Power of Creation – Halloween Special

Trigger Warning: The following is a non-canon special just like the other ones. It may contain disturbing imagery that *gasp* you may not be able to jack off to. 

“So, what exactly is the point of this holiday? Hero-san seemed very excited about it.” Aurora asks as she looks at the table full of pails of candy set in front of the mansion.

Numerous kids in masks are running up iand pulling out candy before running off giggling.

“This is called Halloween, or All Hallow’s Eve. In essence, kids dress as monsters and go around the neighborhood. They demand a trick or a treat. Should the neighbor fail to provide a treat, then you perform a trick.”

“Hm? What kind of trick?”

“Well, Darling has been going door to door saying Trick or Treat as a test, and if they fail to give him candy, he bangs their wife. The trick is called NTR, he says.”

“Oh? How has that been going?”

“Slow. I told Darling if he had just informed the people about Halloween first, more of them would have been able to provide candy to avoid being tricked. He says they need to learn the hard way. It’s for the children… you understand…”

“The hard way?”

“The hard way is his penis, in their woman.”

You finally walk up whistling. You’re wearing a ghost outfit, except there is two holes in it. One is for your head. You can guess what the other one is for.

“Riun’s not too large, I’ve finished visiting all the nearby houses and spreading the Halloween spirit, if you know what I mean. Man, it’s tough.”

“Yeah, I bet.” Grimhilde rolls her eyes.

“Hey, not every house has a horny woman, you know? The last house only had a grandma. She took a while to get her motor revving, but holy crap once she was going she was like a monster. I had to restart her heart twice before she was done with me.”

“Are there any grandma’s left in this town?” Nala asks.

“No, Rookie here turned them all into attractive women.” Kida explains. “Riun is known as the sexiest city in the world at the moment. I’ve been having to deal lately with a lot of dark and dangerous men who have been coming to town to indulge. A few women have gone missing lately and we’re afraid a serial killer might have come to town.”

A thunder bolt suddenly choses this moment to crack in the dark sky.

“Nothing ominous about that. It looks like it might start raining soon. Let’s all head back.” You suggest.

“Did master really bang half the women in the city?” Mulan asks as the group walk back into the mansion.

“Of course!” You puff your chest proudly. “I mean, most of the girls in Riun love me. They’ve been waiting for me to fuck them! Although, you should have seen the guys faces when I bent their women over and started plowing them right in front of them!”

“Wo-won’t that start some kind of backlash?” Nala asks nervously. “Like a man who was NTR’d seeking vengeance on you?”

You open the door and walk into the house with the harem in tow. You’re already shaking your head at Nala’s ridiculous assertion.

“Whaaaat?” You ask, “That’s crazy talk. Who could ever get revenge on me? I’m practically a-“

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!” A blood-curdling scream sounds through the house.

The group of you all run in the direction of the room the scream originated from. When you finally open the door, you let out a cry. Hanging from the rafters with a rope around her neck is none other that Maleficant.

“Oh my god! Sh-sh-she’s dead!” Nala cries out.

“Our sister!” Ursula cries, cutting down Maleficant with a spell and catching her.

However, nothing she does can revive the former loli demon lord. She has already long passed.

“Who could have done such a thing?” Medusa demands.

“Whoever screamed… they had to be the one who did this.” Grimhilde says suspiciously.

“What does that mean?” Ursula asks nervously.

“Only this… when we arrived, there was no one in the room. Yet, some one screamed.”

“Right, Maleficant…” Medusa starts, but then stops.

“She screamed and then hung herself? She certainly didn’t scream while she hung herself.” Grimhilde explains, “Which means, the person who did this wasn’t outside with us earlier! Did everyone pay attention to who was in the group. My love?”

“There is 26 of you at the mansion right now, I barely pay attention to who I have my dick in at any given moment. Oh, it’s Tiana. My dick is in Tiana now.”

“Ahhhn… c-c-commoner, can we not do this right on top of Maleficant’s corpse, even this is a little too dark.”

You pull out and let Tiana sit back up and pull down her skirt. “The point being, why are you suggesting it’s one of us? Isn’t there a serial killer around? And what about all those men I NTR’d earlier. Any one of them could have come in here and murdered Maleficant.”

“Did you just say that would never happen!” Nala whines.

“Well, I considered that too…” Grimhilde thought for a second. “But then I realized that Maleficant would have made some kind of alarm had she seen someone she didn’t recognize. Plus, I put a spell over this whole place that would have triggered if someone else had entered the mansion. In a nutshell, only one of us could have done it.

“W-w-wait! Guys, if there is 25 of us girls now that Maleficant is dead, why do I only count 24?”

“Who is missing?” You ask worriedly.

“Eh? Belle said she was going to take a shower!” Ariel cries out.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Another scream.

The group all run out of the room, finding their way quickly to Belle’s room. When they get there, Belle is in the shower, but it looks like she had slipped and broken her neck. It was twisted in a way it shouldn’t be.

