Power of Creation Volume 1 Announcement

Hey Fans!

I debated whether this was worth a pre-release announcement or not, but I finally decided it couldn’t hurt to let you guys know now. By the end of this month, I will be releasing the pdf/epub for Volume 1 of PoC! The PDF/ePub is free for all Patreon supporters. However, if you’re “against” patreon, you can pay $5 to download this file digitally. I’ll be opening up a storefront to sell my novel shortly, but I haven’t settled on where yet.

I know what you’re thinking. So, what? I copy and pasted my own free webnovel and now I have the audacity to charge you guys for it! I hope by now you guys know me better than that. Volume 1 is going to be much more than a simple pdf compilation. Here’s what you’ll get with Volume 1.

*A properly formatted novel of the first fifty chapters resembling many published works.

*The text optimized for tablet/phone reading.

*Full colored Ero Images in proper position in text.

*Two 1500+ word bonus chapters that will never be released on the main site.


*The first ten chapters fixed into the present tense used in later chapters.

*Extra editing to repair grammar and spelling mistakes not caught before release.

*Additional corrections and additions to improve continuity and story flow.

*An Image Gallery which includes all released Ero and Portrait Images to date in higher resolution as well as never-before-seen bloopers and concept art!


Look forward to the official release on 8/31/2018.