Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 979. Morning Sisters / Challenge. No Failure.



「I think that Mariko-chan should have sex with Yo-chan too. What do you think?」

Nei tells Torii-san…


「Oh? Mariko-chan? Are you the type who wants to keep your virginity until you get married?! The type who can’t show her naked body even to her husband until the wedding night?」


Torii-san falters.

「I mean, you’re the young lady of Torii house so I guess your parents already decided your political marriage? Do you already have a fiance?」

「I don’t have one yet」

Nei asks. Torii-san replies with a blushing face.

「I thought that Torii house would at least have that already. Their connections with the nobility aren’t that strong yet」

Mana who came from Shirasaka house said.

「Your mother is from the Kanou main family, and so you won’t be married to Kanou house, are you? Instead of doing that, they will promote you as the “Granddaughter of Kanou house’s head, and the young lady of Torii Electronics,” and they can connect you to another noble family」

Kanou house has a high family status but they lost their power.

The current head is preserving the family by working on honorary positions.

With that situation, Torii house doesn’t need to seek more connections with Kanou house more than the current one.

Instead, they will use the blood relationship with Kanou house as a weapon to connect with the daughters of nobility that has more power.

「Well, political marriage is quite hard. Oda Nobunaga’s legal wife, Saitou Dousan’s daughter, or Tokugawa Ieyasu who got his wife from the Imagawa family. During the marriage, the wife’s family was strong but their father-in-law’s family is in ruins. It went out of their control」

Nei said.

「Therefore, the nobility can decide who they marry to but they will continue their assessment of the partner to the last minute to make sure that they receive the best results in political marriage」

And thinking of the Torii house’s future…

「You know, when it comes to political marriage, the married partner’s family allies will become allies of Torii house, but the enemies of that family…」

「Will become enemies of Torii house too?」

I asked.

「Yep. Torii Electronics is a big company now and so they’re no longer making and selling electronic products only, right? They’re going to spread out on various industries, and so they need to find partners with the same interests」

I see. That’s a lot of trouble.

「I-I’m ready! I-I will carry my family’s expectations. It’s what I’m born for!」

Torii-san said.

「Sure you are, you may agree with the political marriage, but does it mean that you won’t have sex with anyone but your marriage partner for the rest of your life?」

Nei asks frankly.

「I-I haven’t thought of that yet」

「I see. Then think of it right now」

Nei pushes Torii-san.

「I think that it will get boring. You won’t have sex with anyone but a green boy from a rich family because of political marriage」

「Right. I think so too. Furthermore, if you want to do it, now’s the time. If you have sex with anyone other than your husband after marriage, they will call it cheating, but if you do it right now, it’s nothing but free love」

Mana said.

「In Torii-sama’s family’s case, adultery case after marriage will become a huge scandal」

Michi said.

「Yes, that. Once you’re married, you have to stay quiet. It’s hard to pay for the damages you’ll make. Besides, the media will chase after you all the time」

Nei laughs.

「But it’s the same if I do it now. I-If they find out that I-I had intercourse with a m-man…」

「No they won’t. It’s Yo-chan after all」

Nei said. Torii-san’s startled.

「I mean, look, Mii-chan is Yo-chan’s fiance in public and yet he can have sex with Ruri-chan. You know that already, don’t you, Mariko-chan?」

She just doesn’t know it, she watched Ruriko and I have sex last night.

「But you know, Mii-chan and Yo-chan are so intimate that was what the young ladies from yesterday’s party saw, right? And so, nobody among them can imagine that Yo-chan does have sex with Ruri-chan or other girls」

Nei said.

「Yo-chan is just as Mariko-chan mentioned earlier. A man with a doubtful origin. Nobody knows who he is and he’s not from nobility either. Despite that, he’s fortunate to become engaged with Mii-chan and Kouzuki Jii-chan acknowledges him. That kind of man won’t cheat with other girls and destroy that fortune he received, would he?」

「I wonder? I think that it’s common for men with Kuromori-sama’s status to get conceited, seduce other women, and fall to ruin」

Torii-san said.