“I-it could be an accident?” Nala suggests.

Suddenly, it thunders, and as the lightning flashes, the foggy window can be seen displaying previously unnoticeable words, ‘Not an Accident’.

“Wh-who could do something like this?” Ariel cries out.

“I don’t know… but I know we only have one option now.” You lower your eyes.

“Stay together, watch each other, remain in one room and lock all the exits? Form a buddy system?”

“What? No? Split up! Methodically search the entire mansion in small easily killable groups.” You laugh. “Also… we’re doing it in the dark.”

“Really? That’s the stupides-“

Sometime later, that’s how you find yourself walking through the dark mansion, your group consisting of Ariel, Nala, and Grimhilde.

“I can’t believe you did this.” Grimhilde growled. “You actually sent all the girls out alone.”

“I’m trying to cause the killer to reveal their hand. After all, I can just bring you all back after you die.”

“That’s not very reassuring!” Grimhilde cries.

“Well, when I reset time, it’s not like you’ll remember this anyway.”


“Look, it’s a fine idea. Just ask Tiana standing over there.” You point down the hall where Tiana is standing.

“Isn’t she standing a bit stiff?” Ariel asks.

“Is that broom stick? Where is it shoved up – oh my gods!”

“Yup, Tiana’s dead.” You sigh.

“Well who else was in her team?” Nala asks.

“Mulan, Mushu, and Jasmine.”

“You sent Jasmine out alone with them?”

“Ah, well… I left her with two dragons.“

“Ahhhhh!” Thump!

As you approach the Tiana hat stand, someone suddenly falls splat. You see their figure fall down from the window. You open the window and glance outside. Mulan is on the ground as a giant puddle of red forms under her. A second later, a person swoops down and lands next to her.

“No… sister!” Mushu cries.

“What happened? She has wings, why didn’t she use them!” Grimhilde asks.

“I don’t know… I… I… I can’t do this anymore! My sister is dead! I can’t live anymore!” Mushu turns hysterical.

“Mushu, stop!” You cry, but it’s too late.

She pulls a magic spell and strikes her own head. Her head erupts into a fountain of blood, the headless body collapsing down on top of Mulan, ironically smothering her with its giant boobs.

“No… no… we’re all going to die! I can’t take it anymore! I can’t… ahhhhh!” Nala turns, losing all her wits as she flees down the hall into the darkness.

“Well, she dead.” You shrug helplessly. “Let’s move on.”

You end up approaching the red room, opening the door. Immediately, you wince and turn away.

“Ahhhh!” Even Ariel can’t take the sight, turning away in disgust.

The room ended up finding eight victims. All four of the maids, Kida, Tiana, Megara, and Rapunzel had all found their ways into this room. The once sexy racks had been used for torture. One woman was strapped to a sybian which was still vrooming inside of her even though she was dead. Other women were strapped to racks where they had been whipped and tortured. The maids who could feel it four times over perhaps had the worst time before death finally took them. Sylvia in particularly had clearly been beaten with a bat-sized dildo, which was shoved down her throat before she died. It was still there as she stare lifelessly in wide-eyed disbelief, the end of a giant dick bat sticking out her mouth. You close the door, holding back the vomit.

“Uh… I’m starting to agree with you, maybe this wasn’t such a great idea.” You sigh.

“Let’s all just… wait… where is Ariel?” Grimhilde looks around.

“Huh? No! Not Ariel! Everyone likes her!”

“Damn… I remember her saying she needed to pee, I thought she was just complaining, I didn’t think she would actually take off!”

“To the bathroom!”

The pair of you race over there. As soon as you open the door, you take a step back at the spark of electricity. The floor is completely wet, and someone had dropped a live wire on it. While still on the toilet, Ariel had been electrocuted. He hair stood on end as she was shocked to death. She wasn’t the only one to find her end in this room. Moana was also there, her olive skinned bubble butt popping just out of the water, but the rest of her submerged. Had there not been surges of electricity, you might not have even seen her in the dark room. She might have been drowned earlier, and Ariel hadn’t seen her while she was peeing, only to be killed by electricity.

Movement suddenly causes you to spin around. You see a form run just out of sight. You immediately chase after it. Grimhilde gives a cry as she tries to chase after you.

The person you are chasing is agile, and you have to run down three hallways before you finally catch up and tackle them. Immediately, a palm strikes you and you get scratched. You look down at the person doing it.


“Ah! Please, don’t kill me! Gah!”

“Elena? It’s me!”

“Ah! Eh. Eh?” Elena finally focuses on you. “Sweetheart?”

“What’s going on?” You demand.

“Someone picked off my team one by one! Snow White… Aurora… then Merida…. I’m all that’s left!” After that, her eyes widen. “What about your team?”

“Ah, well Grimhilde…” You look back, realizing Grimhilde didn’t keep up with you. “Damn it! We got split up!”

“Oh… wait, there they are!” Elena points down the hall and you stand up and look.

