Easy Survival Life Chapter 010 Second Day Morning



The next morning, waking up was painful.

(My breath…)

I can’t breathe normally.

Something’s pushing against my face.

What’s going on that it’s hard to breathe as soon as I woke up?

I can’t find the answer.

「 Ugu, ugugu!!! 」

I’m in a panic.

I opened my eyes and flailed my limbs.

It seems that I can move my body. Let’s assess the situation.

Then, I noticed.

「 What?! Wait, hey! It’s Hokage! 」

That was Arisa.

「 You really are a pervert! I never thought you’d attack me while I’m asleep 」

「 No, nononononono 」

I denied in panic.

「 What’s going on? 」

Mana and the girls woke up.

「 Listen! Hokage attacked me while I was sleeping 」

「 No way?! Really!? 」

Mana’s shocked.

Eri and Karin’s eyes completely switched.

Their eyes look drowsy but they’re looking at a criminal.

「 No, wait. Look at it. You’re sleeping at my place 」

「 Huh? 」

Arisa’s surprised.

「 Look, this is where I slept last night. I used my books as pillows 」

I claim false charges on their suspicions of failed sexual assault attempt.

Above all, I have proof that I was in the place I slept in.

「 T-Then, what was that with earlier?! You were burying your face to my chest! 」

Even so, Arisa still claims that I’m guilty.

「 Well, that’s because you’re on top of me 」

「 Huh? 」

Even Arisa’s surprised.

「 「 「 ………. 」 」 」

The girls opened their mouths dumbfoundedly.

「 I slept lying down like the dead. I’m confident in my absurd sleeping posture. Once I sleep, I will not change pose until I wake up. I’m a self-proclaimed survival man and so I will not waste my precious morning stamina 」

「 True 」

Mana, the juror, nods.

「 It makes sense 」


「 I can agree to that 」

Karin too.

「 Then, I woke up because I couldn’t breathe. And the cause of that is… 」

「 Me?! 」

「 That’s right. Arisa, your chest covered my whole face. Besides, I don’t know where you slept but you should know that you woke up in a different place from when you slept, right? 」

I looked at a far location.

Perhaps, that’s where Arisa slept.

Why do I know? It’s because some textbooks are lying around.

Furthermore, it’s her textbooks.

「 「 「 「 Ah 」 」 」 」

The girls are convinced that it was Arisa.

They let go of my charges.

「 Well, sorry about that! I treated you like a rapist! 」

Arisa apologizes with a light fear on her tone.

「 I’d like to be spared from those if possible… 」

「 I know, I’m really sorry! I’ll be careful next time 」

A senior at a part-time job nearly raped Arisa.

Perhaps, that experience is what makes her nerves placed on the edge.

The false accusation gave me a sudden chill but since I was able to prove my innocence, they didn’t pursue further.

「 So, what are we going to do today? 」

Mana asks while eating a mushroom for breakfast.

「 Well, we’re fishing! 」

Arisa replies, not me.

「 I want to do something else other than fishing 」

「 What did you say?! 」

「 Well, fishing is okay too 」

We have plants and mushrooms for food.

Therefore, fishing isn’t a priority but I agree with the composite idea.

We can’t allow any stress to the members to grow larger.

Besides, we can also do other things while in the river.

「 I’ll give Arisa a fishing rod, what about the others? 」

「 「 「 ………. 」 」 」

It looks like nobody other than Arisa is interested to go fishing.

I sighed inside my mind.

If everyone says that they want to catch fish, that would have been bad.

「 What?! I’m the only one who wants to catch fish? 」

「 That’s right. With that said, I’ll have to ask everyone else to gather some rocks 」

「 Rocks? You mean the rocks around there? 」

Mana tilts her head.

「 That’s right. Don’t pick pebbles, pick those with a bit of size. I need to make some ax, knife, and some spear and other weapons 」

「 If that’s the case, shouldn’t you need a tree for that? 」

Then, Eri;

「 It helps that you’re quick to guess. We need trees too. Stones are used for the edge part. I’d like you to gather the good ones you find. Even if we can’t use it for stone tools, we can use it for bonfire 」

「 Eri and Mana can gather wood, got it? I’ll pick the stones myself

Karin said.

Her gaze turned to me.

「 I don’t have as much knowledge as Hokage but I still know some. I can pick and find which could be used for stone tools, and I think that I alone would be enough for the task. What do you think? 」

That would be helpful.

Karin’s eyes show confidence, it should be okay to entrust this to her.

「 Okay, I’ll let Karin take stones. Eri, take care of the wood, please. Mana, can you gather plants and mushrooms? I think that Arisa will end up with no catch1

「 Bald? 」

Mana tilts her head.

「 I’m not bald! 」

Arisa says some nonsense.

「 I meant that she might not catch any fish. In other words, Arisa might not be able to lure fishes 」

「 See! 」

For some reason, Mana shortens “I see” to “See”

「 You’re looking down on me Hokage! Watch me! 」

Arisa seems to be on fire.

Although, I don’t think that it will change the result.

Well, what’s important is that she tried.

「 Our range of work should be on the riverside and don’t go too far. If you find a predator, run back to the cave while screaming 」

「 「 「 「 Roger! 」 」 」 」

The girls saluted for some reason.

「 So, what is Hokage doing? 」

Mana asks.

「 First, I’m going to make a fishing rod for Arisa. Though I’m calling it a fishing rod, it’s just a thread and pin attached to a bamboo 」

Fortunately, I have a fishing hook.

Making a bamboo pole for fishing s the real charm of survival.

It’s a digression but they say that they use animal bones as a fish hook.

「 Then, we’re going to make earthenware after that 」

「 「 「 Earthenware? 」 」 」

The girls are surprised, except for Karin.

Karin is making a face that says “I knew it”

「 That sounds so ancient! What’s this Jumon era?! 」

Arisa speaks somewhat excitedly.

「 It doesn’t sound like it, it is exactly in the Jumon era. That’s our civilization right now 」

Paleolithic age and Jumon era.

It’s exactly the age we’re experiencing with our environment.


  1. Also translated as “bald”