Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 99

99. Teach us! Yuzuki-sensei.

「Women who lose their virginity to rape…are greatly divided into two types depending on their interactions with sex」

Yuzuki-sensei’s talking while drinking her wine.

「I know it well…In this mansion when it was『Kuromori Tower』, I saw plenty of women…I’m one of them too…」

Yuzuki-sensei was raped by Shirasaka Sousuke when she was 12…

「One would be the girl being absorbed in sex to override their rape experience. Drowning themselves to remove their memory of fear. Misuzu-san’s that type」

Certainly…Misuzu’s indulging herself in sex…

「It’s not a lewd nature in particular…Trying to get over the fear from the rape, they try to lie to themselves and have sex assertively. Convincing themselves that they had sex by their own will…」

…Misuzu was like that.

「Misuzu-san’s actually scared… Yesterday, you had sex with Misuzu-san in the bathroom didn’t you?」
「That’s the time when she finally trusted you. I think she was frightened in her heart until then…Do you remember? Yesterday before you had sex with Misuzu-san, she told you『I want you to trust me soon』]?」

Speaking of which…I feel that she said such thing.

「That’s reversed. Actually, Misuzu-san thought was that she wants to 『Trust』you. She reflects her own wish to you and spoke…」

…I see

「Do you remember that Misuzu told you 『I want to be violated』…Didn’t you?」
「…I do」
「Actually, there’s still some fear remaining for sex…That’s why she said that. She wants you to force having the sex instead of by her own will…」

I never understood Misuzu’s feeling at all…
I just followed my own desire.
I’m the worst.

「At that time…Misuzu said that she wants to be my sex slave」

Sensei laughs.

「Do you really think that there’s a girl who would want to become a man’s slave?」
「…I don’t」


「It was really a dangerous state…You did rape play didn’t you?」

…We did
I got very aroused though…
For Misuzu, it wasn’t that different from real rape…

「If Misuzu-san gave up in despair because of that rape play, she might really have become your sex slave…」

Sensei says.

「You see…There’s no endlessly lewd woman in this world. Among the prostitutes, there are occasional women who makes that play. A girl that has no forbidden plays, all okay. That kind of person isn’t a helpless lecherous person… They just gave up. Throwing their own life…Thinking that it’s already hopeless…therefore they accept anything. They have no choice but to accept」

…They gave up in life?

「Those kinds are okay with anyone. They’re not looking at the man’s face. They just surrender themselves to the pleasures in their body… They get scared when they look at reality…they became ashamed that they want to die. Therefore, they close their eyes to indulge themselves in the pleasures of sex, and concentrate only on the sexual feeling…!」

Sensei gulps down the glass.

「…I was the same」


「There’s only one thing I can thank Shirasaka Sousuke for. …My body can no longer have sex ever again, you know that don’t you? That’s why I can no longer escape to the pleasure of sex…! Even if I force myself, I can only face the reality…therefore, I think I went mad…!」

I poured wine into Sensei’s glass silently.

「…Thanks. You see…I’m actually a weak woman. No, I was weak…before. But I have no choice but to get stronger. I have no other way out after all… I can’t masturbate. When I touch myself there, the scar hurts…! The bottom of my stomach makes a tingling pain…That’s why, I…!」

I hold Sensei’s hand.
As a reflex, Sensei’s body twitched and she tried to move away from my hand!
But still…I hold Sensei’s hand firmly!

「…I won’t do anything. I’ll just hold your hand」

Sensei looks at my hand…

「…Sorry. I drank alcohol too fast…」

Sensei looks down.

「I’ll go back to Misuzu-san…I think that just a bit more and she’d suffer from sex madness. It was really a dangerous state. If it advanced badly…she would have your body for a while then she’d immediately start to fish for men. Escaping to sex, she’d sleep with any possible man…She’d become a hopeless woman…!」

So it was such a critical state…!

「…So it’s different now?」

After getting up courage, I ask Sensei…

「After yesterday’s rape play sex in the bathroom, you went for another round didn’t you?」

Right…I began my second round without pulling out.

「As a result, she was saved by that sex. Doing all your best…feeling Misuzu-san properly…that was good. Your feelings reached Misuzu-san that’s why she came to trust you. If you didn’t have the second sex, it would’ve been trouble this time…」

Sensei sighes.

「With that sex…Misuzu-san somehow accepted you…」

Misuzu’s attitude changed completely after our second sex.
It’s not her strange brightness from before but a genuine smile…

「After that…Misuzu-san became your woman. Don’t worry. She will no longer part from you as long as it’s not something much…」

Sensei laughes as she was amazed.

