Easy Survival Life 001 Prologue



Third-Year-Summer in high school, waiting for examinations.

I’m in delight for the approaching summer vacation.

(Once we’re in summer vacation, I’m going for a survival tour in an uninhabited island)

During the height of smartphone prosperity, I, Shinomiya Hokage, is interested in the primitive.

To be specific, I love survival tropes.

Shooting harpoon at fishes under the sea, eating mushrooms.

I yearn for that kind of life.

That’s why my dreams for the future are to live on an uninhabited island.

I’ll work, earn money, and buy an island and live a survival life there.

It’s a childhood dream of mine and that’s why I am making preparations.

For example, in my school bag.

People would get angry if they find out but I have a survival knife inside.

I also have other survival goods and so I’m ready if a disaster happens right now.

I’m ready if things go south.

I have used knowledge from many books, internet information, and videos.

I have piled up experience several times to participate in an uninhabited island tour.

I won’t call myself a professional but I’m sure that I know more than amateurs.


Something hits my back while I was in high spirits.

The feeling of the object that hit me seem to be an eraser.

When I turned around, I found the top of the class caste looking this way.

They’re grinning.

「Hey, Hokage! Do Kagebunshin! Shadow Clone!」

「Yeah, try saying “Nin! Nin!”」

My name’s Hokage and so they play with me like that.

I don’t know but it seems to be the same name as the protagonist of a very popular manga.

That’s why others call me “Ninja” I don’t mind it.

「If I can do that then I would’ve done it already」

I retorted back but it didn’t reach their ears.

For them, that means that I would end their banter.

If it’s not the reaction they’re looking for then it’s the end of the joke.

I belong to the lower end of the class caste, but not the bottom.

Unlike the typical otaku who wears glasses, I look ordinary.

They throw light banter at me but they don’t bully me.

「Man, I want summer vacation to come sooner」

I sighed, face forward, lie down on the desk thinking about summer vacation.

Then, the chime should sound and I wake up to take classesーOr how it should’ve been.


When I opened my eyes, I’m in a different place.

It’s a mysterious cave somewhere. I’m lying down around the entrance.

Outside is a forest spreading outside.

「Is this a dream? But it feels real. Is this reality?」

I won’t call this a dream but it’s too far off from reality.

But, I can’t help but feel that this is a reality.

Putting that aside.

「That’s my bag」

My bag is just lying down next to me.

Inside are a lot of survival goods I can use.

「I don’t get it」

I don’t know what’s going on.

Where’s this place, and why am I here?


Not knowing the meaning, I can affirm this much.

「This is an opportunity」

Whether it’s a dream or it’s real, on this occasion.

Anyway, I can indulge myself in this survival magic.

I didn’t know about this excellent delight.