Chapter 62

I rubbed my face and sighed. “Let’s just sit down and talk, shall we?”

The both of us made our way to one of the larger stones that had had its moss worn away by the numerous behinds of the tourists and took our seat.

I watched the people on the lakefront going about their lives, relaxing, enjoying themselves. A child ran after another, laughing with joy. A couple posed before an aged artist whose brush moved in broad strokes upon his canvas. A night-guard rested her sore legs as she took a break from her patrol.

All around the area, light stones were rigged onto bamboo frameworks, casting their harsh white light upon the scene. Easily dismantled, they could be shifted every time the level of the lake rose or fell.

A lively scene, all to the background of the softly glowing lake.

The chatter of the people, the mirth of the children, the incessant droning of the cicadas calling for their mates. I seemed cut off from it all. The warmth of the summer night pressed down upon me, making me feel suffocated.

Suddenly, I was gripped by a strong impulsion to just jump into the lake. It had been a long time since I had last swum and the waters beckoned. I yearned to feel the profound silence of the underwater environment again where the only thing I could hear was the beat of my heart.

Not the turmoil of my emotions.

Forcing myself to look away from the lake, I turned to Ceres. She was wiping her glasses with a soft cloth with a look of concentration on her face.

Her profile caught the first rays of the moon as it climbed from the horizon, washing out the light of the stars with its silvery radiance.

She was a beautiful girl; talented, intelligent, with a lofty status. The locket meant that the most glaring problem marrying her brought had a solution. She even claimed to love me. All in all, I should be happy to be married to her.

But I wasn’t. the mother and daughter duo had deeply hurt my heart and I found it difficult to trust any word that came out of their mouths.

Looking at her, I made my decision.

Grabbing her hand, I pulled her to her feet and started walking out of the park.

Surprised, she stumbled a few times before she managed to put her glasses back on one-handed and regained her balance.

“Husband! Where are we going?”

“Aunt told the girls that I was taking you on a tour of the lake since it was your first time here. She kept them back saying that she wanted to catch up with them after meeting them after so long. We have a couple of hours left till we are expected back. It will be enough.”

“Enough for what?”

“You’ll know soon enough. Just follow me.”

The both of us exited the central part of the city. As mages, our speeds were faster than the un-awakened portion of the populace and aided by my Haste spell, we were soon at our destination.

It was the inn I had seen on our way here. The one with the dead eyed barkeep. Somehow, its location had stuck in my mind, as well as its unpopular nature.

It was perfect for what I had in mind.

Pushing past the doors with Ceres in tow, I took in the sight of the main hall nearly devoid of customers, with a scattered few occupying some tables in the corners while the barkeep continued wiping his cutlery with a cloth, doing more harm than good with how greasy it was.

Even when the two of us entered, the patrons only looked up at us briefly before returning to their drinks. The barkeep didn’t even bother to do that, concentrating on his glass with an uncanny intensity.

Suddenly, I felt like rethinking my decision to enter this strange establishment but considering what I wanted to do and the bustling nature of the other inns, I clenched my teeth and forged ahead.

Knocking on the counter with a silver coin, I said, “A room.”

The barkeep paused in his mechanical motions and looked up at the both of us briefly before reaching beneath the counter and taking out a key. Handing it to me, he took my coin and silently went back to polishing his glass.

I waited for a while before demanding impatiently, “Won’t you show us to the room? And what of my change?”

He paused and said, “Go up the flight of stairs. The hallway to the right, second door. No change. It’s a silver a night.”

I gawked. A silver was a large sum of money. How could the rent of this ramshackle inn be so high? No wonder there were so few takers. It was a scam. I shook my head. Well, it didn’t matter to me. I had more pressing matters on my mind.

Drawing Ceres along, I followed the barkeep’s directions and reached the room.

Unlocking it, we entered and I locked the door behind us.

The room was well furnished and already lit with a smokeless torch. The bed was neatly made with clean sheets and there was even an attached bathroom. I felt much better about that silver now.

Turning around, my eyes met Ceres’ inquisitive gaze.

“Hus… mmph…” her words tailed off as I smashed my lips against hers, pressing her into the wall with my body.

She tried to speak into my mouth but that only gave me the opportunity to push my tongue past her lips and entangle hers.

Reaching behind her through the gap between her back and the wall, I fumbled for the knot of the laces holding her summer dress together and pulled.

The dress loosened and slipped off her shoulders, pooling on the floor at her feet. She was left only in her bellyband and underwear. There was a cloth wrapping around her stomach that held her second tail to her body.

Ceres had tried to push me away at first but she soon leaned into the kiss, shifting the battle of our tongues from her mouth to mine.

Her hands climbed up my back and entangled my hair pulling me deeper into the kiss, the frame of her glasses dug into the bridge of my nose.

When we finally broke apart, she was gasping for breath, her glasses askew. Her ample chest was fluctuating with her breaths and there was lust in her eyes.

The revelation of the forced nature of our marriage had stretched our emotions taut and it was in a room in a shady inn, half-naked that the string snapped.

We were wild in our passion, attacking the other’s body with a wild abandon. Only through a force of sheer willpower were we able to keep from shredding our clothes.

Once we were fully unclothed, Ceres pushed me down onto the bed and lowered her head. Her mouth took in my flaccid member and tried to breathe life into it. Her hands caressed my balls.

I leaned back on the bed, supporting myself with my hands behind my back as I watched her enthusiastic ministrations.

“Eh? W-hy won’t it get hard?”

“No… Why? Damn it.”

“Get up. Get up!”

Her warm tears fell upon my crotch even as her grip grew painful in her desperation to get me erect. She was a beautiful woman. Smooth skin, slim waist, beautifully shaped breasts with rosy nipples. Her tails were beautiful, soft and silky to the touch.

Her face, even marred by snot and tears was a work of art.

But, my heart was cold.

When my mind failed me, I asked my body. It had spoken.


She ignored me, continuing to try to get me hard, wracked with sobs.


She looked up at me, startled by my loud voice.

Leaning forwards, I cupped her cheeks, gently wiping her tears away with my thumbs.

“Ceres… it seems like I can’t be your husband anymore.”


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