Succubus Imouto Chapter 3


In front of her is Shinji that has lust rampaging, burning inside his body, Yurika looked up feebly.
He doesn’t know how long he has been enduring the intolerable throbbing, but it’s actually just one or two minutes.

「Are you okay?」
「Yes, maybe.」

The little sister placed both her hands on the floor and lifted her body slowly.
Eyes framed by long lashes looked at me feverishly. Factoring in her flushed eyes, she’s sexy enough that I want to hold her down and violate her as is.

「Onii-chan…No, should I call you “Goshujin-sama” or “Danna-sama”?」

I burst into laughter. Since Yurika said it as if she’s not joking, it was strange.

「It’s fine, just the same as always. We’re siblings after all」
「I see. Un, Okay. Onii-chan」

Yup. That call is good.
With that call, I feel strongly excited on how taboo it is.


I draw my lips on her glossy colored lips. For the first time in my thirty years since I was born, I’m going to exchange a kiss with my real little sister.

「ah…S-sorry! Wai…I’m sorry, wait a moment!」

The indecent female succubus shouldn’t be able to defy, yet she hid her face with her thin hand and took distance.
It’s reflected on her expression that she has been offended a little.
Yurika petitioned with teary eyes.

「I’m sorry, But, my mouth has onii-chan’s semen from a while ago…」
「It’s okay, that much. It’s okay」

It’s really okay. Well it might be a small problem, but as long as I there’s love there’s no problem. He’s strongly influenced by the lust at the moment.
Yet, even though she’s also in heat, and she is her brother’s servant, Yurika still averted her face away.

「But…Please. I want to wash away the semen that was stuck in my mouth and hair」

She told in a desperate tone.

「Once I’m clean, I’ll give myself to onii-chan…Please」

She doesn’t convey hate. At the same time, it was extremely lovely ・・・・・The wolf is coming .

「Got it. But, hurry up」
「Un, thank you. Also…I’m the same, it’s painful to endure it」

With her wet eyes and the sweet body odor feels stronger than usual, her words are clearly true.
Loosening the hand that grabbed her arm reluctantly, Yurika whispered 「I’m sorry」once again and proceeded to the bathroom.

(That’s right, calm down. Even though she’s my “Thing”, she’s still my little sister. I should be gentle)

I should endure, waiting is also a great experience, it’s the best spice.
Right now, I have to enjoy this suspense.


The sound of shower water can be heard from the bathroom.
Right there, Yurika is naked, and hot water is flowing on her white skin.

(But, I won’t wait anymore)

The weak willed Shinji didn’t even last 10 minutes.
He took off his clothes and break into the bathroom


Yurika was holding the shower while sitting in the bath chair, she raised a small scream.
It seems I came in the middle of shampoo rinsing. The contrast of her black hair and white skin, I can’t resist the charming youthfulness.
It’s not as large as those bikini idols, still her breasts grew just fine, and her narrow waist draws a soft curve.
A cosplay like horn and wing, then her tail has a nice accent.
The self-control meter was shook away easily with his beautiful little sister in front of him.

「Yurika, did you clean your mouth already?」
「Eh? Y-yeah…Nnnnnn!?」

There’s no need to restrain myself anymore after she rinsed it. Her small head is hold by both hands and I forced to stack our lips.


She’s trying to say something but I interrupted and forcibly kissed her.
Both of us are first timer so we can’t hide the lack of experience. Our front tooth hit each other as a result of our eagerness, yet it stirs up the excitement even more.

「Yurika. You’re my thing」
「Ah, aah…」

The shower head fell on the floor and scatters hot water, but who cares?
When I came here, I have no intention to restrain myself.
I hold out my tongue wanting to connect deeper, then the mouth timidly opened and accepts it.
She licked my lips, and the tongue crawls on the front teeth. In addition, when I tried to put my tongue in, a rough and soft feeling comes out.

(Aah. This is is Yurika’s tongue)1

The tongues entwine in ecstasy. We don’t know if we’re doing well but I just want to lick the other’s tongue and have them accept mine.

「Fu, nnn…nchu」

My hand attacked the swelling chest while doing it.
It had a soft feedback. It’s great. The size enters my palm entirely, and despite that there’s still some excess. It has an exquisite fitting. Somehow, rather than calming down I got even more excited.
When I moved my finger to massage the pure white dome, she screamed 「A…un!」sweetly, and the sweet voice was suppressed certainly.

「Ah, sorry. Did it hurt?」

I released the lips in panic, and removed the power on my fingers, Yurika looked up on his brother and shook her head.

「No, I’m okay. It hurt for a bit…but I’m really okay」

She reached his cheeks then looked at his eyes.

「I’m already Onii-chan’s thing. That’s why for you to demanding wildly, I’m happy」

Then she added with「But it’s my first time, so I’d be happy if you’re a bit gentler」
While suppressing the boiling sensation in my head from the cuteness, I bind my molar and suppress my rampage.
The skin is moist with the hot water, while enjoying the soft sensation of her tender meat down below.

「Fuu…nn, a…」

While sighing and leaking out a small sweet voice, Yurika’s small body wriggled.
Playing with her small lovely nipples by my fingers, it got hard in response.

