Grassland Law Chapter 30

A tribe’s death

「It’s my fault」

「No、it wasn’t Mukai-sama’s fault。 This is only bad luck。 」

Mukai sat down and observed the disastrous scene.

During the Great Movement, Mukai and co. encountered wolves.
Mukai, who became the new Patriarch, drew his sword and fought the wolves together with other new adults.
Normally, it’s the norm for the dogs and Guard Warriors to let go of women, sheeps and horses to fight, but they didn’t have enough Warriors to do that.
By leaving the women, the Warriors and Fighters could win against the wolves.
Then soon, when they returned to the sides of the women, another pack of wolves assaulted the women.
The dog fought to protect the sheeps and horses.
The old woman wielded her wooden pole and acted as a wall for children and young women.
When Mukai arrived after his struggle, it already was a terrible situation.
Mukai and co. immediately broke through the group of wolves.
Mukai’s sword slew the last wolf, bringing the wolf assault to an end.
Warriors, Fighters, Slaves, Women, Sheeps, Horses, everything fell into disorder because of the wolves.
The only good was that, the corns weren’t damaged by the wolves

This one misfortune of Shio tribe brought discord to Mukai and his brothers.
An older brother of Mukai was the successor and a splendid adult.
Still, Mukai has been training in the morning since he met Jumuka, so his talents for the sword bloomed. (TN: Yeah right…remember kids, pantsu help with sword talents)
Mukai’s older brother was more excellent than normal.
However, there were people who didn’t recognize Mukai’s sword talents, they opposed the the expectations of the tribe.
Gradually it became the faction of Mukai and the faction of his brother.
The adults had high hopes in Mukai, while the youth supported his brother.
Then came the day of the invasion, Mukai splendidly gained victory against the Empire people in personal combat. That happened.
His brother was flustered when Mukai personally got words of praise from Au patriarch.
At the battle at the Great river, Mukai was under direct command of Jumuka but his brother and his youth faction, 17 people, cheated and went to fight.
That time, Mukai gave a distinguished war service, and the experienced Wariors of Shio overlooked the youth’s hot-blooded act.
The result, we all knew too well.
Shio lost more 15~17 year olds than other tribes.
It also went more smoothly than other tribes when they decided the new Patriarch.
Mukai was in dire distresses, so he imitated Ronga’s way of organization.
Honestly speaking, another person aside from Mukai who excelled at meditation was wanted.
Somehow when everything ended, the Patriarch meeting was opened.
The respected Jumuka took over and explained the territories.
Shio was surprisingly given a spacious location.
Then there was a disaster during the Movement.

「This、the tribe can’t be maintained with this。 」

「Mukai-sama、that is not true。 」

A Fighter who was a close friend of Mukai said some strong words, but he couldn’t come up with anything for the territory war next year.

「If it’s like this then we have no choice but to request an absorption huh…」



Request of Absorption
A treaty to merge your own tribe with another tribe is possible.
That tribe will be lost. That tribe will exist as a new tribe.
It’s a shameful act in the Grassland, but it’s an even bigger shame for the tribe that stubbornly refused to do it and got destroyed.
Absorption request means leaving the people of the absorbed tribe to the tribe that absorbs.
There’s also the fear of being all dropped down to slave if the absorbed tribe is unskillful.
However, in this case if the absorb tribe’s Patriarch acts narrow-mindedly, he’ll be made fun of by other tribes, so this unlikely to happen normally.
They’ll be dropped down one rank at most.
Warriors become Fighters, Fighters become slaves, it’s that kind of dropping.
These are for the guys who don’t have enough to pass, but not terrible either.


「Is that so、it can’t be helped。 Then which tribe are we going to put out the request? Au、Agu、Shiu?」

Mukai gave it some thoughts.
Au’s new Patriarch already showed his stupidity at the meeting.
Au is a No.
Then Agu, Shiu…
That’s right! How could I forgot about this!

