Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 98

98. 『Yoshida-kun sisters’ club』

Nei-san’s already waiting in the dining room.
Nei-san’s wearing Greek myth-like clothing too.
She’s donning the same king of jewelry.
Nei-san invites us in with a smile…!

「Hurry up…! I’m already hungry!」

The meal’s prepared on a big table.

「It’s a dim-sum like meal for our lunch today. There’s Chinese soup and salad too!」

Katsuko-nee tells us.
I see…There are spring rolls and siomai prepared.

「There’s deep fried spring rolls and Vietnamese style rolls too…Have a seat and eat…!」

After Katsuko-nee, Nei-san distributes the plates and chopsticks to everyone.

「Yo-chan, have a seat too…!」

Everyone surrounds the table and sits.

「As for the drinks, you can just say what you want whether it be tea or juice…!」

Katsuko-nee is being gentle somehow or another…!

「I’m opening the wine!」

While saying that…Nei-san’s already begun to pull the cork off the wine bottle.

「Geeze…There’s a middle schooler here!」

When Katsuko-nee says that, Nei-san…

「Isn’t that fine! It’s a celebration for Maika-chan today!」



Maika asks Nei-san in wonder.

「That’s right, it’s to give honor to Maika-chan becoming an adult! Also, a celebration for being Yoshida-kun’s sex partner! And in addition, a celebration for becoming our sister!」

Nei-san pulls off the cork…!

「…That’s why, Maika-chan should drink a lot too! There’s no one to bother you here for today…!」

Nei-san tells Maika laughingly.

「Speaking of which…Where’s sensei and Margo-san?」

I ask Katsuko-nee
…Where did those two go?

「…Ojou-sama’s being considerate of me…I never eat in front of Ojou-sama…」

Oh right…Katsuko-nee is following her duty as a maid so she never eats at the same table as Yuzuki-sensei.

「Today is a celebration for Maika-san…As a sister, Katsuko should be in the dining table with them…she said!」

…I see
This is to make sure that Katsuko-nee enjoy herself along with everyone.

「Maru-chan has work…She left 40 minutes ago. I don’t get what it is though」

Nei-san tells me.
Margo-san went out suddenly…?!
Could it be…?!
Katsuko-nee makes eye-contact with me who got startled…

The person chasing Nei-san from america…
Cesario Viola made a move…

「That doesn’t matter! Yo-chan, distribute the glasses to everyone…!」

Nei-san pretends to not worry and pours wine into the glasses.

「Ah…Misuzu will help out!」

Misuzu and I hand out the glasses to everyone…

「Ehehehe…Since it’s a celebration for lost virginity, it’s a red wine!」

Nei-san says that…

「Well then…We have the chairwoman giving her greetings!」

Katsuko-nee clears her throat after Nei-san’s speech.

「…Well then, this presumptuous me Takanashi Katsuko will be making greetings as the founding chairwoman!」


「…Katsuko-nee, chairman of what club?」

Katsuko-nee smiles.

「Of course it’s…『Yoshida-kun sisters’ club』」

…『Yoshida-kun sister’s club』????!

「…Everyone, all of us here love Yoshida-kun, and are loved by Yoshida-kun, we’re Yoshida-kun’s 『Women』! Women who love the same man are 『Similar to sisters』, therefore let us deepen our bonds as fellow sisters, 『Yoshida-kun sister’s club』」

Nei-san’s laughing but…Misuzu’s dumbfounded.
Maika…Why are you trembling?

「…I-Is that okay? Maika becoming everyone’s ally?」

Maika’s slightly excited…

「Isn’t that obvious?…Maika-chan’s already a 『woman』aren’t you?」

Katsuko-nee says gently.

「But…Maika’s not adult like everyone…I’m not a beauty either」

Maika looks down…

「That doesn’t matter! What’s important is what Yo-chan is thinking about Maika-chan!」

Nei-san turns to me!

「Yo-chan, what do you think of Maika-chan?」

I answer clearly.

