Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 972. Morning Sisters / Mana’s situation



「 Yes, they’re our parents 」

「 They’re the parents who made us suffer a lot 」

Eri and Rie look at Torii-san coldly.

「 But, they’re still your parents, without them, you wouldn’t exist! 」

Torii-san refutes.

「 So what? 」

「 They’re the parents who didn’t care whatever we go through because they gave birth to us 」

「 Right, Rie-chan 」

「 Furthermore, they’re Yakuza, they do dangerous jobs all the time and who knows if they caused trouble with the police, that was our life 」

「 We did run off during the night so many times 」

「 He did, Father was a jumper that night 」

「 Can’t help it. He’s an idiot after all 」

「 We hardly made any friends because of our parents 」

「 Others were talking behind us saying “don’t play with the girls over there” 」

「 I would understand if it was just the ordinary girls, but even the Yakuza daughters do the same thing 」

「 Right. Our father is still a dropout even in the Yakuza world 」

「 Nobody allowed him to become comrades other than Tendou Sadao 」

「 Because of that, we’re dragged into Tokyo 」

「 And they got had 」

「 Really 」

The twins continue their conversation, not letting Torii-san get in between.

「 But, it’s enough, now our ties with Father is cut off 」

「 Mother too 」

「 Haaaaa. I feel like I’m set free 」

「 Me too, I feel you 」

The twins sigh together.

「 W-What’s with these girls? 」

Torii-san doesn’t understand.

「 Do these girls have no compassion? Weird. They’re weird. They just heard that their parents died and yet they seem okay with it 」

Thinking that whatever she says will never reach the twins, she turns her anger at me.

「 Uhm, can I? 」

Mana talks to Torii-san.

「 Torii…Mariko-san, right? 」

「 Yes 」

Torii-san replies.

「 Have you been at the funeral of your parents, your grandparents, or your relatives? 」

Mana asks.

「 No 」

「 Never? 」

「 I already answered that question! 」

Torii-san is at the same age as me…

That is highly likely.

「 I lost a distant uncle but I was still too young that I didn’t go to the funeral. Besides, he wasn’t in Tokyo 」

「 Ah, I knew it. So that’s why you don’t understand 」

Mana said.

「 Human death isn’t always a flood of sadness, where everyone cries a river. When you hear it first, it won’t be as shocking and accept it indifferently, then, the emotions will come after 」

「 Oh, I see. That’s what happened with Ruriko 」

I remembered.

「 Do you remember, Torii-san? Torii-san just lost her father last May 」

「 Of course I do. Father attended the funeral 」

I see. Torii-san’s father came to the funeral.

It’s the funeral of the son of the head of the Kouzuki house. Jii-chan’s son.

Most of the people from the political and business circles should be present.

「 Ruriko was also strangely clear-minded that it looked weird. She was unstable, but she’s not facing the emotions of sadness and mourning 」

I said.

「 It’s obvious. It’s death. when you think that it’s already goodbye, it’s painful. Once you can’t endure it, your mind’s limiter flips it switches and cuts off your emotions 」

Mana said.

「 It’s that kind of sadness. Just because you heard that your parents died doesn’t mean that you’ll start crying 」

「 Mana-oneesan? 」

「 Onee-san, what’s wrong? 」

Eri and Rie are both surprised.

「 You’ll wake up in the middle of the night, then recall, that person is no longer in this world, then, you’ll feel scared, you’ll start trembling. The next morning comes, and you’re still trembling in your bed 」

Mana, you…

「 It doesn’t happen when I’m with Onii-chan in the bed but it does happen when I’m alone 」

I thought that she’s stable, but…

No, that’s not true.

This young lady saw her father die right in front of her.

Then, she’s living together with the people who killed her Father and can no longer return to her blood relatives.

Well, she’s now living with Yukino, her sister, so it’s a bit different.

「 Torii Mariko-san, we’ve met in some parties several times though 」

Mana said.

「 Huh, really? 」

Torii-san looks puzzled.

「 I’m Shirasaka Maika. Shirasaka Sousuke’s daughter 」


T-This is bad.

Mana feared to meet people who are acquainted with Shirasaka Maika all this time.

That’s why she stayed inside the mansion most of the time for nearly half a year.

We couldn’t even decide on her new school.

We thought of enrolling Mana together with Agnes, Yomi, and Luna into Misuzu’s school using the influence of Kouzuki house, but…

Mana was once from Shirasaka clan, and so someone from that school should know Mana’s face, so we gave up on that.

