Chapter 77

Phobos kissed and licked her way down Deimos’ body, her rough tongue causing the petite girl to shudder as it made its way down her jaw, her neck, her collarbone and then paused briefly at her chest.

She circled the nipple of one breast with the tip, before roughly flicking it upwards with her tongue, kissing it, sucking it and then gently biting it.

Deimos arched her back and moaned as her fingers dug into the mattress, bunching up the bedsheets as she tried to push herself towards the source of her pleasure.

First one then the other, Phobos was fair in her treatment of Deimos’ breasts as her experienced tongue made the girl’s toes curl.

Having had her fill of the two soft mounds, she moved downwards, leaving them glistening with her saliva under the dim moonlight.

Reaching her goal, she found it moist with arousal. Holding down Deimos’ hip with one hand, she gently blew upon it, causing Deimos to shudder.

Smirking she waited until Deimos opened her eyes and looked downwards in confusion to see why the sensation she was anticipating had yet to come. Then she licked upwards, finding her most sensitive spot with the tip of her tongue on her upstroke.

Deimos threw her head back and gasped. Her thighs tightening around Phobos’ head, holding her down.

Phobos went to work, driving the girl deeper and deeper into the throes of passion before with a shudder and a moan, she reached climax and then stilled, relaxing her death grip on the mattress and loosening her thighs.

Crawling up her body, Phobos hugged her. They held each other, exploring the other’s body with their hands, punctuated by kisses.

Without warning, Deimos rolled them over till she was on top.

Her eyes shone in the dark. It was her turn.


Sunlight streamed in through the window and fell on Deimos’ face. Frowning, she scrunched up her face, trying to continue her stay in dreamland, yet her efforts were in vain as the irritating rays finally dragged her out of her sleep.

Yawning, she sat up and stretched, careful not to wake Phobos who was sleeping by her side.

Taking a deep breath through her nose, she exhaled the foul air through her mouth. One of the first things children were taught after their magical awakening was how to clean their mouths with mana.

No morning breath. The perks of being a mage.

Gently brushing back the errant strands of hair that had covered Phobos’ sleeping face, Deimos bent down and planted a kiss on her forehead.

It had been a really wild night.

Sliding off the bed, she padded towards the door naked, noticing the shredded remains of their clothing from last night.

She couldn’t help but smile. Phi-Phi had really made a statement by ripping that dress, but now that it was morning, procuring clothes would be a new problem.

Unlatching the door, she carefully peeked her head out to see if there was anyone outside.

She had a scare when she saw Master sitting on the ground beside the door, dozing with his head cradled on his knees.

The sound of the door opening startled him out of his fitful slumber and he looked up. Sleepy red eyes met surprised green.

She immediately reached out and grabbed a fistful of his shirt and pulled him into the room, shutting the door behind her.

“Master, what were you doing outside?”

He stretched his spine with an audible pop and exhaled the stale air in his lungs.

Turning to her, he replied ill-humoredly, “What do you think I was doing? You girls are going to be the death of me. You just ran off in the middle of the banquet and we had to run all over searching for you. I was so worried.”

He reached out and tweaked her nose.

“How was I supposed to know that while I was frantically running around outside, you and sleeping beauty over there was getting to know each other better?”

Deimos threw her arms around his neck and hugged him tight. “Don’t be cross ya, Master. We got a little distracted, sorry. Hehe.”

He chuckled and bent down to give her a deep kiss as he pushed her to himself with a palm on the small of her back.

Separating, he looked into her eyes seriously and asked in a soft voice filled with concern. “All right?”

She buried her face into the crook of his neck and nodded.

“Good.” He said as he caressed the back of her head. He didn’t ask for any more details and for that she was grateful. Her hug tightened further.

Awoken by the noise, Phobos got up blearily and yawned widely as she stretched, fully displaying her alluring curves to the two other occupants of the room.

Covering her yawn with a palm, she mumbled out, “Mornin’” before she suddenly stiffened when her brain drowsy mind finally caught up with the identity of the newest addition to the room.

“Oh, I’m so sorry! I totally forgot about informing you!”

He waved her apologies away. “It’s fine as long as the two of you have the problem sorted out. I decided to search the Estate myself after you didn’t contact me for two hours. Saw the light coming out of this room and heard the sounds.” He grinned mischievously. “I was waiting for a lull in the proceedings so I could knock, maybe join in? But it never came.”

Phobos blushed furiously and pulled the blanket over herself while Deimos buried her face further into his shoulder, mock biting him in protest for his teasing.

He looked around the room. “It looks like the two of you were reminiscing about old times.” His eyes stopped on the shredded remains of their party dresses and he raised an eyebrow. “And being really impatient about it.”

Freeing himself from Deimos’ hug, he shrugged off his coat and handed it to her with a grin. “Cover up, girl, otherwise I might just decide to spend the rest of the day here.”

Turning around, he walked out of the room. “Stay put. I’ll get you some clothes.”

After he left, Phobos peeked her head out of the blankets. The two girls looked at each other, finding the same happy smile mirrored on the other’s face.


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