「Ronga it is。 」

「Ronga you say? Certainly Jumuka-sama and the current Patriarch Temuji-sama are famous、but will we receive recognition?」

「That I don’t know、but、Jumuka-dono has Loche as his slave wife。 And seems like he gave her affection and two children already。 Jumuka-dono is the man、he won’t do any bad right?。 」

「Is that so、I’ll obey Jumuka-sama’s instructions。 Then I’ll go call the Fighters to talk about this matter。 」

「Yeah、I’ll leave that to you」

After that, Mukai talked to the survivors about sending a request of absorption to Ronga tribe.
Many people shed tears because they had to request an absorption.
However, nobody criticized Mukai.
There were too few men, so the earlier fight wasn’t Mukai’s fault. The curses all went towards the previous Au patriarch, Mukai also stood firmly at the front line during the wolf attack and killed 15 of them with his sword.
He wasn’t alone, but he killed that many wolves on his own so it’s safe to say he qualified for the Wolf Hunt. (TN: Mind you, Warriors who succeeded in Wolf Hunt will be promoted to Great Warriors)
He dealt with the brethren of the dead wolves, then boarded the road they used for the Movement, and sent a messenger to Ronga.


The talk between Ronga and Shio messenger began.

「We don’t oppose Shio request of absorption。 However、how are we going to deal with this?」

Temuji asked me and Obudai.
These three people are the ones present for the discussion.

「Hmm、I certainly sympathize with Shio’s disaster。 If possible I don’t want to give out too severe conditions。 」

Obudai folded his arms while saying so.

「That’s true、then shouldn’t we just keep their social status as is?」

I said so and waited for the other two. In that manner I had a cheerful face.

「Then let’s do that。 With Uchiran as the messenger、send him to Shio。 Jumuka-dono please negotiate with Zun and have Zun and Shio’s territories switched。 It’s better for the neighbor to manage it than to scatter it right?。 」

「Got it。 」

The three of us stood and left the house that’s used for Patriarch works.

My negotiation with Zun ended smoothly.
Thanks to Shio’s territory being bigger than Zun.


Mukai and the people of Shio tribe got on their knees and expressed their thanks.

「Your tolerance for this occasion、we can’t thank you enough。 」

「No、we’re of the same family from now on、we don’t mind it。 」

「Thank you very much。 」

Mukai bowed his head once again.
I understand that the Shio girls felt relieved because they didn’t get dropped to slave wives and slave girls.

Mukai merged Shio with another tribe just a little while after becoming the Patriarch, so he became the target of scorns.
However, as that shame sprung forth, his sword will be polished.
He thanks Ronga for accepting the absorption, then swore their loyalty.
His bow skills were average. He didn’t become a Great Warrior, but those sword skills cut down many wolves.
Later on he came to be called Soundless and Monster.

The nickname came from defeating the opponent without letting the swords touch, not letting wild animals scream, not noticing that oneself is dead, and keenly lay the opponent down



Several days after Shio was absorbed, Roux flowers bloomed in the grassland.
We returned in the middle of spring, after that we ran back and forth between the west and east too.
Four people weren’t able to acquire the seeds for spring agriculture.
One day, Mukai came to ask.

「What’s wrong Mukai」

「No、I brought a marriage proposal。 」

「Proposal、for me?」

「Yes、Jumuka-dono already had Loche、but Loche is a slave wife、so I thought strengthening our relationship with a Wife is better after all」

「Nmu、if that’s the case then wouldn’t it be better to offer it to the Patriarch Temuji-dono?」

「We already offered 2 for Temuji-dono。 And Obudai-dono already got a wife、since he hasn’t become a Moderate Warrior、we offered him one slave wife and then Jumuka-dono is the only one left。 」

If I don’t accept this then it’s going to be a bad pattern huh…

「Got it。 」

「I’m glad。 Come in。 」

At Mukai’s words a girl stepped in.
Looking from afar, I thought she was too young, but even when I looked at a close distance she was still too young.
She sat down beside Mukai and bowed.

