Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 996. Noon Sunshine / Drawing room



「Since we’re using B3 Drawing room, should we enter the room at the same time as them?」

Misuzu asks Shou-neechan

「Yes, that will be for the better. If there’s a strange pause, they’ll notice it」

Notice what?

It seems that the room has a contraption.

「I will deal with the tuning, and so please head to the drawing-room, Misuzu-sama」

The main mansion of the Kouzuki house has multiple buildings on the land.

This is a private area for Jii-chan’s family, but…

Drawing rooms, there’s one showa era house in front of the main gate.

It’ll only take two to three minutes of walking to reach that place.

「Okay, let’s go」

We’re heading out, then…

「Uhm, Nii-san, I’m coming too」

Huh, Luna?

「No, but…」

To bring Luna, a 12-year-old in a conversation with an adult businessman.

「Kouzuki-san mentioned earlier to use all the powers you have…」


「He shouldn’t know that I have the Miko power」

Yomi showed off her Miko power to the Yakuza during her time in the Takakura shrine.

Tsukiko and Luna hid the fact that they have it.

Tsukiko’s already an adult and she has that mysterious aura and so the enemy will be cautious.

However, Luna only looks like a bashful and cute girl.

「Either way, Tsukiko-oneesama, and Yomi-oneesama aren’t present」

Tsukiko is with Nei in the old training building for Kouzuki SS.

Yomi’s looking after the mental state of the Kurama sisters.

「I would like to go too, but…」

Koyomi-chan looked at me and said.

「Koyomi-chan can’t go. It’s my job」

Luna said.

「Koyomi-chan, you haven’t created a relationship of trust with Nii-san yet, have you?」

I haven’t had sex with Koyomi-chan yet.

「Yeah, come with us Luna」

I said while Koyomi-chan’s still perplexed.

We don’t have time.

「Now, let’s go」

Misuzu urges us.

◇ ◇ ◇

Outside the private area, maids of Kouzuki house and female bodyguards of Kouzuki SS are waiting for us.

Oh, if I recall, her name’s Taki-san. She’s escorted us before.

Shou-neechan should be watching our status from another room.

Jii-chan should be watching too.

「Please wait here」

Taki-san stops us on the corner of the corridor.

Then, a small monitor shows a camera feed ahead of the passageway.


「This way」

The monitor shows a maid taking four men into a room.

There’s two around in their 20’s and 30’s. One passed his 40’s. And the other looks like someone who is 60 years old.

「Please wait in this room」

The maid tells the men inside the drawing-room.

「Does this mean that Kouzuk-san is present?」

The arrogant looking young man with a swept-back hair said

「I don’t know, but if you’ll excuse me…」

The maid bows her head and exits the room.

She left the door open.

「Tsk, can’t help it」

The man said.

「Let’s go」

Misuzu tells us.

Misuzu, me Nagisa, Michi, Torii-san, Luna formed a line in that order.

Then, we turned the corner of the corridor and head to the room where the men are in.

「Excuse me」

Misuzu enters the room first.

A high school sophomore girl and a high school freshman boy, a twenty-one-year-old beauty and a petite third-year middle school girl, plus a high school freshman girl and a sixth-grade girl.

The men are startled.

「I’m Kouzuki Misuzu. Grandfather is busy right now and so I came to answer your visit. Mariko-san, close the door」

Misuzu speaks to the men in her ‘young lady mode’

「Ah, yes」

Torii-san closed the door and locked it

「Huh?! Isn’t Torii-san a young lady too?!」

The bossy man with a swept-back hair, perhaps, Kenmochi Yuugo, noticed Torii-san.

Torii-san looked at me.

I can allow this much.

I nodded and allowed her to talk.

「Yes. I’ve been lodging here since yesterday. I thought that I should give Kenmochi-sama a greeting and so I came with Misuzu-sama」

Torii-san says with a customer service smile.

「Huh? What’s going on?! Then does that mean that the young lady of Torii electronics is also kidnapped in this house?」

Kenmochi Yuugo’s spits out his first charge.

「Oh, I see, I get it. I should’ve called the chairman Torii as well. Chairman Torii must be worried? Kidnapping his precious young lady like this」

Kenmochi glared at us.

「Oh well, we’re going to take you back from the Kouzuki house too」

I knew it, he wants to take back the Kurama sisters, his fiance from our confinement.

I wonder how far did Kenmochi talk to the Kurama house?

He seems to misunderstand that we also captured Torii-san together with the Kurama sisters.

「Oh, you must be joking? I was invited to the party yesterday and I stayed here for the night. Yesterday and today are both holidays and so we don’t have school」

Torii-san smiles.