「I think she’s amazingly cute!」

Nei-san smiles towards Maika.

「That’s decided then! Maika-chan’s a member of 『Sisters club』!」

Nei-san says that but…Maika’s expression doesn’t improve yet.

「But…My papa did horrible things to Yuzuki-san…」

Maika thinks that we’re cooperating with Sensei for her revenge.
Actually…Katsuko-nee and Nagisa-san also have a deep grudge against Shirasaka Sousuke too.
But, Maika’s wasn’t told about that…
Maika doesn’t have to know about the darkness that is the prostitution section of 『Kuromori』

「It doesn’t matter who your parents are…Maika-chan is Maika-chan1

Katsuko-nee tells Maika.

「What’s important is that Yo-chan likes Maika-chan. Also, Maika-chan is accepted by Yo-chan as his sex partner. Those two are enough」

Nei-san peeks at Maika’s face…

「He already answered that he likes Maika-chan…What about you Maika-chan? Will you seriously become his sex partner? Do you swear that from the bottom of your heart and are not just going with the flow?…We want to know Maika-chan’s true feelings」

Katsuko-nee gives Maika her life choice.2

「That’s right…It should be by your own will! Your parents and siblings don’t matter at all!」

Maika falls silent.

「…Of course, we know that Maika-chan’s father is having difficulties. Or rather…We’re the the ones orchestrating his problems. Ojou-sama has explained why it has to be didn’t she?」

Maika nods at Katsuko-nee’s words.

「…Yes, in the bathroom. I understood that it’s something that can’t be atoned for because Papa did horrible things…!」

Katsuko-nee smiles gently at Maika.

「We will never forgive your father. We’ll do our best to accomplish our revenge. That’s already been decided. But…That and Maika-chan are different. We really want to make you our ally. We want to become Maika-chan’s sisters…!」
「That’s right!…Don’t worry! We Onee-chans will definitely protect Maika-chan!!」

Nei-san also smiles gently at Maika.

「Maika-chan…we want you to enter the sex partner circle. Then, we’ll reveal all the good and bad things…we’ll become real sisters. We’ll be 『Sisters』connected by bonds stronger than actual sisters. Your worry and suffering will become ours too…!」

Katsuko-nee’s words…dissolve Maika’s heart…

「…Is that really okay?」

Maika answers.

「It’s Maika-chan’s decision whether it’s okay or not! In exchange, when you enter the 『Sister circle』you won’t have sex with anyone but Yo-chan! Give up on other men! This club is a『Club for women who are loved and love Yo-chan』!」

Nei-san reminds her…


I butt in.

「I don’t have any complaints about the club but…please let me add a rule!」

Katsuko-nee responds to me.

「…What rule would that be?」


「…If you ever like a man other than me…You can leave the club anytime」

…I talk as I look at each person’s eyes.

「…To be honest, this situation is abnormal. This is just strange. There’s no way a human like me can be this popular…」

Everyone’s eyes focus on me.

「Right now, I think that I’m just being an annex to strengthen everyone’s relations. Or…Just an opportunity for Katsuko-nee and Nagisa-san to part from their pasts… Misuzu and Maika too…Your firsts were just by chance…I think that someday, everyone will meet some wonderful man who I can’t compete against…! That’s why…If ever you find one, then you can break up with me…I’m fine being alone…!」

Katsuko-nee lets out a sigh…

「…We can’t leave you because you’re like that…!」


「Danna-sama! Please don’t disrespect Misuzu!」

Misuzu who’s been silent until now is violently angry at me…?!

「Misuzu’s not confined in a box! I’ve seen lots of men until now! In my grandfather’s party, there’s a lot of men who call out to me! There’s one from a noble family, or a first class performer, or even a globally famous artist! But there’s no man like Danna-sama!」


「…The only man in the world who can accept all of Misuzu is only Danna-sama! Misuzu has already decided! Misuzu will give her heart and body to only Danna-sama!」

Katsuko-nee speaks to Misuzu.