「Yeah, the European celebrities who are gigolos. Something like that. But you know…」

Nei smiled.

「He might get conceited and try to cheat with girls on the outside, but you wouldn’t think that he’d have sex with Ruri-chan, someone who is also a young lady of the Kouzuki house, just like Mii-chan」

Yeah, since I already scored Misuzu, a young lady of nobility…

I might cheat with girls from other families or even ordinary girls, but…

Cheating with Ruriko, the other successor of the Kouzuki family…

Furthermore, to think that I’d have sex with her inside the Kouzuki mansion while Jii-chan and Misuzu are present.

Nobody can imagine that.

「I mean, Kouzuki Ojii-chan is okay that Yo-chan and Ruri-chan are having sex. He’s not tolerating it. He’s actually the one who pushed Ruri-chan to Yo-chan」

I bought Ruriko as a sex slave for 3000 yen from him.

「Do you know why did it come to that, Mariko-chan?」


「I-I don’t know! As if I can!」

She answers standoffishly.

But, her eyes are filled with curiosity

Torii-san is the personification of curiosity after all.

「Sex is fun after all」

Nei said.

「In sex; if your partner is someone you can trust, then it’s fun for women too! It’s not about where the man feels horny and gets on top of a woman’s body and release his sexual desire. Women also have sexual desire, and it’s fun to have sex with a partner you like, and it feels good when you do it」

「Oh, I get that」

Rie speaks unconsciously.

「We never had sex until yesterday but when we did it with Onii-san, it was fun. It’s starting to feel good too」

「As for me, it still hurts」

Eri said.

「But it’s fun. I’m not scared since it’s Onii-san. I’m at peace and find fun in lewd things」

Eri told Torii-san.

「Onee-san, how old are you this year?」

「Me?! I’m currently 16. First-year in high school」

「Rie-chan and I are both 13. First-year in middle school. Despite that, we can have sex」

「Right. I’m also 13 but it’s already a pleasure for me. I’m glad that we met Onii-san」

「Right. I think that we’ll continue to grow further. I want to become a much more erotic woman」

「Of course, I’ll become a lewd girl only for Onii-san.」

「Me too, I want to learn a lot of things. Doing lewd thing is fun after all」

「I’m glad that I became Onii-san’s sex slave at an early age」

「Indeed. And so, Onee-san’s 16, right?」

「Girls younger than you already had sex and yet Onee-san can’t do it?」

「Only idiots would avoid doing something this fun」

「BUt, Eri-chan, I think that she’s just all bark and no bite」

「Indeed, Rie-chan, I don’t think she dares to have sex with Onii-san」

「She looks like a loser」

「I mean, I think that she is a loser」

The twins laugh meanly

「W-What?! Are you trying to mock me?!」

Torii-san is angry as she sensed that the twins are mocking her.

「If that’s the case, have some courage」

「That’s right, summon the courage and have sex with Onii-san」

「If not, Onee-san loses to us」

「It can’t be helped. There are some at her age that still didn’t have sex」

Then, Nei…

「Okay, now everyone who had sex, raise their hands!」

And everyone raised their hands.


Everyone other than Torii-san raised their hand.

「Those who are glad that Yo-chan’s their first!」


「Those who feel that it’s fun to have sex with Yo-chan!」


「Those who think “Why is Mariko-chan not having sex with Yo-chan!”」


Michi shows no expression, and Tsukiko raises her hand with a serious face but they’re not saying anything.

「MAriko-chan, Yo-chan’s like that, and that’s why Kouzuki Ojii-chan didn’t just entrust Mii-chan but also Ruri-chan to him」

Nei said.

