Succubus Imouto Chatper 1

1-1: When I summoned a succubus slave, My little sister appeared.

Kobayashi Shinji is an ordinary 30 year old office worker.
His height is slightly above average and his face resemble his parents, it’s not bad. In fact his grandmother in his father side is a Greek so he’s a quarter1
However, since he’s shy and doesn’t have confidence in himself, he dresses plainly so he can’t be called a good looking guy.
From his personality, it’s lonely that he has few friends and he never tried to have a girlfriend. …He’s actually still a virgin to this age.

That’s the usual Shinji, but approximately two weeks ago, there’s an unusual event.
His grandfather died in his father’s hometown, he attended the funeral. 90 Years old. It’s a peaceful death. His wife, the Greek grandmother of his died several years ago, they were in good terms all this time.
When he remembered his childhood and went to the storehouse in the garden (However it’s small and worn out), a part of the wall is broken and he found a notebook inside box.

『The method to summon a succubus slave』

Really? What’s this?
However, since it’s interesting, I took it home secretly. After all it’s an item that tickles the man’s chuunibyou2
Thus, I made preparations to carry it out now.

「It’s two o’clock? Let’s start」

Just as the time says, it’s in the middle of the night.
The location is his apartment. There’s a plywood with a magic square drawn laid down on the floor. The diameter is around 1.2m.
Most of the other tools were gathered from the hundred yen shop. It was his first time checking things such as incense on the internet.

「…Undara, kantara, iyaiyanma~」3

He recited the spell properly.
Then, a light appeared on the magic square.

(Ooh!? Could this really be magic?)

The light spreads out tremendously and his eyes was filled with white.
After a few seconds, when he confirmed that his vision returned, there was a silhouette in the magic square.

「Did…it succeed?」

Dazzled, he squinted his eyes to check, then, 「Eh?」he let out a stupid voice.

The girl in the magic square.
Has a black beautifully long hair like on commercials.
The face still hadn’t left the childishness, yet, it’s seen as organized, quiet and cold.
A delicate body and small head, slender long hands and feet. The hair is fair wherever you look, it’s like a porcelain doll.
Altogether, it was the figure that’s familiar with Shinji everyday.

「Ouch… my butt~ …Wait, what? Why’s it Onii-chan’s room?」
「Eh? Yurika? Why?」

The girl in pajama, it’s his little sister that just become a high school student, Yurika.

「What’s this? There’s an invisible wall…」

Half asleep and half surprised can be seen in her expression, Yurika is making gestures in the air. It’s an awfully skillful pantomime.
However, he noticed it immediately. The part where his sister touch corresponds to the edge of the magic square. If the note is correct, the summoned succubus can’t go out unless the summoner permits or when the contract ceremony ends.

「Yurika. On your head, there’s a horn」

「Eeeh!? Oh no way. Even though I made sure to hide it properly!」

I see. “I always hide it” you say?

ーーIt seems that the content of this note is true magic, furthermore my little sister is a succubus.



  1. Someone with a non-japanese grandparent
  2. 厨二心
  3. It’s a chant.