Just a Guy in Space – Chapter 7

Just a Guy in Space

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Chapter 7

She was unlike any woman he’d ever known before. You’ve never been with a woman before you dolt. Never mind that, she really wasn’t like any woman he’d ever imagined before. Amateur porn had taught him many things. Theoretical things to be sure, but things that he thought were constants. Things like a woman getting wet if she felt horny, the clitoris and g-spot being the win buttons or even that a woman needed time to adjust to the size of something she hadn’t experienced before.

Art’ah was definitely not a typical woman.

As Gus plunged inside her, he felt the slick walls of her pussy gently part and shape themselves around him into a snug fit. She felt surprisingly cool inside compared to the warmth of her skin. He rhythmically thrust himself in and out, trying to get a feel of her reactions.

Art’ah was moaning into his shoulder, arms wound around his back and legs spread for easier access. He buried his face into her blue hair and inhaled deeply. He looked up in astonishment – she didn’t smell like anything. No sweat, no lingering scent of shampoo or soap, no nothing. He mentally shrugged and concentrated on thrusting.

The walls around his cock felt… different. He felt the resistance of muscles less and the engulfment of a water bed more. Could it be that fluid under her skin? It responded to his every thrust by moulding itself about his shaft then returning to its original form. It feels like… like memory-foam silly putty. He chuckled and abandoned thought.

Time slowed to every thrust, to every gasp, to every scream of his strained muscles. A hand crept to Art’ah’s hair, tangling long strands between sweaty fingers and pulling. Gus himself didn’t realise what he was doing as Art’ah head jerked upwards, her mouth opened in a gasping moan as his body covered hers. Her voluptuous breasts crushed against his chest, her dick throbbed against his flat stomach and her warmth seeped into him as he hungrily kissed her.

She responded with a passion that momentarily frightened him. Fear quickly turned to desire as their lips mashed into each other. His eyes were closed but he could see himself trying to push every single centimetre of himself into her in his mind’s eye. His left hand glided across her back and ended on her left buttock. He tightly gripped it, feeling more than hearing her moan, and savagely thrust. His tongue was invading her mouth – a living creature exploring a new cave, eager to find sweet, sweet honey. His right hand was still tightly clutching her hair near her skull.

Gus could feel long unused muscles straining to sustain his ardour. His hips were screaming in protest as he tried to bury himself still more deeply into her. Art’ah’s fingers were painfully gripping his shoulders and he could feel his lungs burning with the need for oxygen. His mouth released hers and he rested his forehead in the crook of her neck as they both drew great gasping breaths. His hips were machines pumping again and again. He pulled her hair again and exposed her neck.

His tongue snaked out and licked the base of her neck where soft, fluid flesh met collarbone. The pitch of her moaning increased as he licked her neck continuously. His thrusting slowed down, partly due to fatigue, partly so he could focus on her neck more. He kissed the soft flesh and released his death grip on her hair. His left hand caressed her lower cheek and roamed to her fleshy thigh. He grabbed it, hoisting it up and around his hips as he kept kissing her neck.

His savage thrusting turned gentle, almost loving. His left hand was still holding Art’ah’s thigh. Her legs moved of their own volition and ended up locked around him. He brought his hands down, softly rubbing her lower back. His lips didn’t stop kissing her deep blue skin. His hands crept up her back, trailing from lower back to shoulder blades and finally clutching her shoulders in a reverse grip.

He stopped moving and adjusted his position, lifting his head up and settling his body more comfortably against hers. Art’ah warm breath hit his face as he looked into her eyes and saw the same need he felt reflected there. He slowly resumed thrusting, hearing her sharp intake of breath and her slow exhalation. His hips were still burning but it didn’t feel like he would drop dead at any time anymore.

He took the time to explore the sensations from her pussy more deeply. She wasn’t wet but there was definitely a mechanism that facilitated penetration at work here. The walls of her pussy still had that strange clinging quality to them but they felt more… slick than before. Something to do with friction? The slow thrusting was working wonders for Art’ah but Gus felt tantalisingly close to a finish. This position didn’t allow for much stimulation for him so he decided to try one of the positions he liked seeing in porn the most.

He released her shoulders and propped himself up with his arms. He brought his knees to her hips and knelt in front of her, dick still inside her pussy. She was looking at him curiously as he grabbed an ankle in each hand and lifter her legs to rest on his shoulders. He finally hugged the legs to his chest and leaned forward, resting more of his weight on her. The change was immediate. Art’ah arched her back and let out a long moan as her pussy walls contracted around his cock.