「Yo-chan has the power to give peace to a woman’s heart with his sex. He’s got a healing effect. Mariko-chan, you attend the same school and so you know the past Mii-chan and Ruri-chan, don’t you? Those two only met Yo-chan and discovered sex half a year ago. Just last May, during the Golden Week. How is she compared to before?」


「But I’m in different class years than Misuzu-sama and Ruriko-sama」

「But, you know them, right? There are not many students in your school, and the young ladies of Kouzuki house do stand out. Furthermore. Misuzu-oneechan’s a year higher, then Ruri-oneechan’s a year lower than you, right? You should know them」

Mana shows up on the parties for the upper class so she knows about Misuzu’s school.

「Mariko-chan, what grade did you enter that school?」

Nei asks.

「I’m a student there since nursery」

She’s the granddaughter of the head of Kanou house and is the young lady of Torii house. So it’s natural.

「Then, you should know about them. You’ve seen Mii-chan from long ago」

Torii-san who has insecurities as a semi-nobility should be paying attention to the young ladies of the Kouzuki house as they’re the noble among noble families.

「Right, Misuzu-sama, and Ruriko-sama seem much more gentle than before. Back then, they only face forward and show a smile but it’s not a natural one. Furthermore, they became more beautiful compared to before」

Torii-san said.

「And that’s Yo-chan’s effect. They stay with Yo-chan and satisfy themselves with sex」

Nei smiled.

「Do you get it? When women fall in love, they become beautiful, they become positive. But, The young ladies of Kouzuki house can’t fall in love with a strange man」

Many people around Misuzu and Ruriko only eye for the fortunes of Kouzuki house.

「Then, Yo-chan’s a good boy, and he never betrays his women, and he’s always serious with his love for us. Mariko-chan should know how amazing it is to have someone that you can trust that will never betray you, right?」

Nei said. Torii-san looked at me.

「I can understand what you’re trying to say but that doesn’t mean that I can trust him that fast. I…」

「Eh, Onii-san’s trustworthy to me」

Eri said.

「Me too. I just met him today but I trust him」

「Onii-san will never betray us, and he’ll never abandon us either」

「Yes. If he’s that kind of person, he would’ve already abandoned us long ago」

The twins smiled.

「Kouzuki Ojii-chan will not let someone as talented as Yo-chan go away. As I mentioned earlier, women also feel lust. Of course, that also applies to the young ladies of Kouzuki house. Mii-chan and Ruri-chan can deal with their accumulated lust and furthermore, they don’t try to monopolize Yo-chan, right? They get along, they love each other. They watch each other have sex with Yo-chan, right?」

「That’s true, but…」

All the information we keep feeding Torii-san from yesterday is now bearing fruit.

We exposed our secret sex life to Torii-san

「And, we also love Yo-chan as a woman and he loves us back. But, nobody’s trying to monopolize Yo-chan. Everyone chose to form this family with Yo-chan as the center. We become sisters through Yo-chan. Therefore, we help each other, and we don’t betray our sisters, just as we won’t betray Yo-chan」

Nei said.

「That means a lot for the young ladies of Kouzuki house. We’re no vassals of Kouzuki Misuzu or Kouzuki Ruriko. We’re no servants either. We’re sisters」

Kouzuki clan can have people in the branch families as relatives but the status of those in the main family is different.

That’s Jii-chan preventing the Kouzuki clan from collapsing because of some selfish movement from the branch families.

He is the head of the family, and so he has such overwhelming power, but…

As a result, Misuzu and Ruriko lived in solitude.

Ruriko had Yoshiko-san as her attendant, but…

But, Yoshiko-san was a servant, a retainer back then.

She wasn’t allowed to open up her heart to anyone.

「Well, even now, Mii-chan and Ruri-chan both have an affectionate personality, and so they have times where they don’t talk to us and worry about it alone, but since we live together, we’ll know immediately. At times like that, we give them time to have sex with Yo-chan, and they become better nearly 100% of the time. When Yo-chan worries about them, they immediately talk about it. They depend on him. I mean, he’s the man you can depend on the most in this world. Well, that’s true…for me」

Nei said.

