Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 986. Morning Sisters / Naked Tea Party



「 Hey, Hey, Onii-san 」

The room’s filled with the lewd smell after the continuous sex we’ve done.

Now everyone’s drinking cold tea.

We’re all naked. Torii-san’s the only one wearing clothes.

I cool myself down with a bottle of barley tea.

Eri and Rie come after me.

「 Onii-san, do you want to drink orange juice? 」

The twins show me their bottles

「 No, I’m drinking barley tea 」

Nei and Michi gave me this earlier.

「 Don’t mind that, just say that you want to 」

「 Please, Onii-san 」

Eri and Rie smiled.

「 Well then, I’ll just take a bit 」

I replied.

「 Well then, start with Rie-chan 」

「 Okay, Eri-chan 」

Rie opens the bottle and then puts the orange juice in her mouth.

「 Okay, mouth-to-mouth feeding from Rie-chan 」

Eri said. Then Rie presses her lips to me.

The young beauty poured the sweet and sour orange juice to my mouth.

Gulp, gulp.

「 Ehehe, was that delicious, Onii-san? 」

「 Y-Yeah. Rie 」

「 Then, I’m next! 」

This time, Eri lets me drink her orange juice from her mouth.

「 That was delicious, girls 」

I smiled at the twins.

「 I’m glad. Onii-san 」

「 That was fun, Onii-san 」

The twins then stick to my sides.

「 You two can do that all you want but don’t give Yo-chan fellatio right after drinking orange juice, okay? You’ll make Yo-chan’s penis sticky with sugar! 」

Nei warned the twins.

Nei’s also drinking tea gracefully while still naked.

「 Well, we’re still way off our goal to be sticky with Onii-san. When it comes to Nei-oneechan’s level, she could sit over there and she lets Onii-chan take a good look at her prided nice-body. 」

Mana comes and speaks to the twins.

「 N-No! I’m also sticky with Yo-chan just so you know! 」

Nei says in a panic.

「 Although, Nei cares for her little sisters. He wants to give you girls, her little sisters more time to make contact with Kou-sama 」

Tsukiko said with a smile.

「 Ah, sorry. You’ve been so considerate for us 」

「 Thank you 」

The twins bow their heads to Nei.

「 N-Never mind that! You girls are my little sisters from now on! 」

Nei gets embarrassed.

「 Yes, Nei-oneesan 」

「 Please take care of us, Nei-oneesan 」

「 But still, you’re so beautiful 」

「 Yes, Nei-oneesan and Tsukiko-oneesan 」

The twins looked at Nei and Tsukiko’s body and said.

「 To think that such beauties become our big sisters 」

「 It’s like a dream 」

「 Hello, you two forgot someone? 」

Mana smiled.

「 Ah, of course. Mana-oneesan’s beautiful too 」

「 That’s right. Beautiful and cute 」

「 Also… 」

Eri looks at Michi who’s drinking tea on the other side.

「 Michi-oneesan too 」

「 Looking at her like this, she looks like a doll 」

「 Lovely and cute 」

「 Indeed 」

Michi sits down on the floor naked, drinking tea. She’s as beautiful as a Japanese doll.

White skin and black hair. She’s got no pubic hair at all.

Flat chest, small body. Looking at her this way, she has the aura of a beautiful doll.

「 I-I’m…Auuu 」

Michi blushed.


「 Michi, come here 」

I called Michi.

「 No, but, it’s the little sister’s time to bond with Master… 」

「 Never mind that, just come here. Come to me like a cat 」

「 Cat? 」

Michi’s puzzled. That face looks cute.

「 That’s right. Michi’s my cat right now. So come at me like a cat. Cat prioritizes their desires all the time 」

I said.

「 Nya, nyaaan 」

Michi poses like a cat bashfully.


「 Nyanyanyanyanya!!! 」

She comes at me while crawling on all fours. T-That’s fast.

「 Gorogoro, nyaaaa 」

Michi curled her body and rubs her cheeks on my lap.

「 There, there. That’s cute 」

I gently caress Michi’s nape.

「 Gorogoro, nyaa 」

「 Oh no, that’s too cute 」

「 She abandoned her humanity and turned to a cat! 」

The twins are surprised.

「 You can’t win against Michi-oneechan in that 」

Mana said.

「 We come after Onii-chan willingly but Michi-oneechan has Onii-chan telling her to come to him 」

「 Wait, that was calculated? 」

「 Really? 」

The twins asked.

