Just a Guy in Space – Chapter 2

Just a Guy in Space

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Chapter 2

Gus grew bored of staring at the pinkish haze in front of him. His world had shrunk to this bed, the overhead lights and the field. He had fiddled with the console to no avail and was now leaning back on the bed, hands crossed behind his head.

Well, I’m not dead yet and there hasn’t been any probing, anal or otherwise, so I guess I’m safe.

He noticed the flurry of activity from the shadows beyond the field and suddenly three of the shadows left, leaving behind a newcomer who got busy fiddling with whatever instrument was out there. He was quite curious and pressed his face against the forcefield. He was lucky none of the fields he encountered were dangerous. He only felt a slight tingle on his skin while touching them.

Hey… I wonder…

He peered at the field. If he could feel a tingle on his skin then… what about other, more sensitive parts of his body?

What does it taste like?

His mouth split in a mischievous grin.

* * *

Sil Nubo was busying herself with the scanner. She had run a preliminary check on the xenos, ran it again, then decided to do some light maintenance on the systems. Every reading she was picking up from her subject was wrong. She had the data from the scout probe running in parallel on another console and she tried to correlate what her scanner was reading with what the probe had picked up.

She frowned, her ears twitching in dismay. The captain was right. It really was a category thirteen planet. High gravity, about ten times what her homeworld of Dith had, hostile and carnivorous fauna, hostile flora, unstable environment, so on and so forth. She could hardly believe her eyes.

The scanners chimed, indicating their readiness after completing the self-maintenance sub-routine. It picked up the exact same results for the third time. Sil decided her instruments were working perfectly fine and the xenos was simply…as surprising as the readings were showing.

She looked up from the console to see the xenos licking the containment field.

What is it doing? Is it hungry? Even if it were hungry why would it lick that? Is that a xenos custom? Should I stop it? That tongue looks pretty tasty.

A million thoughts were running through her head as she observed it licking the field then shudder. It obviously liked that and repeatedly licked it.

“Lieutenant Nubo, I have successfully decrypted the xenos language. Adding to translator data matrix.” The cold, robotic voice paused for an instant before continuing. “Data matrix successfully updated. Contacting ship captain.”

“Thank you AI. That was quicker than expected. I can speak to it now, can’t I?”

“Warning. Contact with new species of xenos is not recommended without a full support team. Advice. Wait for full support team to arrive.”

“Yes, yes. A few questions won’t hurt, will they?” Sil had a feral grin on her face as she looked at her test subject. “Wait – what is it doing? Is it taking its clothes off?”

“Calculating. There is a 78% probability that the xenos is taking its clothes off.”

Sil started a full holo recording on her personal datapad and softly spoke in her transmitter. “Subject zero zero has started taking its clothes off. The purpose of that is unknown. I suspect it is an instinctive and ritualistic behaviour. It is probably trying to alleviate stress and nervousness through – AI, what is that?” she asked, voice full of shock.

“Calculating. Based on physiology similarity to known species, there is a 57% chance that the xenos is displaying its reproductive appendage.”

But it’s too big for a reproductive organ. Sil’s mind was boggled. What is it doing now? It’s holding that organ and moving its hand all over it.

“AI, can you figure out what it’s doing?”

“Calculating. 35% chance that it is engaging in a mating ritual. 25% chance that it is engaging in a mating display. 13% chance that it is engaging in a threat display.”

Mating ritual? But it can’t see outside the field. What is it trying to mate with? I need more data.

“AI, lower the visibility field.”

* * *

Gus was rubbing his cock all over the pink field. It made his glans tingle deliciously. Admittedly, he shouldn’t be rubbing one out right in this situation but hey, he really had nothing better to do. The pleasurable sensation was threatening to send him over the edge but he employed his not inconsiderable willpower to slowing the advent of his orgasm.

This forcefield business is working out pretty well actually.