「Does Chairman Torii know?」

Kenmochi is suddenly displeased.

「Yes, I contacted Grandfather and Father」

Torii-san replies with a natural smile.

「However, I heard that Torii house isn’t that close to Kouzuki house」

He looks at Torii-san, trying to feel around.

Kenmochi’s trying to develop the story into the plot he imagined.

「And that’s the reason. There’s hardly a chance to become familiar with Kouzuki Misuzu-sama. I am not letting go of the chance to deepen my friendship with the Kouzuki house」

That answer is very much like her.

With that, the first charge is shot down.

Kenmochi and his group came here to recapture the Kurama sisters, but…

He probably didn’t expect to meet Jii-chan himself, but…

He intends to face the adults of the Kouzuki house, pressing strongly that “you’ve imprisoned the Kurama sisters here, haven’t you? Bring her to us”


If Torii-san stayed here as a guest after yesterday’s party, then Kurama sisters are no exception.

The claim that Kouzuki house is confining the Kurama sisters becomes unlikely.

The possibility that the sisters willingly stayed over the Kouzuki mansion since they attend the same school as the young lady of Kouzuki house becomes higher.

「Hmm. Oh well. So, who are these people?」

Oh, he thinks that we’re just women and children. He’s looking down on us.

「What about you?! Did your mother teach you to name yourself when visiting someone else’s home?」

Nagisa says with a smile.

「Huh!? What’s with you?!」

Kenmochi glared at Nagisa.

「I’m Katagai Nagisa. Shige-chan asked me to come, telling me that some rude people have come and so make sure that they don’t bite Misuzu-chan」

Nagisa smiles.

It’s a soft smile but it’s scary.

As expected of someone who took the big shots of the political and business world as her patrons.

Her personality as the ace of the high-class brothel is in the air.


「My Grandfather」

Misuzu replies, now that assures Nagisa is a woman who is extremely close to the head of the Kouzuki house.

「So, I named myself, what about you?」

Nagisa smiles.

「Huh?! You already know it…」

「But, shouldn’t you still name yourself?! Did you graduate from elementary school?! If you can’t do something that simple, young children will laugh at you」

「Kenmochi! I’m Kenmochi Yuugo!」

Kenmochi glares at Nagisa in fury.

「I see. By the way, Kenmochi-san, can we sit now? Or do you want to talk while standing?」

The other party has four men.

Our side has one man and five women.

There are two long sofas with a table in the middle.

The other side has all four of them sitting down, but…

We’re still standing.

「Michi, prepare a spare chair」

「Yes, Ojou-sama」

Michi goes to the corner of the room and brings out two chairs

「Luna, sit here」


Michi and Luna sit on the spare chairs.

Normally, Michi can’t sit down on a chair as she’s a bodyguard.

But, she’s sitting down to ease the caution of the other party.

Standing in this situation is the same as declaring herself as a bodyguard.

Misuzu, Nagisa, Torii-san, and I sit down on the sofa.


Torii-san looks at me.

Yeah, she had to talk to Kenmochi Yuugo because it’s unexpected but…

Now she’s asking me if it’s okay to investigate.

I ordered her to not speak unless I give permission.

So I…


I nodded.

We’ll start with Torii-san as they’re acquainted.

Anyway, I need information about this Kenmochi Yuugo person.

「Speaking of which, Kenmochi-san, I’ve seen your blog, and you seem to be starting a political related business, am I correct?」

Torii-san speaks so suddenly.

「Y-Yeah, that’s true」

He probably wants to get down to business, and yet…

Since he’s asked about himself, he starts talking.

He’s quite a self-centered man.

「You know, there are a lot of problems with the local government and politicians, right? That’s why I’m thinking of starting a consulting business specialized in the diet members in the district」

「Oh, that’s interesting」

Torii-san speaks purposely.

「Yes, the district diet is filled with rural politicians, and they don’t know a lot about modern politics. Thus, I’m going to give them lectures so they can learn. Of course, it’ll cost them money. But, my company will create all the election campaign and put up the public commitments for the stupid politicians of the district」


This guy’s in mid-twenties, right?

Lectures? What is this guy talking about?

「No, you see, I first want to pin down the district politics. I’m going to start with the locals. I’ll get those who follow me become elected. Once I take control of the local assembly, I’m going to sprinkle my name and that’s when I’m going for the national diet」


「You know, when it comes to the national diet, you need a lot of money and popularity or you won’t win, right? I can make a new party but it would be hard to win. Therefore, I’m changing the immediate interests, I’m going to make a new one but, I’ll create a network of local districts first, people who’ll listen to what I say. I’m their consultant after all. Then, one day, suddenly, people from rural areas become a solid political party. A sudden boom. It’ll be a revolution. Revolution I mean! A revolution from the bottom of the local assembly to create a huge political party. Then, I’m going to make the mayors and governors, and lastly, I’ll take control of the national diet. It’s fresh, isn’t it? Please tell Chairman Torii about it. My political business will surely succeed! If you want to invest, now’s the time, we’ll definitely win」

Win what?