「 No, it’s not calculated. Michi-chan’s quite smart but she’s got the charm to pull Yo-chan’s heart to her without even planning for it 」

「 She’s so strong, and yet, she’s so cute that you want to dote on her. There’s that kind of gap 」

Nei and Tsukiko speak their analysis.

「 Nyaaaa 」

Michi cries cutely and then she licks my legs.

「 Furthermore, she’s completely obedient to what Yo-chan tells her. She’ll act like a cat until Yo-chan tells her to stop 」

「 Of course. If Onii-chan goes out to the streets right now, she’ll stay like that. Michi-oneechan is like that 」

Mana said. The twins…

「 Wow, I see 」

「 Michi-oneesan is head-over-heels for Onii-san 」

Torii-san continues to watch us dumbfoundedly as we enjoy ourselves.

She’s not even holding the bottle of juice Nei handed her.

Her skirt is still turned over, her striped panties are exposed.

Knock. Knock.

Suddenly, someone knocked on the door.

「 It’s me. Is it a good time? 」

Minaho-neesan’s voice.

「 Yeah, come in 」

As soon as I replied, Nei opens the lock on the door.


「 So, done with your fun time? 」

Minaho-neesan comes in.

「 Hyaa 」

「 Auu! 」

The twins try to hide their bodies in panic, but…

「 Oh, it’s okay. She’s our big sis 」

I told the twins.

「 Yes, it’s okay. Stay like that 」

Then, Minaho-neesan looked at me

「 Oh, Minaho-neesan. As for these girls… 」

Right, Minaho-neesan.

I haven’t told her that we’re going to accept Eri and Rie as my family yet.

「 It’s okay. They’re your sex slaves. You concluded that there will be no problems if they become our family, right? 」

「 Y-Yeah. I think 」

I embrace the twins with both my arms.

「 These girls are okay 」

「 Onii-san 」

「 Onii-san 」

Minaho-neesan smiles.

「 If that’s your conclusion, I don’t mind 」

She said.

「 I think that Agnes should interact with girls like these too 」

Oh. Agnes will be surrounded by the young ladies in Misuzu’s school.

It would be a good thing to have girls who live a commoner life, who are the exact opposites of the young ladies.

It would be dangerous if she starts thinking that the way of life of the young ladies is the correct way.

「 But, I hate vulgar girls. I don’t want to teach any of our girls vulgarity nor learn anything about it 」

Minaho-neesan tells the twins.

That’s my worry from the start.

I don’t want the twins to talk about the ugly world they saw, the good-for-nothing Yakuza, and especially the gang rape that happened to their friends.

「 That’s..uhm, I’ll look after them 」

Mana told Minaho-neesan.

Mana’s already become the ‘Aneki’ of the twins.

Mana is a senior for the twins in the sense that she lost her criminal parent and came to us.

「 I’m also looking after them. Minaho-oneechan 」

Nei said.

「 Yomi and I will also look after them 」

Tsukiko seems to be checking the mental state of the twins.

「 Nyaaaaa!!! 」


「 What’s wrong, Michi-san? 」

Minaho-neesan’s surprised.

「 Well, Michi-oneesan’s playing cat right now 」

「 She’s in the middle of acting like a cat 」

The twins speak in a panic.

「 Michi will also look after Eri and Rie, right? 」

I asked Michi who’s resting on my lap…

「 Funyaaa~ 」

She cried loudly.

Minaho-neesan almost burst out laughing.

「 Oh well. I trust you all. But I’ll keep them in watch for a while 」


「 Anyway, everyone will support them. So you girls become our girls with peace in mind. Okay? 」

I talked to the twins.

「 Yes, Onii-san 」

「 Please take care of us, everyone 」

Eri and Rie bowed to everyone.

Torii-san’s watching that situation in a daze.

「 Well then, Kou. Take these girls and go back. It’s about time for lunch 」

Minaho-neesan said.

「 I will stay here and train Tokuda-san. Can’t bring those girls to the other side, right? 」

Yeah, Tokuda Sonoko-san and Kurosawa Naoko-san are prostitutes of the Black Forest.

Can’t bring them to the main mansion of Kouzuki house.

「 So, I’ll ask you to train Kurama-san on the other side 」

Hearing Kurama-san’s name, Torii-san returned to her senses.

「 I want you to take charge of her first step. She can’t join the two here unless she takes the first step, right? 」

「 First step? 」

I asked.

