Succubus Imouto Chapter 4

1-4: I tried to make my hardworking little sister cum

「Haa, haa, haa…」

When his breathing settled, Shinji’s consciousness returned. If course he took out the thing that released and the throbbing has subsided.
Power escapes his whole body after ejaculating, he fell over and put his weight on his little sister.

(Oops. If this continued, I’m heavy)

I rest my elbow on the bed and attempted to lift my body.
And, an arm held the back of my head and I was hugged tightly.


When I called her, she put even more force in her arm.
The soft body is pressed.

「Onii-chan…I’m happy」

Yurika whispered in his ears.

「I, for all this time…I wanted to be with onii-chan like this」

The hugging arm is thin, if I liked it, then it’s easy to sit upright.
However, why I can’t force her arm out?

「I’m completely different from the ordinary all this time. I felt so. Of course, everyone thinks like that but, in the end I’m not normal」

That’s because she’s a succubus. She’s different from the humans surrounding her.

「But, Onii-chan always sticks with me and protects me」
「That’s because we’re siblings. However, I didn’t know that Yurika was a succubus」
「Yeah. But you know, I loved onii-chan all this time」

In this situation, the little sister’s chest got warmer because of her words. I slip my arms between the bed and Yurika’s body then I hugged her back while being careful not to get too heavy.
Looking so glad, she rubbed her face on the nape. She’s just like a cat.

「Onii-chan, I love you」
「…Is that so?」
「Yeah. I love you」

They’re siblings, therefore such relationships is considered abnormal.
Yet, they embraced each other naked, and for some reason it feels really calming.

「I’m glad I gave it to Onii-chan…」

The disturbed breathing from the act earlier settled down, it was replaced with an exchange of pleasant warmth.

(…Yup. It’s somehow calming)

Only one part of his body hadn’t settled down.
While feeling Yurika’s breath from his nape, the penis that hadn’t been removed yet began to swell once again.

「It’s okay, Onii-chan」

Of course, the penis is in the interior of her body so it’s transmitted to Yurika.
The flesh in his groin began to throb lust once again, what should I do?

「No, but didn’t it hurt?」

The arm surrounding me got filled with strength again.

「Well, you see. That’s…well. It did hurt, but for a moment it felt… it felt a bit pleasant. That’s why…」

My head felt dizzy. No matter how you look at it she’s too cute.
Aah, there’s no doubt. My little sister is obviously, without a doubt, a succubus.

(Don’t tempt me too much!)

When you’re tempted cutely like this, there’s no way you can just not respond.
My penis regains it’s hardness suddenly, I instinctively thrust my waist to Yurika’s womb.

「Hyuu, ah, hard…Onii-cha,n~!>」

He was considerate and was holding back a while ago, but it was completely blown away with her words right now.
The lust is flowing like crazy, there’s no room even after releasing it twice.

(Aah, Amazing…As expected, Yurika’s insides feels good!)

The penis goes back and forth, the folds of her vaginal meat coils around a lot of times trying to unite.

「If feels good, Yurika」
「Nfu, afu, onii-chan」

When I changed how I move, I can enjoy different stimulation. Tip feels good when he pierce the innermost part, the depths adjust as he moves and the part where he thrust and it feels pleasant.

(A girl’s vagina, has various structure inside)

He tried to change the depth and angle, he felt various pleasure. It’s fun to learn new things.
Furthermore, this time it wasn’t that much.

「Hauu, ah, ah, aah」

The little sister had body that was stiff from pain a while ago now shows a different reaction.

「Ah, u…It still hurts, It’s…fine, nnn, fuaaa?」

It’s obvious that a sweet voice mixes on the breath leaking out her beautiful pink mouth. There’s no doubt. She’s feeling pleasure.
If that’s the case, Shinji feels happy to be able to help her feel good.

「Yurika, you’re cute」
「Eh? Ah, Aaa, Onii-chan…Nhiuu」

She’s glad that she’s praised. She clinged to him even more.
It was difficult to move, but having restricted movement is also a good thing. He moves his waist as he will feeling pleasure that he might cum immediately again.

(Huh? The womb of Yurika…)

What’s happening? The feeling of entangling in my penis has changed?

「Haau, nnaa, fuuunnn」

It became clear when I lowered my pace and controlled my waist.
I had a feeling that it tightened hard a while ago, but her vagina meat definitely got sensitive. It’s making a complex motion like a wave and entwining with the penis.

(Uwaa…! This is even better than earlier)

In addition, I can see that Yurika moves her waist restlessly.
She’s moving her waist back and forth as if protesting my penis.

「Yurika. You’re moving your waist」
「Hauu…Eh? Ah, ah,…No way」

It seems she’s not aware. She only noticed it after I pointed it out, then she raised an embarrassed voice.
That was too cute that I thrust my hips strongly, 「Naaaa!?」She raised a lovely voice.

「Does it still hurt?」
「Err, Yeah. Just a bit」
「I see. …Then, does it feel good?」

When I looked up from her neck to peek on her face, the little sister faced averted her face and doesn’t answer.
So, to prompt her to answer, I moved my waist violently and thrust my penis deep inside.


A cute voice was let out and I stopped moving my waist.