「I intended to ask Misuzu-san next but…Misuzu-san’s enrollment to 『Sisters club』is okay…!」

Misuzu nods.

「…Yes. Misuzu knows that Danna-sama treasures women other than Misuzu too」
「…Don’t worry. Because 『Sisters club』will allot equal time with him. We’ll prepare time for Misuzu to be alone with him properly…!」
「…Yes, I’ll believe Katsuko-sama」

Then…Misuzu’s enrollment in the 『Sisters club』is decided.

「Me too…I’ll say it since we have the chance」

Katsuko-nee looks at me.

「I don’t want to be made happy by you. I want to make you happy. Seeing your happy face makes me happy…That’s why I’ll never break up with you!」

Katsuko-nee looks at me with moistened eyes.

「Yo-chan, I’m the same!」

That said, Nei-san and Katsuko-nee…

「Nei-sama, before you say that…」

She goes that far then swallows her words…!

「T-That’s enough!」

It seems that it will be kept secret from Maika that Nei-san’s still a virgin…!

Katsuko-nee turns her gaze back at Maika.

「…Anyway, what about you Maika-chan? To be frank…This Onii-san’s a bargain! There’s no one like him. This one never lies to us…and he’ll never betray us even if he would die. You may share him with other girls…I love this one」
「I also love Yo-chan!」
「…Misuzu too!」

…Maika thinks

「Oh right, I have to introduce the other girls too!」

Katsuko-nee takes out her phone.
Connects it to her laptop and makes a call.

「…Hello, Nagisa? The one we talked about earlier…」

Nagisa-san’s reflected in the monitor.

「…『Sisters club’s』honorary president, Katagai Nagisa-san!」

Katsuko-nee faces the laptop camera towards Maika.

『…Katsuko, can you move the camera a bit to the right…There, I see it』

Nagisa-san’s voice comes out of the speakers

『Hello! I’m one of Yoshida-kun’s 『Women』…Katagai Nagisa! Maika-chan, nice to meet you!』

Nagisa-san in the monitor has her usual healing smile.

「…H-Hello. I’m Shirasaka Maika」

Maika faces the camera and greets her…!

『My, how cute! I send my regards to you as a woman who loves the same man!』

Nobody could win against Nagisa-san’s gentle smile.

「…Ah, yes. Best regards」
『I’m managing a flower shop! You’re welcome to play anytime!』
『…I’m happy, getting such a cute little sister! Thank you, Yoshida-kun!』

…I don’t know why I’m being thanked.

『I want to meet you soon!…I’m sorry, I’m in the middle of work right now…I’m going back to the shop soon!』
「Sorry for calling at such a busy time, Nagisa!」
『It’s fine, Katsuko! It can’t be helped if it’s Yoshida-kun…Right now, as long as I have Yoshida-kun, I’m happy!』

Maika raises a voice of doubt.

『Before I became Yoshida-kun’s 『Woman』you see…I always smiled but my heart’s actually in ruins. I got irritated when no one was looking, and cry out alone to myself in the dead of night… I’m okay now though. I’m no longer lonely. I have Yoshida-kun. If I get lonely, I can just see him anytime…I can be embraced anytime…I’m happy!』


『That’s why…Maika-chan, be happy too! If you’re going to come by and play, bring him too! Bye~!』

Then…The line goes out like a passing storm.

「That was Nagisa just now…My best friend!」
「…She’s a very beautiful and gentle person」
「She’s Misuzu’s previous owner!」

Misuzu puffed her chest for some reason.
Well…I can understand that proud feeling of hers.

「There’s another 『Woman』other than her but…She’s in her club activities right now. That’s why you won’t be meeting her for a while…」

Katsuko-nee says.

「…She’s a student?」
「She’s a high school student…She’s his classmate of the same school, isn’t she?」

Katsuko-nee looks at me.


