Random scribbles [2]

I was born to fap. Rather, I was born fapping.

When I exited my mother’s womb, when I took my first breath, when I cried for the first time and even when I fell asleep in my mother’s embrace…

I refused to let go of my dick.

It was then that my parents realized that I was destined for great things.

Greatly erotic things.

They tried their best to curb my perversions as all parents are wont to do.

They cut my allowance, they threw away my porn, they restricted my internet access…

They tried, they really did…

But my faith was stronger than theirs.

In the end, they resigned themselves to being the parents of a masturbation addict.

One day, as I was milking my snake for the fifth time that day, the first of the nuclear bombs that started the chain explosions that wiped out all life on earth dropped right on top of our house.

I died.

I was born fapping. I died fapping.

A samsara. A cycle.

Taken alone, each of these incidents might be enough to make a person a butt of sexual jokes throughout their lives.

But taken together, they created a miracle.



When I woke up, I found myself naked in a forest.

It was a really weird forest.

Like really, really weird.

First of all, it was an odd mix of conifers, deciduous and rainforest.

Like I saw a snow-covered pine growing right beside a bonsai sequoia.

Then the colours were totally off.

I’m sure leaves aren’t supposed to be hot pink.

If I removed my gaze from a particular patch of vegetation, the moment I turned back, it would change.



Like what I usually do when I’m stressed out, I reached down and began to stroke myself.

So, there I was in a forest straight out of a druggie’s dream, walking around naked while beating my stick.

I heard a rustling from behind me.

I turned around swiftly to find myself facing a girl with vines for hair, leafy wings and a tail that was actually a vine tipped with a leaf.

Welp, there’s a succubus-alarune hybrid if I ever saw one.

We stood there, two naked people.

One a fantasy creature of unearthly beauty, one a horny boy.

We stood there facing each other and I masturbated.

More rustling.

One after the other, girls started appearing out of the woods as though they had been spirited there by magic.

They were all different.

Height, body type, hair colour, eye colour, skin colour…


Except for the common ground that they all had a pair of wings and a tail.

They stood there with dilated pupils and flaring noses as they watched me do what I do best…


Then as one, they got down on all fours and crawled up to me, their eyes fixed on my dick.

If this was a wet dream, it was my best yet.

It seems that my imagination had upgraded when I hadn’t noticed.

I sped up my strokes as I felt my balls contract.

With a spike of pleasure that made my legs tremble, I shot my thick, hot load on the faces of the girls that were within an inch of my dick by that time.

They gasped in surprise at the suddenness of my climax, specially the alarune-succubus hybrid whose face was directly in the way of my cum when I shot.

She got the most of my cum on her face.

Her pink tongue darted out and licked a bit of the white stuff from her lips.

Closing her eyes, her face devolved into one of ecstasy.

The same for the other girls that had all put my semen in their mouths.

Suddenly they all woke from their blissful states and began tussling amongst each other for my cum.

It was super-hot.

I just stood there dumbly and watched as several naked women with exotic and magical features wrestled each other for my cum.

My softening dick grew harder in my hand as I watched a girl with pure white feathery wings and a white tail tipped with a bunch of feathers lick some of my cum out of the navel of a girl with scarlet dragon horns, leathery black-red wings and a classic succubus tail.

Suddenly, the girls all froze and turned towards me in unison, startling me.

“Master.” “Lord.” “Saviour.”

They called out to me at once.

“Fuck us.”

Well, as this was a dream, definitely a dream.

I might as well grant their wishes.

At least I’d finally lose my virginity in my fantasies.


***. ***.


Alternate earth of 2019 with the difference that souls exist… they just haven’t been detected yet.

Whenever any living organism dies, their souls disintegrate into aether and float up to join an undetected layer just above the stratosphere.

Over the millions of years that life has existed – trilobites to humans –souls have added to the layer, making it thicker and thicker.

[the more sentient the creature the stronger the soul – human souls are top quality.]

Finally, with the population boom of humans, the layer finally crossed a critical point and turned into a Dreamland.

Whenever we dream, we are actually travelling into the Dreamland and experiencing the scenery there.

Emotional energy exuded by humans have affected Dreamland, leading to the formation of sectors.

7 emotions -> 7 sectors.

Our MC has landed in the lust sector.

Due to humanity being wiped out, the sectors, without the supplement of emo energy are dying out.

The happiness sector is already gone – cause it was the smallest sector.

The lust sector – second largest after the envy sector and a tiny bit larger than the worry sector is also slowly dying.

Only MCs semen can save it.

*Pa PA pa pA*

Yeah… that’s it.

Pack up folks… story’s over.