Chapter 4


I reached out for Deimos and twined my fingers into her lush hair, making her moan softly as her head leant back, exposing her throat.

I trailed kisses down her ear to her chin and then down her neck, pausing over her jugular to lay a soft bite.

Her feral instincts rebelled at being held in such a vulnerable position. Shivering with excitement, she arched her back as she grasped me tightly, her nails digging into the muscles of my back.

With my free hand, I lightly raked my nails down her spine, making her mewl piteously and curve her flexible body even further. Her tail wrapped around my arm, keeping me from moving it further.

Getting up, I settle into a half-kneeling position with my knees on the bed. My grip on her hair causes her to rise along with me, her petite frame unable to reach the bed with her knees, she has to support herself precariously using her hands on my shoulder and the muscles of her calves.

Closing my eyes, I decide to only use my sense of smell and taste to perceive her. I trail my tongue down her collarbone onto her chest, leaving a silvery line of saliva on her soft skin.

Suddenly a bitter-sweet taste explodes on the tip of my tongue and I know I have reached my goal. Inhaling deeply, I take in the intoxicating scent of her pheromones mixed with chocolate.

My penis twitches with arousal.

Impatient, I roughly bite down on her left breast, cracking the layer of chocolate on her. The chocolate is hard on the outside and semi-solid from the heat of her aroused body on the inside.

A large chunk of the confectionery peels off, revealing the fair skin beneath, flushed red with her lust and the light of the room.

Including the chocolate into my mouth, I chew on it to melt it and the flavour permeates my mouth. Crushing her body into my chest, wrap my arms around her as I bring my lips down onto hers.

She kisses me fervently, her eyes dazed with lust and her breath loud with her excitement. We pass the mixture of chocolate and our saliva from one mouth to another as we wrestle with our tongues.

Immersed in the sensation, I can only tell the passage of time from how the taste of chocolate slowly goes pale, replaced by the uniquely sweet flavour of her saliva.

Suddenly, I feel something warm and sticky envelope my erect member. I gasp at the sudden stimulation and draw back from the kiss, both of us gasping for breath.

While I was busy playing tonsil hockey with Deimos, Phobos had busied herself with peeling off the chocolate from her immaculately shaved pubis and re-melting it on a crucible I keep in the room for concocting my body strengthening potions.

The warm and sticky sensation was her using a wide brush to paint the chocolate onto my penis.

Looking up at me with a sultry gaze, she keeps our gazes intertwined as she deliberately slowly stretches out her pink tongue and licks the tip of my member.

Not to be outdone, Deimos too gets down on all fours and starts to lick my penis. The two girls use their heads to service me while tussling with each other’s tongue.

Soon, my penis is sparkling clean with a glistening coat of saliva as the two girls devolve into a bout of kissing as they try to ingest the maximum amount of the confectionery from the other’s mouth and I am suddenly left out of the action.

Appreciating the show, I move behind Phobos and embrace her from the rear, snaking my right arm around her to reach for her uncovered pubis and grabbing Deimos’ hair with my left, linking us all together.

When my fingers touch her slit, they come away glistening with her lust. She has apparently had enough of foreplay.

Without hesitation, I spread her apart with my fingers and insert myself deep into her with one slow and long stroke. She purrs with pleasure and the vibrations cover her entire body, converging on her loins, nearly making me lose control and cum instantly.

Her tail lashes against my stomach as her vibrations subside.

I pull on Deimos’ hair gently to separate them. I am going to thrust and if they are still entangled, their teeth might injure the other’s mouth.

Understanding, Deimos bends down and wraps her arms around Phobos’ waist, bringing her tongue to her clit.

Entangling both her hands into Deimos’ hair, Phobos arches back with pleasure as the rough tongue scrapes against the sensitive nub of flesh.

Wrapping my right arm around her waist from the back, I use my left to grasp her chin and twist it towards me, locking our lips as I begin to piston. Slowly at first then with increasing vigour.

Breaking free of my grip, she leans back against my chest and buries her head into the crook of my shoulder, deeply inhaling my scent as she lets loose with increasingly loud moans.

Her husky voice penetrates my eardrums and blows away my reason as her flexible and tight insides convulse rhythmically around my penis.

Clenching my buttocks to prevent myself from cumming, I grab one of her chocolate covered breasts with my free hand, shattering its coat of milk chocolate that scatters all over Deimos, covering her back and hair in a layer of delicious frost.

Phobos’ breasts are quite large, spilling out of the seams of my hand as I knead them while pounding into her.

Stimulated on three of her erogenous zones simultaneously, Phobos cannot hold back her orgasm and with a husky caterwaul, she reaches release, blowing a tide right into Deimos’ expectant mouth.

Deimos sits up, wiping the liquid lust off her face with the back of her fist and then licking it off while Phobos collapses onto me breathing hard with my penis still hard inside her.

In this moment, Deimos looks just like a house cat cleaning herself.

I haven’t released yet and I still have a raging erection.


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