Maika knows that Megumi’s her relative…
When will I talk about Megumi being my 『Woman』…

「Anyway…That’s all!! All of Yo-chan’s 『Women』!」

Nei-san reports to Maika brightly…


Nei-san kicks my foot under the table!
She glares at me.

…I shouldn’t speak of her right now?

「Then what will you do? Join us Maika-chan in the『Sisters club』!」

Nei-san approaches Maika.

「…Let’s become sisters. Okay?!」


「Misuzu will be here with you…!」

Misuzu too…!
Maika looks at my face.

「…Onii-san, I」

Maika seems to be unable to decide.

「I know that Katsuko-nee and Nei-san want to let Maika decide by herself but…But I think it’s different…!」

Katsuko-nee and the girls are cornering Maika…it seems that they want Maika to be『Accepting by herself』
But…Maika’s still a middle school student.
I think that it’s cruel to make Maika decide this by herself…
I look at Maika…

「…Maika, listen to me」

Maika looks at me.

「…Maika, you’re already mine. That’s what I decided. I don’t care about Maika’s feelings. I like Maika so I’ll make Maika happy. That’s all my selfish feelings. I will do what I want with you as I please…!」

I’ll take responsibility.

「I order you Maika! Enter the 『Sisters Club』3 Get along with my other 『Women』! Your life is already mine! I won’t let you be free. Do everything I say…!」

Maika looks at me.

「…Lucky Maika-san. Misuzu also want to be told the same thing as you…!」

Misuzu mutters.

「…Got it. Maika won’t hesitate. I’ll do anything as Onii-san commands…!」


「In exchange…If you ever come to hate Maika…please throw away Maika at anytime」
「…I won’t, I’ll treasure you forever」

Maika closes her mouth.

「…That’s not it」

Katsuko-nee tells me.

「…Maika-chan also has her pride as a woman」


「…What do you like about Maika-chan?」
「…Beautiful and cute」

I answer honestly.

「You like Maika-chan as a woman don’t you?」
「…That’s obvious」

Maika’s face turns red…

「Maika-chan…doesn’t want to be pitied. She wants to be a 『Woman』that is loved properly… That’s why, she’s saying that you should throw her away when you don’t feel her charm as a woman anymore…!」

I finally understood it with Katsuko-nee’s explanation…
Maika’s 14 years old but she’s already a 『Woman』

「But, don’t worry Maika-chan…Your Onee-chans will polish your 『Femininity 』…!」
「That’s right! We’ll make you a charming lady!」
「We’re the same as Maika-chan. We’re always thinking of doing our best to polish ourselves so we won’t be abandoned by him」
「Un, We’ll become much, much better women!」
「…He’ll be thoroughly polished too!」

Katsuko-nee looks at me…
…What are you going to do with me?

「…Misuzu will do her best polishing Danna-sama too!」

M-Misuzu too…!
Maika bows towards everyone…

「Please take care of me!」

Katsuko-nee holds out her hand.
Nei-san put hers on top of it…
Misuzu on top of that…


Maika puts her hand on the topmost…

「…What about me?」
「Yo-chan must not. It’s 『Sisters club』so Yo-chan can’t enter!」
「Danna-sama just has to watch!」

…Is that so?!

「Take photos with that camera there」

Katsuko-nee tells me.

「Got it…!」

I take out the camera and face the 『Women』

「…Here we go! Smile!」

The girls piling up their hands smile.


The camera records this moment.

「…Err. We have to say something then release our hands don’t we?」4

Misuzu says so while their hands are still piled up.

「Ah, I want to say something cool so…you all just have to say 『Oooh!』in the end. That’s when we release our hands…okay?」

Nei-san tells everyone.

「Got it」

Maika smiles…!

「Then…here we go!」

Nei-san shouts!

「…The four of us may have different birth dates and birth places but, we pledge to be tied as sisters, our hearts love the same Yo-chan!」

…Nei-san, what’s that?!


Then the four separates their hands!
I captured that moment with the camera too.