「You’re the only man in the world she can yield her mind and body…Misuzu-san said it herself didn’t she?」

So she was serious.
I don’t get it.

「Seriously…You’re taking so many girls seriously and yet…You’re always lonely as usual…」

Sensei said with a sad expression.

「I’m lonely?」

Sensei returns a question to my question.

「…Yoshida-kun…When I say ‘your own bed’ what do you imagine?」

I answer immediately.

「If it’s my bed then it’s the sofa in my house」

That old sofa with bad springs.
I lived there this whole time…
That old sofa where I can’t stretch my body so I have to round myself to sleep.

「…This bed in this mansion isn’t a bed for you…」

Sensei said.

「Because…I’m only borrowing the bed in this house. My house is there…」

That house where neither my mother or father comes home.
…I have to go back soon.

「Well fine…Let’s talk about it next time」

Sensei forcibly changes the topic…
Having me reminded of my house, I show an awkward face.

「If…you didn’t do the second round of sex…and Misuzu-san didn’t open her heart…What do you think I would do to Misuzu-san?」

Sensei asks me…

「…No, I don’t know」

To be honest…I can’t imagine it.

「Misuzu-san was a girl sent by Kouzuki-sama to Nagisa wasn’t she?…She cannot be mad at sex」


「In that case, I’d have Nagisa take her and have her become Nagisa’s slave. A complete lesbian」


「Then, she’d get married with the man Kouzuki house had decided…endure only one sex to have one child, then have her stay as a lesbian for the rest of her life. Isn’t it better for her to play with Nagisa’s lesbian pets rather than madly playing with men? Society can be fooled by that too…」

…Is that so?
Sensei’s always thinking two steps ahead.

「In the first place…I got surprised when Nagisa transferred Misuzu-san to Yoshida-kun! That was so sudden wasn’t it?…It happened before I even knew it…!」

…There’s no surveillance cameras in Nagisa-san’s shop.
That was Nagisa-san’s decision alone.
She didn’t consult Yuzuki-sensei…

「Nagisa…understood Yoshida-kun’s power. Surely, she believed that you could open Misuzu’s heart…!」

Sensei says.

「Margo too… She believes in your power that she didn’t report a follow up to me on the spot. Well, she has seen Nagisa-san being embraced and liberated by Yoshida-kun…」

Nagisa-san and Margo-san believed me and entrusted me with Misuzu…

「Sometimes, I get heartbroken. No matter how much I think, I can’t match Nagisa’s insight and Margo’s perception… Those girls more excellent than me. No…I’m no good. I’m just a big-headed woman lacking imagination…」

Sensei blames herself…

「Anyway…There’s no pressing problems with Misuzu-san. Just love her a lot. Now’s the time for her to be spoiled. Make your bonds of trust thicker. Okay?」

The problem is Maika.

「Maika-san…is another type of the raped girls」

…Another type?

「…She’s scared of sex. It’s become a complete trauma. Simply put, she’s afraid of it. It might cause androphobia for her…」


「But…She’s been in the bath together with me all this time…」

Yeah. We talked and kissed a lot.

「Don’t you think that she’s abnormally talkative in the bath?」


「Usually…someone won’t talk to their rapist about their club activities」

That might be.

「But…She didn’t hate it when I touched her in the bathroom…and we kissed multiple times」

I even licked Maika’s clitoris…
Afterwards…Maika asked if I still want to have sex…

「That’s just a flip of sense from fear. She’s alone with the rapist. She’d choose to open her body willingly rather than be violated by force. If she doesn’t convince herself to accept the man voluntarily, she can’t win against the fear」

Sensei says.

「Afterwards, Misuzu-san entered the bathroom…That was on purpose. I thought that you might not be able to endure it anymore. If Misuzu-san is there, she will have sex with you instead of Maika-san」

That was also Sensei’s strategy?

「When she sees Misuzu-san being madly in love with you…Maika-san’s recognition of Yoshida-kun might change. Maika-san can feel relieved if Misuzu-san is being deeply in love with you, can’t she?」

You sent Misuzu with such intentions?

「As I thought…Misuzu-san had gone on a rampage and you accepted it…When it had become a slightly peaceful atmosphere…I went in…!」

Right…Sensei entered at the perfect moment.