「But, isn’t it going to be hard to go for the local elections?! Each of the districts has their ties too」

Torii-san said.

「Besides, most of the locals lived in their place for so long that only the same locals know them, and so even if someone from up high in Tokyo gives them instructions, I don’t think they will move that smoothly」

「And that’s why I’m going to turn over all of the manners in the local. My company will have them learn politics in depth from consultants coming from American universities. They’re amazing with their know-how. If you make use of the media advertising industry, then we can use the latest style of voting system. I won’t talk about the details, but the strategy in the election campaign is using a mobile game. Then, when it comes to public commitment, we can use the big database of the Japanese citizens to find which words would pull them in. I don’t know much about the details but all we have to do is make the locals misunderstand that it’s amazing, and give them some good manifests and boom, we’re done. I can’t see how this fails」

Oh, this guy.

He’s an idiot.

Now I get why people stop them from approaching the Kouzuki house in parties.

「This world is only about victory or defeat. If you don’t win, then there’s no point. If you don’t win, you will only lose. That’s why I only have to think of winning」

So what?

Are your interests only about winning or losing?

He doesn’t really care about politics.

「However, we will have rules to keep no matter what. Rules, that means, law. No matter what happens, you have to protect the law. That’s how people are. That’s why, whatever the case may be, we first need to read the rule book. Then, we’re going to do everything that’s not written in the rules, as long as the law permits! Our style will be to poke in the blind spots!」

Kenmochi looked at us and laughed.

「We will never break the law, like the other family over here just because they have connections to powerful people of the nation. We’re upright people! Those who can’t follow the rules are the worst people. Oh well, I don’t know much about nobility, but I only think that those who can’t follow the laws of Japan should leave Japan」

So he intends to criticize Jii-chan’s power, Kouzuki house’s power.

「With that said, we’re here acting to protect the rules. And so, I brought these people with me」

He finally introduces the other three men.

「First is my lawyer, Moori-san. He’s a former judge and public prosecutor, and so he has various connections」

「I’m Moori, a lawyer. Pleased to meet you」

The man in his mid-forties wearing a suit greets us.

「Then, this one is our crisis safety measure adviser in our company, Yoshikawa-san. Yoshikawa-san had been in the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, a former police officer. Even now, he has a lot of acquaintances in the police」

「I’m Yoshikawa」

The man past his 60’s glares at us.

「And then, this one’s our net news site partner of our company, Kobayakawa-san. Well, when it comes to the Kouzuki house’s level, they’re in control of TV, radio, and newspapers, right? But it seems that they can’t do internet news at all」

The man in his mid-twenties laughed.

「I’m Kobayakawa from the “GALAPAGOS News flash!” I’m always looking for more materials every day! Gufufufu!」


「I see. A former public prosecutor working as a lawyer, a former police officer, and internet news man」

Nagisa laughs.

「And why did you bring such people with you?」

Nagisa asks. Kenmochi;

「Well, it just happened. They came here by chance, there’s no other intention」

The lawyer is declaring intent to sue if anything happens.

The former officer has influence inside the police.

The internet journalist is going to write some inconveniences for us.

「We are going to meet up with the Taniwa party after this. And so we have this group here. That’s why. It just happened」

Kenmochi says with a nasty tone.

「Well, the parliamentarian always comes to ask me for consultation. They may be the opposition party but they’re still a member of the diet, and not every politician are kind to the Kouzuki house」


「Oh, what is it? Are you trying to threaten us?」

「No way. I’m just talking normally. I wonder why would you think that I’m threatening you?

「Not really, I don’t see it as a threat. It’s just funny」

Nagisa laughs.

Then, he speaks to me.

「Dear, remember this. Just because someone is a judge or a public prosecutor doesn’t mean that they’re strong lawyers. They can’t turn the trial into their favor for that reason. Or should I say that the lawyers who were former public prosecutors are not trustworthy, most of them are useless people」

Nagisa said. The lawyer gets offended.

「That guy too, he’s a former officer in the police department but he’s just an ordinary policeman. The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department has control only in Tokyo, and the workers over there are just local government employees. Besides, I remember all the names of the top brass of the police for the past five years but I don’t remember the name, Yoshikawa. Therefore, I don’t know his post before his retirement age but I hardly think that he has any strong influence on the current post officers」

Nagisa speaks of the former police officer.

