Succubus Imouto Chapter 2

1-2: The contract where I let my little sister drink the semen on the floor

Kobayashi Shinji has a sister whose age is very distant. Yurika is 15 years old.
They have the same mother. She was 23 years old when she gave birth to Shinju and 38 when she made Yurika.
Anyway, his little sister is a beautiful girl. Since she was small, she’s obviously different from the others.
Just her walking around the town, she stands out, she’s been invited as a model and talent. Father declined all of those.
Moreover, recently her beauty has been outstanding.
Her height is in growing period since 10 years old, when she entered junior high in particular, her body got well rounded, nowadays, she has a completely seductive style.
She dresses lightly at home or in hot bath that he’s getting startled even though they’re siblings.

「Why is Yurika…?」

That little sister is called through succubus slave summoning ceremony.
Furthermore, there’s a horn growing on her head. If you look closely, there’s a bat wings and pointed tail on her back.
How did she wear the pajama with the wing and tail on her back? Seeing them move, he can’t calm down.

「It’s grandmother’s blood. In around two or three generations, an atavism like me is born」

To summarize the talk in general, her grandmother seems to be a blood relative of a succubus.
When it comes to it, it’s easy to imagine that grandfather and grandmother married when he called her through this note.

「Err, what…for the time being, don’t come out from there」

The summoned succubus can’t go out of the magic square
It’s possible to confine Yurika forever. I took much pain on the magic, but it can’t be helped, let’s give up.

(Or rather, let’s trick her somehow)

When you summon a succubus, it’s obviously for lewd purposes.
It would be embarrassing to let my little sister know it.
I need to smooth this out somehow, I need to follow up and face towards Yurika to make her feelings contempt.
For the time being, let’s destroy the magic square and release this child first.

「Wait a moment. Onii-chan」

Yurika interrupted Shinji nevertheless.
I won’t let you fool me, you can’t do naughty things! or something like that. I wonder if she’s going to speak her anger.

「……If it’s onii-chan, I’m okay with it」

He himself knows that he made a foolish voice.

(W-what? What does that mean??)

The elder brother panics, yet Yurika looked up to him blushing.

「This is a magic to summon the succubus slave right? If it’s onii-chan I’m okay with it」
「”I’m okay with it” No, Yurika…」

The little sister shook her head and continued.

「I mean, I’m scared of other people after all.
Because grandfather abandoned magic for grandmother, there’s no other people in the world that knows this magic. That’s why they told me not to worry about it.
But, that’s wrong. There’s some people that knows this magic, and I’m scared because someone I don’t know may summon me.」

ーーLet’s be honest.
There are some reasons why Shinji left his parent’s house and started living in the apartment. Like, he can’t become independent with this
However, one of his reasons is to separate himself from Yurika.

(If I lived with her as is, I’m sure that I will make a mistake)

Day by day she becomes even more feminine, speaking frankly, her little sister gets even more erotic, he’s aware that he’s holding his lust.
Someday, he might go reckless on his sister. He was scared at himself.


He knows he can’t, but he can’t help but have some delusion. He fantasized about it over and over again, the lovely and womanly Yurika getting raped.
He intends to let it remain as an delusion obviously.
Yet now, with such an abnormal form, the reality tempts him.
He can’t endure it.

「……Are you sure?」
「Yes, It’s okay. If it’s onii-chan, I’m okay」

She nodded once, Yurika looked straight on my eyes while speaking.


Her little sister stood out from her surroundings since she’s little.
Too cute, too beautiful, Yurika is treated specially by adults, however, the children around thinks otherwise.
She can’t make friends easily, she’s isolated, and sometimes bullied then clings to her brother while crying. Shinji pampers the too young sister and he’s much more protective than necessary.
That way, he may have brought up Yurika to be too dependent on him.

「Please, Onii-chan. Please make me Onii-chan’s thing」

Shinji’s thing
This beautiful little sister, is asking to be his “thing”
It’s very lewd, is it a sweet temptation?

(I can’t…I won’t be able to go back)

Abnormality erodes the reality. Furthermore, he can’t permit the “it can’t be helped” excuse.
He picked up the notebook again and Shinji opened the page to advance the ceremony.

「Hanbaru, funbaru, wamarataha~」

He casts the spell that he can only imagine ever being properly written.
But the spell certainly took effect, a small red light appeared on Yurika’s chest.