「 I meant deflowering 」


「 The girls here can’t accept a still-virgin young lady. The two we have here have seen hell already 」

Sonoko-san and Kurosawa-san are both daughters of good-for-nothing Yakuza.

Sonoko-san’s father’s comrades gang-raped her. Kurosawa-san watched it all as she does the chores.

The two will not get along with Kurosawa-san with just a “This girl is now your friend.”

「 Girls who had a painful experience will be kind to those who experienced the same thing. Therefore, be sure to give her a harsh experience 」

That means raping her.

If she doesn’t have that background, Sonoko-san will never accept Kurama-san as an ally.

「 Katsuko will support you. She has to decide her successor or she can never retire completely 」

Katsuko-nee also worries about the future of the Black Forest brothel.

「 Also, she’s a nobility. Let Misuzu-san and Ruriko-san participate as observers. 」

Right. Turning the young lady of the Kurama house as a prostitute…

It’s not just a job given to the Black Forest. It’s Jii-chan, representing the nobility, punishing the Kurama house.

Therefore, I can’t go overboard. It’ll bounce back as criticisms on Kouzuki house.

「 Yeah got it 」

I replied.

「 Uhm, Minaho-sama 」

Tsukiko said.

「 As for Tendou Otome-san… 」

Oh right…

Tsukiko will have to remain here and erase Tendou Otome’s memories

Her memories of us and Sonoko-san.

「 No, Kou-sama. That’s not enough 」

Tsukiko read my thoughts and replied.

「 Last night, we could’ve erased her memories and sent Otome-san to a train station, but.. 」

In fact, we did that.

To the poor character daughters of Yakuza, the blonde, red, and perm haired girls.

Their memories are erased and tossed downtown.

Shigeyo-san, who is also a victim of gang-rape along with Sonoko-san, also had her memories of us erased and is sent back to her relatives.

「 But the circumstances have changed this morning 」


「 Oh right. There’s that shootout with Tendou Sadao, fires, and explosion incident in Kansai area 」

Nei said.

「 Yes. Otome-san is the daughter of Tendou Sadao-san, the culprit

So it’ll make a big fuss if she goes out?

「 It’s not really a fuss but, it’s more of the Kansai organization will aim at her 」


「 Right. Tendou Sadao and his men had a shootout with their boss. Otome-san is also an enemy of their group. Furthermore, they should know that they can use her 」

Right, she’s the only one who infiltrated the Kouzuki house’s party.

Tendou Otome had no support coming from Tendou Sadao’s group.

That means, Tendou Otome’s the only one with skill among Tendou Sadao’s group.

She knows how to fight, and can even use Qi skills.

She’s special among the Yakuza daughters.

「 Worse is that some people got scared of this incident that they’d want to end the dispute with Kouzuki house by bowing their heads. Those people will think of killing Tendou Otome-san as soon as they find her 」

「 Huh, why is that, Minaho-neesan? 」

「 I mean. Otome-san is a survivor among Tendou Sadao’s group. The people from Kansai can’t imagine what she’ll do next 」

That means…

「 She might come after the Yakuza who killed her father for revenge, or maybe, she’ll follow her Father’s will and attack Kouzuki house again, it makes everything complicated, doesn’t it? 」

Nei said.

「 That’s right. The bosses who gave Tendou Sadao orders have died because of him, and so, there’s nobody to order Tendou Otome-san right now. The chain of command is broken. Yakuza hates people like that. They don’t know what the other would do 」

「 Then, what do we do with Tendou Otome? 」

「 Currently, if she goes out, and someone finds her, Yakuza will kill her without any arguments 」

Minaho-neesan said.

「 That’s…Otome-chan… 」

「 Otome-chan… 」

Eri and Rie trembled.

These girls never got along with her nor liked her, but…

They’re still together coming from Kansai. They were comrades.

「 As for that, Kou-sama, Minaho-sama 」

Tsukiko said.

「 Can you entrust Otome-san to me? 」


「 I will not just erase her memories but I want to change her to someone useful to us 」

You mean, using your Miko powers?


「 Yes, my power can destroy a person’s heart 」

If she gives a contradicting order or something that can transcend their mind and body, their spirit will break.

「 Therefore, I will need to be cautious and use the least manipulation of Otome-san’s memories and heart 」

Tsukiko said. Minaho-neesan;

「 Do you have a specific plan? How will you change Tendou Otome-san? 」


「 As for the plan, Nei already has one 」

「 Huh, me? 」

Nei’s surprised.

