Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 997. Noon Sunshine / Cheap



「 What’s wrong? 」

Kurama Misato-san’s fiance, Kenmochi Yuugo asks Kobayashi, the guy from a news site on the internet.

Kobayakawa’s looking at his laptop with a curious face.

「 No, you see 」

Kobayakawa takes out his phone this time.

「 There’s no reception? 」

「 What? 」

Kenmochi and lawyer Moori takes out their phones.

「 Oh, maybe this room doesn’t have good signal reception? 」

Nagisa smiles.

「 Can’t help it, it’s a problem with the building. Let’s change place to where there’s reception 」

Kenmochi sighed and looked at the closed door.

「 Wait, could it be that this room prevents phones from making contact outside? 」

「 It’s not like that, it just happened to be a spot where you can’t 」

Nagisa asserts.

That’s amazing, from hearing Misuzu and Shou-neechan’s conversation earlier…

I now understand what kind of room this B3 Drawing room.

「 The mansion I lived back then had rooms that dampen reception. If I recall, the rooms are used to prevent people from leaking information outside, but Kouzuki house doesn’t do that, right? 」

She looked at Misuzu with a smile.

Our mansion has rooms that block off reception.

Back when it was a brothel, it’s used to stop bad customers from taking photos of the prostitutes and other guests and upload it to the internet or their pc.

As soon as phones with cameras were on sale, Shirasaka Sousuke had them installed in a hurry.

Shirasaka Sousuke himself is a man with a face on the surface as a director of an advertising company, and so he doesn’t want any hidden photos, but…

The scoundrel thinks that all the customers other than himself also scoundrels like him.

If they get their hands on a phone with a camera, they will definitely take peeping photos and upload it over the internet.

Therefore, he is also careful with the prostitutes from taking photos, making the rooms where reception doesn’t reach.

Nagisa’s a former prostitute, and so she’s still cautious of it.

「 Hey. Can we change to a room where there’s the reception? 」

Kenmochi glares.

「 Oh, why? 」

Nagisa smiles.

「 I mean, if my office suddenly calls me, I can’t answer them 」

「 Oh, aren’t you in a visit with the Kouzuki house? Couldn’t you just call from outside the mansion once you’re done with our conversation? 」

「 B-But, it might be urgent 」

「 Then return at once. Are you aware that you visited without an appointment? You’re the one who forced your way in here and yet you say that, aren’t you being rude to the Kouzuki house? 」

Nagisa tells Kenmochi.

「 No, but, still, can’t we change to a room where there’s mobile reception? 」

The lawyer said.

「 I asked before already but why? State the reason clearly 」

Nagisa smiles.

「 Uhm, being enclosed in a room where I can’t contact outside makes me feel somewhat uneasy 」

「 Uneasy? You’re a lawyer and yet you speak some strange things. There are four men on your side. Our side only has one boy and everyone else are women. Furthermore, I may be past my 20s but these people are still children, see?

That’s right, we have more people, but…

The other side has;

「 You’re a company president, that one’s a lawyer, and the other one is a police alumnus, and the internet news guy, aren’t you all adult males? Meanwhile, all we have here are students. We even have one in elementary 」

Nagisa said with a smile.

「 We can say that we feel fear to be in the same room as you but I don’t think that you can do the same 」

That’s right. She’s right.

「 But, this is the Kouzuki mansion. I’ve seen various bodyguards until we reached this place 」

The lawyer speaks stubbornly.

「 So what? I think that it’s Kouzuki house’s decision where the visiting people should stay? I think it would be weird for you to say “I don’t like this room, let’s change to another one” 」

Nagisa said.

「 W-What do we do, Kenmochi-san? 」

Kobayakawa asks Kenmochi.

「 If this goes on, we can’t do any “Kouzuki house now” 」

「 That’s… 」

Nagisa smiles.

「 Oh, you intend to upload the conversation inside the Kouzuki house to the internet? Or maybe, you’re using a microphone to record the conversation and stream it? 」

Oh, they’re trying to make someone from the Kouzuki house admit that they’re imprisoning the Kurama sisters in whatever method.

They intend to take back the Kurama sisters by threatening us to release the remarks we just gave.

Or maybe, they intend to use a controversial statement for their Anti-Kouzuki house campaign.

「 Hmph, so they have a defense plan against the internet era 」

Kenmochi glares at Nagisa disgusted.

「 Wrong. Didn’t I mention earlier? This room only has poor reception~ Ufufu 」

Kouzuki house will not publicly announce that they’re in a room where reception is isolated.

「 Tsk, dammit, then let’s go with my plan. Oh right. Let me go to the toilet 」

Kenmochi said.

「 Oh? So now you intend to call your office from the toilet and talk about what’s the next plan? 」

Nagisa said.

「 What? You can’t act by yourself without asking your staff? 」

Oh, as expected, he wants to release the conversation through the phone.

His office has a team that can look at the contradictions and the other side of what we tell them.

