Easy Survival Life Chapter 012 Tool Making and Mouth (R18)



When we arrived at the cave, Mana and the girls are just coming back as well.

「 Arisa caught a fish!? Not Hokage?! 」

「 Hokage helped out a bit but I’m the one who did it! Right? 」

「 It’s true. Arisa did it with her own efforts. She caught a fish 」

「 That’s amazing Arisa! You’re no longer bald! 」

「 Right?! Hokage keeps on telling me that I got it wrong though! Hokage, you worry too much about minor details! 」

Arisa, who is in good humor, high-fived Mana and the girls.

Meanwhile, I’m already preparing to cook the fish Arisa caught.

I created a bonfire and surrounded it with a triangular pyramid of sticks.

Then, I placed the fish on top of it and started cooking the Char.

「 Hokage, what about the earthenware? 」

As expected, Karin’s curious about it.

「 They’re still burning off. They’re in the riverside 」

「 Looks good. Then, can you look at these stones? I did check them but just in case…

Karin lined up the stones near the cave.

The stones are neatly organized and sorted out.

「 This is perfect. 」

I unconsciously speak out words of praise.

It’s great to have a woman who is excellent at their work.

「 So we don’t have problems with stones? 」

「 This should be enough for now. Thanks 」

「 Hokage- 」「 Hokage-kun 」

This time, Mana and Eri called me.

Both of them are asking me to check their work.

「 Looks like you two did a good job too. We have a good amount of wood, and most of the stuff Mana harvested is edible 」

It’s not the same as Karin but Mana and Eri also did their best.

It’s biased opinion but I thought that women are bad at this kind of work.

They betrayed my expectations in a good way, and it’s a great help.

「 We’re going for manual labor in the afternoon so let’s fortify ourselves with a meal 」

「 「 「 Ooh! 」 」 」

Our second-day meal is going swimmingly.

Since the girls are better at their job as I expected, the contents of our afternoon work have changed.

Eri, Karen, and my work changed.

Eri’s harvesting clay, Karin’s in charge of making earthenware stuff.

Then I’m making tools using the wood and stone gathered.

Stone tools that imitate an ax, a spear, and a knife.

My expectation is that our work becomes efficient by making those.

「 Karin’s got a lot of history knowledge 」

I mutter while working alone in front of the cave.

The girls are all capable, but Karin’s the special one.

She took over the earthenware making and she made progress from a simple explanation.

She has enough knowledge, and she can understand even if you don’t explain it too much to her.

As long as it’s not too much of manual labor, I can expect her to work as my other-self.

「 Wow, you’re done with the ax and spear already. Hokage-kun, you’re fast at doing stuff 」

Eri appears while I was absorbed in work.

It seems that she gathered the clay near the cave.

Her hands are dirty.

「 Karin seems to have processed the stones beforehand. It fits with the wood Eri harvested, and so it becomes easy to craft them 」

「 Do we have a lot of pointed stones? 」

「 That’s right. Turning stones sharp would take time but most of it doesn’t need any sharpening at all 」

Eri looks like she understands, then she squats next to me.

Then, she peeks into my face.

「 W-What? 」

I looked at Eri’s face and remembered the thing that happened yesterday.

The scene where she gave me a handjob.

「 You seem erect again 」

She laughed.

It’s already 70% erect and so it’s easy to discover.

「 You get erect from my gaze, that’s amazing, Hokage-kun 」

「 Can’t help it, I’m a guy 」

「 Want me to squeeze it out again? 」

She speaks with upturned eyes.

I don’t know if she’s joking or serious.

I don’t know, but I answered reflexively.

「 Seriously? You sure? 」

Sadly, I got baited like a monkey.

「 You’re doing your best for our sake after all. Think of it as a reward 」

「 Oh 」

I’m interrupted from my work.

She’s not touching me and yet I’m fully erect now.

Eri’s squeezed me yesterday, and today as well.

Just imagining it makes me want to ejaculate already.

「 But, as you can see, my hands are dirty 」

「 T-Then, your mouth! Can you do it with your mouth? 」

「 I guess that’s the only choice 」

Eri immediately agreed.

「 We’re going to stand out here, let’s go inside the cave 」

「 Y-Yeah, got it! 」

I can’t stop anymore. Nobody can stop me.

We went inside the cave.

The deepest part of the cave is dark, even when it’s daytime.

The light outside can hardly come in.

But, it wasn’t to the degree where we can’t see each other.

「 This time, you take your clothes off 」

Eri got down to her knees.

I did as she told me and pulled down my pants and briefs.

My erect penis jumped out in front of her.

「 I won’t use my hands this time so you make the adjustments, Hokage-kun 」

Saying that Eri opened her mouth.

She drops her hands.

「 Got it. Thanks 」

I grab the back of Eri’s head with my left hand and hold my penis with my right.

Then, I leveled my penis horizontally and insert it on Eri’s mouth.

「 Ngu 」

As soon as my penis enters her mouth, Eri closed it.

I was worried that her teeth would bite my penis but it didn’t happen.

She sucks strongly without saying anything.

She attacks my penis with intense pressure.

「 W-Wow 」

I’m not moving and yet I already want to ejaculate.

「 It feels good, Eri 」

Eri looked at me while having my penis in her mouth and shows a faint smile in her eyes.

「 Let’s move 」

I say then moved my hips.

Just a slight movement in and out creates intense stimulus.

The sound of her mouth echoing in the cave helps the pleasure.

「 Ah, crap, amazing 」

The intensity of my swinging hips is increasing.

I hold the back of Eri’s head with both hands and continue to swing.

Eri stares at me and continues to suck with her mouth.

「 I’m cumming! I’m cumming! Can I cum inside your mouth? 」

Eri nodded lightly.

I got permission to cum in her mouth.

「 Thanks. Thank you, for real, Eri 」

My huge swings gradually turn short and repeated.

I concentrate the stimulus on my glans and pass through the critical point.

It’s already fully erect and yet, it’s growing bigger.

「 Cumming! 」

As soon as I say that, I ejaculated.

My ejaculation from yesterday was already amazing but I feel like I came more this time.

「 Fuu 」

I carefully pull out my no-longer erect penis from Eri’s mouth.

Her handjob was great, but the fellatio is greater.

「 If you spit the semen I poured in your mouth, it will smell here 」

I’m in a literal sage mode right now.

「 Okay, let’s go outside the cave and-wait 」

I was in the middle of talking.

Then, I heard a gulping sound.

I heard Eri swallow the semen.

「 I swallowed it 」

Eri gulped it all down and showed a bewitching smile as she speaks.

「 You swallowed it? Are you okay? 」

「 I don’t want to walk around while holding it, and I don’t really mind 」

I can’t hold my surprise.

「 By the way, what does semen taste like? 」

「 If you want to know then give me a French kiss. There’s still some residue of Hokage-kun’s semen in my mouth. If you insert your tongue, I think you can taste it 」

「 No, I’ll refrain 」

「 Is that something you’d say when you don’t refrain when with me? 」

Eri smiled.

「 No, yeah, that, sorry 」

「 Ahaha, I was just joking. Now that you feel refreshed, you can resume work 」

「 Y-Yeah 」

I’m no match against Eri. I thought.