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Xxxx years ago

She did not really remember, but her oldest memories were without a doubt the feelings of hunger and the feeling of hate.

A deep and disturbing feeling that gnawed at her inside and made her unable to sleep nor think.

During those times, as an only ten years old girl, she survived by eating scrap and trash and by fleeing and hiding from most adults.

During those times, there was no kingdom nor royal family. People fought over their faith and trying to indoctrinate them. Humans were a prime target for those indoctrinations.

They were used as weapons. They were used as tools, they were used as toys.

She hated those times.

During those times, human life was cheap. A bit of food was enough for murder to happen and every day tens of people laid dead in the streets.

She didn’t remember much about those horrible and pitiful times, but she perfectly remembered having considered the thought of trying human meat.

It wasn’t as if she was the only one with this thought or rather for most people it wasn’t even at the level of thought anymore.

That’s why she always hid. That’s why she never gave her back to anyone. You never knew if the one next to you was seeing you have a fellow human being or as a simple meal.

Those times showed the deep darkness hidden in any human once pushed into a corner.

Husbands killing their family.

Mothers abandoning their children.

Children being enslaved to be used as meat or as stress relief for the most lustful or even as the two.

She saw it all, she observed it all, still, even though it was painful, even though she slept all night with hunger in her stomach and wished to never wake up again.

The next day she would still wake up and fight to survive.

She always entertained the thought of suicide.

Why do I have to suffer so much? She asked herself.

But never once did she do so.

Why? She did not know. Perhaps because she felt it would have been a waste to simply kill herself after surviving for so long. Perhaps was it because she felt like dying would be like losing to this shitty world?

Still, it did not matter. At the end of the day, the sole truth was that she was weak, hungry, and full of hate.

In short… She was nothing special.

After all, in this world, as a human being. Hatred, hunger, and weakness were the most common thing that no one lacked.


Xxxx years ago

She did not remember much of her day during those times nor how many years have passed. All she knew was that she could now use a weird form of energy and that she could somehow fight.

She became taller and her body fuller. But those changes were not welcomed by the girls.

After all, she could see it. If before the other rarely spared a glance to her, now their eyes were always riveted to her position.

After all, she could feel it. Their hunger and lust were only becoming greater the more she grew. The rags she called clothes barely hide her most sensitive places.

Perhaps I will soon be raped then eaten? She wondered idly. Will it be painful?

After all, she did not really care whether she died or lived. She did not care whether she was raped or not. Notions such as chastity were irrelevant in such a world.

She just wanted to die in the most painless way possible. That was when she met her.


“What an untalented and pitiful child. You will do. Tell me, little girl. Do you want…To become a witch?”

She clearly remembered that day. The snow was falling and she was using that weird energy to protect herself from the cold.

She always hated this period of the years. It was even a wonder how she managed to survive so long before awakening that weird energy.

That day, as she laid and idled, she heard a beautiful voice that was incompatible with this bleak background.

The sound of the snow being stepped on allowed her to find the direction from where the person was coming.

It was a woman. A woman so beautiful it was simply impossible to describe.

Even though that woman had the appearance of a little girl even younger than her, she had no doubt.

‘Ah~! This is a superior being.’

She did not try to run, nor did she try to fight. Instinctively she knew. This woman did not harbor any ill will toward her.

“W–what. Is. A. Witch?”

Her voice was hoarse for she rarely talked and rarely had anyone to talk to.

The woman, hearing her question, simply smiled,

“A witch is someone powerful, someone, who can hold their own destiny in their hand but…beware. If you choose this path, you may regret it.”

The girl could not understand those difficult words, nor did she wish to understand them. Only one word took all her attention.


She wanted power,

“Will I become powerful if I follow y *Cough* *Cough*.”

She talked faster than she should have been able to but still did not care.

The woman looked at her with a gaze full of pity.

She did not understand then, why this gaze?

“You will.”

“Will I… Will I be able to eat as I wish?”

“You will.”

“I see… Then… please make me a witch.”

A sad but relieved smile formed on the woman face,

“As you wish. Now, follow me.”

The girl nodded and began to walk, it was then that the woman, who was walking ahead asked without turning around.

“By the way. Do you have a name?”

“A name?”

What was the use of having a name? She had no one to call her by it.

“Then since I can’t call you ‘Hey’ or ‘little girl’ every day, what about I give you a name?”

The girl hesitated a moment before simply shrugging, “Do as you wish.”

“Let me see. Since you will become a witch. What about calling you… Medea? That old snake always tells me that it was the name of the powerful witch that did not exist in this world.”


“No, not Edea, Medea.”

“I see. Then ok.”

That day, a witch was born.

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