Chapter 6

We stood there clumped together under the shower, the volcanic water keeping us warm. I was sandwiched between Phobos in the front and Deimos hanging on my back.

Phobos said, “Husband, you are too lenient with Bruno.”

“Ya, Master, you let the bastard off too easy!” chimed in Deimos, indignantly.

Phobos leant in and kissed Deimos startling her. When she recovered and put out her tongue, Phobos sharply bit down on it, causing her to shriek and cover her mouth with both of her hands with tears in her eyes. I had to scramble to support her thighs to prevent her from falling off my back.

“What did I tell you about bad language? Hmm?” scolded Phobos.

“Thu nwot ewje ith.” mumbled Deimos through her hands.

Phobos nodded, satisfied and ruffled her hair before turning her eyes back to me.

“Husband, the more you behave in this forgiving manner, the more they think that you are weak. They will escalate the situation unceasingly without the fear of retaliation.”

I sighed. “Look, I plan to thoroughly defeat him in the year-end tournament and recover my prestige.”

I squeezed Deimos’ thigh. “I love Deimos and I won’t give her up at any cost but he is my cousin and I have the suspicion of seizing his wife. After all, she was once engaged to be married to him. I can understand his grudge against me… if these petty actions can solve the hate in his heart… then why not? I won’t make concessions to him for any truly important matter though, so you can feel relieved.”

Deimos tightened her embrace and said, “Masteer, I would rather die than marry that bas…” shrinking her neck at Phobos’ glare, she caught herself, “idiot.”

Phobos said, “Dear, you needn’t blame yourself for that. He and his father brought it upon themselves when they aimed at your position of the foremost contender for the position of heir.

“They spread propaganda throughout the clan about how you were weak and wouldn’t be able to handle the responsibilities of Clan Head because of your heritage. They called you a coward who would always hide behind the skirts of women.

“Not only did they want Bruno to displace you, but your uncle also wanted to seize the position of Clan Head as you are your father’s only child and your mother can’t conceive anymore.

“I feel what your father did to retaliate was perfectly justified. Let alone… it was we who proposed it to your father.”

“Huh? Why is this the first I’m hearing of this?” I asked, truly surprised at the revelation.

Deimos piped up from where she had her cheek pressed up against mine, pressing her chest into my back causing her stiff nipples to rub on my skin, giving me goose bumps.

“Master, you’re so silly, ya. How else could I stay together with Phi-Phi?”

Phobos explained, “Demi and I, we have extremely rich bloodline strengths… which means that we have a corresponding amount of Vita’s divinity flowing within our veins. It is almost guaranteed that we will awaken as Ferals at some point after we hit puberty and will be extremely strong when we do.

“Thus, after the awakening, we need to be contracted to a male partner who can absorb our portion of the divinity through intercourse, strengthening him and bringing us back to sanity at the same time.”

Deimos said, “So, you get it now, don’t you, Master? Since Bestia men can only support one Contract, we would have been separated if we were to marry one. Our only choice was to marry someone with a pure Hominum lineage like you since they can bear the load of up to six contracts.

“It’s not like they would let us marry any Hominum, ya. Not with our pedigree. It had to be someone of equal or higher status, again, like you, Master.”

Phobos clarified further, “So, dear, from the very moment I fell in love with Demi, you were the ideal candidate in my mind for marriage. I believe Demi feels the same way. Her grandfather never asked her opinion when he decided to show his support for your uncle’s bid to the throne by betrothing her to Bruno.

“He thought it would be extra humiliating to have you use your Contract magic to seal the alliance of your greatest rival with the granddaughter of the Elder with the greatest influence in the council. It was his way to strike at your father’s prestige.”

Deimos hugged me tighter, “When I knew about what Grandpa had done, I was so sad and furious. I ran crying to Phi-Phi and she took me to meet your father. He was so scary, ya. All stoic and grim. After we poured out everything to him, he just sat there glaring at us… if not for Phi-Phi, I would have just up and run.”

Phobos took over, “Then he just said, ‘Today onwards, both of you are my daughters,’ and then he walked out of his office and called a Clan meeting. You know what happened next.”

I was stunned at the series of revelations. I asked the question that bothered me most: “Then… then why were you so resistant on our first night?”

Phobos rolled her eyes and Deimos answered, “You’re so silly, ya. Just imagine a guy just walking in on you and Phi-Phi and sticking his cock into both of your asses.”

Both Phobos and I shuddered at the imagery and she grabbed onto Deimos’ ear and twisted while scolding, “Don’t make up such disgusting situations with me in it!”

“Ai ya ya. Stop! You’ll twist my ear off. I’m sowwy. Stop!”

Phobos finally let her off with a huff and she rubbed her ear with a teary pout.

“Anyway… husband, you must understand that both of us liked girls at that point and even though we had prepared ourselves for it mentally, there was no way we could adapt our preferences in the short time in which we were suddenly asked to give you our virginity.”

“Master, you don’t have to feel guilty about that, ya. It’s all good now and we love you just like we love each other. It’s what we wanted… it just took some time to adapt to you, is all.”

I released Deimos’ thighs, setting her down on the ground before hugging both of them to my chest and whispering into their ears: “I love you.”


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