Power of Creation -1st Person PoV


Just letting people know that Power of Creation – my first completed series, is being re-released on scribblehub.

As I do that, it’s being edited and altered in various ways. Namely, it’s being retooled as a first person novel. The girl’s names have been changed to none-princess names. Various other parts of the story are also being tweaked. Basically, it’s making changes and smoothing out all of the “mistakes” made, giving it a broader appeal for everyone who couldn’t deal with the original’s various oddities.

I’ll probably decrease the 4th wall breaks, decrease the insane humor, add more sex… and essentially create the generic isekai that some of you wanted. I’m doing this mostly as a way to get use out of the $1000s I’ve spent making images. It’s already doing well on scribble hub, it might require me rewriting the entire ending, well, we’ll see when we get there.

If PoC was something you wanted to try but couldn’t get passed the niche requirements, this version might just do it for you.