That will just be troublesome won’t it? Furthermore, if you match according to my time, won’t Misuzu be late to her school?」

Waking up early morning, going to my house to fix my hair…Then, when will Misuzu arrive at her school?

「…I’ll be late to school everyday! Taking care of Danna-sama is much more important!」

Misuzu’s eyes are scary.
…Maika retorts.

「…But, Misuzu’s sense is a bit..」

What Maika says just fuels Misuzu’s burning spirit.
Misuzu glares at Maika!
At this time…!

「I think the same…Also, it’s no good if you go late to school because of that…!」

Goddess of Salvation…Katsuko-nee appeares!

「…Sure sure sure, I’ve brought everyone’s change of clothes!」

Katsuko-nee brings over a big wagon…

「…Katsuko-san’s so beautiful」

Maika admires Katsuko-nee’s figure.
Katsuko-nee’s wearing a thin white cloth.
It’s like an outfit of a Greek Goddess…
Her clothes are so thin that her skin can be seen clearly through it.
I can see that Katsuko-nee’s not wearing underwear…
There’s big jewel accessories on her arms and neck.

「…That’s amazing!」

Maika’s surprised by the jewels.

「These are genuine aren’t they?」

Misuzu too.

「Yes…They’re showy but don’t have expensive stones, so they’re not expensive」

Katsuko-nee says that however…

「That’s not true…Isn’t this quite valuable?」

Since Misuzu says that, it should be true.
I don’t know anything about accessories or jewels.
They say that it has considerable value so I’m sure it will likely be a hundred thousand.
No, it might exceed 200k?

「We have your share too」

Saying that, Katsuko-nee takes out a black case from inside the wagon.
She opens it.
There’s shining accessories packed inside.

「Pick what you want…」

Katsuko-nee hands it to Misuzu and Maika.


The two admire the jewels…
So it’s true that women like shiny things.

「…Please wear these clothes」

Katsuko-nee takes out white clothes from a step under the wagon.
It’s Greek myth like clothing just like what Katsuko-nee is wearing now.
However…Maika and Misuzu have miniskirts.

「Don’t wear underwear, just wear it on top of your skin…!」

Katsuko-nee tells the two.

「…This is genuine silk isn’t it?」

Misuzu touches the clothes then asks.

「That’s right, it’s made from the finest silk…It feels good to touch doesn’t it?」
「…Yes. It’s very smooth!」

Maika answers Katsuko-nee

「I have Yoshida-kun’s clothes too…!」

Katsuko-nee takes out the same type of clothing.

「Yoshida-kun should wear this without underwear too」

Anyway, let’s try putting it on…

「Uwaa, Misuzu-san’s so cute!」
「Maika-san too!」

Maika and Misuzu wore the Greek style clothes.
Both of them look like shrine maidens.
There’s genuine accessories attached to their arms and neck.
Their bare legs are exposed under the miniskirts.
For the footwear, Katsuko-nee brought them leather sandals.

「It will be seen if you jump around too much」

Katsuko-nee warns the two.
Actually, I’ve been looking at their raw asses since a while ago.

「I don’t mind! I’m showing it to Danna-sama after all!」

Misuzu smiles at me.

「Maika-san, you’re fine with it being seen too aren’t you?」

Maika’s embarrassed, however…

「Onii-san saw a lot already…this clothes is half naked after all…」

…That’s right.
This transparent thin silk cloth doesn’t hide anything.
Or rather…It has gotten lewder by wearing this.
It feels lewd…

「…Onii-san, why are you hiding your front since a while ago?」

Well, you see.
If I don’t hide it, it will just come out in front…
Still…What’s this look of mine?
It feels like I’m 『Run, Melos』4

「…By the way, you’re all thirsty aren’t you? I brought Calpis」

Katsuko-nee brings a pitcher and glasses when we finish changing.

As expected of Katsuko-nee…She’s attentive.

「My my, you must not leave that out」

Katsuko-nee’s glance is towards the accessories put on the wagon.
Misuzu and Maika tried out a lot but seem to have left them there.

「…Ah, sorry」

Maika rushes up but…

「It’s okay…I’ll take care of it…」

Katsuko-nee gently smiles and puts the jewelry away.
Then looks at me…

「…Can you distribute the Calpis to everyone?」
「Sure, Katsuko-nee…Maika, Misuzu, want to drink?」
「…Yes, I’ll take one!」

Hearing Maika’s answer…I was about to take the pitcher…!

「Aaaah…Danna-sama…Misuzu will be doing that!」

Misuzu runs in panic.
That’s…You don’t need to run…!

「Misuzu-san looks like Onii-san’s Onee-san」

Maika laughes.


Misuzu’s eyes became a blank in surprise.

「Because…aren’t you always taking care of Onii-san?」

Maika laughes cutely.
That’s what’s reflected in Maika’s eyes but…
Misuzu actually wants to make me her pet.
She wants to take care of me as an owner.

「A-A-A-A-Anyway…Let’s take the Calpis!」

Misuzu pours the calpis into the glass…!


  1. referring to the water
  2. Hugh Misuzu, Maika’s on her training right now dammit!
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w5ytYl6X0XM
  4. A Japanese short story by Osamu Dazai