「 You do have a plan in your head thinking that ‘it would be good if Tendou Otomecan change this way’ 」

「 Geez, Tsukiko, you peek into my mind too much 」

「 I’m sorry 」

「 Oh well. Not that I mind. Tsukiko and I are friends… 」

Nei smiled.

「 So, Nei, what do you want to do with Tendou Otome-san? 」

Minaho-neesan asks.

「 You know, Otome-chan’s body is somewhat trained, but her personality’s useless, right? She’s self-centered, and so she’s bad as a bodyguard. She would think of herself first before protecting her master 」

「 So, that means changing Tendou Otome’s egoistic personality? 」

I asked.

「 No way. That would be hard. If you change the base of a person’s character…in Otome-chan’s case, taking away her egoism, then nothing will remain 」

Then what do we do?

「 What’s better is to let her keep her egoism, and change her memory to have her stop that personality 」

Nei said.

「 That kind of egoistic personality isn’t suited for a martial artist 」

Martial artist.

「 Yeah. Margo-oneechan and my female fighters group have no hardheaded girl right now. We need to have at least one or we’ve got no range to make an appeal to our customers, right? 」

「 Nyaa! 」

Michi meows.

「 Oh, Michi-chan’s Onee-san? She’s also a variety but it’s different from the eyes of the people. On the other hand, that girl is hardcore! 」


「 A girl who becomes a champion in high-school karate now wants to join in a mixed martial arts world this time. Haruka-san can make the best show for the media right now 」

I see. For us, she looks like a stupid big sister.

Kudou Haruka has some track records.

「 Then, rivaling Haruka-san, is Otome-chan, a delinquent. Doesn’t that look like a fun story? Margo-oneechan and Edie are both Americans, and so I think that those who the world don’t know much about would set some fire! 」

Nei proposed. Minaho-neesan.

「 What do you think, Kou? 」

She asks for my opinion.

「 I think that it’s worth the try. If Tendou Otome’s egoism remains, her spirit will not crumble. Besides 」

「 What? 」

「 If you tell her that once she becomes famous in combat sport, women will be head-over-heels for her, she’ll definitely agree to that 」

Tendou Otome is a lesbian. And she’s quite hard at it.

「 Right, if she thinks that cute girls will fall for her… 」

「 Otome-chan will surely be in high spirits 」

The twins agreed.

「 Right. Oh well, I’ll let Tsukiko-san and Nei do it. Not that we care if Otome-san fails or dies anyway 」


「 Do it with that attitude. Thinking “this much will save her,” or “I want to save her,” will only burn you 」

「 Yeah, you’re right. Minaho-oneechan 」

「 Certainly 」

Nei and Tsukiko replied.

Oh, Tsukiko who feared using her Miko power so much;

To think that she wishes to use her power this time.

Tsukiko’s also changing.

「 Well then, Yo-chan, Tsukiko and I will stay here 」

「 Yeah, I’m relying on you two 」

If she can get along with Nei, someone of her age, then it’s a positive result already.

Anyway, it’s better to have Nei with Tsukiko when altering Tendou Otome.

「 Okay, let’s go take a shower first. Can’t come home sticky from sweat 」

I told everyone.

Can’t go back to Kouzuki mansion like this.

「 I agree! Let’s go! Eri-chan, Rie-chan! 」

Mana called the twins.

「 There should be lunch prepared there right now 」

「 Wow! I’m already hungry! 」

「 Me too 」

「 So let’s go to the shower room now! 」

Mana picks up the bathrobe she took off and puts it on

「 Michi, let’s go 」

I called Michi out, but…

「 Nyaa 」


「 Cat play done. Let’s do that next time 」

「 Uuuu, yes 」

Michi stops walking on all fours and stands on her two feet looking regretful.

「 Did you like playing cat that much? 」

「 Yes!!! 」

Oh, I see.

Speaking of which, Misuzu also likes doing the dog play.

「 Anyway, let’s take a shower Michi 」

I said. Michi…

She stands before Torii-san.

「 Torii-sama, I think that you should change underwear… 」

「 Huh? 」

Torii-san looked up at Michi.

「 Your underwear smells 」

Michi said. Torii-san noticed her exposed wet panty for the first time.

「 Hauuu!!! 」

Torii-san hides her crotch with her skirt in panic.

「 It looks like her training is going well too 」

Minaho-neesan whispered to my ears.