「That’s true for me too. Master’s the only man I can let loose my desires to the maximum! I don’t need to be embarrassed about my lust in front of Master and he will accept it all」

Michi, sure, you’re right, but still…

「I do not depend on Kou-sama that much, but he embraces me tightly on nights where I’m about to cry and his existence is reassuring」

Tsukiko said.

「He knows my everything, and he doesn’t fear to impregnate me. He is a man with a strong heart」


「What does that mean?」

「Most men will fear to become the father of the next shrine maiden as soon as they discover the truth about the Takakura Shrine maidens」


I mean, Tsukiko’s so beautiful.

And this beautiful woman says that she’ll bear my child.

I can only feel happiness.

「Do you do not fear that your own daughter can read your thoughts, can manipulate your mind?」

Tsukiko asks me.

「Not really? That’s not the problem right now anyway」

Tsukiko, Yomi, Luna, and Koyomi-chan are all around me.

They all have Miko power.

「Besides, I don’t really mind having my thoughts read. And Tsukiko has no reason to manipulate me」

「That kind of trust is what makes us have faith in Kou-sama」

Tsukiko said.

「To be honest, Yomi, Luna, and Koyomi-chan are now in a better state thanks to Kou-sama. Back when they were in Kyoto, they didn’t trust anyone」

You too, Tsukiko.

「Kou-sama never lies, and he loves his us without anything to hide, and that’s why our hearts feel calm」

Oh, I see.

The Yakuza who has some ulterior motives are always watching Tsukiko and the girls back in the Takakura shrine…

I mean, Yomi and Tsukiko. When they came to Tokyo, Yomi doesn’t trust her sister, Tsukiko.

It’s only these past months that the sisters got along.

「It’s all thanks to Kou-sama」

Tsukiko bowed her head to me.

「Anyway, you see that Yo-chan’s amazing」

Nei said.

「So, Mariko-chan, don’t you want to try and have sex with this amazing Yo-chan?」

She speaks smoothly.

「If you have sex with Yo-chan, your life will change. I guarantee you that」

「Me too, if I didn’t have sex with Onii-chan, I wouldn’t be living a life where I can smile right now. I will make a gloomy face, look down, and feel hopeless in my life」

Mana said.

「Right. I think that you should give it a try. You won’t have anything to lose」

「It’s just your hymen that you’re losing, but on the other hand, you’ll receive a creampie」

「Besides, you don’t really need your virginity」

「It’s a hundred times better doing it with Onii-san than with some other odd guy」

「No, no, it’s a thousand」

「I mean, you won’t understand unless you try it」

「After hearing all this, you should really try it out」

The twins continue to stir her up.

「B-But, e-even if Kuromori-sama and I were to have intercourse…」

Oh, Torii-san…

The way she thinks with “ifs” now means that she’s walking right into Nei and everyone’s traps.

「I-It’s a problem for me. G-Getting pregnant at an early age…」

Torii-san said. Nei…

「Look here, do the young ladies of Kouzuki house have sex without a plan?」


「I’m already 18, and I want to bear Kou-sama’s child as soon as possible and so I don’t drink any contraceptives, but…」

Tsukiko said.

「No, wait. I’ve seen Misuzu-sama have sexual intercourse with him, but contraceptives?」

Torii-san only saw me cum inside the girls.

They even show their slit pouring out the semen I gave them.

「It’s a medicine for women. Medicine to prevent conception right away. Mii-chan and Ruri-chan can’t get pregnant while in school. I mean, they’re young ladies of nobility」

Nei laughed.

「Huh, that kind of medicine exists?」

「Is that real?」

The twins take the bite.