Yesterday, Mana didn’t even show up in front of the guests at the party.

Despite that.

Oh, I see.

Shirasaka house is in control of the newspaper and tv stations, they’re a postwar upstart, just like Torii electronics.

They have no lineage of nobility but have similar grounds.

Shirasaka Sousuke, the one adored by the head of the Shriasaka clan has a high probability of meeting Torii-san’s family at a party.

「 N-No way?! 」

Torii-san’s surprised.

「 I mean, Maika-san was a bit shorter and isn’t as beautiful as you. She looks more of a child than a woman 」


「 You know, it’s been half a year since then 」

Nei smiled.

「 Women can change in great ways in just half a year. She’s in her growth period after all 」

「 Yes. I’ve changed 」

Mana grew taller. She looks much more mature. She’s become more beautiful.

「 Oh, now that you mention it, you sure look like Maika-san 」

Torii-san looked at Mana again and said.

They probably greeted each other at the party but it doesn’t mean that they’re in good terms.

Even so, the foundation of Shirasaka Maika still remains.

「 Huh, but wait? What are you, Shirasaka Maika, doing here? 」


「 I am Onii-chan’s sex slave 」

She comes embracing me, trembling.

I knew it. She’s afraid.

I also embrace Mana on her hips.

Mana’s grinding her breasts on my arms.

「 Onii-chan’s looking after me in exchange, I become his sex slave for the rest of my life 」


「 Wait? Why? This is weird?! I mean, Shirasaka house doesn’t have the same power as they did before, but they managed to sustain after changing heads, right? 」

They transferred the right to management to the television stations to Jii-chan and Shirasaka house managed to retain its shape.

「 Besides, if I recall, Maika-san’s mother is a culinary expert, your grandfather owns a company related to advertisement 」

Torii-san remembers.

No, Mana’s mother is a celebrity that shows on TVs and magazines.

The fact that she’s Shirasaka Sousuke’s daughter will make them remember about her mother too.

「 You have your mother’s home to accept you right? Then why are you his slave? 」

Mana’s breathing is rushed. I can feel her palpitation from the chest she’s pushing on my arms.

「 It’s okay. Calm down, okay? Ya-chan and I are here 」

I embraced Mana and gently pat her back.

「 O-Okay, Onii-chan 」

Mana’s face has a large drop of sweat.

Mana’s heart is struggling.

「 Hey, try not to think of yourself and put yourself in Mana-chan’s shoes 」

Nei said.

「 What if your father is such scum of a human that he made a lot of women suffer has died? Furthermore, the whole world knows about it, he received such a horrible death 」

All of Shirasaka Sousuke’s sins are available over the internet.

Furthermore, he received such a merciless death, the whole of Japan knows that he’s killed out of revenge.

「 It also disgraced his family, Shirasaka Sousuke’s the cause of the collapse of their clan, remember? Do you think that there’s anyone in that clan who would take care of his daughter, do you know how she would live with that? It’s hard. Her family and the whole world look at her coldly. It’s all because of her father’s sins 」

Nei said.

「 What are you talking about?! A daughter is a different person from her father, right? Sure, her father committed a lot of crimes but it doesn’t mean that the daughter is to blame 」

Torii-san said.

「 I mean, Maika-san’s still in middle school, right? Do you really think that they’re going to blame her for the sins of her father? 」

Well, true, but still.

「 But that’s not the case. It’s not about what “should,” or what “has to be.” The reasoning will always be different than reality 」

I said.

「 Then the reality is the weird one!! Reality should correct itself 」


「 Maika-san is innocent. Shirasaka house, her mother’s house, they should welcome her with kindness! The people of this world should also be kind to Maika-san! After all, Maika-san’s just a victim here! 」

She sure watches from a high place.

「 But, it won’t happen. It won’t happen as you ideally think 」

I said.

「 If we return her back to her home, she will only suffer. That’s the reality 」

I embrace Mana tighter.

Eri and Rie listen to our conversation.

「 B-But, even if that’s the case, she’s still Shirasaka Maika. Shouldn’t she live as Shirasaka Maika-san? Either in Shirasaka house or her mother’s house, anyway, someone among her blood-relatives should be a kind person. She can live with that person. It’s her family 」

Torii-san looks at me.

「 It’s definitely wrong to have you, a complete stranger, turn her to a slave! I won’t allow this! 」

She points at me with her thin fingers.