Gus took that as his queue to begin thrusting anew. This position was much easier on his hips and the sensations he felt were vastly better than before. He gripped her legs tightly as his movements turned increasingly faster. Art’ah’s moaning was now constant and her pussy started clenching on his cock. Is she having an orgasm? He couldn’t tell but he could feel his own approaching so he sped up, jackhammering himself into Art’ah.

For a while the sound of Art’ah’s moans, Gus’ grunting and the slapping of their flesh was all that permeated the cabin until it reached a crescendo. Gus threw his head back with a loud shout as he pierced Art’ah one final time before shuddering with a mind-numbing orgasm. His cock convulsed mightily as spurt after spurt of hot sperm gushed into her pussy. He was still clutching her legs as his balls finished emptying themselves.

Gus released Art’ah’s now limp legs and rolled off her, almost falling off the bed. They both laid on their backs, heaving deep breaths into their lungs. Gus was feeling light-headed from the exercise and covered his eyes with a sweaty forearm as he felt sweet oxygen flood his burning lungs.

His swallowed, feeling how dry his throat. “That was… amazing,” he managed to croak out.

Art’ah’s only response was to roll over to him and drape herself across his body. Her firm breasts pressed against his chest, her leg was thrown over his own and her dick was softly tickling his thigh. He wrapped an arm around her and pulled her close, kissing her blue hair. He admired her exquisitely soft body, seeing the deep blue coloration of her skin slowly fading to the normal pale blue she usually sported. He leaned in and kissed her hair, his other hand stroking the fingers resting on his chest.

He was admiring the sight of his cum drizzling out of her pussy when his mind snapped back into focus.

“Holy shit balls. Art’ah, are you all right?”

“I am more than all right. I haven’t had fun like that in a long while,” she purred.

“No I mean… I’m a hotbed of infectious microorganisms. I’m worried about one of them finally finding its balls and jumping over to you.”

She turned her face up, looking at him. “Sacred defecations? Wait, no, another human expression?” He nodded. “Worry not. Not only do the Coxizu have a strong defence system but we supplement it with an array of nanite injections. They help break down any foreign organisms that make their way into our bodies. Our scientists felt that given our proclivity for copulation we would do well to have a solid immune system.”

“AI, what are the chances of Art’ah getting an infection from me?”

“Calculating. Unable to calculate. Not enough data.”

“Figured as much. I should ask Sil about this. She might know more.”

“Sil? You mean Lieutenant Sil Nubo?”

“Yeah, we’ve talked about human-alien interaction before.”

Art’ah simply put her head back on his chest and sighed contentedly. Gus kept stroking her long hair, his mind a blank. His companion finally interrupted the silence with a question.

“So how was it?”


“This…” she gestured at their intertwined bodies.

“Oh, that was great. Fantastic. Never felt like that before.”

She chuckled. “Thank you, but how did it compare to a human woman?”

“I, uh, I wouldn’t know.”

She turned to him again, raising an eyebrow. So we have that in common I guess.

“Yeah, I’m a virgin. I’ve never been with a woman. Sexually, I mean.”

She stared at him, searching his eyes for something. She finally shrugged. “You are strangely competent for someone who’s never done this before.”

“Thanks. I didn’t know I had it in me. Hey, mind if I ask an indelicate question?”

“Go ahead.”

“Aren’t you worried about pregnancy?”

“No. The Coxizu do not have a mating cycle but we can choose when to be ready for impregnation.”



He leaned into the bed, feeling the warm body he was holding in his arms. The dick was still pocking him. He ignored it. Another day.

He was starting to doze off when Art’ah sighed and extricated himself from his body.

“I have a work shift soon. I need to shower,” she said, pressing a panel on the cabin wall. A segment seamless opened, revealing a small cubicle just barely big enough for two people.

He watched as she walked in, her tall body looking bonelessly soft. He watched the waterfall of dark blue hair ending just at her butt crack. Watched the sway of her hips, the lithe steps she took into the shower. Watched the jiggle of her breasts.

“Need someone to scrub your back?”

She turned to him curiously. “Scrubbing is not necessary. This is a sonic shower.” She pressed another panel and a field sprung into existence, cutting them off. Her figure turned blurry for a moment before the field disappeared and she stepped out. “Sonics are efficient, fast and effective. Do you want to try one of these?”

He slowly got up, feeling the ache in his body now that his blood wasn’t running hot anymore.

“Might as well.”

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