「You remember what’s after that? Your penis got hard and you wanted to have sex once again, what kind of reaction did Maika-san show?」

…Maika was

「…She’s refused sex. She seemed very afraid」

Yeah…she did.

「In that case, Misuzu-san and I were there, you weren’t alone. In short, that’s Maika-san’s current frank reaction towards sex」


「She’s overdoing it…all this time. Even now」

I looked at Maika on the monitor…
Maika’s laughing with everyone.

「Maika-san’s still worrying about it. If it’s okay for her to become everyone’s ally. In the first place, isn’t it strange to become someone’s sex partner? She asks…She knows that she’s brought to an unexpected world. She’s quite clever…!」

This is certainly abnormal.
Maika’s still a middle school student…
For her to share a sex partner with other women…it’s crazy.

「Sensei…What should I do then?」

I ask Sensei once again.

「Anyway…You must not disturb Maika-san’s sense of fear from sex」

Sensei answers.

「That’s why you have to rape her again」


「Rape her again and again…Repeat it endlessly until it becomes pleasurable for Maika-san. That can be misled into thinking that it’s a form of love…!」

…Wait a moment

「If this continues, Maika-san will never seek sex from you…You do understand that don’t you?」
「It’s not just you…Even if Maika-san gets a lover in the future, she will still refuse sex, I think. Maika-san will never allow anyone to have her body. She’ll fear sex from the trauma of her first experience…and ultimately, she’ll hate sex. She’ll suffer from complete androphobia…!」


「That’s why…You have to continue wishing for her by force…」

I can’t do anything but to continue violating Maika?

「You made girls wish for you on the second time, didn’t you…Even if it was Misuzu-san or Katsuko」
「Yoshida-kun…You never seek the woman yourself」
「…I thought that a man like me would be hated by everyone」
「…You don’t want to be hated by women do you?」
「Or rather…I think that all of the woman in the world hate me. I still think that even now. Hearing Sensei’s talk…Understanding that Misuzu and Maika actually just force it…I thought ‘as expected’. It’s strange that I’m popular…!」

I think.

「But…It would be troubling if Maika-san doesn’t want to have sex with me…!」
「…Are you ready to be hated?」

Sensei smiles wryly

「Idiot…Rape Maika-san a lot and become liked. Make her fall for you…!」


「…That’s impossible」
「Then…Do you intend to abandon Maika-san as she is…?!」

Sensei presses me…!

「…There’s no way I can abandon her!」
「Then…Rape Maika-san a lot until she falls in love with you!」


Sensei breathes deeply then says…

「…Yoshida-kun, do you know the photographer named Lee Miller?」

…Lee Miller?

「…I don’t」

Sensei laughs.

「Right…There’s no way you would」

…Then don’t ask!

「She’s more famous as Man Ray’s lover than a photographer. Of course you don’t know the artist named Man Ray either, right?」
「Lee Miller you see was a very beautiful woman. At that time, the multi millionaire Egyptian who had the titled most beautiful woman in the world had divorced her because he fell in love with Lee Miller」
「The divorced wife committed suicide…That’s how beautiful she was」

I can’t imagine it.

「Man Ray took photos of Lee Miller’s figure at night. Naked upper body, a rope pulling the neck, a poison prepared, and a piston in one hand… It was a humorous photograph but there’s live ammunition in the pistol included. Man Ray’s Assistant was scared as the trigger might be pulled…」

What’s the relation of that person to Maika?

「Lee Miller was of course beautiful since childhood…so beautiful that she was raped when she was 8…!」


「But…an 8 year old girl would just agree to anything don’t you think?」


「Of course…Her rape experience caused a deep trauma in her. Therefore, the adults around her couldn’t tell her that sexual desire and love are different…!」

That means?

「The feeling of love and the feeling of wanting sex are different…She was brought up given that idea. But…She grew up as a woman wild at sex. It can’t be helped…Loving someone and wanting to have sex with someone is different. Even if she has a lover, she sleeps with other men she wants to have sex with easily…」

She was raised in such a manner so it can’t be helped that it has become like that.

「In the end…She broke up with Man Ray and with the Egyptian Millionare…She changed one man after another. She settled down middle aged…when her beauty declined. In the end, she remarried with an artist of surrealism but…it seems that she didn’t like that person that much. They weren’t divorced because they had a son born」

Sensei says.

「It’s not just Lee Miller. There’s a lot of women who have their life controlled by their first sex experience that’s instilled in them. I’m the same」


「I became a prostitute when I was 12. Of course I never had a boy I loved back then…raped, everyday, taking care of guests…men, sex, those things convinced me. I hate everyone」

Sensei looks at the distance.

