Easy Survival Life Chapter 015 Beach and Mana (R18)



The Third Day.

The weather’s clear today.

There’s not a single cloud in the sky, nor any hints of rain incoming.

We started doing work we decided last night after finishing our breakfast.

Arisa’s fishing. Eri’s harvesting food. Karin’s collecting clay for more earthenware production.

The Asakura sisters who are newcomers are in charge of making clothes and bedding.

Then, Mana and I are…

「 I feel like this has been the first time we’re together alone 」

「 Now that you mention it. I’ve been alone with Eri and Arisa but not with Mana and Karin yet 」

–We arrived at the beach.

「 Well, it’s not exactly just the two of us 」

「 Ukikiki 」

Mana chose the perverted monkey, Rita as her companion to the beach.

Rita’s obedient to Mana, he follows her commands.

That’s how we made him assist us in our work.

「 I want to grab some seaweed. 」

「 We’re collecting seashells. Let’s go, Rita 」

「 Ukikiki! 」

This time, we both have an earthenware container in our hands.

One is for gathering seaweed and saltwater, and the other one is to gather seashells.

Especially the valuable shells.

We can burn, sterilize, and then smash it to pieces to get calcium carbonate.

Then, that’s a raw ingredient for soap, and we can use it on all various stuff.

I’m collecting seaweed and ingredients I can use for making soap.

Seaweed has a variety of types and so I’m going to pick the edible ones.

For example, Wakame and Kelp are widely known.

「 I’m going 」

「 Got it! Yo! You’re naked! 」

「 Can’t help it. I don’t have a wet suit 」

I took off my clothes so I can dive well on the sea.

As soon as Mana saw my naked body, she covered her eyes with both hands.

The perverted monkey, Rita mimicked Mana.

「 I’m using the clothes I took off as a landmark to make sure that you don’t get too far off 」

「 O-Okay 」

Mana removed her hand and looked this way.

She looked at me making a daunting pose and spoke while blushing.

「 Why are you erect? Gross 」

「 Huh? 」

I noticed when she mentioned it.

My penis is moderately erect.

It’s more than half erect but less than fully erect. Let’s just say that it’s 80% erect.

「 T-That doesn’t mean that I’m thinking of any perverted thoughts 」

I really wasn’t thinking of anything.

My head is filled with the ocean.

I can feel the treasure house in the sea due to my knowledge about survival methods.

Especially with the conditions we have.

The saltwater temperature isn’t too low, and I have my goggles.

This isn’t really a survival item but just an item from the class a few days ago.

I left it out and forgot, which bore fruit this time.

Thanks to that, I can clearly see the treasure house of nature.

「 I never thought that Hokage’s dick would be the first one I’d see. Feels weird 」

Getting accustomed to my naked body, Mana stares at my penis.

「 Want to touch it? 」

I cracked a joke that’s enough to get called as sexual harassment.

I was waiting for a response like “Pervert! No way!”

Then, I’m going to laugh it off and just dive into the sea.

「 Huh? You sure? 」

Mana’s reaction was out of my expectations.

「 Huh, sure. But you serious? 」

I panicked because that wasn’t what I expected.

「 Rita, can you gather shells for me? 」

「 Uki! 」

Rita follows Mana’s orders and started working immediately.

I don’t know but for some reason, he glared at me for a moment.

If you’re going to work then don’t glare at me now.

「 I-I’m really going to touch it 」

Mana stands right in front of me.

「 Go on 」

Weird air of tension floats around.

What’s with this development?

Mana touched my penis while I think of that.

She pokes it with her left index finger.

Poke. Poke.

My penis twitched from Mana’s touch.

It bounces each time she pokes me.

「 Wow, it moved 」

「 W-Well, it’s because a girl’s touching it. And even more since Mana’s cute 」

「 Hey, trying to seduce me at times like this? Stop that, pervert 」

「 No, that wasn’t my intention 」

「 I know. I was just joking 」

Mana continued poking my penis for a while.

「 Do boys feel it when girls poke it like this? 」

「 Just a bit. Girls may say that it’s weird but it feels good when you stroke it 」

「 Like this? 」

「 Wait..ooh 」

Mana started stroking with her left hand. My penis.

I was just about to dive into the sea.

「 Wow, Hokage’s dick is getting bigger and harder. You can feel it 」

Mana continues her handjob while saying that.

「 It’s about time. Oh wait, I should stop. This is bad 」

It feels good that I might ejaculate.

But if I cum right now, it would pour on Mana’s skirt.

We have to avoid that.

「 Embarrassed? That’s cute. Hokage 」

Fap fap. Fap Fap.

「 You really need to stop… 」

「 You’re cumming already? Isn’t that too fast? 」

「 I’m still a virgin you know. Isn’t that obvious that I’d be a quick shot? I’m sorry about that 」

「 Ahaha, that’s honest of you. Since we’re at it, cum now. You don’t want to be left blue-balled, right? 」

Mana’s enthusiastic.

She peeks into my face with a devilish smile.

On the other hand, I’m trying to endure ejaculating that I’m showing a look of anguish.

「 It’s been three days since we started living here, you haven’t masturbated for three days at least, right? 」

「 W-Well, I’ve done it alone 」

I won’t tell her that Eri squeezed me out.

Still, saying that I’ve done it alone is just as bad.

It’s just as bad as telling her that I had other girls squeeze it out for me.

「 What do you mean? If you’re going to pretend, then don’t admit that you’re still a virgin 」

Fortunately, Mana didn’t believe me.

She laughed it off and strengthened her handjob.

「 Hey, don’t hold back… 」

「 Sorry, Mana… 」

「 Huh? 」

I’m at my limit already.

I’m going to ejaculate soon enough.

However, if I ejaculate now, Mana’s skirt will get dirty.

That’s why I planned a workaround.

I lifted Mana’s skirt and splashed it on her thighs.

I aimed my cum on her knee and thigh making sure that it didn’t touch her panty.

Fortunately, the volume is just moderate.

I’m glad that Eri squeezed me out for two days.

「 Phew 」

「 What “phew?!” You just sprayed it on me! 」

「 My priority is not to stain your skirt and panty so forgive me for that 」

I entered sage mode and so my tone changed.

「 Geez, I don’t have any sheet to wipe this off 」

Mana scoops semen from her thighs and shakes it off to the ground.

「 Well then, let’s get back to work 」

「 Yeah, right. Don’t want to take our time here 」

「 That was great by the way. Thanks, Mana 」

「 I think you already know but still, this is our secret, okay? 」

「 I-I know. Isn’t that obvious? 」

Following Eri, now I have a secret with Mana too.

I put on my goggles and then jumped to the sea.