「 I chose this myself. I wanted to be Onii-chan’s sex slave 」

Mana returns the glare back to Torii-san.

「 I don’t trust my family, my blood ties. Mama and Grandpa abandoned me. They saw me as defiled, they were going to lock me up in their home 」

That’s how Mana says it but, Mana’s mother and grandfather actually tried to imprison Yukino in a mental hospital.

They’re hiding the shame of their family.

They’re that kind of people.

That’s why I hate it. I hate Shirasaka Maika. I hate my name, my past, all of it. I really don’t want to stay as Shirasaka Maika anymore…then… 」

Mana looked at me.

「 Onii-chan gave me a new name. Yoshida Mana. It’s a new life 」


「 I’m happy right now. Compared to the 14 years as Shirasaka Maika, Yoshida Mana had a much more fulfilling life for half a year. I have a reason for living right now. I’m alive. Do you get it?! 」


「 I-I don’t get it. But, that’s just escapism, isn’t it? You’re still Shirasaka Maika, and you can never disprove that fact. No matter how painful it is, you have to carry that fact with you. With your proper blood relatives 」

She’s tied o her blood.

Torii house isn’t from nobility, but Torii Mariko’s mother is from a noble family.

Therefore, she’s treated as a semi-nobility, someday, she will marry into a man of nobility.

She accepted the fate of her family long ago.

「 Still, it’s weird that you’re a slave! Why do you have to become a slave? 」


「 I have nothing but my mind and body for Onii-chan to accept 」

She asserts clearly.

「 Onii-chan promised to live together with me forever. Onii-chan…he will never betray me. I know that he treasures me. If that’s the case, I have to pledge to serve Onii-chan as his slave! 」

「 Haaa?! Why?! 」

「 It’s pride! 」


「 I don’t want to rely on Onii-chan’s kindness when I have nothing in return! Besides 」

Mana clings to me.

「 I want Onii-chan to understand. That I, Mana, want to be with Onii-chan forever too. I want him to trust me that I will not betray him. Therefore, I will be his slave. It’s all I have. I don’t want to be away from him!!! 」


「 We’re not connected by blood, that’s the kind of family we are and so we need a way to tie each other 」

Nei said.

「 Yo-chan and I aren’t related by blood, but we’re siblings on paper now. That’s our ties, our bond. Even if it’s just on the family register, we’re still siblings, and so we will stay together forever. We’ll be siblings even if we die 」

Torii-san looked at Tsukiko and Michi after hearing what Nei said.

「 Are you all like that? 」


「 I am ready to serve Misuzu-sama and Master for the rest of my life with a status not exceeding a slave 」


「 I’m not a slave, but I want to bear Kou-sama’s child as soon as possible. That child will become my bond with Kou-sama 」

Torii-san sighed.

「 I don’t get it at all. What’s with you people? Are you all crazy? 」

She speaks with a fed-up tone.


「 That’s not true, right, Rie-chan? 」

「 Yeah, Eri-chan, that’s not true 」

The twins speak up.

「 I understand it a lot 」

「 Yeah. I understand it 」


「 Last night, we didn’t want to understand, but… 」

「 But somehow, we feel that Onii-san isn’t trying to deceive us 」

「 We wondered why is Onii-san trying to turn us to his lewd slaves 」

「 Do we really have any other way? 」

「 Last night, when Onii-san came home, Nei-oneesan and Mana-oneesan talked to us a lot 」

「 Then, we finally felt satisfied with the reason 」

The two said.

「 What are you talking about, isn’t that obvious?! They’re fooling you! Little girls like you shouldn’t be slaves! These people are trying to deceive you! 」

Torii-san shouts.

「 Are you stupid? 」

「 Why would someone honest at fault try to deceive us? 」

「 Haven’t they dealt with you with honesty since earlier? 」

「 Why do you not get it, Onee-san? 」

「 I think she’s an idiot, Rie-chan 」

「 Yeah, I thought so too, Eri-chan 」

The two looked at each other and smiled.

「 W-What did you say?! 」

Torii-san now fumbles.

「 Onii-san, I would like to become Onii-san’s lewd slave 」

「 Me too, I’d gladly become Onii-san’s lewd slave 」

The twins said.

「 W-Why? Why is this going on? 」

Torii-san can’t understand.

「 Isn’t that obvious? 」

「 Yes, it’s obvious 」

「 It’s my pride 」

「 My pride 」

The twins said.