「How is it? Does it feel good?」
「U, Uu~…」

She’s leaking a reproachful voice, then she looked at her brother with teary eyes, A small voice that may or may not be heard leaked and answered.

「It feels good. That’s why, please, I beg of you…onii-chan, I want do do more naughty things」

The blood rose to his head. Of course, it’s impossible to decline the request of his cute little sister.
He’s excited about the delight, he moved his waist big.

「Fuku, n, Naaaa」

The panting voice flows into her ear, Yurika herself realized that she feels it.
The desire to ejaculate rose up quickly and it can’t stop anymore.
He wants to play with his little sister more, even though he wants to tease her. But there’s no way he can endure this anymore.

「Yurika, N, Kuu」
「Nnn, niuu…Haaa, Onii-chan」

After all, I didn’t stand for long. The glans rubbing the inside got defeated by the pleasure of vaginal meat easily, he’s driven to the limit

(Kuh, Coming out!!)

Semen was released in a momentum that’s amazing for a third time.

「Haa, nnn…」

No matter how you look at it, the amount of ejaculation and the intensity of ejaculation continued. It was a tremendous pleasure.
Maybe because Yurika is charming. Or is it that the energy is raised when I swallowed the soul of the succubus, or is it “Leeching off”

(Whatever it is, it’s fine because it feels good)

The image of being sucked and dried up came into mind but he’s unable to endure it.


She must’ve felt the release in her body. Yurika leaked out a satisfied looking sigh.
As a woman, does she remember the sense of achievement of making a man feel good? Or is it as a succubus, that she feels happiness because she got nourishment with a delicious meal?

(Whatever it is, it’s still not enough)

After all, it seems to be squeezed. Although penis should become somewhat soft after ejaculating, it’s not loosing the hardness on the core yet. While being wrapped in a soft flesh, it demands that it want to release more.
Straightened her breathing, feeling tired, but she seems to be glad that Yurika met my eyes and put on a happy smile.


She wishes for a kiss. When the little sister raised her chin and closed her eyes, I threw in my waist and my penis moved greatly.

「Eeh!? Hyaaun!」

Seeing the little sister opened her eyes wide surprised as she was caught off guard, the penis is rubbing the interior of her body. My penis instantly regained it’s hardness from the new desire and stimulus, it’s violating her insides.
I curled my back and faced her swelling chest.


When I took the nipple in my mouth and stimulated it, she raised a voice in agony. The reaction of her body reaches the vagina and tightens up my penis.
Learning a new pleasure again, I want to try various things more. I lick her nape while moving my waist, I rub her chest with my hand, and I tried to lick her nipples hard.

「Han, Nku, Uuunnn」

A sweet scream raises from the reaction of Yurika’s sweet body, the desire doesn’t stop.

「Ah, haua, nchuu, nnnnn」

I kissed the cherry colored lips that leaks out a heavy breath in the gap, I pressed the lip against the other side.
I stick out the tongue, she respond with a tongue. While doing so, I can’s stand to not move my penis back and forth and rub her breast, indecent breathing is leaked from the gap of the lips and tongue put together.

「Yurika, you’re cute. Too cute」
「Ah, Awa, Onii-chan…Onii-chan!」

Her womb is making a *Kyun Kyun* sound as if delighted to the penis. She certainly feels it , Yurika might possibly cum.

(Somehow, I want to see her cum!)

The anus tightened while holding back ejaculation desperately as he move his waist rhythmically. He pulled it out in the last minute and thrust it on the deepest part.

「Yaa, A…I’m cumming…I’m going crazy!」
「Go on. Go crazy」

Just a bit more. Just a bit more and Yurika might cum. While being encouraged by the premonition, I ransack my penis to her vagina.
Inside, feeling the stiff part, while looking the rugged feeling, I scratched the glans.

「If Yurika feels good, then I’m glad」
「Auu, there…Annuuuu!」

The aim doesn’t seem off, Yurika made a loud voice.
After all it seem that the location of the sensitive place changed, it prioritized stimulating the penis.
After all the most pleasurable place for the penis is rubbed the most, the hips lose it’s power and the pressure of ejaculation rises.

「Hyaa, Nnn…Onii-chan, ah, aah, I’m…」

In front of him is a face that turned bright red from the banging of the hips, somehow it boosted me to work hard to force Yurika.
She embraced my head hard once again, at the same time it was the strongest squeeze of her vagina on the penis so foar.

「Yaaa, cumming, cummii…iiiiing!」
「Kuh, Yurika…!!!」

She came. Yurika came.
While filled with joy, the internal pressure that was held down was released.
*Byuku byuku* and the overwhelming sense of ejaculation has come up to the internal organs itself1 , it runs through the urethra It produces an overwhelming pleasure that his head turned white.
How many times it pulsated, did it gush out?
Everything ended and the power in his body vanished.

(No good. I can’t move anymore)

I collapsed on top of my little sister’s body, my cheeks leaned against her soft breast.

「Haa, haa, haa…」
「N, u, fuu…uu」

Shinji closed his eyes for the time being when he heard that his breath and his little sister’s breathing settled.


  1. 内臓そのものを打ち出しているのではないかと疑うほどの圧倒的な射精感が