「You see…people are really weak. As long as they have allies…They can survive the situation somehow. You’ll think that you’re not alone in this situation after all. Prostitutes encourage each other then hope to live somehow…Those days」

Sensei looks at the wine in the glass.

「Megumi’s mother, Keiko-san, you see…I was able to become a decent person because of her」

Megumi’s mother?

「Keiko-san was deceived by Shirasaka Sousuke when she was 19 and was confined here. Then she gave birth to Megumi…and was thrown into prostitution. Keiko-san had a lover…」


「Keiko-san always talked about her lover to us. I understood that Keiko-san really loved that person. In addition, after knowing how kind Keiko-san’s lover was…we were taught that there’s such love outside this mansion…! We took Keiko-san’s love story as our own and listened. This mansion was hell but…The outside world was wonderful. We saw that there’s a kind of relationship between a man and woman that’s not bought by money. Therefore…I think that I wasn’t twisted by my grudge…」

Sensei drinks up the wine in the glass.
She gulps it down her throat.

「…Then there’s Maika-san…convince her that a man has to have sex with the woman he likes. You raped Maika-san because you loved her so much you couldn’t help it. Also…Normal men will never do it but…Yoshida-kun loves Maika-san more than anyone else so you had no choice but to do it…! Let her body remember it. Restrain Maika-san. Violate Maika-san every time she talks about other boys. Declare that she can’t have sex with any man other than you…!」

…Sensei’s words stick in me.

「…Is that okay?」
「It can’t be helped…You already raped Maika-san. Do it thoroughly. Rape is your expression of love…Convince her that your love for Maika-san won’t compare to other men」
「…We’re fooling her?」
「That’s right, continue to deceive her for the rest of your life! Fool and deceive her and if it goes through…She’ll be convinced that today’s rape was a result of too much love.1 Change her fright into beautiful memories…!」


「What if Maika has someone she likes…?!」

I must back away.

「Yoshida-kun! Why are you looking at Maika-san from below?!」

Sensei’s angry.

「You’re the person concerned! Even if you lie to her or anything…Maika-san’s already one of your lovers!」
「I know that…!」
「No, you don’t! Isn’t it your mission to fight the 『man』who appears as a rival in love for Maika-san?!」

…My mission?

「Isn’t that obvious?! You like Maika-san so much that you forcibly raped her and made her your 『Woman』! You must not just easily back down on whoever appears! Fight with all your power! Get ready to not hand her over to any other men even if you die…!」

…That’s right.
It is as Sensei said.
That’s something I must do.

「In the first place…your relationship with Maika-san can’t just have some strong opponent who can kidnap Maika-san from the side, or else Maika-san will never be happy! Blow away those novice men…I order you!」


「Yes, Understood!」

I answer.

「I’m telling you…It’s the same for other girls. Katsuko, Nagisa, Megumi, and Misuzu-san…Love them to death. Think that you should never hand them over to other men. Those girls won’t be with a 『Man』without that spirit…!」
「…Yes, I’m ready」

Sensei smiles.

「…Yoshida-kun, you cannot easily die now」

I have to make them happy.

「Live with all your effort…Not for your sake but for those girls」

I have to live for those girls.

「Uhm…Sensei, what about Nei-san?」2

Why did Nei-san’s name not come up?

「…Nei’s okay for now…You don’t have to think of Nei as your 『Woman』until she’s ready to give her virginity to you」

Sensei speaks coldly.

「But…I also treasure Nei-san」

Sensei glares at me…

「You have to differentiate! You have to give priority to the 『Women』you have right now don’t you? If not, it will be rude for them!」

…Certainly, it might be so

「I’m not telling you to abandon Nei but…you need to identify who you should prioritize. Decide it right now」

…Sensei urges me for a decision.

「Listen…You’re on a boat with everyone and that boat is sinking. You have to decide who’s going to be picked up by the rescue boat in order. Katsuko, Nagisa, Nei, Megumi, Misuzu-san, Maika-san…Decide on your priorities」


「If I was Yosihda-kun…I would make the order of Misuzu-san, Megumi, Nagisa, Nei, Katsuko, and Maika-san」

Sensei says.

「Misuzu-san is Kouzuki-sama’s grandchild so I’ll help her first. Next would be Megumi. She’s my treasure. Next is Nagisa. She has to get on as there’s also Mao. Nei’s next. Katsuko is after her. Maika-san will be the last one…!」

Sensei doesn’t like Maika?

