Power of Creation – Thanksgiving Special

Sorry, I didn’t get this out yesterday, but… thanksgiving. Here you go!

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“I still do not understand what we are all doing here.” Wendy asks with a frown.

Pocahontas pats Wendy on the shoulder. “Every once in a while, Benefactor likes to show us some of the customs and holidays from his world. He thought now would be a good time to reconcile all of the groups together.”

“Hmph… I don’t see why dragons must dine with goblins!” Mulan sniffs.

“Hero says in his old world, there was a holiday that occurred around this time of year.” Cinderella explains. “It is called, Thanksgiving.”

In truth, everyone was being brought together. The goblins, the dark elves, the dragons, the demons and the higher ups of Riun. Everyone who had sworn allegiance to you were now gathering at this location where a long table was set and food was being prepared by hundreds of cooks.

“Wh-what is thanksgiving, anyway?” Ursula gulps, looking over all the food being laid out on a table long enough to sit nearly five hundred people.

“It’s a day where we eat until we’re stuffed!” Merida shouts excitedly, drool coming down her chin.

“Eating a feast is only part of this day.” Cinderella nods. “But yes, there are many traditional foods such as Turkey and stuffing.”

“Y-yum!” Ursula tries to take something, but Maleficant slaps her hand.

“We must give thanks first! Right? Right?”

Cinderella nods. “Yes, this day is all about being appreciative for what we have, but also about bringing people together. The story of thanksgiving happened a long time ago in Darling’s world. As the story goes, a group of foreign men encroached on the land of natives. However, they were stupid and ill-suited surviving in the new environment. The natives watched on as many of them starved.”

“That sounds like an awful story!” Elena cries out.

“I kind of like it!” Snow White grins.

“Well, it doesn’t have a sad ending. As the story goes, the natives took pity on the foreign men who had white skin, and eventually helped them to live off the land. You give a man a fish, and eats for a day, you teach a man how to fish, and he eats for a lifetime…”

“I thought men formed harems so they could eat fish for a lifetime…” Ariel ponders.

“Ah… different kind of fish, dear.” Aurora pats her on the head.

“Anyway, after the white men began to fend for themselves, they through a feast in appreciation and thankfulness to the natives. It was a true coming together even where regardless of station, everyone could come together and appreciate what they had. It’s a day, once a year, when we can put aside our petty differences and come together to enjoy good food and good company.”

“Ah… that’s kind of sweet.” Ariel smiles.

“Well then, don’t wait, let’s dig in!” You walk up to the girls and wink.

Every sits down at the table. Goblins are next to dragons. Dark elfs are next to sex dolls. Riun citizens are next to demons. It is truly an event that brings people together. You magic of course ensures the food is perfectly prepared and caters to all the tastes. Everyone eats on excitedly, enjoying the meal.

Naturally, Merida and Ursula seem to eat the most, the pair almost seeming to have come to competition on who could clear the most plates. In the end, they both lose, collapsed with bloated tummies. Maleficant immediately tries to B-line for the desert table, but you force her to take some vegetables. She does so begrudgingly, but after calling Moana as backup, she finally allowed you to scoop some greenbeans on her plate.

Soon, with food and alcohol, the group grows more and more boisterous. People start hanging out and dancing and it is quite a merry time.

“Is that the end of the story?” Kida finally asks. “Does it end with the white man invader and the natives coming together in unity for all time?”

“Ah…” Cinderella looks down. “As to that…”

“Actually, thanksgiving has always been about reenacting that original act, where the white men and the natives made peace.” You speak up, bailing Cinderella out. “That is to say that in order to properly celebrate Thanksgiving, we should celebrate it correctly. As it were, I myself am a white man, and you all are natives to this world. In a way, my coming here was much like the coming of the pilgrims, and all of you helping me fit in this world is like the work of the Native Americans. So, on that note, I’ve decided to end this thanksgiving meal the same way as it went down historically.”

“Eh?” Cinderella looks up in surprise.

Grimhilde gives a frown. “M-my love, just how did the relations between the white man and the natives end?”

“Ah… the white man fucked them… they fucked them so hard. They raped the natives out of home and land.”

“Ah! Oooh….” The girl’s eyes flash as realization sets in.

You rip off your pants, “I honor my traditions! Happy Thanksgiving!”

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