These four specialists are fakes and in truth, they have more people in standby.

「 Anyway, I’m going to the toilet! I can’t help it! I need to piss now 」

Kenmochi shouted.

「 The toilet is over there 」

Michi points at the wall behind Kenmochi.

「 It’s the restroom for this drawing-room 」

Yeah, there sure is a door that stands out.

「 Do your business over there and hurry up 」

Nagisa tells Kenmochi with a smile.

「 N-No 」

「 What’s wrong, you’ll leak if you don’t hurry 」

「 It’s not coming out anymore. My bladder closed 」

If the toilet is in the drawing-room that blocks off reception, then the restroom also blocks reception.

It would be impossible for them to make contact with their phone from the restroom.

「 You people are quite interesting 」

Yoshikawa, the former police officer speaks after a long silence.

「 However, this isn’t good conduct. The wall over there, that ceiling, and that one, those are hidden cameras. 」

He points at the surveillance cameras in the drawing room

「 Perhaps, there should be some hidden microphones as well 」

「 What?! You bastards are recording us without our permission? 」

Kenmochi shouts.

「 Well, that’s indeed unfair. What’s this? Does the Kouzuki house always take secret photos of their guests without their permission?! 」

「 Wow! That’s an outrageous family 」

Kobayakawa stirs up.

「 Hey, if you’re recording then stop it right now! This is an infringement of privacy! What the hell is this place?! What a horrible family! 」

Kenmochi shouts loudly.


「 Sure, this room has some cameras and microphones, and everything that’s happening here is recorded, but… 」

Michi’s aid.

「 Oh! You admitted it! You admitted using wiretaps and hidden cameras! Hey! Kobayakawa! Be sure to write that down! I’m going to write on my blog saying that Kouzuki house received us outrageously 」

Kenmochi heats up.

「 So, what crime is it? 」

Michi speaks calmly.

「 Isn’t it a crime to take secret photos and wiretap the guests who came to search?! Huh?! Do you not get it? 」

「 Then, what criminal law is it? 」

「 What? 」

「 Don’t ask me. I’m the one asking 」

Michi looks at Kenmochi with cold eyes.

「 Huh?! Y-Yoshikawa-san, tell this brat what it is! 」

Kenmochi brings the subject to Yoshikawa.


「 Well, that’s… 」

Yoshikawa hesitates.

「 There’s no crime if one has cameras and microphones installed in their private home. It’s the owner’s freedom to install whatever device they want in their rooms 」

Michi said.

「 However, that camera’s filming us secretly, hasn’t it? They took records of my face without my knowledge! Isn’t it a crime to take photos of me without my permission?! 」

「 If you’re going with that logic, then you should sue all the supermarkets, convenience stores, and banks 」

Kenmochi gets offended.

「 But I’m Kenmochi Yuugo! What about my right of publicity?! 」

「 It would be hard to claim your right of publicity if the video isn’t used to make a profit. If one’s a celebrity whose face is known to many people, security cameras can capture their face when they visit a business facility, and if you make a claim that “I have my right of publicity, and so don’t show me on security cameras,” then it would be difficult 」

「 Is she telling the truth? 」

Kenmochi asks Moori, the lawyer.

「 Yes, I don’t think that we can make a claim in this case 」

The lawyer accepts Michi’s claim.

「 If that’s the case, why is Yoshikawa saying that it’s a problem? 」

Kenmochi looks at the former policeman.

「 That’s because police often use it 」

Nagisa smiles.

「 You talk about something that isn’t an illegal act and says that “it’s a problem” to shake the other party, don’t you? 」

「 Ugh 」

Yoshikawa is speechless.

「 Earlier, he said, “It’s unfair.” That means the fact that your phones can’t contact outside, and we’re recording videos of you is unfair, but it’s not illegal 」

「 Oh, he said that on purpose to scare us off! 」

Torii-san is impressed.

「 I see. He purposely used hidden cameras and wiretap to make it sound like it’s an illegal act 」

「 That’s right. You should remember that. It’s a method often used by government people. “This is bad,” or “Oh, you see…” or “Oh man,” but they won’t speak of certainty. They’re only creating a mood to coerce you 」

「 That’s informative! 」

Nagisa said. Torii-san nods.

「 Nono, wait, I just noticed it now, cameras might be okay but what about wiretap?! Isn’t that illegal? 」

Kenmochi asks again.

「 Oh? Are you sure you want to ask that? 」

Nagisa laughs.

「 Aren’t your lawyer and your newsman using a voice recorder in their pocket, recording the whole conversation? 」

「 Ngangu! 」


「 It’s common sense in the modern era. When having a serious talk with someone, you need to have a record of the conversation. Even phones can be used as a sound recorder 」

「 You’re also recording and yet you complain about our methods? Isn’t that what we call unfair? 」

Nagisa said.