「…What about you? Answer right now!」

…If it was me

「The youngest, Maika would go first. Next is Megumi, then Misuzu. After that, Nei-san. Nagisa-san…Though I’m sorry, Katsuko-nee would be the last」

Yeah…I think that should be.

「…Yoshida-kun’s evaluation of Nei is too high」

Sensei’s a bit surprised.

「…Because, isn’t Nei-san Beautiful?」

I reply.

「Well…There’s that part where you still haven’t had sex with Nei. Put Nei for last. Nei’s the most postponed」
「Yoshida-kun…You do know that men aren’t skillful don’t you?」

Sensei says in a slightly ridiculous tone.

「I do」
「You should give priority to those you want to help first. Nei’s okay to be put off for later…Margo and I are with her…」

Nei-san doesn’t need my help in particular.

「Anyway…Prioritize those who are already your 『Woman』 Okay?!」

Sensei strongly orders me.

「…Yes, understood」

I couldn’t answer but that.

「But, I feel relieved…Yoshida-kun understands it」
「The order Yoshida-kun just said is the same as the order of the girls who don’t trust Yoshida-kun yet…!」

…In short.
Maika doesn’t trust me that much?
I know that…
But…Is Megumi the same?

「Do you remember what Megumi said recently?」


「She’s always saying 『I want you to violate me』or 『Sex Slave』doesn’t she?」

…Sensei’s watching properly.

「Don’t you think that’s the similar reaction to Misuzu before she completely trusted you?」

…I see.
Her fear of sex is strong so she’s saying that she wants to be violated by force.
Her trust in me is still thin so…She says she’s okay with being a 『Sex Slave』oppositely.
Megumi’s words are all turned upside down…!

「…You got it. Please be careful with Megumi. She’s been overdoing it since earlier this morning」

She declared to her senpais in club that she’ll bear my child.
Megumi’s cornering herself on purpose.

「The fear of reality…makes her run in a strange direction. You know that Shirasaka Sousuke plans to turn Megumi into a prostitute don’t you?」
「I was able to prevent it somehow but…We need to pull her from the Yamamine house for that sake. We can’t trouble Yamamine-san after all…」

Yamamine house is indebted with Shirasaka house…

「Right now…She’s under considerable stress. Among them, she gave her virginity to you and left all of the decision making over her life to you…」


「But…That doesn’t mean she loves you from the bottom of her heart. You were just there by chance…that’s why Megumi wanted you. Megumi’s a kind girl so she threw herself to Yoshida-kun because her body is wanted」

Thus…Megumi gave her virginity to me…

「The present doesn’t matter…The problem is the future」

Sensei looks at me…

「I’ll ask of you…take care of Megumi. Truly love her. Don’t make her regret that she gave her virginity to you…!」


「…Yes, understood」

I take Sensei’s words heavily…

「It’s not just Megumi though…Katsuko, Nagisa…Nei and Margo too…Don’t disappoint them. Everyone believes in Yoshida-kun…!」

…Before I noticed.
I made bonds with various people.
If those people believe in me…
I must not betray them…!

「Anyway…Cherish those children. There’s no turning back …!」

Sensei tells me.

「Got it…I’ll do my best」

Anyway…I have to do my best.
There’s nothing left.

「Going back to our topic…It’s a courtesy for a man like you to wish for sex with your own 『Woman』 It’s not just for Maika-san…the other girls too」

Misuzu, Megumi, Katsuko-nee and Nagisa-san too…

「Women will feel happy if you ask for sex yourself… You don’t understand that feeling do you?」

…I don’t understand it at all.
I really didn’t think about them.
In the end…I just protected myself.
To prevent them from hating me…
I never noticed what those women want from me.

「…I think that it’s troublesome but it’s something you have done so take complete responsibility」

Sensei’s words make my back shiver.

「…I’ll do my best!」

Sensei smiles at me.

「Anyway…Maika-san’s first. You’re going to rape her by this evening. While everyone’s watching. After that…Maika will meet Megumi」


「Making her meet Magumi and letting her be aware that both of them are Yoshida-kun’s 『Woman』 we’ll finish with this for today. This kind of recovery won’t work if time passes by… Maika-san will go to Ikeda clinic after this. That’s why, have sex with her even if she complains about the pain. Ejaculate inside Maika-san’s womb okay?」

Sensei says…


Apart from Megumi…I’m honestly surprised Sensei’s thinking this much about Maika.