「I am called Zuu。 」

「Wait a minute Mukai」

「What could it be?」

「Whatever the circumstances may be, she’s still too young don’t you think? How old are you?」

「I’m already an adult。 I also already had my first menstruation、I’ll be 12 this spring so I’ll become a wife。 」 (TN: Not even lolicon, it’s pure pedo hahahaha)

Zuu stood up and spoke with a loud voice.
Mukai held Zuu back at that.

「My apologies。 Jumuka-dono、the only girl in my family that can get married is Zuu only。 For that reason、please。 Please receive Zuu。 」 (TN: Slave wives aren’t married into the household, they’re given as is through a ceremony. Wives are properly married)

Mukai groveled his head to the ground.
If I refuse this, the former Shio tribe’s social standing would indeed turn bad.
I’m already pleased with Mukai so I want to improve this as much as possible.

「Got it。 I’ll accept her as a bride。 」

Both of their faces turned bright.

「However、she has to wait 2 years to make children、as I thought, she’s too young to make the thing that’s supposed to stand stand。 」 (TN: His dick.)

Mukai made a consented face but Zuu face completely changed to gloomy.

As my marriage was announced, the Commuting Ceremony was carried out.
My wife and slave wives all treated her like a cute little sister.

「Loche onee-chan」

「That’s no good Zuu-sama、I’m a slave wife、but Zuu-sama’s a wife」

「But、we got along so well in the past」

「Still。 Remember、wife and slave wife、there are differences between these two so that the house function well、the tribe will also function well。 」

「…I understand。 」

「Thank you very much。 Today I obtained Kiko seeds。 Let’s snack on it after meal。 」

「Yaay。 I love Kiko seeds」 (TN: Remember Kawakami Kazuko? She always said “Waaai”, that’s Yaay)

After meal, we sent Zuu off and everyone gathered.

「I need to talk to everyone。 」

「What could it be Jumuka-sama?」

「I’ll take Zuu as my bride but I won’t make children with her in 2 years」

「May I hear the reason? She looks too young but she’s lovely and she’s well brought up too、she also got her first menstruation。 Is there something you’re unsatisfied with? Could it be a political talk that women can’t understand?」

Lucci asked as the representative.

「No、that’s not the case。 I heard this from my grandma in the past」

Grandma, Grandmother was someone that didn’t need to go to the Sacred Mountain, that’s why she’s the Grandma of Ronga at the age of 65.

「Grandma said that girls of 12, 13 years old’s bodies aren’t perfect for giving birth yet、the risk of becoming unable to give birth is high」

「That、I also heard about that。 」

Yesu raised her hand, answering.

「If that happens I’ll have to send Zuu to the Sacred Mountain according to Grassland Law。 I’d rather wait 2 years and slowly make children with her than commit that kind of dangerous thing」

The girls that can’t give birth (except for ones that already gave birth to several children) will be sent to the sacred mountain according to the law. It’s one of the 1 or 2 laws that I hated and am against.

「Jumuka-sama…that’s certainly true、Jumuka-sama is kind after all。 」

「That’s all、I want you to talk to Zuu about not making a child because she wont’ be embarrassed when it’s only women together」

「That means?」

「Right、Lucci will talk to the girls through a meeting and I want you to explain to them about how I would handle Zuu。 If it’s Lucci then you can do it right?」

I know that Lucci is the center of the girls.
Right now the top of the girls is Temuji’s wife Bolche, but in the end Lucci’s words have a lot of weight.
Lucci isn’t that kind of person who’s arrogant because of that, but perhaps one day conflicts will happen.

「Certainly。 For Jumuka-sama、and for Zuu-chan’s sake I’ll pitch in and help。 」

「Thanks。 Lucchi」

「By the way, who are you calling in for today?」 (TN: For sex)

The moment I thanked her, Lucci’s expressions instantly changed.

「One person needs to take care of the kids、what would you do?」

As 4 people drew closer, the perplexed An resigned.
That day I ejaculated lots inside Lucci, Yesu, and Loche until I was satisfied.

Several days later, it’s the wedding
Zuu kept having her stomach growling magnificently until it ended safely.