「 B-B-B-B-B-B-B-But! I-I’m a guest! I’m Kouzuki house’s guest! W-What do you think of the guests of the Kouzuki house! T-T-T-T-T-This is rude! 」

Kenmochi shouts.

「 Oh, were you a guest? 」

「 What did you say? 」

「 If that’s the case, act like one. We only see you as dangerous people who came here to find fault with the Kouzuki house. Therefore, Kouzuki house had no choice but to be cautious 」

That’s right, they act so impolitely, they’re no guests.

It’s outrageous to hear them say that we’re the rude ones here.

「 People from Kouzuki SS are watching the state of affairs in this room. Isn’t that obvious? It’s highly likely that you’ll try to harm us. That’s just the minimum defense plan, and you have no right to start complaining about us 」

Nagisa said. Kenmochi;

「 Bitch, do you not know that I’m Kenmochi Yuugo!? 」

「 Yes, didn’t you name yourself earlier? 」

「 I’m going to make you regret looking down on me, remember it 」

「 I’ll forget you. I don’t even want to recall your name 」

「 You bastard! I’m going to beat you up 」

At that moment, Moori stopped Kenmochi.

「 Kenmochi-san, don’t say anything further! 」

「 What!? This woman’s… 」

「 It’s not just the bodyguards who watch the video! 」

「 Huh?! 」

「 I’m sure that some people in charge of Kouzuki house’s judiciary affairs are watching too 」

Kenmochi suddenly realized.

「 Hmm, that was some heat up but it’s great that you lack in vocabulary. If you spoke something else, they can use that as for legal action against threat 」

Nagisa smiles regretfully.

「 Huh? 」

「 It is as he says. Or should I say that what you said earlier is already out, if we sue you, it’ll become dangerous for you? Uhm, think about the story of Kenmochi-san, a business manager, a man with social status, and what he does to a weak woman 」

The lawyer said.

「 What are you talking about?! This woman is from the Kouzuki house, right?! If that’s the case, her social status should be higher 」

「 She named herself as Katagai Nagisa-san 」

Nagisa smiles.

「 Yes, I’m close to Shige-chan but I’m just an ordinary mother working an ordinary job. I’m not someone from the Kouzuki house. Compared to you, I’m quite socially weak, am I not? 」

Kenmochi’s family is an enterprise, and he has various companies managed in his hands.

「 I wonder what will happen if an ordinary mother receives threats such as “I’m going to make sure you regret it,” “I’m going to crush you.”? 」

Nagisa wins the first round.

「 Dammit 」

「 Kenmochi-san, I’ll do the negotiations, could you please quiet down for a bit? 」

Moori, the lawyer tells Kenmochi.

「 Yeah, I’m leaving this to you! 」

Then, he looked at Kobayakaaw, the news reporter.

「 Hey, write everything that happened just now 」

「 Ah, yes 」

Kobayakawa prepares to open his laptop.

For now, he’s going to write everything that happened and the whole duration of the negotiations.

It’s all to upload his news on his website.

「 Well, our conversation’s been derailed, I apologize 」

Moori apologizes first.

「 Not at all. That was fun. So, shall we get down to business? 」

Nagisa carries on.

「 I would like to talk with someone from the Kouzuki house, not you 」

「 And on those grounds, Shige-chan requested me to deal with you people. Besides, Misuzu-chan is still in high school, even if she talks, her words won’t be the decision of the Kouzuki house 」

Nagisa said.

「 Uhm, if there are cameras, that means that sir Kouzuki is also watching, isn’t he? 」

Morii investigates.

「 That’s our of my knowledge 」

Nagisa smiles.

「 Then, I will speak with the assumption that sir Kozuki is watching 」

「 That’s your choice, but I don’t know if he’s watching or not. Please understand that 」

No, it’s Jii-chan, I’m sure that he’s watching.

But, let’s play dumb here.

Also, if there are any problems later, Jii-chan can just retort that he doesn’t know anything about it.

「 I’ll get straight to the point, we would like to retrieve Kurama Misato-sama and Arisu-sama 」

「 Oh, but why? 」

Nagisa smiles.

「 We know that they’re imprisoned in this mansion 」

「 Really? Where did you hear that from? 」

「 We heard it from the Kurama house 」

「 Then, did the Kurama house ask you people to take them? 」

「 Yes, that’s right 」

The lawyer said.

「 I see. Then, show us the authorization letter 」

「 Authorization letter? 」

「 I mean, you people aren’t from the Kurama house, are you? 」

「 Kenmochi Yuugo-san is Kurama Misato-san’s fiance 」

「 So what? 」

「 He’s her fiance, and so, he has rights to take her 」

「 But, it’s just engagement, isn’t it? They’re not married yet 」

「 However, engaged couples have a special relationship 」

「 You can’t use that. If you’re going to use that, then come back with an authorization letter from the Kurama house 」

Nagisa retorts.


「 That’s a cheap answer 」

Moori smiles.

「 I’m a lawyer, do you think that you can make such cheap answers against me? 」