「…Then, we’re going to have Maika-san stay here today. Someone else will be with you two and she’ll sleep in the same bed as you tonight . It will be dangerous for her to return home today. Once she’s left alone, the rape will flash back to her.」

Maika cannot be alone.

「The fear will be reproduced and Maika-san will establish the recognition that it’s an unpleasant memory. Once that happens, she can no longer recover…That’s why you will be with her all the time tonight. Don’t ever leave her. Don’t even let her go alone to the restroom」

I have to be with Maika the whole night.
…I can’t let her go alone in the bathroom.

「Embrace Maika-san and sleep tonight. Then, wake her up calmly while still embracing her tomorrow… Then, I think most of her fear towards you will disappear…」


「…Sensei, why are you thinking that far for Maika?」

…Even though she’s the lowest on Sensei’s priorities earlier?
Sensei makes an unpleasant face.

「…I don’t care whatever happens to her」


「Maika-san’s Shirasaka’s daughter…Actually, I want to sell her to a foreign brothel」


「…Then why?」
「…I’m thinking for your sake! So that you won’t feel unhappy!」


「I’m a high school teacher but I’ve never done anything teacher-like. I just registered there as a talent scout for 『Kuromori』…I was never a homeroom teacher once these five years. I’m not an adviser for any clubs either. I go around being an English teacher just to look for girls becoming candidates…」

Sensei smiles.

「I want to become teacher-like for Yoshida-kun. I want to teach you as my final act…then resign as a teacher」

Sensei became a teacher for 『Kuromori』…
If her revenge against Shirasaka Sousuke ends…Kuromori will be completely closed.
Yuzuki-sensei doesn’t need to remain a teacher anymore…

「I’ll tell you my priority order right now…!」

Sensei says with a soft smile.

「In my case…Yoshida-kun, Agnes, Megumi, Nei, Katsuko, Yukiyo, Nagisa, Margo, Misuzu-san, and Maika…」


「I want to be trusted by Yoshida-kun more. I’m most worried about you…!」

Yuzuki-sensei says.

「You’re my final student…」

◇ ◇ ◇

Coming back to the dining room…Everyone’s still talking.
When it’s just between girls, they’re noisy.

「Oooh! Yo-chan! How was it? What did Sensei tell you?」

Nei-san asks me.
Though she drank plenty of wine, she’s not blushing at all.
Nei-san…are you strong at drinking?

「…I can put Nei-san for later so I have to love Maika and Misuzu the most!」

I answer honestly!

「What’s that?! Sensei you meanie!」

Nei-san is in bad temper…

「As expected of Yuzuki-sama! She knows it well!」

Misuzu comes to me.

「We’ve been permitted by Yuzuki-sama so, Maika-san, let’s get loved a lot!」

Misuzu tells Maika, but…


Maika got tense from the word 『Loved』

「Yes? Danna-sama?」

I embrace and kiss Misuzu.
After that, I massage her naked ass under her skirt.

「…W-What are you doing?!」

Misuzu trembles in surprise.

「…Doing what Sensei told me. If I really love you, then I must not hold back」

I tell Maika and Misuzu.

「I really like Misuzu so I will touch Misuzu, kiss…and have sex with Misuzu. I was told to demand more by myself…!」

Maika’s frightened by my words.
Then…Misuzu smiled.
She’s secretly surprised…
Misuzu’s internal unrest…when I heard Sensei’s explanation, I understood it.
Though it’s not scary for her to lean by herself…Misuzu’s not used to being wanted by me.
She’s feeling fear from a man’s desires.

「That’s right, as expected of Ojou-sama…! It’s been too much of girls wanting you until now. I think it’s okay to be more aggressive…!」

Katsuko-nee tells me.


I want Katsuko-nee’s lips…
I kiss Katsuko-nee.

「Misuzu…Let me touch your ass more. I like the feeling of Misuzu’s ass」

When I said 「Like」, Misuzu’s perplexed face turned bright instantly.

「Do you really like Misuzu’s ass?!」
「That’s right. I’m saying that I love it」

Misuzu jumps into my arms!

「I’m glad! Please touch it!」

Misuzu doesn’t break her posture of giving herself to me until the end.
Well…There’s no helping that for now.
My current target is Maika…
I’ll hold Maika with Misuzu as a base…
I’ll rape her once again…!


  1. Will kill you~
  2. EN: what ABOUT Nei san?~