「…Now, let’s eat!」

Lunch has finally started with Katsuko-nee’s words…

◇ ◇ ◇

It’s a slightly late…but peaceful lunch.
Everyone’s eating and laughing.
Misuzu’s the one talking a lot but…she waves the topic to everyone.
That’s why Maika’s also talking happily.
Nei-san just reacts greatly saying「Eeeh!」and 「Then, then?」, she’s good at drawing out stories from everyone.
Katsuko-nee recommends a meal and pours drinks for everyone while participating in the talk.
I’m a devoted eating expert.
To be honest…I don’t get half of what the girl’s are talking about that well.
Especially the particular brands of cosmetics…

「…You see, there’s a lot of hairstyles developed in late 20’th century created by Vidal Sassoon starting from the 60’s…!」

Katsuko-nee speaks.
Vidal Sasoon…is actually the name of a person.
I thought it’s a name that came out from Gundam.

「…Vidal Sassoon is recognized as one of the brands of Protect and Gamble Company in Japan nowadays」

Protect and Gamble Company…What company is that?
I can only think of it as a war industry from it’s name…
My phone vibrates.
Looking at it…It’s Sensei.

『…Yoshida-kun, can you get out of there for a moment? I’m in the room where you waited earlier』

Oh…There are monitors there.
The room where I waited earlier?

「Got it, I’ll go immediately」
『Tell everyone that you’ll come back immediately…!』

She said then cut the line.
I stand up.

「…What’s wrong, Danna-sama?」

The perceptive Misuzu calls me out immediately.

「I was just called by Sensei so I’m going…!」

Katsuko-nee spoke to the questioning Misuzu.
Maika’s looking here.

「…I think it’s about school」

Hearing 『School』…Misuzu thought of Megumi it seems.
Maika’s thinking that it’s really school.

「I’m be back immediately…!」

When I say that, Nei-san…

「Yo-chan…Bring this remaining wine to Sensei. We can’t finish this up」

There’s still more than half left in the wine bottle.

「You don’t need to come back immediately! Sensei must be considering the『Sisters club』but…She must be lonely being alone. Chat with her for a while!」

Nei-san winks at me…!

「Right, we’re going to have fun as 『Sisters』!」

Misuzu says.

「Kay…Then I’m going…!」

I left the room with the wine bottle…

◇ ◇ ◇


「…Get in」

I enter the room…

「…Sit there」

I sit in the chair she’s pointing at.
Sensei’s prepared two glasses…
She looks at the bottle I brought.

「My, Nei-san, she opened quite a good one…」

Saying that, she pours it into the glass.

「…Is it expensive?」
「It’s not that expensive…It’s just 50k yen」

…Uwa, expensive!

「But, it’s exceptionally delicious for it’s price…」

Sensei says that but…
I don’t know

「…Yoshida-kun will understand it soon enough. Women and Women’s value aren’t known until tasted…」

Sensei offers me a glass.
I take the glass…
Sensei matches it with her class.
「Kin!」I heard a crystal sound…
To match with Sensei who takes a sip…I also drink.
This is 50k yen?

「…We did well until now」

Sensei speaks.

「To be honest…We’re still on edge. We balanced it until the very last minute so we didn’t break it somehow…!」


「Yoshida-kun…Do you know why Maika accepted you, who’s her rapist?」


「…I don’t know」

Sensei drinks up the wine glass.
Then she pours the next one immediately.

「…Because she’s a child.」

Sensei smiles wryly…

「Humans are foolish so they immediately think that 『I’m the most unfortunate person in the world』 Or 『I’m the luckiest in the world』…」
「…What does that mean?」

I don’t know.

「Hmm…You’re someone who doesn’t understand what’s happiness and what’s not that’s why you can’t understand Maika-san’s situation…」5

Sensei looks at me.