He started rubbing his cock head in circles on the field and nearly splooshed everywhere but he held back when suddenly the field shifted from opaque pink to a clear surface. He was so surprised he flinched back and hit the bed behind him, letting go of his junk and trying to pull his pants up.

Dammit! I was just getting to the good part!

He looked up, eyebrows scrunched in a scowl and froze.

Is that…

He blinked and rubbed his eyes. Yes, it was still there. The newcomer was staring at him from across the field. He whooped with laughter and saw her jump back and press something on her belt.


He finished pulling his pants up, smiled and waved at her. She (and it was definitely a she) has triangular cat ears on her head, with green cat eyes (complete with vertical irises) and white-streaked, orange fur all over her arms. Her face was as cute as a button and she nervously licked her lips at his scrutiny. Her uniform was doing nothing to hide the large lumps that were her breasts and her slim figure. He could see her tail lashing in what he assumed was a nervous tick, just like cats on Earth. Her hands ended in delicate-looking fingers, with small tufts of orange fur on the back. She was about 150 cm tall and nervously approached the field.

You know what, fuck it! I’ve no clue when I’m going to get a chance like this again!

He hastily dropped his pants and released the kraken. The catgirl flinched as he stared at her with a feverish gaze. His fist was stroking his pole at mach speed and he was rubbing its head on the field for maximum pleasure. He started moaning and closed his eyes, picturing her sucking on his balls and he unleashed a torrent of hot cum all over the forcefield.

He sucked in a shuddering breath and leaned back on the bed, feeling the afterglow of one of the most intense orgasms he’d ever had. He eventually opened his eyes to see her face juxtaposed with his dripping cum.

Holy shit, that’s hot. I wonder if she knows what I did. Better hope not.

He wiped himself with his shirt and pulled his pants up. He was debating what to do when he heard her speak.

“Greetings. I am Lieutenant Sil Nubo, science officer of the Pride of Vanatu. Was that a mating ritual?”

He stared at her.

Just stared.

She repeated her question and he suddenly realised that it wasn’t her voice he was hearing. He looked up, trying to figure out what was going on.

“Are you talking to me through a computer?”

“Affirmation. I am the Pride of Vanatu’s onboard mainframe AI. I am currently acting as an intermediary to translate Lieutenant Sil Nubo’s words.”

“Cool! What’s your name? What do you do here? How can you speak my language now? Where did you come from? What am I doing here? Is this a spaceship? Sil Nubo, is that the catgirl over there?” He paused, barely sucking in a breath before the voice interrupted him again.

“I am the Pride of Vanatu’s onboard mainframe artificial intelligence. You are currently on the starship Pride of Vanatu of the New Intergalactic Coalition of Sonder. I have extrapolated your language from the data scanned by one of our scout probes. I am not authorised to reveal more.”

The voice paused before continuing.

“Greetings. I am Lieutenant Sil Nubo, science officer of the Pride of Vanatu. Was that a mating ritual?”

He blinked. He guessed the catgirl was trying to communicate.

“Hello, I’m Gus, from Earth. Yeah, nah, that wasn’t a… uh… wasn’t a mating ritual. It’s just something I do when I’m stressed. I’d appreciate it if you didn’t mention that to anyone else.”

There was a delay as she processed what he said.

“My salutations, Gus from earth. What kind of earth are you from? If that wasn’t a mating ritual then what was it?”

“No, no, Earth is the planet I’m from.” He pointed at the TV showing Earth slowly spinning in orbit. “And that … ritual was something very private. I thought no one was around, so I was indulging myself,” he quickly lied, trying to cover up the fact that he had in fact masturbated harder once he saw her.

She was very close to the forcefield now. She was staring at his still dripping cum and licking her lips. That is one sexy cat. She reached out and touched the field, as if trying to scoop up his cum. He grinned.

“You know what Sil Nubo? I’d be happy to show you that ritual once we’re somewhere more private.”

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