In fact, it is Grimhilde, but she has Nala in her arms. Nala was hurt? You start running towards them.

“Wait, stop!” Elena cries.

You stop short, just as your sight focuses enough. Blood is leaking out of Grimhilde’s mouth. A moment later she collapses with the unconscious Nala in her arms. There is a knife in her back. However, more telling than that, there is a person standing behind her. That person is in a black cloak, their features unable to be determined.

“You! You did this!” You cry out. “What do you want?”

The masked figure points at you with the bloody knife in its hand.

“They clearly want you, sweetheart!” Elena runs in front of you. “Go! I’ll hold them off! Escape, my love!”

“Wait, what?”

“Go, I’ll hold them back!” Elena cries, darting at the murderer.

You shrug and run, abandoning your pussy. Kicking open a door, you walk in. Fortunately, this room doesn’t have any dead bodies in it. Was there anyone still alive? This couldn’t be the doing of Ursula and Medusa, could it? They wouldn’t kill their own sisters, would they?

As you sit in the bed, trying to think of who is left, suddenly, vines spring from the sides unseen and wrap around your arms and legs. Despite your best efforts, you are restrained against the bed, unable to escape.

“Damn it!” You scream.

The door opens with a long-winded whine… and the dark cloaked person steps in.

“Who are you! Why did you do this? Why did you kill everyone?”

“For… you…” A voice comes out.

The person lifts up their hands and pulls up the hood. A moment later, the entire cloak falls off of them, and they’re standing there completely naked.

“You? It’s you? It can’t be! It can’t be!

“It is!” The girl laughs, climbing onto the bed. “It’s me… savior.”

“Jasmine! You killed everyone? Even your sister?”

“I just knocked Elena out. But everyone else. Everyone else was an obstacle between you and me.”


“Of course, there was Maleficant, she had a loli’s body but she was no loli. She was counterfeit loli! How could I ever get you to finally sleep with me while she was still around. Naturally, Maleficant had to go! Of course, that loli police Moana has been a constant thorn in the side of our love. Those dragon sisters keep giving flat chests a bad name! That pervert who kept fucking my vegetables had to go! Once I killed a few it became much easier and soon I realized that if everyone was gone, there would be nothing in the way. If it was just the two of us, our consummation would be assured!”

“You… you killed everyone!”

“Yes… and now I’ll do something really scary! Force you to have sex with a minor!”

“Nooooo! That’s jail time!”

“Hahaha! Too late!” Jasmine, with her catlike reflexes, jumps on top of you.

In a single motion, she squats down, lining your dick with her small little pussy.

“Jasmine! I can forgive you for all the murder, but lolita sex will get us censored!”

“It’s time I show you my trick!” She cries out while ignoring you, lowering herself down onto it.

Immediately, you plunge deep inside her. Jasmine doesn’t waste a second, and starts bouncing up and down on your cock. You cry and twist, but for some reason the vines won’t release you. Just where did she get such a powerful spell?

“Trick or treat!” She cries out as she rides you roughly. “Trick or treat!”

“St-stop, Jasmine!”

“Trick or treat, trick or treat, trick or treat, trick or treat!” She cries out as she bobs up and down on your cock.

You gasp, your eyes opening.

“Trick or Treat, Trick or Treat!” Jamine cries out, jumping up and down on your crotch in a very unchildlike way. “Let’s go trick or treating! I want candy!”

She’s completely dressed in what looks like a Grimhilde costume, complete with a spade tail. Of course, you are both fully closed and there is no intimacy between you. She is bouncing up on top of your like a petulant child.

You moan, scratching your eyes. “What time is it?”

“It’s 9 pm! That’s when you said you’d take us trick or treating! Candy! Candy!”

“Of course, I’ll be monitoring closely.” Moana steps in to the room from nearby. “This holiday sounds like a loli trap. A criminal like you better not think of taking advantage of any young women.”

“Only loli-pervert could devise such a nefarious holiday.” Maleficant sniffs, even though she is also dressed up and excitedly holding a bag of candy.

“If that’s how you feel, you don’t have to go…” You mutter.

“I want to go! I want to go! I said it twice!” Maleficant cries desperately.

“And what are you dressed as? A slut?” Grimhilde asks.

“Hey! It’s a sexy nurse! A sexy nurse! Don’t you know a sexy nurse when you see one?” She’s says, holding up an oversized syringe.

You scratch you head, the weird dream you had remaining a bit fuzzy. However, everyone you love is around you, including Ariel, Aurora, and the rest. You smile happily as you take Jasmine off of you and get up. It was all a dream, after all. How nice.

Cinderella knocks on the door. “Darling, a large group of men are outside the mansion with pickforks and torches. They said you barged in their houses earlier and banged all their wives and daughters while saying ‘You just got tricked!”’. The NTR’d men have formed an angry mob.”

“Oh, then I guess just some of that was a dream then.” You sigh, scratching your head. “Then I just want you to pass something on to them.

“What’s that, darling?”

“Happy Halloween!”