Easy Survival Life Chapter 016. Forest’s Ice Cream



The seaside is indeed a paradise.

In addition to hibamata seaweed, which is ideal for making soap, there is even wakame seaweed growing in the area.

There’s even Green Caviar, commonly known as sea grapes.

Naturally, there are also edible fishes swimming around.

(This place has a lot of favorable conditions)

I recalled the excessively good conditions of this island.

In games, there are cheat modes. And this island is one of them.

This almost feels like a new game plus. What a cheat island.

That’s why I’m sure that this is a different world.

No matter where you look across Japan, even around the world, you won’t find an island like this.

If it does, there would be territory disputes already

「 –With that said… 」

I reported the situation after going out of the water.

This island has an extremely good environment that it’s highly likely that this is a parallel world.

「 Is that something to celebrate? 」

「 I’m just glad but I guess it’s a complicated thing for Mana and everyone 」

「 Yeah 」

Mana and the girls want to go back to Japan.

They only want to return to Earth if possible.

Any discovery that supports that this is a parallel world will only be a negative element.

「 But, for now, let’s just be glad 」

「 Really? 」

「 What I mean is that if we’re on earth, we’re going to need to survive until we can return to Japan. Besides, even if we’re in a parallel universe, that doesn’t mean that we can’t return to Japan. If we came here from Japan, then the opposite should be true. If you think that way, it would be pleasing to have an easy life in here 」

「 I see. I got it now! If we came here from Japan, then we can go back from here 」

「 There are other positive points but I don’t need to give more than that one 」

「 Yeah, it’s okay now. Sorry, and thanks 」

We head back to the cave as soon as our conversation’s done.

The container I’m holding has seaweeds and saltwater.

Meanwhile, Mana’s carrying seashells in her container.

Seems like Rita, the perverted monkey worked a lot.

「 Thanks, Rita. See you later 」

「 Ukikiki!! 」

Rita hugged Mana and buried its face on her breasts.

He smiled at me and then climbed the nearby tree.

The Asakura sister’s skills were further than what I expected

「 Making only this much in one day, even though there’s the two of us, I’m sorry 」

「 We used the strong we had in our bags and so the efficiency is good 」

「 Don’t be modest, This is great 」

They finished everyone’s beddings by dusk.

Furthermore, it’s both the mattress and the cover.

Well, it’s not the top quality Japanese futon you’d find there.

It’s more of a sheet than a futon but that’s good enough

「 The cold rock is good but it’s so hard that it’s painful 」

Mana comes inside the freshly made futon and her cheeks loosened.

The Asakura sisters smiled as they watch Mana.

「 I see. It wraps the straw mat bed sheets. That’s a good idea 」

「 It’s self-taught and so I don’t even know what to call it 」

We tried out the bedding the Asakura sisters made and left dinner to the side.

After having enough fun, we resumed working on dinner.

「 It’s not just Meiko who worked hard 」

Arisa says with a satisfied look.

She’s able to fish ten fishes just this afternoon.

She started right after lunch, meaning, it’s about seven hours since morning. She’s already a fishing Master.

「 Arisa’s doing great, everyone does 」

Eri’s gathered a lot of foodstuff in her bag.

It’s mostly mushrooms but she also found a lot of fruits and other edible wild plants.

The amount is scarce but what’s exciting is the Cherimoya.

「 Can you eat this? I just picked this up 」

「 Not just that, it’s also delicious. Not much of this circulates around Japan 」

「 Hey look, that’s a feast. Eri’s got some achievements! 」

Karin and I got excited seeing Cherimoya.

Eri seems to have harvested a few.

Cherimoya is a fruit with an apple-like silhouette.

Although, that’s where the resemblance ends as the insides are completely different.

It has an appearance of leaves layered repeatedly.

The flesh of the fruit is white and rich in flavor. Its feature is its strong sweetness and light sourness.

Its common name is the forest’s ice cream.

「 Most of the Cherimoya sold around still need to ripe but it seems that the one Eri harvested is already ripe and is ready for eating 」

「 Really? If Hokage-kun’s breathing so roughly like that I guess this fruit is delicious 」

「 I think we can eat this one already. I mean, we should. We only have four pieces so let’s cut it to half 」

I cut the cherimoya with the stone knife I created yesterday.

It’s polished nicely that the cut doesn’t taste bad.

I sliced down the cherimoya in one go.

「 Who knows what else is in here so don’t eat the wrapping just in case 」

We washed it carefully but still, the danger of food poisoning can’t be ignored.

After all, Japanese people have a much more delicate body than others.

With that said, I pick up the stone spoon I created yesterday.

The sweet smell hanging in the air and the white flesh of the fruit shows a promise that it will taste good.

Then, after actually eating it…

「 This is delicious 」

It was so delicious that I let my voice out.

「 Seriously?! What’s with this fruit?! It’s so delicious!! 」

Arisa shouts how delicious it is.

Mana and Karin, and the Asakura sister’s cheeks loosened.

「 To think that the weird-looking fruit is this delicious, I’m surprised 」

Eri who harvested the fruit herself is happy.

Then, we spent our dinner happily.

Cooking, or should I say, roasting, is the job for the girls.

As for me, I’m preparing preserved food.

Starting with smoked fish, we have obtained food we can keep.

It’s easy to sort them as Karin fished a lot.

I have three varied sizes of earthenware prepared.

The big one is the water jug, this is where we put the river water.

The moderate size is for the fruits and cooking ingredients.

The small-sized one is for extracting seawater.

「 Our stuff is increasing, looks good 」

We looked around the cave after dinner.

The cave that had nothing at first is now busy.

The entrance has some stone tools and earthenware, inside are the futon.

We’re starting to stock up wood and stones. It makes you feel that we’re making progress.

「 Soon enough, we might be able to make a house 」

「 「 「 「 「 「 A house? 」 」 」 」 」 」

The girls reacted from my murmur.

「 With the possibility of others joining us, this place will become cramped. I’d like a house if that’s the case 」

「 Sure, but, Hokage, can you even build a house? 」 Mana asked.

「 Just a simple pit dwelling. It’s something the Jomon era people made, I think that I could make those 」

「 Wow. Hokage, you really can make anything. As expected of a survival man 」

「 Hogake’s too good! I’m glad that I picked Hokage, not Reito 」

「 Ahaha, I just thought of the same thing 」

Arisa and Eri laughed.

「 Well, constructing a house is for much later. We haven’t even made a bathtub. For now, we just have to increase our preserved food. We don’t know if we have four seasons in this world, but if there is, then we need to stock up food for several months.

In case we have four seasons, then winter would be hopeless.

Coldness lowers your performance, and our survival rate declines.

Naturally, food supply becomes difficult.

It’s necessary to prepare so we could still be okay even if that happens.

「 We’re going to be busy by tomorrow so let’s go to sleep now 」

With that, our third day of other world survival ended peacefully.

Then, the fourth day opens with good weather…Or so I thought.

Zaaaaa!!! Zaaaa!!!


Zaaaa! Zaaaa!!

I woke up late at night due to some loud noises.

I rub my sleepy eyes and looked around the cave.

Finally grasping the situation, I shouted.

「 Get up everyone! This is bad! We have a storm!! 」

The cave seems to be directly hit by the typhoon.