「…For women, being raped is the worst humiliation. Scary, frightening, it’ll become a trauma their whole life. All the more because it’s their first experience…!」


「For the time being…your coping up to now was wonderful. You didn’t hurt Maika-san’s pride as a woman and it seems that she somehow consented to the situation. But…the experience of rape will leave a scar deeply in her heart. She might not be able to have a normal sex experience…!」


「In the end…it’s just one of her mental defensive instinct to accept you easily」

Sensei looks at me…

「The rapist was unexpectedly gentle. He might be a good person. He’s saying that he likes me. He’s recognizing my charm. This might be fate. If it’s fate, I have to accept it…!」


「Because, she doesn’t want to admit it doesn’t she?…Her first experience being rape? Became an outlet of lust forcibly? That’s why, she desperately makes another story. It’s the same as Misuzu-san’s first time」

Misuzu at first…
She was abnormally affected by the word 『Pet』by Nagisa-san…
Now that she has calmed down…Misuzu’s abnormality after her first experience with me is understood…
In short…Misuzu surrendered to the story that 『She became my pet』…『If it has happened then it can’t be helped』she gave up.
That’s why she’s abnormally attached to me.

「Misuzu-san said it herself a while ago…But still, she came to love Yoshida-kun even more and more that…you desperately respond to Misuzu-san…for the time being, she’s calmed down」

…Calmed down?

「At least, there’s no possibility of her falling into despair, closing her heart, and going towards a dangerous direction any longer. Right now, all of her energy is going towards you…she truly loves you and trusts you. That won’t sway anymore…Don’t worry」

…Is that so?

「That’s why…I said it a while ago but, spoil her for a little longer. When her desire for you becomes excessive, Katsuko and Nei will control her. That’s why the 『Sisters club』was made…!」

Sensei…for that sake

「…Although, even Katsuko and Nei aren’t completely stable. For the time being, Yoshida-kun’s their anchor and they’ve settled down. I’m really thankful to you…!」

Sensei says.

「Who would’ve thought that a man like you would bring good effect to those girls. But, thanks to you Katsuko said herself that she’d retire from prostitution, and Nei’s no longer having nightmares of her late younger brother…!」

…Even though I didn’t do anything…

「…Be with those girls for a while. Please」

Sensei bows her head…

「…That’s, please stop. I’m Sensei’s 『Toy』…!」

Sensei laughed to herself

「Yoshida-kun, there’s no need to do that 『Wordplay』…!」


「…You see, women like the 『Words』like 『This is fate!』…Or 『I’m your toy』… No…Those 『Words』have the power to control those girls somehow」


「…All of those girls are actually damaged and are incidentally fragile. Giving themselves to 『Words』…everyone’s relying on each other to somehow live. Even the word 『Sisters』 creates a bond, don’t you think?」

The monitor in the room reflects the state in the dining room.
Everyone’s laughing happily.
They’re like real sisters.

「I’ll go back to Maika-san…for the time being, she’s riding the story of 『Yoshida-kun likes me so much that he raped me inevitably』 『I’m being loved by Yoshida-kun』『This is the result of love』and desperately convincing herself…!」

Maika-san’s laughing on the screen.
But, Looking at her…She fidgets and fixes her posture.
Her crotch must still be in pain.

「…Because Maika-san’s very naive, we can fool her as much as we want. The convenient story will soon become the truth for her…!」

Sensei looks at Maika on the screen.

「But…She notices it. That 『That she set her heart on believing on the story she made desperately』…!」


「…Sensei, what should I do for Maika’s sake?」

Sensei looks at me when I ask.

「Are you prepared to take responsibility for that child through your whole life?」


「That girl’s first experience is rape so…You have to replace it with wonderful memories. You need to be prepared to deceive her the rest of her life…!」


「…Got it I’ll keep lying to her forever. If that’s what will save Maika…!」

I strengthen my resolve.

「…Is that so? Then」

Then, sensei speaks.

「Yoshida-kun…You have to rape Maika-san once again…!」


  1. And people die if they are killed
  2. EN: >love >fuck >run >yandere
  3. I Yoshida **** commands you! Goddamn code geass reference
  4. EN: By your powers combined, I am Captain Planet!
  5. Yoshida’s a psycopath