When he turned the palm of his hand, the red light came drifting along lightly.
It’s the size of a small fingertip. The surface looks like a jewel such as ruby which I held easily. According to the note, it seems that this is the 『Soul of the succubus and the core of magical power』
He picked it up and swallowed it. He imagined that it would be painful in it’s size but it want awfully smooth through his throat.

(Wow…What’s this?)

When he swallowed the jewel his body turned hot, it gathered especially in his crotch and it’s throbbing as if it’s gonna break out.
His penis got hard and complained in pain on the tight pants.


Yurika looks up to me while having a painful expression as she already is holding her chest where the light came from with one of her hand and the other on her crotch.
According to the note, when the center part is taken out, the succubus would feel a sense of loss on her soul and she would be hungry. Then, the only one to satisfy the hunger of the female succubus is none other than the man’s semen.

「Onii-chan, please…I want it, I beg of you」

Her face distorts in anguish, her eyes are flushed, and she breathes out sweet heated breath. If you look closely, you can see that she put her hands in her legs and is squirming.

「I want it…Help me, onii-chan」

There’s no doubt. His little sister is in heat. Too much sexual excitement that he can’t endure it.

(It’s amazingly…erotic)

She’s wearing a pajama and long sleeves wrapping up her chest properly, so the exposure is low.
However her expression, her gestures were too lewd and alluring, that the throbbing in his crotch gets even hotter.
Unable to bear it he opened his belt and pants and dragged out his penis.

「Ah, Aah. Onii-chan’s…」

Her act isn’t too strange.
In front of his little sister that just entered high school is his erect penis, and Yurika’s gaze can’t separate on the grotesque sexual organs.
It’s one of the process of the magic contract.
The succubus has to drink the semen. The semen succubus drinks will fill up the lack of her soul, and the human who used his semen to fill up the succubus’ soul will be imprinted and she will recognize him as her master.
The soul of the succubus is bound to the summoner.

(Yurika’s face is drooling…it’s erotic. I can’t endure it anymore!)

He knows it’s a crazy act, but he didn’t stop anymore.
He began to rub the erect self with his right hand.

「Fuaa, ah, aah, The wall obstructs me so I can’t reach. Don’t tease me. ……Onii-chan’s smell…it smells delicious」

Seeing Shinji’s figure, Yurika sticks on the edge of the magic square.
The brother masturbates in front of his little sister, the little sister stares at it while being in heat.
The brother who wants to make the little sister a slave of lust, the bound little sister falls.
It’s an abnormal situation, but because of that, he’s excited.

「U, Uu!」

The lust rages, just a few minutes passed and he came already.
The semen flew, it attached to Yurika’s pajamas and pants, it fell on the floor where the magic square is written.

「Haaaa…this is onii-chan’s…semen」

Because the purpose is to make her drink, he should’ve approached and ejaculated closer on her face. He was too impatient, that it didn’t come to his mind.
Dammit! he thought, but Yurika did something out of his imagination again.

「Semen~…nnn, Noo~ I can’t take it anymore…ffuuu」

She prostrated and kneeled on the ground.

「For me to do such things…*lick*…fuuu, it has an amazing scent. ……*slurp*」

There’s no doubt. Holy shit.
Yurika licked the semen of his brother that was spilled on the floor.

「Deliiish…onii-hyan’s sheemen, delissh…*gulp*? N-no…Aaaaaaaaaa!?」

After she made a small gulping sound, her body under the pajama convulsed.


Her limbs, her wings and tail shrinks, and she fell down exhausted.
Her beautifully long black hair spread on the floor dirtied with semen and she’s breathing roughly.
A noble face can be seen on the gap of her hair, she was smiling with her cheeks loose and she showed a childish smile.

(Did she cum?)

There’s no doubt. Shinji’s little sister drink his semen on the floor, slurped it and became absent minded after she came by drinking it.

「Onii-hyan…semen…I came」

The tip of her hair and her long hands and feet stretched out the magic square. According to the note, the evidence that the contract has been made if a part of her body gets out of the magic square.
There’s no doubt. He made a subordination contract with his succubus little sister, she became a submissive lewd servant that only obeys Shinji.


The penis that just ejaculated and lost it’s power had hot blood flows on it again, It’s emphasizing the throbbing. His sexual desire swells when he accepted the soul of the succubus, his body is going crazy and wants to go violent.
While Shinji tasted it, it’s hard to hold him down easily, he’s tired of waiting for his sister that’s catching her breath.