「A high-ranking retiree could become an adviser of his company, but don’t you think that it would be awkward for them to come with him?」


The former police officer fidgets.

Oh, he’s brought to the Kouzuki mansion without knowing where he’s taken along.

「As for the news site, what was the name again?」

Nagisa asks with a smile.

「GALAPAGOS News Flash!」

「I see, and your name is?」


He’s lost to Nagisa’s captivating charm.

「Kobayakawa what? Your given name is?」

「Toshiaki. Kobayakawa Toshiaki」

「I see. Toshiaki-san. Toshiaki-san, do you write your name on your articles?」

「No, I use my handle name」

「What is your handle name?」

「Uhm, it’s Cheshire NEMO」


「Well, it’s the Cheshire cat from the Alice in Wonderland, and the mobile suit Nemo, and I made it a new name」

「Are there other people writing on your site? What’s your other SNS?」

「Ah, I have twitter and Facebook」

「I knew it, that Chershire」

「It’s Cheshire NEMO!」

「Do you have other hidden accounts?」

「Err, I use Humpty Dumpty name on tweeter…」

「Is that all?」

「No, there’s another, Bartholomew」

「What’s that?」

「Bartholomew is the sound of the legs opening, ah, it’s hard to explain」

「That’s unfortunate」


Why is Nagisa asking that?

「Oh well. And so, Kenmochi-san, what is your business for today?」

Nagisa asks.

「No, wait a second, why is it that you’re the one talking?! Are you from the Kouzuki house?! If Sir Kouzuki doesn’t show up, then…」

Kenmochi looked at Misuzu.

However, Nagisa.

「Misuzu-chan, don’t entertain him. If you talk to him, it’ll only drop down your status」

She tells Misuzu to stay quiet.

「Misuzu-chan, your greeting earlier is enough when it comes to dealing with this person」

The young lady of nobility shouldn’t talk to these kinds of people.


「But, Nagisa, we don’t know the situation yet, do we?」

I said.

「Yes, that’s why you and I are dealing with him」

Nagisa smiled at me.

「Isn’t that Kuromori’s purpose?」

Oh right.

We can’t face people like him straightforwardly.

We should deal with him like the people on the other side.

「So, Kenmochi-san, what do you want to do?」

Nagisa asked. Kenmochi;

「Isn’t that obvious?!」

「What’s obvious?」

Nagisa asks back with a smile.

「I-I mean those who are in the mansion.」


「You already know it! I came here to take them back」

「I don’t know what you’re talking about」

「I’m telling you to return the daughters of Kurama!!!」

Kenmochi finally speaks his demands.

It seems that he wants to put pressure on us and have us voluntarily hand over the Kurama sisters to us.

I see.

Besides, it won’t be a threat.

This guy’s level is talking about protecting the rules.

「Oh, are those girls in here?!」

「Stop screwing with me! I heard it from the Kurama house! They said that their daughters haven’t returned since yesterday!」

「My, that’s awful. Did you check all the places you have in mind?」

Nagisa said with a smile.

「Hey, hey! I know it! The head of this family called Kurama house and said that he won’t return their daughters. If that’s the case, then the Kurama daughters are still here!」

「I’m sorry, I just came to the mansion earlier, I don’t know anything about it!」

That’s right, it hasn’t been thirty minutes since Nagisa came here.

「I haven’t even met Kurama-san’s daughters. I haven’t seen them」

「I don’t care if you saw them or not」

Kenmochi screams.

「Anyway, bring them in here! We’re taking them back! Hurry up!」


「Err, Kuromori-sama, may I?」

Torii-san asks for permission.


「Uhm, Kenmochi-san, what kind of qualifications do you have?」


「I mean, did the Kurama house ask you to do this?」

Oh, as expected of Torii-san. That’s a good question.

「If in case he asked you, do you have proof? Did they give you the power of attorney?」

「I don’t have those!!」

Kenmochi said.

「He only asked for advice. Director Kurama did. He asked me what to do, and so I came here to take them back」

「So he only asked for advice? Then can we assume that the Kurama house hasn’t given Kenmochi-san any formal request?」

Kurama house is also a member of the nobility.

They wouldn’t want to fight the Kouzuki house openly.

「I don’t have any formal request but I carry the will of Director Kurama!」

「Then, isn’t that a violation of the rules?」

Torii-san tilts her head.

「However, Sir Kenmochi is Kurama Misato-sama’s fiance. I think that is enough qualifications for him」

Kenmochi’s lawyer said.

「No, this is an interesting story. I’m getting excited」

Kobayashi took out his laptop.