(Yurika can feel it)

My little sister reacts and feels my caress. Seeing that clear evidence, the excitement increases even more.
I moved my face below and I hold her nipples in my mouth.


Unable to find room for composure she raised her voice, Yurika’s body trembled.
I stimulate her chest further as I enjoy her reaction. I caress the nipple with my mouth and rubbing the other breast with my hand. I licked, strengthened my lips and sucked it .

「Ya, nku, haa, aaa」

She used both her arms to hug my head on her chest. I feel like a became a young boy at all, my face is buried in a soft swelling.
I used my free hand on the free breast and stimulated both of them.

「Kyuun…Ah, Onii-chan…Aaa」
「Yurika’s chest is soft. I feel really good just by touching it」

I want to taste the softness and warmth of a girl’s chest for a long time.
He had such thoughts, but his lower body is at limit.
It’s throbbing and beating, the pain is too much. I wants to enter a comfortable place faster, it’s throbbing piles up the want to spit out to it’s heart’s content.
I reluctantly looked up from the chest and saw Yurika.

「Let’s go to the bed. I can’t endure it anymore」
「…Okay. Me too…Please, Onii-chan」

We closed the shower and got out, we omitted the body wiping because it will take too long, I pushed her down the bed while drenched. Who cares? It’s not a season where you feel cold after bath nor catch a cold.
I kiss the white body over and over again while absorbing the water dropping out. I kissed her nape, sucked up her swelling chest, then made my lip crawl over her firm stomach.

「Ah, ah, Onii-cha…uun」

I used my palm to comb her legs side by side, then my fingers reached her female part.

「Fu, aaa」

She shut her legs in panic, and my palm is caught between her thighs. Does she intend to resist? even her tail is coiled around my wrist.
However, my fingers feels a slimy sensation different from the hot water in the shower earlier.
The brother understood when he noticed it. She whispered with her bright red face.

「O-onii-chan…I think I’m good already」
「Yeah. Me too, I want to be one with Yurika faster」

She opened her legs shyly, then they stacked their bodies.
It was their first experience and they’re too excited, he was worried a bit if it could enter well. He holds his penis, then made a point of tough on Yurika’s crotch.

「Fuu N…」

The glans somehow found the crack and settled. He instinctually believed that he should put it in there.

「Here we go, Yurika.」
「Unn…nn, Kuuuuuu!」

The tip slips in the beginning, then he was wrapped by a wet warm touch while feeling a slight resistance from there.

(Amazing. This is a girl’s insides)

It feels ridiculously good.
The hot penis is being embraced by a slimy meat. It tightens so hard, it sticks to the surface however it’s smooth.

「Haa, aaa…nn」

It feels much better than I imagined.

(It feels too good that I might release if I move just a bit)

I have to endure it for a bit as I don’t want to be disgraceful.
While spitting a slow breath, he looked down on his sister.
Even though she’s in heat because of magic and is a succubus, is her first time painful? Her noble face is distorted tightly, her eyes are shut, and she’s pulling her lip tight. Both her hand grabs the sheet, and it seems that her power is in her joint.

「Fuu, kuu…uuun」

Her face brings tears in pain, it’s pitiful.
But, for that reason, the overwhelming sense of conquest and satisfaction are brought out.

(It’s impossible to endure this!)

Move, rub, I want to feel even better. My penis ached and demanded helplessly.

「I’m gonna move」
「Fugu…Un,」 Un…」

I kissed Yurika who nodded admirably, I licked her tears and moved my waist back and forth.


I just moved a little and the pleasure is unbelievable.
Her insides cling tightly, her whole, especially her folds are rubbing slippery. I might even cum just by this, I gritted my teeth as it was necessary to hold back.


When I pulled my waist to some degree, I thrust it once again. This time the glans rub and push it’s way through the meat, the pleasure makes the penis melt runs up to his spine.

「Ua, ouch…Nn, fuu」

I’m a bit sorry that Yurika seems to be having difficulty on breathing, but it feels really good.
Rather, the crying face of his little sister tickles his inner sadism so he can’t control himself anymore.
However, it’s just right. With the excitement and pleasure piling up, it’s obvious that it won’t be long.

「Yurika. Just a bit more so do your best」
「Uguu, ah, Onii-chan…Onii-chan, nu」

He moves his waist as he covers the top of his little sister’s body.
The penis is rubbed against a tight soft meat a lot of times and the hot pressure wells up in no time.
I want to stay in pleasure like this forever but I desperately want to release it at the same time.


Finally, I pushed my weight and thrust in the innermost part, then I ejaculated.


It’s completely different from ejaculating from masturbation. While being wrapped in a warm tight and pleasant place, I released out semen on the depths of a partner with a human temperature.

(Amazing, It feels good…amazing!)

He lived for so long, they got well for so long, he continued to seal the feelings that ethics won’t allow in the shadows.
Inside the vagina of his little sister that is cuter than anyone in the world, as her first man, I pollute her with semen.
*Byuku byuku* an unbelievable power came out, semen run through his urethra and gush to the tip


Shinji relaxed his body after he released the last drop inside Yurika’s womb.


  1. これ、由香里のベロだ, The author may have mispelled it or I just don’t know what that is.