「Ah, but, it only stops the progression of pregnancy. If you drink that drug, it still means that you have to give birth to Yo-chan’s child. You’ll die if you have sex with any other man before you give birth to Yo-chan’s child. Blood will flow like a hose from your nose and ear holes.

Nei now speaks of something absurd again.

「Mii-chan and Ruri-chan, and I drink that medicine」

「Ah, me too. Either way, I’m going to give birth to Onii-chan’s child and I won’t have sex with other men」

Mana said.

「What about you?」

Torii-san looked at Michi.

「I also can’t get pregnant until I finish my duty as Misuzu-oneesama’s bodyguard」

Michi replied.

「However, once she graduates, I can no longer serve as her bodyguard, so I will bear Master’s child」

They can only have a bodyguard that follows their master in the same school until high school.

Afterward, Misuzu will have an adult bodyguard with her.

Michi will then become Ruriko’s, and Agnes’ bodyguard as they are in the same school, but…

Michi will graduate from that school someday.

「I will never embrace any man other than Master. If ever another man violated me, I will kill them before they cum inside me. If I missed, I’ll blow myself up. He can still rape me even if I’m a corpse. I will destroy their flesh and leave no trace behind. There’s no need to worry. Even if it doesn’t happen, Master and my sisters will surely come after my enemies」

「Hey, Michi…」

I said.

「 Don’t say that, even if it’s a joke. I want you to live even for a second, a minute longer than me! I won’t allow you to die before me. Treat your life with care!」


Michi’s body trembled.

「I’ve indeed received the order」

Geez, such a troublesome personality.

「With that said, we have medicine to keep you from getting pregnant. And we’ll keep quiet if you had sex with Yo-chan. We’re just on the same boat. Mariko-chan, you won’t tell anyone else that Yo-chan isn’t having sex with just Mii-chan but with various girls, right?」

「That’s true, but…」

It’s not like she won’t, she can’t.

Especially with the party’s mood from yesterday.

If Torii-san says “Kuromori Kou does have sex with various women apart from Kouzuki Misuzu. Kouzuki Ruriko is one of them,”

Nobody will believe her.

Torii-san herself is out of place among the young ladies after all.

「B-But, even if I drink that medicine and don’t get pregnant right away, that means that I’ll bear Kuromori-sama’s child someday, correct?」

「Someday. The period is as long as you continue to drink the medicine」

Nei spouts more lies.

「Right, if Mariko-chan gets married for politics, and pretend not to know, you can just pretend that it’s a honeymoon baby as you give birth to Yo-chan’s child, right?」


「Of course. Mariko-chan doesn’t like that. I was just joking」

You first say something absurd to drag them.

Then, once you catch them, reel them in…

When you lower the degree a little bit, they’ll carelessly agree.

「That’s why, if Mariko-chan’s political marriage is decided, you can take a three months vacation and then give birth to the child before you get married. You can keep that secret since you can count on us with the hospital and doctors from abroad」

Nei smiled at Torii-san.

「What happens after I give birth?」

「We’ll take the child and raise it with care. You know, we’re all going to give birth to Yo-chan’s children so we will raise them together. Just one more won’t be a problem. After all, Yo-chan will love his children equally」

「Yes, that. Mana and the girls will also bear his child, and we will all raise our children with love. After all, they’re all children of our beloved Onii-chan」

Mana supports Nei.

「As mentioned earlier, the plan of using a foreign hospital and give birth secretly is actually the plan for Ruri-chan. Ruri-chan’s going to do the same thing」

The young lady of Kouzuki house becoming a mother while not yet married is something we can’t publicly announce.

Therefore, we’re doing it outside the country.

「Get it? Giving birth to Yo-chan’s child means that you can create a special relationship with Mii-chan and Ruri-chan, the young ladies of Kouzuki house. That means that Mariko-chan’s child will also be under the care as the child of Kouzuki house」

Nei brings out the final card.

「Do you not want a special connection with Torii house and Kouzuki house?」