「 Last night, we talked a lot… Nei-oneesan and Mana-oneesan are both smart and beautiful, and furthermore, they’re strong-willed 」

「 That’s right. The two of them look at reality 」

「 And both of them are madly in love with Onii-san 」

「 Furthermore, they told us that Onii-san and his group has enough capacity and power to cross over the society 」

「 That they crossed a dangerous bridge for our sake 」

「 They also know a lot of big-shots, and we understood that we have to trust Onii-san if we want to be out of the Yakuza world completely 」

「 We have no other place to go 」

「 We can’t escape here either 」

「 We have no other choice if we want to survive but to sell our bodies anyway 」

「 Our necessities are guaranteed too 」

「 I thought that it might be better to become Onii-san’s lewd slave instead 」

「 It’s better to sell ourselves to one person instead of multiple 」


「 But, hearing the conversation earlier, we understood that it’s not the case 」

「 Yeah, true 」

「 Mana-oneesan is Onii-san’s lewd slave, but… 」

「 But, it’s not a body relationship. 」

「 She’s not even an actual slave 」

「 Onii-san is serious with his love for Mana-oneesan, that he treasures her 」

「 Mana-oneesan loves Onii-san too. We see it 」

「 If that’s the case, right? 」

「 That’s right 」

The twins looked at each other and smiled.

「 I recalled last night, and Onii-san… 」

「 We understood that Onii-san’s trying to show his love to us too 」

「 Therefore, we should… 」

「 We don’t want to just be on the receiving end 」

「 We need to return the favor too 」

「 Yes. That’s why we’ll become his lewd slaves 」

「 If Onii-san will keep us safe, then we will never betray Onii-san either 」

「 And we swear 」

「 A slave is fine too. We will become slaves 」

「 We’ll do anything that we can 」

「 No matter how lewd it is 」

「 And if Onii-san wants it, we’ll bear his child 」

Torii-san is dumbfounded.

「 I don’t get it at all. Why do you end up in that pattern? Are you girls stupid? 」

「 We think that Onee-san’s the dumb one 」

Eri said.

「 Or should I say that we feel sorry for Onee-san 」

Rie said.

「 You feel sorry, for what? 」

Torii-san isn’t convinced.

「 Onee-san, you’re too narrow 」

「 Yes, narrow 」

The twins said.

「 Narrow? What Narrow? 」

Eri speaks calmly.

「 You’re outlook is too narrow 」

「 Nono, Onee-san’s heart is 」

Rie said.

「 Oh, that too. It’s too narrow 」

「 It’s so bad 」

「 Even though she looks beautiful 」

「 True 」

「 Is she what they call people who have an ugly heart? 」

「 Rie-chan, I think the word we’re looking for is “unfortunate” 」

「 Oh, you’re right. She’s unfortunate for sure 」

「 Yes, unfortunate 」

The twins continue their verbal attack.

「 Tsukiko-san, what do you think? 」

Nei whispers to Tskiko

「 It’s okay. There’s no problem. It’s heading to a good direction 」

I see.

Tsukiko’s in here because…

She’s checking the situation of the twins.

「 Mana-chan, have you calmed down now? 」

Nei asks.

「 Ah, yes. I’m sorry 」

Mana still wants to cling to me

「 Yo-chan, go take a shower with Mana-chan 」

Nei said.

「 Tsukiko-san, Michi-chan, and I will deal with Torii Mariko-san 」


We should keep Mana away from Torii-san for now.

Tsukiko can monitor everyone’s hearts, and Michi, our bodyguard is here so it should be okay.

「 You’re right. Speaking of which, I came here sweating from the morning training 」

I mean, I didn’t take a bath after my morning sex.

Mana should want to wash away her sweat.

Let’s clean it all off

「 Mana, could you wash my back? 」

「 Yes, Onii-chan! 」

Mana smiles happily.

「 You two should join in the shower too 」

Michi told the twins.

「 You should deepen your bonds with Mana-imouto 」

The twins and Mana.

「 Right, Rie-chan 」

「 Yes, I also want to get along with Mana-oneesan 」

I see. Since Mana talked about her past with honesty.

They have a similar situation, becoming my slave because of their good-for-nothing parent.

The twins have the strongest affinity with Mana right now.

「 You don’t mind, Mana? 」

I asked Mana.

「 Not at all, let’s take a bath together 」

Mana speaks to her twin little sisters brightly.